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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Paris Pair

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Paris Pair

Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend Justin Theroux arrive at Charles de Gaulle Airport on Sunday (June 10) in Paris, France.

Earlier in the week, the 43-year-old actress attended the 2012 AFI Life Achievement Award ceremony to help honor her Rumor Has It… co-star Shirley MacLaine.

Jen wore a white Burberry dress for the event and joined Meryl Streep and Melanie Griffith at their table.

In case you missed it, check out Jennifer in the Ben Stiller-produced web-series Burning Love.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing Vivienne Westwood for Lee denim with Superga sneakers.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux at the airport in Paris…

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188 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Paris Pair”

  1. 1
    Lori Says:

    32? How much were you paid to say that?

  2. 2
    NYC Says:

    They look so cute together.
    He’s hotter than BP any day.
    Much sexier, imo and not as boring.
    BP is a robot.

  3. 3
    Vince Says:

    Wonder why he hasn’t dumped her yet when every one else does.

  4. 4
    Justin Aniston Says:


  5. 5
    EM Says:

    So dyed black hair, a hooked nose, orange skin and a receding hairline are hot???? Oh my.

    Cute? Not. They look terrible. She is dressing like a teenage boy who can’t keep his pants up. Also her face is like Fabio’s

    Brad is far from boring. Also Brad does not dress like a hipster with tight jeans.

  6. 6
    Nothing But Love Says:

    Beautiful Couple

  7. 7
    Wow Says:


    It is so pathetic how Jen’s fans cannot let Brad go. Eight years & six kids later you all are still very obsessed with him.

    Every guy Jen dates is compared to Brad. Every guy she dates is better than Brad, even if she dated Charlie Sheen her fans would think he was God.

    Also calling a 43 year old cute is so junior high.

    Also Justin’s writing for Rock of Ages is not going over well.

  8. 8
    Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig Says:

    poor jen has to wear flats again eddie munster is so short!
    47yoa has been still trying to ATTACH herself to projects and A listers.

  9. 9
    Loosers in Paris Says:

    These two loosers look lost. She can’t afford to let this one slip away or dump her. She will do everything to ‘buy and keep him’ because no other man wants her.

  10. 10
    li Says:

    Those jeans are so bad. She cannot pull them off. Maybe she thinks these jeans will distract from her plain and manly face?

  11. 11
    jaliah Says:

    He’s hotter than BP any day….

    ………….in some galaxy far far away where pinocchio look alikes rule the day

  12. 12
    Pat Says:

    Jen’s reflective sunglasses remind of someone who wore them recently….Oh, I forget his name…Oh wait, Brad Pitt. Jen keeps fueling the fire……

  13. 13
    Yoc Says:


  14. 14
    Poor Maniston Says:

    Poor pathetic Maniston, now that she has no legit movie offers she has resorted to getting publicity any way possible. For the 1st time in her life Maniston and Midget are in Paris, and this time she made sure toy boy holds her hand at the airport terminal. See, Maniston will NEVER dump Midget becoz 1. She can never do any better, 2. Not intelligent or intellectural enough to have conversations with Millionaire boyfriends 3. She has been the lonely emblem for so long and i don’t think she would ever want to go to that label again. 4. She downgraded becoz no one else wanted her and to her that is much better than being laughed at for being single. 5. WITH BRAD & ANGIE’S WEDDING LOOMING, THERE IS NO WAY SHE WILL EVER WANT TO BE SINGLE coz that makes her AN OUTRIGHT LOOSER. And that is why 6. She will always pay toy boy and keep him at whatever cost.

  15. 15
    poppy Says:

    Jen’s reflective sunglasses remind of someone who wore them recently….Oh, wait….a lot of people wear them!!!!

  16. 16
    Yoco Says:

    All her men are better than BP Vince, Bradley, Gerard, Mayer, Justin until they dump her than her fans accuse them of being gay.

  17. 17
    an opinion Says:

    Why not say he cuter than VV or Mayer and leave Brad alone. VV and Mayer are the last guys who left her.
    Yoco so funny

  18. 18
    D J Bart Says:

    To both sides, give it up,! You are both sad.

  19. 19
    Pat Says:

    @poppy: not her til now.

  20. 20
    Bum and Bummer Says:

    They both look like bums! I would not doubt that those jeans she is wearing are a pair of one of her old skeleton boyfriends, she’s weird like that. It’s funny how in LA they were so far apart from each other. I guess Huvane called and her and said gurl you have to act like you two still like each other not just hanging with each other.

  21. 21
    Mike Says:

    Cute couple

  22. 22
    Amanda Says:

    Best wishes for them
    Love them

  23. 23
    Angi Says:

    Justin so hot
    Lucky ms aniston

  24. 24
    Hmm Says:

    Why did they need an escort through the airport??? It’s not like anyone there would recognize who she is, especially him. The one pap that was there is definitely a Huvane/Aniston set up. Such a drama tabloid queen. The paps don’t hang out in the airport in France/Europe unless they get alerted someone big is coming and then you see a bunch of photogs. So this was a definite call to the preferred ratzzi to let them know she was there for no reason but she needs to be photoed to stay relevant for doing nothing.

  25. 25
    Lisa Says:

    Rest assured that Jen isn’t hiding a paid of veiny chicken legs under those pants. She also doesn’t have a veiny forehead vein popping out.

  26. 26
    Lisa Says:

    Jen wasn’t dumped by a creepy dude like Billy Bob Thornton like Angie was.

  27. 27
    Lisa Says:

    Justin looks so sexy!!

    Sure beats droopy eyed, monkey jaw geezer Brad who has a speech disability. The dude cannot speak and make sense.

  28. 28
    Lisa Says:

    Let’s face it: Angie will never dump Brad, because she lost her hotness the minute she got together with him. Most men are not into bags of bones, with a controlling woman who lives for photo-ops with her kids eating Cheetos.

  29. 29
    tsquared Says:


    I notice you don’t comment on how Jen was a home wrecker and Justin dumped his girlfriend of 14 years–Heidi. You can’t let go of Brad, but you don’t comment on behavior of Jen and Justin that is negative either.

  30. 30
    li Says:


    Hi Jen. I see you have time in Paris to comment on pics of yourself you crazy 43 year old dressing like an 18 year old boy.

    Nope. But Jen was dumped by the amazing Brad Pitt who has turned out to be a great dad, partner, producer, actor & humanitarian.

    Angelina has no veins in her legs, I prefer her legs to Jen’s overtvanned thick legs.
    Angelina’s forehead vein is fine, just shows up when she gets really happy or emotional.

  31. 31
    Lisa Says:

    At least Jen isn’t the pathetic one whose rolling out a Kardashian style engagement. Aren’t engagements a getting to know period? When you have 10,000 kids and have been whacking up for tears, why us a prolonged engagement necessary? Oh right, for the PR shots. Got it.

  32. 32
    li Says:


    Idiot, just like Jen herself.

    Actually the Jolie- Pitt kids have not been seen for almost 2 months! They have been seen with chips etc. only a handful of times.

    Angelina is not a bag of bones. She has a large bust & hips. Thin & long arms and legs. Jen has thick arms and midsection, plus damaged skin.

  33. 33
    jaliah Says:

    Still comparing every man to Brad despite a divorce a 100 years ago and six children later…argh but who can blame you..

  34. 34
    Lisa Says:

    Justin sure looks like he bathes, uses deodorant, washes his hair, unlike …

  35. 35
    people Says:

    I like them together. They seem into eachother and he looks like he has a back bone, not some whimp. Good for her! Also she is looking really pretty lately. Love will do that to a lady.

  36. 36
    Lina Says:

    Are they in France to stalk Brad and Angie??

  37. 37
    Mike Says:

    Some people need to go away

    I love Jennifer

  38. 38
    Lina Says:

    Btw, their choice of clothing is silly, unnatractive, and just plain ugly.

  39. 39
    Mike Says:

    Angi fan are sucks

    Best wishes Jen

  40. 40
    Mike Says:

    Best wishes Jen

  41. 41
    HawkinsToni Says:

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  42. 42
    Observer Says:

    I don’t really care about any of this except…….
    Get your hair out of your face JA!
    I don’t understand why she continues with that look.
    Seriously, what could her hair stylist possibly be thinking?

    And I want that LV bag Justin was carrying.

  43. 43
    lizabeth Says:

    .@Lisa: …orange spray tan black hair dye well at least he got rid the mascara.early reviews of ROA focusing on mediocre script.No worries JA is paying him .

  44. 44
    Pat Says:

    Probably was a private yet. I can’t see her using a commercial flight toilet.

  45. 45
    JenFan Says:

    They look happy leave them alone…bye bye all you haters!

  46. 46
    lizabeth Says:

    @Lisa: so 7 weeks is prolonged engagement?

  47. 47
    lol Says:

    maniston is so desperate to look young and is dressing like miley or selena in that white dress. her midget BF also is a wannabe Beiber. he he

  48. 48
    Cha-Cha Says:

    I think they make a great couple, in some weird kind of way. :-)

    Justin needs to lose the jet black hair and eyebrows though. He would look sooo much better..

    He needs to get unstuck in his style, and ‘mix it up’ a bit. He aspires to be ‘cutting edge’. But. in his 50′s, 60′s, 70′s sporting this hair and outfit,… Yikes! :-)

  49. 49
    Lexie88 Says:

    Such haters! What did she ever do to you? I hope she is happy and I also think she is beautiful. Can’t she dress casual? She is only 43!

  50. 50
    Cha-Cha Says:

    I don’t understand the bitterness towards Jennifer. Some celebrities out there, yes.

    But what did she ever do to deserve this, is beyond my comprehension.

  51. 51
    HappyTimes Says:

    @Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig: That’s it! He looks like Eddie Munster.LMAO

  52. 52
    B Says:

    So Iggy Poppette and Squiggy need an escort. From who? The paps who are paid to stalk them by Iggy’s flackettes?

    So sad.

  53. 53
    pumpkin Says:

    They look like they came to Paris straight from a farm. Two short-legged scarecrows. And what happened to her lips? Botox much?

  54. 54
    looking good Says:

    love how the jen haters are being put to shame

  55. 55
    PIP Says:

    @Cha-Cha: Did you just wake up or are you SIMPLE. It will get worst, she was playing a victim for the last seven years until people got tired of it and her.
    Now she is trying to reinvent her herself, but it is too late, she will be always know as the woman men ran away from and got the next woman pregnant as soon as possible, eg Brad and Vince.
    This bald man is not going any yet, because he is living on her dime, but he will get to a point where he will also take off, (as soon as he gets a job). Don’t come with he is a writer, every script he wrote three other people are on the team, writers don’t make much money, and he is not that good of an actor to even STAR in a TV show.

  56. 56
    looking good Says:

    jen is gorgeous and you are a hater pip.
    jen had brad first…wah wah wah…go cry over your angie pooridge cuz that’s all she’ll feed you.

  57. 57
    yess,yessss... ohhhh yesssssss Says:

    Theroux is hot, Jen has had more orgasms with him in a year with Phito that in seven years, enjoy girl …

  58. 58
    Muppet Face Jen! Says:

    Jeeesh, I see she called her one dependable pap to come take photos of her and smurf boy to curb the break up rumors! Said little muppet/cabbage patch faced girl.

  59. 59
    Lola Says:

    Hi everyone! I want to tell you, that I contacted JJ and asked to review the situation of mistreatment in the threads of jolie-pitt-aniston, so that there is freedom of expression but in the context of respect and equality of all the regulars of this blog. I just want to ask to do the same all those who feel that this situation should change so that we all can enjoy this site properly. Please do not stop, so between all work together to do one’s bit for the respect, the freedom and the good vibes. Thanks in advance. Remember that everyone can do something from their place, and our opinion is important. Seriously, if we come together in claims to the site, we can end the “reign of terror” of the so called fans who behave like Bullis

  60. 60
    jmho Says:

    She has been tweaking his style a little. I like him, he seems nice.

  61. 61
    #59 Says:

    Don’t nobody care about Aniston’s threads….she only get a few hits some may be above 100 when she is coattailing but in general it is below and getting lower…Once everyone made fun of her or said what they want to say they move on.

  62. 62
    PIP Says:

    @ Lola
    Jared is glad that anyone is posting in this thread, usually it is just jl=yep=ellie’ answering her self so why would Jared stop that when every post means money in the bank for him.
    What he going to do take away our fingers, this is the big leagues.

  63. 63
    Observation Says:

    If they didn’t want to be seen, they wouldn’t be. She was carrying Smartwater through the airport in Los Angeles, he has a movie in theatres. It’s all so predictable. Oh, and the mirror glasses, I agree, it’s too much of a coincidence, she must’ve liked the ones Brad was wearing at Cannes.

  64. 64
    me II Says:

    love them….soooo glad to see jen happy….some of u on here are so
    miserable…really…..and u all miserable ones probably think jen reads your crap……lots of love jen …..glad u found a keeper!!

  65. 65
    de Says:

    Never cared for her as an actress, and have no idea who Justin Theroux is, but I will be frank and say Jennifer has one unfortunate looking face. Nice body though.

  66. 66
    Cha-Cha Says:


    Did you just wake up or are you SIMPLE.

    Yes, I am simple. Simple enough to know not to engage you in an argument or dispute, over people I do not know.

    I have nothing against Jennifer Aniston, neither against Brad Pitt nor Angelina Jolie. All they are doing is living their lives as they see fit. And I’m guessing, in spite of your fanaticism, so are you. Carry on, then.

    And have a nice day..

  67. 67
    jilly Says:

    @Lisa: So true about the forehead vein, I soooooo hate that. The HO is so intense that her forehead is exploding! Love JA and Justin. Have a wonderful time in Paris and let the miserable family with 6 kids behind.

  68. 68
    2x4jenny Says:

    Over 84% of people know who needs the board, the rest are Jenny fans who are like their idol. Ewwww.

  69. 69
    jilly Says:

    @pumpkin: Jen is 5.6″ which is a perfect height for a woman and as you can see, Justin is way taller than her. So shut up and take you stupid opinions to AJ site.

  70. 70
    2x4jenny Says:

    @Loosers in Paris:

    Sorry, it is Jen that is looser.. as in 2x4Jenny, ’cause she’s had so many. It is “Losers in Paris”. Common mistake, carry on.

  71. 71
    B Says:

    The clock is ticking on Iggy and Squiggy.

    Wait for the announcement about Iggy financing Squiggy’s next project coming soon from Iggy’s production company.

    That should mark the account PAID IN FULL and Squiggy can move back to NY where he belongs.

  72. 72
    crabby patty Says:


    Look how happy and free they are. No worries about counting kids and where the nannies’ hands are. No worrying about where to score.

    Free to eat the world’s best food, and wander the streets of Paris until late into the night.

    Ahhhh, sweet freedom…

  73. 73
    crabby patty Says:

    Angelina has a much prettier face, but her unhealthy habits and lifestyle are ravaging her looks.

    How many times have we seen that scarecrow Angelina in a bathing suit? Afraid to show her bones and track marks.

    Jen takes care of herself and eats right. That’s why she looks ten years younger and Angie looks old before her time.

  74. 74
    blondie Says:

    I heard this song on the radio, and I thought of Jen and Justin,
    right away….

    “I Got This Drank In My Cup” by Kirko Bangz at

    It is about a woman that does not want love,
    and she only wants to (bleep),
    do he tells her that he would be happy to
    be available for her.

    There is a clean version
    and there is a naughty version.
    Take your pick.

    (DirtBags are welcomed.)

  75. 75
    diane Says:

    People on this blog are just a bunch of bullies. Why don’t you haters go find one of the posts about brangelina and their 5057074057034957409574057340570 kids so you can worship your god and goddess on earth and leave jennifer aniston alone? She wasn’t the one who CHEATED. She’s a woman who went through a tough divorce, like many of you, and is just trying to move on with her life. But as far brangelinas fans are concerned, she’ll never be able to. As if she has done something truly horrific to that family when it was actually the other way around.
    I read on another comment that “Jennifer fans cannot get over Brad Pitt”. That has got to be THE STUPIDEST thing I’ve ever heard. It’s brangelina/brad pitt fans who cant live without Jennifer Aniston, whether is to hate, mock or bully, they’re always there. It seems brangelina fans are annoyed with the simple existance of Jen Aniston which is more pathetic than words can say because she has never and still isn’t doing anything to offend or harm the golden brangelina family or fans.

  76. 76
    2x4jenny Says:


    For going on 8 years now, Jenny has pulled her manipulative BS. A couple of years ago, the Jolie-Pitt fans said enough. It is over when Jennifer Aniston makes a conscience decision to get herself together and stop all coat-tailing, stalking and passive-aggressive crap towards her X and family. Simple as that–goes for her Guru and Handler too, need to quit egging her rabid fans on. Jennifer and Stephen know exactly what they are doing.

  77. 77

    Aniston megawore alert
    huge supply fawp
    Aniston biggest *****
    hazmat suit
    thickest rubber
    radioactive tart

  78. 78
    jennifer is gorgeous Says:

    aww they look so cute together

  79. 79
    awww Says:

    that pic of them on the escalators with Jen looking up – SO cute. Awww love these two. HEART!

  80. 80
    Eme Says:

    Keep going Jen

  81. 81
    Eme Says:

    Cute jeans

  82. 82
    O'Sullivan Says:

    Jennifer is gorgeous.

  83. 83
    liverwurst Says:

    Jennifer looks adorable~love the jeans!

  84. 84
    liverwurst Says:

    Jennifer OWNS you loons! Most of these post are from you haters and I’ve got to say~ we’re laughing our *sses off over your pathetic lives posting on a wonderful woman you don’t even know. Brad loved her enough to marry Jennifer, and only Jennifer. He still claims to love her to this day and respect her. Often in statements that she is the warmest, sweetest person he’s ever known. Even though their marriage didn’t work out (and we all know why) he’s never remarried and I doubt he ever will. A ring is just a rock without commitment behind it and kids can be shared after all. Nothings written in stone folks. I’ll believe it when I see it. Nope, Jen was and always will be, his one and only wife. Though I hope Jen marries Justin cause he’s so darn sexy!

  85. 85
    Morgan Says:

    I think they are a great looking couple. I wish them all the best. As far as those baggy jeans go…..they are going to Paris with lots of great food…..can you say chocolate c roissants? I could eat a lot of them wearing those jeans. :D

  86. 86
    Lisa Says:

    Don’t worry about Justin’s nose, just worry about the stench emanating from Brad’s skin like a corpse on a hot summer day. That monkey jaw of his is soo not sexy. His best days are over. Skeletina can have Jen’s sloppy seconds.

  87. 87
    Lisa Says:

    As if Jen’s worried about the Pitts and his skeletal homewrecker. That chicken leg has been ridden hard and by many.

  88. 88
    Lisa Says:

    Chicken legs has the market cornered on homewrecking and moving from man to man. It must burn her to have been the joke of the Oscars. She’s got nothing on Jen.

  89. 89
    Lisa Says:

    Manipulation is the Brange’s games. Look at how quickly they brought out the twins post Oscar fiasco. Followed by a drive thru photoop at the local McDonalds.

    Skeletina gets excited anytime there’s a catastrophe in some third world. She gets to wear a veil again. Yeepee!

  90. 90
    Lisa Says:

    Yes, they need an escort, just like the Brange can’t go out without all the bodyguards and array of nannies. You know, so they don’t have to deal with the kids.
    Then at the next photoop, you’ll see Shiloh or Viv hanging out at Chicken legs hips. Classic.

  91. 91
    Lisa Says:

    Justin is hot and manly, unlike that gray beard, droopy eyed, haven’t washed my thin, mousy blond hair in weeks, pitts. Remember when Billy Bob Thornton alluded that being with Angie was like ******** a couch, well, being screwed by the pitts must feel like being done by a banana (too soft).

    I’m sure he’s no longer being bruised by chicken legs jutting hip bones.

  92. 92
    Lisa Says:

    Looking great is really the best answer for those homewreckers. Justin is sexy and Jen doesn’t age.

    Chicken leg has a flat butt, no hip, no waist, a forehead vein, skeletal jaw, veiny arms and legs. She’ll never leave Bradley because she knows her best days are over. Who would want a controlling, manipulative, PR obsessed woman who looks like crap.

  93. 93
    Lisa Says:

    Jen’s body is gorgeous, and one of a few people than can make those jeans look halfway decent. Can’t image the chicken leg wearing those type of pants. Can’t even imagine her wearing a pair of skinny jeans, and having them wrapped around those toothpick veiny legs.

  94. 94
    Lisa Says:

    I just saw an interview with Justin, whose voice is so deep and sexy. Beats that fumbling, mumbling, Brad, who sounds like a mouse. He needs to consider taking speech classes.

  95. 95
    Lisa Says:

    Jen doesn’t care about that monkey brad, she’s too busy with her new man.

  96. 96
    Lisa Says:

    They look like they just stepped out of a magazine. Looking hot, unlike …

  97. 97
    Lisa Says:

    I have a feeling Jolie is still calling Jenny Shimizu, because I doubt brad is any good in that department.

  98. 98
    Lisa Says:

    Hopefully Angie is trying to put some chicken meat in those chicken legs.

  99. 99
    Lisa Says:

    Justin has a personality and can dance, which is so sexy. Brad looks like he’s on his last leg. He sure has lost a hell of a lot of wait. Living with a corpse can’t be easy.

  100. 100
    jade Says:

    Love Jen and Justin. They are happy together and it shows. Justin is
    so clean-looking. Know what I mean?

    They could be in Paris for a vacation or the Premiere of “Rock of Ages”
    Whatever, I hope they enjoy theirselves!

    Ellie’ check in.

  101. 101
    Lisa Says:

    Jen doesn’t look like a teenage boy, she’s all women underneath, unlike … that chicken legs with no waist, no hips, no butt, veiny arms and legs.

  102. 102
    Lisa Says:

    You know what else Justin has that Brad doesn’t? A backbone.

  103. 103
    Lisa Says:

    Justin is clean-looking because he takes the time to bathe, unlike that homeless looking chimp who doesn’t bother. Why bathe, when you’re not doing it anymore is his MO.

  104. 104
    Lisa Says:

    Remember when chicken leg tried to start something with Aniston, when she put word out that she might want Justin to co-star with her? Sorry, but those days of homewrecking are done for skeletal looking woman. He’s no fool.

  105. 105
    Lisa Says:

    Chicken leg!

  106. 106
    jade Says:

    I like your comments and they are the truth.

  107. 107
    jade Says:


    Ellie’ I’ll check back tomorrow night, to see if you are here. 7:00 pm
    my time,10:00 pm your time.

  108. 108
    guestwhat Says:

    i love this couple. they are so attractive. i wish them best of luck! have a good time in paris and everywhere!

  109. 109
    alicia Says:

    jen looks ridiculous in those disgusting jeans! she cant touch the gorgeous Anji any day and Brad is to die for gorgeous still!

  110. 110
    guestwhat Says:


    you do know that people can divorce after many years together, right? no law in america says that people can’t divorce once they are married. likewise, no law in america says a man can’t break up with his girlfriend if they have been together for 14 years. the thing is, brad CHEATED ON his wife. he went into an affair with that SKELETON before he divorced his wife, you know that, right?

  111. 111
    Kikicohen Says:

    @Cha-Cha: She is a vapid, vacuous, superficial talentless “actress”, who has gotten paid upwards of $10 million per movie- that’s what she’s done to all of us.”then don’t read or watch her” if you don’t like her, you say- it’s hard not to, when she’s everywhere I turn- for NO reason at all!

  112. 112
    Thelma Says:

    Those jeans are fugly, especially with the drooping c*otch. I’m all for comfort when traveling but this is ridiculous.

  113. 113
    Kikicohen Says:

    These two adults look like children in their costumes. Subtle? Nope. Desperate for attention?? Yep. Where’s their matching fedoras??? There’s not ever an iota of genuineness with these two- everything seems planned and measured. What 40 year old man wears gun necklaces, Tshirts that say”guess my age”, leather bombers, combats, and a Louis Vuitton 5 grand handbag- so pretentious.
    She skulks around in ill-fitting mchammer duds. Dark glasses indoors (way NOT to attract attention to yourself). They both may as well wear a sighn that say “I am a Douche-Bag”

  114. 114
    LoL'ing Says:

    @Lisa: why would Jolie want to work with Justin? She’s way taller than him, he would have to stand on Jennifer shoulders. And speaking of himewrecking his home was wrecked by Jennifer, does the name Heidi Bivens ring a bell. Gee I love hypocrites.

  115. 115
    LoL'ing Says:

    I wonder how sad and upset Heidi is . Can you imagine being the girlfriend for 14 years and then all of a sudden he runs of with someone way uglier than you. I think that’s what would upset me the most. Why an ugly chick. Oh the money and fame. Duh. And to have to see them traipse around the world together posing for paparazzi. Like a knife to the heart. Poor heidi.

  116. 116
    Lisa Says:

    Please Ang is just under 5’6″.

  117. 117
    honeybunn Says:

    I beg your difference she dumped them because they were play boys and did not measure up to her expectations. justin is just the soul mate she was looking for. and you need to disappear from this website because haters like you are not can you be so mean about someone you don’t even know. you read too much tabloid mess.:

  118. 118
    LoL'ing Says:

    @Lisa: Justin is 5’6. See he’s too short for her even if your numbers are right.

  119. 119
    LoL'ing Says:

    @Lisa: the only one that wants justin is Heidi Bivens.

  120. 120
    LoL'ing Says:

    Heidi Bivens is f’ing gorgeous compared to aniston. Justin looks like he’s regretting it but Heidi knows he’s being paid. Her mom told star mag that Justin is begin Heidi to come back.

  121. 121
    Lisa Says:

    Right, he sure looks like he’s regretting it. In your dreams.

  122. 122
    Lisa Says:

    I’m going to guess that Star is not the bastion of truth, and so I don’t give your story a who lot of credence. But, hey, you can dream right?

  123. 123
    Lisa Says:

    Many people who know Justin’s work, also know that he and Heidi had an on/off relationship and had long break-ups. They never married after 14 years together. What does that tell you? There was a lot wrong with that relationship.
    But since you’re so concerned about homewreckers and the woman left behind, why don’t you talk about poor Jen and poor Laura Dern. I’ll wait.

  124. 124
    Double standard Says:

    Indeed, ” jennifer fans CANNOT… I repeat… Can not get ovet Brad Pitt”
    Go to all JPs threads and see for your self, who the real Bullies are!!
    Go to FF / IUC to see for yourself who the one that can’t get over the divorce!!
    To you and all the Rachel Green fans, JA is the only human on this planet that ever “EVER” going through a Divorce!!
    They mock hate and bullied this couple like Brangelina kill their Mothers!!
    They’ve been engage for only 8 weeks and you Haters keep BRAGGING how they will never married and the only wife BP EVER had was JA!
    How your JA was BP first wife( LOL) well but AJ is his last… In the end AJ is the winner after all ( LOL)see how dump they are ….lol….
    ans so WHAT if they wait and not MARRIED for another 20 .. 30 years!!!
    BP have move on… With his Angie and his childrens… 71/2 years ago, married or not, fat or skinny, they are together… Yes HAPPY TOGETHER, live their life TO THE FULL…. and don’t give a shait or a F@ck for what you ALL think or say!!
    This BERMUDA TRIANGLE is indeed the STUPIDEST thing, but the FAC WILL forever REMIND you will never live Brangelina alone, you will Bash, bullied, abuse, pick and mock them and their innocence Children’s until THE KINDOM COME!!!
    Long live DOUBLE STANDARDs and all the HYPOCRITE!!!!!

  125. 125
    Peapo Says:

    @ LISA
    First of all let me state I don’t really have an opinion on any of the celebrities in this post.
    this is a post about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux traveling to Paris. You and others complain that B&A fans butt in and write Nasty things about your heros J & J. Reading through all the comments you posted over 40 (I stopped counting after that) comments, most in a row, without anybody arguing with you about how terrible B& A are.
    Why are you so angry. You don’t know these people. Trust me if there was a post about you NONE of the four people mentioned would have a thing to say about you. You love J& J so much but I don’t think you wrote any compliments about them. Just vitriol about B & A.
    Nobody cares about these people more than you do. You seem to live to hate. Kind of a toxic existence, don’t you think?
    Maybe you should spend less time spewing insults to strangers who never hurt you personally and more time helping people or animals or so many things that are in need of help. That is something B&A and J&J can all agree on.

  126. 126
    LoL'ing Says:

    @Lisa: If she is everything you think she is why are you worried about her stealing the tiny one? Is it because even you know he’s in it for the scripts and fame? He’s a great actor and Heidi knows it. Angelina has your dream man. Kiss kiss

  127. 127
    LoL'ing Says:

    @Lisa: I ask why you’re worried about it. Jennifer knows Justin will return to heidi because he’s caled her Heidi in bed.

  128. 128
    Lisa Says:

    Justin and Jen sure look happy. Paris is the city of LOVE.

  129. 129
    LoL'ing Says:

    @Lisa: nah, I couldn’t care less about that. I’m all about Justin and Heidi. That’s something that’s happened in this decade and is still happening. Bing. See that kiss. My god, he loves Heidi.

  130. 130
    Lisa Says:

    Laura Dern and Billy Bob sure looked happy at one time. That is, before Ang married her fiancee. I’m sure you feel a ton of sadness for her as well.
    I don’t click on links, but I’m sure you have a few of Laura and Billy Bob.

  131. 131
    LoL'ing Says:

    April 25th, 2011 within days , hell probably before , Jennifer was on his stick. Instant Sloppy seconds. Heidi is so hot and Justin looks fab. Gorgeous couple.

  132. 132
    LoL'ing Says:

    Good night. I had fun.

  133. 133
    Nika Says:

    I think that Justin is hot, I would take him over Brad any day but beauty is subjective and Justin is just my type. However, I think that he’s using Jennifer for fame b/c only few people knew him before they started dating. Jennifer is butterface, there’s no denying it, but I salute her for keeping in a great shape. I predict that Justin will cheat on her soon…

  134. 134
    Peapo Says:


  135. 135
    sara Says:

    They look really nice and sweet
    Aniston is like fresch spring in Paris

  136. 136
    Scott Says:

    Jennifer looks hot.

  137. 137
    Lisa Says:

    @Peabo- Read your comments calling Suri a spoiled, willful beast. I can see you’re above the fray.

  138. 138
    guestwhat Says:


    criticizing someone just because he is not so tall is vicious. how tall are you? you are 10 feet 10 inches tall, i wonder?

  139. 139
    guestwhat Says:

    only justin theroux himself knows whom he loves. why are you so judgmental? you are not justin, you are not heidi either.

  140. 140
    guestwhat Says:

    lol’ing, heidi can assert herself. justin is not a child, he knows what he wants. do your own things, please.

  141. 141
    lizabeth Says:

    You can divorce a wife and never have to see them again the mother of your kids will be a part of your life forever kids birthdays, graduations wedding s, grandkids.Brad didnt want her to mother his kids.As for pics of JT and Heidi JA co directo r says he was on set of Five calling her BF in -march.Lastly Laura Dern broke up BBT fourth marriage and Ben Harpers , marriage.

  142. 142
    Hemsworth Says:

    I love Jens outfit :)
    they are a cute couple ^^

  143. 143
    Gerard butler Says:

    I’ve slept with her. Not a big deal. yawn

  144. 144
    yep Says:

    Hottest couple! My favorite! JUSTJEN!!!!!!!!!!

  145. 145
    yep Says:

    pop sugar has some awesome photos!

  146. 146
    JA FANS Says:

    God – i say all J&J fans – moratorium on the BP and AJ mentions in the posts AND maybe even commenting a bazillion times. I think it’s crazy that her just going to Paris should generate 147 posts. It’s stupid and fanatical, and very twi-hardy (or JP loon behviour). I like JA and also like JT – very nice guy by all accounts. I think Aniston is someone you would want to hang out with, love her sense of humour and she’s a damn good looking woman. I always defend her against harsh comments but don’t think it makes a difference on JJ, and definitely don’t think it’s necessary to post a bazillion comments (we’re not crazy and let’s act like adults).

    Let’s leave the bullying to the residents on this site, and suggest the rest of the JA fans to not even bother responding to these people. Even better, simply click on her posts to look at pictures. Maybe that will reduce the level of commenting.

    Besides, many of her fans no longer post her anymore because, let’s face it, who wants to deal with bullying children on the comments section, and there are MANY of them. So let’s keep that trend alive and take your business to another site.


  147. 147
    yep Says:

    Love in some other photos (pop sugar) how when they are walking in Paris they are in perfect sync! Just jen!!!!!!!!!

  148. 148
    lizabeth Says:

    @JA FANS: tell her fans to stop posting hundreds of viles racist comments on JP threads

  149. 149
    ellie' Says:

    Hi Dear Jade..I will be on at ten pm..Its been along time…miss u girl..

  150. 150
    ellie' Says:

    Just love Jen & Justin..such a sweet couple..They look great together…

  151. 151
    nugt Says:

    You Jen lovers just don’t get it -Jen may be in great shape but that’s because she’s 43 years old and has never had children and the only focus in her life is pampering herself. Believe me, if she had someone other than herself to think about, she wouldn’t be in such great shape.

  152. 152
    That photo from LOL'ing Says:

    It shows Heidi and Justin were together in April 2011 and supposedly the rumors of him and Aniston started in February of 2011??? After her pr guy denied it even thou there was evidence of cheating between the two photographed by a pap leaving a high traffic LA hotel! I say Aniston’s pr bird definitely did a number on Aniston’s fans because they started appearing together what end of April or May and the photos that they took with the perv photog was in Jan 2011 and him and heidi were together!! Yeah, her pr tried to sell they were taken later but hence she had her long hair and they were wearing winter gear, LIARS & CHEATERS!! I tell you Aniston fans give this tramp a pass on everything!

    She should have been branded a homewrecker since Jan. 2011 but see Aniston fans have double standards for old f@rt face Jen!

  153. 153
    Kate Says:

    Oh! they’re in Paris? Im going there tomorrow! <3

  154. 154
    Ben Stiller is an Enabler Says:

    He and his wife smiled and pretended to be Heidi’s friend yet all along knowing darn well Aniston was cheating with Heidi’s common law husband!! They were together for 14 YEARS that is a marriage by some states.

    Aniston fans are dumb asses with their heads in the sand when it comes oto this trick ass ho Aniston!

  155. 155
    allie Says:

    You know some people only see ugly from their eyes. It is obvious to all that this couple is simply lovely and very happy together. Body language says it all. We love them. Ignore the jealous haters.

  156. 156
    iola25 Says:

    My guess is right after winning an award in MTV she will everywhere for PR. After being low key for so many months here is JA prepared for her PR.

  157. 157
    Nothing But Love Says:


  158. 158
    Lisa Says:

    Excuses! Jen’s in great shape because she’s a person who cares about her health. There are many women who have children who don’t become anorexic thin looking chickens.

  159. 159
    Lisa Says:

    The JP fans are the ultimate hypocrites. They now are very concerned about Heidi, but they always change the subject when people bring up monkey cheating on Aniston and Ang cheating with Laura Dern’s ex.

  160. 160
    JL Says:

    @Lisa: Nice comments, Lisa!
    You are on duty on this thread :)

  161. 161
    jessica reza Says:

    pfffftttt!!!…two boring ugly douche bags..

  162. 162
    Lisa Says:

    You must be referrring to the chimp and the skeleton. Yes, I know their unsightliness is tragic and hard to forget. Give it a shot.

  163. 163
    Ghost Says:

    The Hobag of Hollywood and her paid for side kick Stumpy are done in 3 , 2, 1…… This pretend showmance can’t and won’t last. Her track record speaks for itself. Not only has she been ridden more than a race horse but she helped break-up a relationship (JT&HB). If this idiot is your idol then we should take up a collection on this site for your much needed therapy. Don’t like the truth—Too bad……….Love the Ghost.

  164. 164
    hello Says:

    since they weren’t married its not housewrecking or cheating

  165. 165
    hello Says:

    since they weren’t married its not house-wrecking or cheating

  166. 166
    Stupid hello Says:

    Since the majority of couples today don’t marry and live together and have for years, i would say the heartbreak of someone cheating with someone elseis home wrecking, house wrecking and cheating. Which your precious Jen did to heidi! It’s still the same thing married or living together. Especially when you have lived together for 14 YEARS!! I hope he cheats and leave her soon then we will see how supportive you are of this behavior.

  167. 167
    to stupid hello Says:

    then you shouldn’t support angelina but you do
    hypocrite much?

    Besides, I bet Heidi got fed up with him after 5 years of waiting.

  168. 168
    Kikicohen Says:

    @Stupid hello:
    Good rebuttal

  169. 169
    Nika Says:

    whatever…Angelina is still the hot one! Didn’t Justin said himself that he’d totally do Angelina in the past?! HA!

  170. 170
    Lina Says:

    People over at EOnline! are dissing Jennifer’s pants, big time LOL

  171. 171
    new pics Says:

    jared has new pics

    love that the angie fans are being humiliated.

  172. 172
    Hideous PANTS!!! Says:

    WOW those pants are hideous!!!
    Unless if you have mile long legggggggggs one would do okay.

  173. 173
    gabbie Says:

    Sorry but there is no chemistry between these two, the whole thing is for show and nothing else. Jen cannot afford to have another failed relationship slapped in her face much like she can’t afford to look this stupid but she has to or else nobody will care so much about her and whatever she does.

  174. 174
    jade Says:


    ellie’ check in

  175. 175
    JL Says:

    @gabbie: looks like her pr is more interested to promote a freak like Justin first of all.
    And she is paying big $$ for this.
    Just great.

  176. 176
    guest Says:

    good for showing the world she is not prego and they are still together and happy

  177. 177
    Dan Says:

    @ Nika: YOU said it “in the past”. Chickenlina looks wasted. Men do not like skin and bones.

  178. 178
    jade Says:


    ellie’ Check in.

  179. 179
    to Dan Says:



    So, is that the reason why ALL MEN love & drool over Angie? But, ALL MEN run away from Aniston as if their lives depended on it? The only GUY that never ran away was her dog Norman!

    Correction, HE ALSO ran away BUT she tracked him down. Poor guy! But he is in dog heaven now. RIP Norman.

  180. 180
    guest Says:

    @crabby patty: do not think jolie is much prettier. they are just the same in different category — one is dark, the other is pleasant. like the pleasant, approachable, sweet look myself.

  181. 181
    guest Says:

    @2x4jenny: passive aggressive maybe but still pref than bullying

  182. 182
    jen looks good Says:

    at gabbie

    its ok if a relationship does not work out…its better to be single than to be with the wrong person.

  183. 183
    jade Says:


    ellie’ I got to leave. I’ll try tomorrow night. I have missed you,girl.

  184. 184
    Nika Says:

    @Dan: Well obviously he’s not gonna say it now AND he stated that her lips are the only place where she needs the fat sooooo…not going into it.

  185. 185
    blondie Says:

    They both look like bums! I would not doubt that those jeans she is wearing are a pair of one of her old skeleton boyfriends, she’s weird like that. It’s funny how in LA they were so far apart from each other. I guess Huvane called and her and said gurl you have


    Haaaaa haaaa ha!!!
    Right!!! Try to wrap your arms tightly around him
    and grin like a maniac….the way you often did
    with BFF Courteney. Pretend that YOU are the girl.

    And try not to wear Brad’s copy cat sunglasses.
    You are NOT Brad and no matter how much
    to WISH that you were him, you never will be him.

    Heeeeee Haw.
    Your mommy gave birth to a Tom Boy, imo.

    All of these years later, I think that you are STILL
    trying to locate your feminine side.

    (Just do NOT get over there in Paris
    and show your puckered little butt
    and embarass the U.S.!!!

  186. 186
    blondie Says:


    video at

    (Many more!!!)

  187. 187
    ellie' Says:

    OT Jade have been so busy ..sorry must of fell asleep..hope to see u on soon…

  188. 188
    imane assi Says:

    Says who?She dumped each and every one of them including Brad Pitt.

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