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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Pizza Pair!

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Pizza Pair!

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen grab a pizza on Sunday (June 10) in Van Nuys, Calif.

The 30-year-old Hart of Dixie actress and her 31-year-old boyfriend also picked up a smoothie from Robeks juice while they were out.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rachel Bilson

Rachel is currently working on a comedy called The To Do List. It’s about a recent high-school grad feels pressured to become more sexually experienced before she goes to college. The movie is slated for release next year.

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen picking up a pizza…

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  • Jamie

    Lovely couple. Always happy to seem them both.

  • kaleigh

    What a hopepless coup-let!



  • ColinG

    Hayden, put the pizza down and pick up the weights AND GET YO STARWARS BODY BACK!!!!!

  • devaney

    When some celebooboos could just work on some small-time random acting gig or hardly none at all; there could a lot / plenty of time for mediawh0ring.

  • um….

    The Do List isnt something she is currently working on. The film wrapped last YEAR for her in July/August of 2011. Most of the actors in supporting roles finished within a few days of work.
    She is only playing the sister of the main character after all.

    If the movie sees the light of day or not that is a whole different matter.


    I don’t know which one of them has the least talent

  • riedell

    he looks soo freakin’ gay while she looks like some pizza delivery girl – whiz!

  • Nicola

    Neither of them look like they’re anywhere near their 30s, especially Rachel. She looks about 18.

  • hm

    how long have these 2 been together? seems like 10 yrs!

  • Gold Bee

    I would say, the one not noticeably working…hmmmm

  • MurphyMarvin

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  • Gold Bee

    That’s a scam.

    FYI people…do not click on the link. It’s exactly what they want you to do. There is no mom making $5360 in four weeks and the only people making money out of this are the scammers, and they’re making it out of you if you are fool enough to believe them.

  • searlus

    I bet that Manakin’s remaining tranny loyalist fans @ imdb were again freaking out loud that their fave SW dude is about to reach now his hundred post of photo-ops …yet his film couldnt even reach a dozen!

  • antwacky

    This gnome looks like about 18?!

    Yah right – yeeeeeesh!

  • sara
  • clara

    They are a cute couple! Hayden’s shoulders look very broad to me in that shirt, there is nothing wrong with his body. Look at the Barbados photos, there is no fat on either of them. Hayden lost any weight he gained for that The Cold movie that never got made last year.

  • maya

    They are so talented, so cute, sooo adorable i just wait the day they’ll be married hope one day one of them or both will win an oscar i really love them

  • maya

    i’ve never seen hayden wearing a short pant before :) he looks HOT

  • sara

    @maya: so agreed! good people, good energy and talant, not involved in any public scandals

  • ToastedSkin

    @clara: he gained that weight for a movie? i didnt know that…

  • ToastedSkin

    I really like them as a couple. glad they’re still together. And they both look great too.

  • Gold Bee

    An Oscar? Really?

    I’m glad you like them as a couple…but try to be realistic.

  • Jenna

    Hayden looks really good here. He should wear formfitting clothes more often – it def suits him! As for Rachel…no comment. WTF???

  • obviously

    Some TweenTards keeps spamming again!

  • just me

    @sara: Why we see them they are getting soemthing to eat? That’s all they do with each other. As long as hayden comes to la and visited her she’s find with that. Yes there are not scanal with them they don’t do nothing but go out to eat all the time. Rachel is nothing going to say anything as long as he visted there and she can get picture out of him. She won’t be seem with no other guys claiming he’s the one and making people to believe it. Natalie still no.1 and she don’t have to be jealous are other people. Didn’t we see them earlier this month doing the same thing. And jared still selling them a couple. when you know what this about publicity for her.Hayden never said that was dating her rep did. They are not officially dating just for the camera only. Rachel stalked that man whereever he go. She called them last time. Hayden didn’t suppose to let it happen again. He need to tell to stop calling them. She want to show people that are alright that was it. That;s why she got close to him in these pics. Sort of .Still there are not love between them at all. The same look.She does the same thing over and over again with him when she go with another guy.Rachel is not talanted just looks and hayden is the talanted one. Which rachel needs to promote herself. And about the scanal bit. rachel needs hayden to promote her why would she mess that up right now? She has use him enough what is left for her to do. Friends yes , Couple noway. No one will date her or be seem with her. She made sure the paps caught her next to him this time. Knowing it not working out still no matter how much he take pictures with her. Still showing coupless emotion still. why is she still mad in thses pictures? People still not going to put them in their magazines no matter how many people they take. Rachel needs to give it a rest now. No one cares anymore. Its rachel fault not hayden for these pics cause she knows better than that.Hayden needs to be with other women that here. If that’s all he going to be seen doing with her or her with other guys. You know hayden came there for a job right people and jared. Why can’t say what doing there for a change. If he get alone time?

  • just me

    All Rachel has become is media whore. Why she keep taking pictures like this? She don’t need all of this attention at all. Haven’t Rachel learn.anything from the last time she did this. Just because Natalie came out. Natalie did come out by herself. She don’t need no man to be with her doing the samething eating all the time. Need some break up rumors are something. That’s all they do. Nothing is going on withthem but this. Still made herself get near him. It’s a shame that Rachel has to do this. And Hayden too. People has gotten tired of them doing this. Haven’t tired of promoting hisself with no work? Hayden used to do this. He was always working are not coming around so much. That’s all we see hin do.eve if he didn’t have any work he still was not seen very much. He sure has change since then. Letting Rachel use him that way be cause he don’t have no work. People beginnning think he loves doing it too. Two times in one month. Just to show people Hayden have not dumped her. He needs to. Cause that’s why she begged him back in the first place. Cause she always dumping the other guys for him when he come around. Need to let him be. Nothing is coming of it . And ought to.know this by now. If Hayden had something going for him she wouldn’ be seen with him or with her best friend baby. Hayden don’t live with her anyway. She stalk him like a teenager. That’s what teenagers do grown people do that. Only people that don’t want to grow up and still take pictures like that. Rachel didn’t have to that with Adam. She dumped him and left him alone. Why she can’t do this with Hayden? Both guys career isn’t where it suppose to be. Hayden should telo rachel to stop following him around so much its childless. If my career was not going well I wouldn’t show my face there so much.its only for her anyway why can’tsay it not going well again and call it quits again and save jared the trouble for promoting as a couple when they hanging around each for the cameras. People has lost faith in him since he start hanging with her again. Hope you all don’t get use of seeing this way. Why shame Hayden gotten hisself in again. Jared Hayden still her ex still. You’re getting paid to say it right this time? Hayden are having problems why can’t she say so? Nothing can’t saved this. No matter how many pictures She take. Still no love there. Just a made up one for the camera. And people see he still taking to her. She too lazy be with another guyn

  • annie

    hayden get a job already thats what happens when u date a no talent piggy.