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Tom Cruise's 'Rock of Ages' Makeup Confuses Suri

Tom Cruise's 'Rock of Ages' Makeup Confuses Suri

Tom Cruise and his 6-year-old daughter Suri make separate exits from their hotel on Monday (June 11) in NYC.

The 49-year-old actor has been busy promoting his new movie, Rock of Ages, where he plays rocker Stacee Jaxx.

“When I had the eyeliner and the painted nails, [Suri] was a little taken aback by it, She was like, ‘What’s happening to my dad?’” Tom told Ryan Seacrest on his 102.7 KIIS-FM radio show.

“I joke with friends because she goes to [mom Katie Holmes's] sets and there’s hair and makeup and they’re very nice,” he added. “Suri comes to my sets and she’s got to wear a hard helmet. There are explosions going off. Dad is bloody. He’s bruised.”

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  • Martha

    why is this news? she’s a child, most children don’t know about this stuff and most children now surely weren’t alive in the 80s…

  • skynet

    honey you should be confused if your daddy was found drunk outside a nightclub, he’s just working in this case.

  • Fatkira

    Why Suri never wears pants?

  • Sharon

    She has the exact same face – esp. EYES – as Chris Klein. Tragic he was robbed of the chance to be her father.

  • stimming hand

    poor thing.

  • The Honorable Kate Holmes

    Kate’s latest fake job is “Ambassador” for Amway!
    Hollywood actor Katie Holmes at the Artistry On Ice news conference in Beijing Photo: Courtesy of Artistry On Ice

    Yesterday Artistry On Ice enjoyed another great moment at its Beijing news conference in the Sheraton Hotel. Renowned Hollywood superstar Katie Holmes, the wife of Tom Cruise, joined the show as the newly designated promotional ambassador of Artistry On Ice, as well as for the Artistry brand. Since her appearance in the corresponding event in Taipei on June 9, Holmes’ presence has added even more glamour to this event.

    This is the first time Holmes came to Beijing. Like other people who visit the city, she didn’t miss the chance to sample traditional Beijing duck, which she found very delicious and was keen to eat more of. She revealed that she is looking forward to experiencing the food, the culture and meeting as many people as possible during her stay in Beijing.

    During the conference, she said that she was flattered and excited when she heard of her designation as the ambassador of Artistry On Ice. “I used to watch ice skating on TV and being able to see it live with the high level of skilled skaters and the beautiful environment that Artistry creates for everyone is so thrilling,” she said. “I am looking forward to the show here in Beijing.”

    It makes sense that Holmes was chosen as an ambassador. She explained before and during this news conference that she is a big fan of skating performances. “Participating in this beautiful show and being able to watch China’s own gold medalists, Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo, skating along with other skating stars is going to be extremely exciting,” she said.

    She pointed out that figure skating has been a popular sport amongst middle and upper class audiences in the US for a while and yet shows on such a great scale as China’s Artistry On Ice are still rare in the US.

    Figure skating is known as ballet on ice. Artistry On Ice seeks to align the gracefulness of ice skating with art. Holmes said that there is one other thing that makes her trip to Beijing meaningful, which is engagement in a charity program about art. “Artistry will donate 5,000 painting art kits to the children of migrant workers, so as to improve their art studying conditions and nurture them to appreciate art,” Holmes explained. Some of these children also attended the news conference and Holmes presented each of them with a kit in person.

    Tang Mei, the brand director of Artistry, pointed out that Holmes is well-known for being the wife of Tom Cruise, as well as a Hollywood actor, but she is also a fashion designer and dancer, who has her own fashion brand. “So she herself is a perfect reflection of fashion and art, which is why we hope to promote the corresponding connotation of our brand through Katie Holmes,” Tang said.

    Holmes revealed that she has just finished working on a film based on the Anton Chekhov play The Seagull. “I am going into production in a couple of weeks on another independent movie, so it is busy, always busy,” she explained.

  • joanne

    chris klein? no way. look at ‘all the right moves’ tom cruise movie. this little girl is like his life. Now i had a loving dad so Im not complaining :D

  • AH

    This man rocks!

  • Gigi

    Boy, Tom really did not want Katie there!

  • bit

    more fun without mrs. zombie there.

  • bit

    actress, dancer, singer, designer, model, award presenter and diplomat! so many titles for so little talent.

  • annie

    thanks for the link , didn’t see that one
    what’s this about amway?
    i think the older suri gets, the more she resembles tom, the younger tom, this little girl is one bundle of energy.

  • no thanks

    Every picture posted of Suri on every site looks exactly the same she is always running in every picture with her hair blowing everywhere unless they are recycled pictures

  • Really?

    This feral like child needs to have her own life of school and friends and activities and friends, and not be in her parents working world and the media . very sad. Poor child.

  • Krazy Kate
  • The Honorable Kate Holmes

    Artistry On Ice is an Amway creation to promote there make up line, Artistry.

  • annie

    @crazy katie
    are you for real, she’s so stunningly beautiful, paticularly the second last picture where she has that beautiful smile.
    go to Katie Holmes Italia and see all the pics from Taiwan, there are videos and interviews and everything.
    I’ll tell you what tho i’ve come to think that katie doesn’t take very good pap pics , because the videos of her as she is, are totally stunning, paticularly of her walking in the airport in that cute white mini.
    I think she’s been absolutely gorgeous on her trip there.
    thanks for all these links, they are fab!

  • Question
  • The Honorable Kate Holmes

    Is Amway related to Scientology?

  • The Honorable Kate Holmes

    Yes, I am for real. I understand you are fond of her. Very fond. Too bad Tom ain’t fond.

  • tsquared

    Katie is pretty when she takes the time to put herself together. However, most of what she has worn on this trip is average to below average. And, after looking at the videos you recommended–she needs to keep her mouth shut. Her replies are incredibly inane and make her sound really dumb.

  • Truth

    At her best, she’s mediocre,

  • annie

    Oh well we can’t please everyone, and I don’t think she should keep her mouth shut all , she’s so sweet and funny.
    Come on people lighten up.
    And I have never made a secret of the fact that I am a big fan, but unlike some of you , I am willing to be truthful, and not afraid to pick out bad things as well as the nice, because nobody is perfect, let alone some of the celebs some of you favour.
    And by the way …if it happens that Tom isn’t fond of her , as#20 says… well he has a habit of dropping out of being fond with the ladies in his life. Right?
    And if that’s the case, she doesn’t come across as devestated….
    Transitting Uranus is trining her Jupiter (one of the luckiest aspects)
    big things are in store for her. Lucky breaks, travel to distant places and new cultures, stacks of confidence, a release of restrictions in ones life, and a whole new outlook, from deep inside. That’s only the beginning.
    Just thought I’d share that!

  • Peapo

    @ Question

    I too think Suri looks sickly too often. Plus I’ve been noticing that she is extremely small and underweight for a six year old. Her arms and legs are skin and bones and just the shape of her body makes me think of a 3 or 4 year old. I wonder if everything is okay with her physically.
    I hate to say this but behaviorly she looks like a spoiled, willful, beast.
    No, I’m not blaming the child. I’m blaming the parents.

  • Samson


    LOL. I think you need to get your head examined!

    If you are a “supporter” of this bimbo….you must be one of them.

  • Beate


    If she did, someone narrow-minded would certainly accuse her of being a ‘lesbian’……

  • annie

    i guess if i mix with an unusual (cough ) mix of people then i must be prepared for all manner of things, including being called a lesbian.
    if it makes you happy calling me that , so be it!

  • gross

    So, there is a blog called “Suri’s Book” … and now if you go to the site, there is a book out now, as well. That is extremely funny, but VERY wrong. I’m not about to blame the author… that’s not the issue, Although, it says alot about the IMAGE the child has DUE TO HER FAME- WHORE parents. It’s absolutely disgusting how they have put this little girl out there. There are children of people more famous and richer than Tom Cruise that we don’t even know, but Suri is in the Huffington Post every 3 days. They have dressed her up in heels and tiara and wrapped her in blankets like she is a princess. It’s incredibly sad b/c Suri seems like a regular kid left to her own devices. Whenever they have her running around w/ out the cameras visible she seems happy and regular. Suri Cruise will be the next Paris if her parents push further. Katie Holmes has and always will be DISGUSTING in my book. A showy flashy ego-maniac who drank toooo much of that Hollywood Kool-aid… she’s go 0 class to me.

  • aww

    Suri is such a cute girlie-girl.

  • Dee

    I love the fact that Suri looks just like Katty Holmes, I love her beautiful eyes.

  • Dee

    love the inocense in her leave her be