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Andrew Garfield: I'm Not Interested in Being a Movie Star

Andrew Garfield: I'm Not Interested in Being a Movie Star

Andrew Garfield suits up on the cover of Nylon Guys‘ July issue.

Here’s what the 28-year-old actor had to share:

On reviews for his work in Death of a Salesman: “I haven’t read any. I keep my head down. That’s something I struggle with – the whole validation thing. You know, like, we all need validation as human beings. We all need a pat on the back occasionally – like, the monkey gets a banana, or, ‘You’re doing all right, keep going.’ But I started to depend on it, and really need it.”

On his personality: “I’m very introspective. I’m working on it because sometimes it can tip over into too much, and it becomes debilitating. I’ve got a lot to think about right now because of my life changing because of the play, and this movie [The Amazing Spider-Man].”

On fame: “The exposure that’s going to come with [Spider-Man] doesn’t make me happy, and I’ve discovered that I do just want to be an actor – I don’t have any interest in being a movie star. I’m finding out where that distinction is.”

FYI: Check out a just released clip from The Amazing Spider-Man, which hits theaters July 3, below!

New ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Clip

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  • yeah

    I don’t understand actors who say that, they don’t want to be a movie star yet they pick a film that might possibly give them movie star status. It’s not like Spiderman is some low budget flick.

    You can’t have both.

  • Sean

    Dont worry Andrew. You wont be after Spiderman flops.

  • Clark Griswold

    Guy taking lead role in huge summer blockbuster says he doesn’t want to be famous. Zzzzzz….

  • LOL


  • Really Andrew?!

    Then why did you accept the role of Spiderman, IDIOT!



  • carrie

    he wanted to do Spiderman because it’s a cool character and to have a franchise movie helps to have better roles with better directors or helps indie movies

  • dooliloo

    not only you starring in a blockbuster but you’re also occasionally a model at times for plenty of magazines… sure… *le yawn*


    I think he was trying to sound humble. We already know you’re a cool guy Andrew, no need to say stupid ****

  • Mia

    He is so talanted

  • abc

    i hope your movie flops!

  • Hello

    That is such BS if he didn’t want to be a movie star he shouldn’t do movies elfin idiot all these celebs I WISH I WASN’T FAMOUS it’s all bull they ALL want to be famous and rich lying SOB

  • Jamie

    Why would you accept the role of Spiderman if you didn’t want to be a movie star? I can almost understand when Robert Pattinson claims he didn’t know what he was signing up for with Twilight…no one knew. But Spiderman? Seriously? It’s Spiderman!

  • Jen

    Famous actors are grouped into the incompetent category. A good actor don’t want to be associated with being in that category.

  • mel

    It’s funny because he says he doesn’t want to be famous yet he’s dating Emma Stone who’s only purpose in life is to be in huge movies and become a movie star. Shut Up ANDREWW!! You even kissed her in front of the paparazzi and that picture looked so fake. You’re $hit like the rest of hollywood!!!
    On a side note, Spiderman is going to flop but it’s my favourite super hero and I will be watching the movie :/

  • Kein

    An actor needs to do blockbuster movies so that they get to greenlight smaller ones that they think are worth it.

  • nunya

    Why does this guy eerily look like Anthony Perkins…is he an illegit
    son he had with a woman to disguise or dodge the fact he was gay?

    Just sayin’ google Anthony Perkins and look at the pics sidebysidy..

  • weird

    he is so awkward looking

  • UGH

    He doesn’t want to be a star? Yeah right… that’s why he chose to play Spider-man.

  • Jess

    i think what Andrew is trying to say is that he hopes to be more than just a movie star! the spider-man movie will definitely give him the exposure he needs in order to have more script opportunities in the future! you can agree with me or not, but I do believe he has a bright future in the film industry

  • Frossy

    Guys, just because you’re an actor that doesn’t mean you have to like the fame and exposure. Yes it comes with it and he knows that. He just needs getting used to because i mean this film will definitely make him more well known. And Spider-man is like his hero too so ofcourse he’ll take the job and if an opportunity that helps him succeed in his job comes, why not take it? Everyone has the right to complain. It’s just like being in line at the movies or Disneyland or something You complain about the long lines but you really wanna watch the movie or go on the rides.

  • Sam

    There’s pros and cons to everything guys. Just because he doesn’t like something about being in big budget film like Spider-man, it doesn’t mean he won’t take it because of that one thing. Johnny Depp hates being in the spotlight, but does great movies and big budget ones too. Why does he do these movies when he hates the spotlight? Because Johnny Depp loves the art of acting and so does Andrew! Check out Andrews movies like Never Let Me Go and Boy A. They are such great films and shows how much of a great actor he is. So he’s definitely not acting for the exposure, he just loves acting!

  • Mia

    BY the way he @nunya: He doesnt look like Anthony Perkins at all lol.

  • Arie

    In interviews Andrew has said he chose to do the film because of his three year old self who loved Spidey and looked up to him as his hero. Andrew is worried about the fame and exposure, but he didn’t want to let the child inside him down. I believe everything Andrew says in interviews. I’ve met him a few times and he’s an honest and genuine person. I’ll defend Andrew to the death!

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    I LOVED the great movie clip – watch it!!