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Freida Pinto: Charles de Gaulle Airport Arrival

Freida Pinto: Charles de Gaulle Airport Arrival

Freida Pinto touches down at Charles de Gaulle Airport on Sunday (June 10) in Paris, France.

The 27-year-old Indian actress (in a Madwell top) made her way through the terminal while chatting on her cell phone after flying in from Los Angeles.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Freida Pinto

Earlier in the week, Freida made her way out of the El Rey Theatre after seeing Lana Del Rey live with a gal pal.

In case you missed it, check out Freida in the official poster for her upcoming film Trishna!

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  • From Paris with Love

    well in my opinion she is the most beautiful of all “young actresses”, naturally gorgeous and elegant !

  • Tribal Queen

    I think she’s very pretty.

  • laly

    Put together bollywood actress are ‘Joan Rivers’…
    Anyway pepole in india have backward thinking.

  • asin

    Indians are Jealous of Freida Pinto’s Popularity in the west.Just look at the Comments in this Dailymail Post.All Negative Comments about her are by Indians

  • BlakeLuis

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  • Lisa

    She has such a great facial bone structure. I hope she doesn’t continue to lose weight, sometimes she looks too skinny. So sick of overly thin actresses.

  • isaac

    you made my day Freida!! now i can have a good night sleep!!

  • matt

    she should be named Natural Beauty of all Time!!!

  • Raj Kappor

    Who is the fuking idiot writing all those hateful comments about indians and all? I am indian and don’t like Freida because she can’t act and keeps putting down indians. You know the one person who writes ” only racist indians hate fredia due to dark skin” type comments? They also keep thumbing down anyone who writes anything that is negative on her.

  • Raj Kappor

    @laly: Oh and Freida is a great actress like Meryl Streep right? You are deluded and are racist yourself. Stop writing and trying to pass off as others people. You are the one with the backwards way of thinking.

  • Raj Kappor

    @asin: She is not popular in the US at all, popular actresses right now are like Emma Stone. Not a household name in the US. Sorry but your still not folling anyone. Enough!

  • Samila

    @Raj Kappor: It’s only one person. It’s the obessive Freida Pinto fan who goes around many sites that fetaure her and write these comments. I live in North America, I can tell you she is not at all that famous or even that popluar here. It’s not like she has everyone after her like with Angelina Jolie or Britney Spears. She is not making headlines in Hollywood either . She is not making the cover of People Mag every single week.They are spreading lies. She is a quasi-celeb. BTW I am indian too .

  • jobin patel

    she is average looking. not beautiful or talented. angelina and aishwarya are the most beautiful living actress. most beautiful young actresess are eva green and natalie portman. freida’s fugly ass doesn’t compare to any of these ladies.

  • Gerbil

    @Raj Kappor: That what I thought too when I was looking at all the comments! Who is writing all of this? May I ask why you are doing this? And It’s obvious it’s an indian writing all of this. When it comes to Freida, most of the commentors on JJ are indian anyway. Wheather it be her fans or haters its mostly indians .You have no idea how stupid and silly you look whoever you are.

  • javithan salu

    kaam wali bai…she is good for nothing, bipasha basu is dark skinned but she is beautiful and sexy and can act, she looks nothng like a kaam wali like freida does. freida should go wash her dishes and clean her floors.

  • Padma

    Indians making India look bad by hating on Freida and calling her names.

  • G

    Okay how much is Freida paying this one person to come and defend her at all times? How much is she paying you to have so many accounts and try to pretend to be other people? Do not call indians racist just because a FEW people have called her names. I have not called Freida names, she does not deserve that. However she does deserved to be questioned and be called out for her stupid,uneducated hypocrtical remarks. She always has to play out the pity card and put down indians. Last time I checked she is not a big actress in Hollywood to be talking about these issues. She is not an A List celebrity, not Tom Cruise type famous. And this is the THIRD or FOURTH time she is talking about the skin issue/indain media. Why? Why keep talking about it? What is she trying to get from it? Her one-man-band defender is also stupid is believing anything she says.

  • Oshida

    @G: Even on Lipstick Alley we know of this person. Whoever they are the are clearly trying to make this girl happen. Slumdog Millionare came out 4 years ago, and she hasn’t done anything major after that. She is famous for nothing. I don’t like people who are famous for nothing. Please stop !Enough about this woman. This is coming from someone who is not even indian,paki,or asian. Don’t you star tcalling me names now! If you do then you are the racists yourselves!

  • Amir Khan

    Guys, it’s the same loser who keeps talking about high cheekbones and likes to shove Freida’s “beauty” down everyone throats! LOSER!Hey loser get a life! You annoying kutha! Even a kutha seems more intelligent then you! Atleast a kutha will leave a person alone,you like it bother every damn person who doesn’t find your beloved actress beautiful.

  • Troy Declaire

    eww not hot. mila kunis is hot, not this third world woman…she looks like someone who works at 7-11…ugly..she must be paying the paps to take her pics, how pathetic.

  • Troy Declaire

    @From Paris with Love: you must be sniffing crack….just because she comes from third world country does not make her beautiful sorry but no, not true. agree with the indians, she is ugly and looks like brown shit.

  • Ivy

    Troy Declairie is an Indian. Indian pretending to be Westerner to hate on fellow Indians. Pathetic. And I will bet his skin is very dark (not that anything is wrong with dark) . But he hates his own skin color. Beyond pathetic.

  • Ivy

    Troy Declairie is an Indian. Indian pretending to be Westerner to hate on fellow Indians. Pathetic. And I will bet his skin is very dark (not that anything is wrong with dark) . But he hates his own skin color. Beyond pathetic.

  • Manish

    @Ivy: You are beyond pathetic. How many identites you have already? Like 7? Your comments sound all the same and make no sense. How can you be sure that Troy is indian? Don’t assume things. There are many folks in North America who don’t find Freida pretty. Get over it. You must be some indian girl who no wants to date I bet. Loser. You are the same person who goes around pretending to be non-indian and saying rude things about indians and their actors, as if you know nothing about them. Just stop it. How do you know so much about Kareena and Aishwarya if you are not indian ? Well give me an answer.

  • Manish

    @Ivy: You probably bleach your own skin since you seem to be hating on your fellow indians douchebag. I bet your skin is dark and still no one wants to date you because you are annoying and rude.

  • Troy Declaire

    @Ivy: lol….go jack off…i sure as hell am not indian….i don’t find this woman hot but you like to put on fake names and try to convince everyone she is…nice try retard…go f**k yourself….i wonder what you would have to say the blacks who don’t find beyonce hot or latinos who don’t like j-lo…would you call them haters and say that they hate their skin color? retard. F**k off.

  • Shoba Dohba

    I find freida rather average looking and a terrible actress. I don’t know why anyone who thinks indians who find her average are automatically racist towards her. Yes I have seen that there is always that one person writing all those comments like”you must be a south indian obessed with fair skin” and “indian hate freida due to her dark skin” comments? They are all over rediff,JJ,Pinvkilla,Youtube,Tumblr and other sites. They also pretend to be white/non-desis and act like freida has a large group of fans supporting her. It looks lame. I wonder who this one person is. Is it freida pinto herself writing this? Mmmm….

  • Ivy

    I learned about Ashwarya and Karena thru morons like you. Haven’t you heard of Google…..idiot.
    And I am not Indian…….Believe it or not…..I don’t care.

  • Manish

    @Ivy: are indian pretending to be white, just stop it. You are the same person who has been wriitng all these comments. You are the moron and idiot. Loser , no wonder you spend all your time here . No guys wants to date a loser like you.

  • Manish

    @Ivy: And yes I have heard of google but have you heard of a psychologist? You need to see one. Freida must be paying you good money to keep witing and defending her at all times. I wonder how low your IQ is .You have a mental problem.

  • Troy Declaire

    @Ivy: f**king idiot…you are not white…liar…f**king self-hater….you like to pretend you are white….lol….why don’t you come and confront me…you too scared….hahaha…call me names and other people names while you hide behind you computer…..idiot

  • Smita

    @Ivy: HAHAHA!!! LOL…wow how long are you going keep doing this? You are indian or from there, it’s obvious.I agree with Manish, You are not fooling anyone still. No one really cares about Freida, not in usa or india. Aishwarya Rai is beautiful, wheather you like it or not. Freida is just average. Nothing special. What is with the name calling? Your vicious and crazy. Where you taught any manners? Only an idiot would try do do what you are doing. No would would go this far in trying to do whatever it is you are doing. Goodbye and get a life!

  • Raj Kappor

    @Ivy: You are not indian? LIAR!

  • Raj Kappor

    @Ivy: Fuking idiot, saying racist things, Fuk you! If I ever meet you, your $h!t will come flying out of your ass within seconds!! I will guarantee that will happen. Fuking reterd… I bet you are one of those people who use the pity card everytime someone looks at you wrong or doesn’t talk back to you…reterd…you must be dark skinned yourself lol….maybe people don’t like you because you are dark…it’s because you are a fuking,racist,stupid idiot with no respect for others…..

  • Gemina

    @Raj Kappor: Her name is rasuinda or something like that. She comments all over any blogs and says the same dang thing under diffrent names just to make it seem like there are other people who think like her too. She is the same person who keeps brining up Rise of the Apes and Immortals and claims that freida was the reason for why they made $300 million lol.Not true. Its the same person writing all those comments like indians are racist, freida is loved in the west. Again not true. Comments about high cheekbones, freida looks like latina, No and no. She needs to be exposed. I usually don’t comment here but I have seen on Just Jared and the Daily Mail that other people have noticed the same pattern in her writing and of her and her throwing the word racist around everytime someone doesn’t agree with her views. Just look at how she responds to people. It’s obvious it’s only ONE person. Yes , only ONE!

  • Gemina

    who is she? why does she keep going around airports? thats she ever does@Shoba Dohba: Yes exactly. It looks so stupid and silly. Can’t belive one person is doing all of this lol. Sheesh you think in that amount of time and energy they are wasting they could be doing something that they like. Unless they enjoy doing this then omg, truly sad.

  • rashin

    She is just an average looking girl with no acting ability. Thats all. I mean JJ is a site for celebs but all I ever see this girl doing is shopping ,flying in and out of airports and doing photoshoots! It’s no wonder her acting is so poor! She should really learn to take some acting classes if she wishes to stay here. Right now for me she is famous for nothing really. Another Kim kardashian to me right now. She also needs to grow up and stop complaning about indians this that. It’s annoying now. She is like what 28? Oh brother. Lady you are almost 30, time to grow up!

  • rashin

    There are bigger star then her like Aishwarya Rai from India who also gets alot of flak from the media and she doesn’t do interviews she talks about how annyong it is,etc. Angelina Jolie is probably the most famous woman in Hollywood and look at the amount of harrassment she gets. This girl is actaully getting nothing compared to what they get daily. Look at this board, it’s not becuase of her this whole is filled up. The fight started from one idiot look what happened. Thats why her boards get filled up this much. Most of the time her boards are empty.

  • sreya


    Have you look at the comments?Then you would know praising comments and defending comments(symmetrical beauty and delicate features) are majority from that looser every one is mentioning.

  • Erika

    Why are Indians always trolling under Freida’s posts? Jealous that your favorite Bollytrash star tried so hard to make it in Hollywood and failed? lol

  • koena


    This is a public forum love.Please read some post about blake lively lilly SJP Maile here.They all get criticized by their own country people.What does it mean by bollytrash?Indians? You have some serious issue with indian’s .The only indian troll here is you.I have nothing against freida pinto.I am not her fan nor I think she is beautiful but I definitely appreciate her effort.You my dear freind is creating unnecessary hater base for herself with your racism.


  • flora


    bollytrash/ indian hater /jealous?

    dont you have any decency?shame on you

  • Chasi

    Ivy/Erikia is the same person. Loser with no brains or intelligence.