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Jennifer Lawrence: Philip Seymour Hoffman Offered 'Catching Fire' Role

Jennifer Lawrence: Philip Seymour Hoffman Offered 'Catching Fire' Role

Jennifer Lawrence goes for a jog following a trip to the doctor’s office on Tuesday (June 12) in Los Angeles.

The 21-year-old actress will soon get to work on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the second installment in the hit series.

Philip Seymour Hoffman has reportedly been offered the role of Plutarch Heavensbee, the new gamesmaker following the demise of Seneca Crane (Wes Bentley), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

DO YOU THINK Philip Seymour Hoffman would make a good Plutarch Heavensbee?

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lawrence working out in Los Angeles…

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  • pup

    She has such a great body. Thank you for not looking anorexic & sick J.Lawrence.

  • Agreed, Pup

    Total agreement there, pup. Yes, I’d love to have a body like hers. Thank God, they didn’t cast someone who is 6 ft tall and weights 90 lbs for this role!!

    I think Philip Seymour Hoffman would be AWESOME as Plutarch Heavensbee!! Although he might have been a good BeeTee as well. i’d like to see Sam Worthington as Boggs and Kathy Bates as Coin and Eva Green as Annie. And of course, Alex Skarsgard as Finnick, although he’s probably too old for the role. I’d at least like to see him in a GOOD movie for once, instead of the clunkers he’s been in.

    YEAH for Jennifer Lawrence and YEAH for Phillip Seymour Hoffman!!!

  • Mia

    Whoever gave Pup a thumbs down before I gave him/her a thumbs up should be put into the actual Hunger Games. ‘Nuff said.


    WOW amazing what celebrities look like once you take away the professional styling. I just mean that she looks really different… NOT saying she looks bad. It’s nice to see that she’s keeping in shape the ~right~ way <3

  • Dan

    She is UGLY

  • Dave Franco

    I hope he doesn’t take it. Too good of a talent.

  • Jesse

    There is no way Philip will want to be associated with that drivel!!!

  • LJ

    Wow! She really is a plain jane!!

  • Kell

    No way is that going to happen! LOL

  • dizzy

    Looking good, Jen. And I think Philip Seymour Hoffman would be a good choice.

  • Nacey

    She must be trying to shrink her big fat bottom!! Good luck….nothing is going to shift that!

  • Belinda

    Run Philip!

  • claire

    I never realized how unattractive she is

  • Liz

    Boring girl.

  • dizzy

    It’s funny how the same person can use different monikers to trash Jen on this site. It’s pretty obvious, lol.

  • Hellie

    There is something about her that I just can not like!

  • Charlene

    There is no way PSH will want any part of THG! He is far too good for it!

  • Deb

    She is too in love with herself for my taste. Confidence is good but she is just arrogant.

  • Effy

    @Deb: How is she too in love with herself?

  • Jennie

    I like her but I think she is overrated and over exposed

  • BB

    I do not know how anyone can like her after what she said about animals! Not cool in my book.

  • mel

    Haha Jared this doesn’t look like “Jennifer Lawrence goes for a jog” she looks like she’s sprinting… And she looks great!! Total girl crush on Jen.

  • ck

    LOL @ the same person posting over and over

  • Packy


  • Jennica Panettiere

    Looks like she just had some type of shot.

  • mel

    Those that cheer her body and praise her for not looking anorexic sure would like to look anorexic so they can get boyfriends and acceptance. Please, everyone wants to be skinny and if you were, you would be calling her fat. Just admit it.

  • Jennifer

    She hates animals…how can anyone like her!

  • mel

    @Jennifer: I agree. I am a vegetarian but my parents are meat eaters. I’m totally cool with it but I hate when they question my reasons for becoming a vegetarian and Jennifer did the same. PLus, she’s not different than Peeta (the organization she was talking about). She made derogatory comments about somebodyelse’s beliefs and criticize the exact same thing about them.

  • mel

    @mel: sorry, typo *Peta*

  • Clam

    Jennifer is GORGEOUS. I love her. Talented and such an amazing actress!

  • Angela

    @BB: She never said anything negative about animals you dumb sh!t. She called out PETA for bullying celebrities. She has a farm and knows how to raise and take care of animals. Know your facts before you comment.

  • Angie

    Jennifer Lawerence is conceited

  • jo

    Hey at least she isn’t famewhoring around and overexposed like the untalented Kardashian Kristen Stewart. She’s actually talented.

  • blair

    Working out and still looking so beautiful. She has stunning skin, big beautiful lips, and nice hair. I really liked her in The Hunger Games. She’s an outstanding actress.

  • lol

    WHy are the psycho Krisbians commenting here. Go comment on some Kristen Stewart thread where she complains about her life and promotes fashion.

  • Wooot!

    Jennifer has a toned and defined body I want. She doesn’t look like a skinny fat or anorexic girl. She’s beautiful and a fabulous actress!!!!

  • HOT

    Looks hot even when jogging.


    @mel: LOL. Seek mental help. Seriously. Yes, thin does tend to be more pleasing on the eyes, but there is a difference between someone who is thin because they work out, someone who is thin because of genetics, and lastly someone who starves. The first two types tend to look the best.

  • Ivy

    The Hunger Games is a critically acclaimed film. I’m sure Philip would love to be part of it and the amazing cast. Jennifer Lawrence is the best and she’s an Oscar nominee.

  • mel

    @jo: she’s not extremely talented. She’s good at one type and people is turning her into something she’s not just because she’s the only american actress her age that could have a nice career if she learns a LOT more. Saorise, Carey, Mia are foreign so people want to have a new blond actress. Pluse, she’s overhyped. When she got signed with CAA, which is known for controlling the $hit out of its clients’s lives, she began doing a lot of sexy photoshoots to control her image as a sex symbol but in all of them they made sure to say that she’s “america’s new great actress” and this is a fact, I’m not making this up. She controls her image like the rest of hollywood, and everyone thinks it’s cool because she refuses to be skinny when nobody calls her out because she refused to lose weight for THG. She didn’t even try!!!! She says stupid things and acts dumb yet nobody calls her out. Megan Fox says something and everyone is attacking her. Jennifer strips down her clothes (although she’s an Oscar nominee) and nobody calls her out or only do it in the moment and then forget. Megan Fox strips down her clothes and is called a $lut. I say Megan but it’s the same with every single actress in hollywood. Even when Michelle Williams did a sexy photoshoot as Marilyn Monroe people ate her alive. Jennifer gets free pass because everyone is weirdly crazy with a very bad movie and books called THG. Once she starts doing other things people will realize she’s not talented.

  • mark

    She looks so much better than most celebrities going out for a jog. She’s beautiful and always looking so happy and in great place.

  • Bex

    As a Jen Lawerence fan (and a kristen stewart fan) I am embarrassed when other fans feel the need to attack other actresses. For some reason some fans like to attack Kristen Stewart all the time and it really just makes the rest of us look bad. No need to trash someone to support someone else! It is a bit pathetic really.

  • mel

    @C@$HVILLE: WTF does your comment have to do with being a vegetarian and liking or not liking animals. If you don’t even know what you’re talking about I think you’re the one that needs helps bb.

  • give me a brek

    @mel: Hey idiot. Rolling Stone called the most talented young actress. Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Lily Collins, all said Jennifer Lawrence is their role model and inspirate for a reason. She’s way more talented lets say the overrated annoying famewhore Kristen Stewart. I’m sure that’s who you think is the best actress lol.

  • Jennifer Lawrence

    Won the Young Artist Award for Best Actress at the age of 15. She won the Venice Film Festival Award at age 17 and the Los Angeles Film Festival Award for Best actress at age 18. Jennifer then won 14 Critics best actress awards at age 19 for her role in Winter’s Bone and at age 20 she was the second youngest actress ever to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress. This was way before The Hunger Games.

  • To Mel

    Hey Twihard. Why are you here? What are you so mad about?

  • mel

    @give me a brek: I don’t even like Kristen Stewart. Infact, I don’t give a flying fuk about Kristen Stewart and her bad acting. All those girls said that because they were probably asked about THG and wanted to sound polite and didn’t want to be hated by THG fans. Because it’s like insulting Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson, you get the whole twihards against you and boycotting your movies.

  • eh

    Mel is a very well known crazy Twihard and Kristen Stewart fan. Not surprised she’s posting under different monikers to trash Lawrence and Hunger Games.

  • Tina

    I wonder Why do people automatically assume that if a person does not like Jennifer Lawerence then they must be a Kristen Stewart fan?? Why do their Worlds revolve around Kristen Stewart? Its kind of obsessional. Personally Jennifer Lawerence does nothing for me but shock horror I am not exactly a Kristen fan either.

  • Lydia

    I used to like her but honestly her fans put me off! Way too intense.