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Leighton Meester & Freida Pinto: Ferragamo Show!

Leighton Meester & Freida Pinto: Ferragamo Show!

Freida Pinto, Leighton Meester, and Hilary Swank attend the Salvatore Ferragamo Cruise Collection 2013 Show at Galerie Denon on Tuesday (June 12) in Paris, France.

The show made French history as the first presentation to host a catwalk show at the famed Louvre Museum. It was made possible by the fashion house’s sponsorship of the Louvre’s current exhibition of “The Virgin and Saint Anne,” the last painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leighton Meester

Make sure to check out Leighton‘s new film That’s My Boy, in theaters on June 15!

FYI: Leighton, Freida, and Hilary are all wearing Salvatore Ferragamo.

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Credit: Julien Hekimian; Photos: Getty
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  • judsie

    love all the ladies looks! leighton’s cape is fabulous!!

  • matt

    yap they are gorgeous!! I love you Freida!!

  • boring


  • Bryan

    Who is Freida Pinto? Why does JJ keep talking about this woman? They always talk about 3rd rate stars on their site. How typical.

  • Lisa

    brown lady looks the worst out of the three. she is wearing too much makeup.

  • roddymartindale

    @Bryan: a co-star of Slumdog Millionaire and Rise of the Planets of the Apes–yep, complete nobody.

  • guest

    Hilary Swank looked incredible!

  • Ivy

    Indians who are jealous of Freida are such diehard haters and nasty lot. I don’t know why they click on posts about Freida if they hate her so much. Why don’t they click on some Bollywood sites and read about people they like. Don’t waste your time on stuff you don’t like. Haters enjoy hatin’ , I guess. Such losers.

  • African Girl

    Freida Pinto is Gorgeous!!!

  • Manish

    @Ivy: Lol…you only come on her post to attack an netire group of people, thats alot worse. You are the racist here. You are the loser since you keep writing so many comments that sound all the same. You like to pretend to be ‘westerners” ( btw in north america do not refer to themselves adswesterners, we call ourselves american or canadian). This shows you are not from around here. So shut it and get a life. This is a public forum, we are allowed to have diffrent opnions of people. If I ever see you again and you try to throw the racist card, then I will oust you for it douchebag. I wonder if you yourselve bleach your skin.

  • Troy Declaire

    @Ivy: you’re the same f**king idiot who thought i was indian lol…go f**k yourself….why do you try to act like an indian and then try to look like a white guy later on……******…she is ugly….and you are dysfucntional…

  • Troy Declaire

    @Ivy: come say it to my face you f**king idiot….you must be sniffing up her ass all day…can’t even say it to my face…you hide behind a computer and call ppl names… must be indian too….. you are not white i can tell….so f**ck off …..can’t stand it when others pretend to be other races and all….f**ing pussy hides her ugly face and only talks trash….

  • Nathan

    Leighton Meester and Freida Pinto look stunning in their costumes.

  • Troy Declaire

    @Manish: leave the f**king idiot….she is likes to hide behind her computer and not confront ppl…scardy cat…

  • iluvsummer

    wow. leighton looks so regal in her cape. love it!

  • nanette

    All three are gorgeous. I love Hilary’s outfit the most but Leighton’s cape is amazing. LOVE her.

  • rikki

    LMAO you guys are hilarious. anyways, i like leighton’s look. freida is cute as well x

  • Priya

    @Ivy: Hey,how dare you call indians racist? Just because Freida is not popluar in india? Well she is not that popular in Hollywood either. Nope, Not like Scarlett Johansson ,Mila Kunis,Jennifer Lawrence,etc. There are some indians who do like her. Some who don’t . All celebrities have fans and they have people who don’t like them, is that so shocking?I am offended by your racist ranting. Grow the heck up and I too will come after if you keep saying this! It’s obvious you are an indian living in india. You must be living in a pothole over there.

  • wendy

    what’s gorgeous with leightons cape??? it’s hideous. she should get a stylist no offense

  • Smita

    @roddymartindale:Freida has small roles in Slumdog Millionare and ROTA. Those movies were hit because of the other actors in the movie, not becuase if her. She is only getting small roles in movies and all she does is talk bad about the indian media all the time. She is a quasi-celeb.Look at legit celebs like Angelina,Natalie,Aishwarya,etc. Who are much more famous then Freida and get so much more hate from the media. Does Angelina Jolie waste time with interviewers saying” oh the media loves to hate on me”? I don’t even consider Freida an actress, since she doesn’t know how to act. All of those women are much more famous then her and get more hate then her too. All I see her do is attend fashion shows and keep coming to airports and going shopping in NY. So really, is she a legit star? Who does that? People like Kim K. or Lindsay Lohan.

  • Raj Kappor

    @Ivy: Why are you thumbing up your own comments? Mega Loser! Fuking idiot. Same loser who keeps commenting and thumbing up their own comments.Pathetic! Fuking idiot behind all the racist comments. Same loser who pretends to be westerner, only desis from india say that. LOSER! Just stay india where you can contiue to rot your brain still.

  • Raj Kappor

    @Priya: Not everyone who is indian dislikes Freida. Most people actaully don’t know who she is. You are also right that many in the US don’t know her either. She is not a household name here. Fuking idiot is a reterd who is a racist themselves. Fuking idiot is from india, it shows. If ever meet this reterd, ohh it will not be pretty…..somebody gonna get a hurt real bad!

  • Kelly

    @Raj Kappor: I have found the exact same writing in many web sites.CHeck out any Freida pinto related post in justjared,pinkvila,rediff.This is very bad PR.constantly puting other indian actress down to prove freida pretty with same writing style.Its really sad.

  • Kelly

    And whats is even worse is this person wites back to themselves,pretends they are not indian,that all americans love freida(?),all indians hate her. that is not true, I am american-indian and don’t like freida. i don’t like her acting or find her pretty. I find sofia vergara very beautiful and same with penelope cruz. i know alot of guys who feel that same way about her too. they don’t find her hot either.this is getting out of hand,this person needs to be stopped immedeatly.

  • Ivy

    LMAO. Totally trolled. So much butthurt. Glorious.

  • Raj Kappor

    @Ivy: Just shut up. Fuking idiot. I see you have to keep thumbing up your own comments and thumbing down anyone who doesn’t agree with you. Fuking reterd. Just stop trolling and stay in India.

  • rai lover

    freida pinto is so ugly, she does not look better then my maid. anyone who finds her hot must be blind. she looks like a poor cook or a ghetto housemaid, seriosuly not hot.

  • Ivy

    LOL Indians making asses of themselves. What does ‘poor cook” mean??????? Ghetto houesmaid???? You mean house help. Maid is really not PC. But then some Indians still have feudal mindset. The way they talk they would be tried for hate crimes if they lived in the US. So backward.

  • Troy Declaire

    @Ivy: lol..your also a f**king racist you retard…you should be put in jail too then idiot…f**king loser writing the same f**king comments lol…acting like a white when your most likely an indian or brown……f**k off and get a life…all celebs of any race gets called any kind of name…loser, f**king idiot you must not even be an american either….

  • Troy Declaire

    @Raj Kappor: ignore the f**king idiot….it’s obvious the moron is also a f**king racist themselves…lol…only someone so stupid will try to write the same comments over and over again and will blame others for ‘trolling’ lol…

  • Zorasha

    @Kelly: Her name is rasuinda or something like that. She comments all over any blogs and says the same dang thing under diffrent names-like Ivy- just to make it seem like there are other people who think like her too. She needs to be exposed. I usually don’t comment here but I have seen on Just Jared and the Daily Mail that other people have noticed the same pattern in her writing and of her and her throwing the word racist around everytime someone doesn’t agree with her views. Just look at how she responds to people ie racist indian, should be put in jail. It’s obvious it’s only ONE person. Yes ,only ONE!

  • Zorasha

    Also what I would like to know why she is doing this? Is she a personal friend of Freida? Her family memeber? She needs to stop this. It’s all over the internet. It’s really just annoying and it angers people. Is she looking to start fights too or what. She must be an indian I agree with some people here. Why try to make it look like there are more people? And why write the same way too? Not a very smart person.

  • Ivy

    These Indians go around calling Freida ape, slummer, maid, monkey and then when they are called out on that and given a taste of their own medicine they feel so affronted and outraged. Such deeply arrogant and racist people. They can dish it out but can’t take it.

  • Robot Miller

    Freida Pinto is not that beautiful. I am american and I don’t think she is beautiful compared to the likes of Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Kate Winselt, Naomi Watts, Eva Green,Megan Fox and other many actresses. It’s not only indians who don’t find her pretty. She also can’t act. Saw her in the Woody Allen movie and she was absolutey awful to watch. And please give me a actors/actress/singer of any race or ethnicity who doesn’t get called names? You seem obessed with her for no reason. @Ivy:

  • Deezer

    I love Leighton Meester and Hilary Swank, but seriously who the brown chick and what has she done? just jared likes to rag on about nobodies. Please where are the REAL celebs on this site? No more half celebs or partial celebs. Lately we have more info on Jersey Shore and KUWTK and it’s annoying.

  • Kelly

    @Raj Kappor: @Zorasha: this is troll,Ivy or sometimes goes by diffrent names.If you check any post related freida pinto you will see this stupid person is saying exactly the same thing to sniff up freida pinot’s ass by putting down other indian actress who are considered to be beautiful and also aishwariya who is a legend in india .If anybpdy check justjared pinkvila rediff you will see this troll has been identified by many people.This is a very bad example of PR.I am saying this again and agin please stop it.This is an forum and people are open to give their comments and let them do it.

  • Kelly

    I am serious, please stop this! honeslty, whoever this one person is serisouly needs to get thier ass of their chair and do something more worthwhile.Same go with them saying the racist comments, they need to stop it. It doesn’t look good, it looks like they are suffering from bipolar or schizophrenia or OCD.

  • Ivy

    I wish all those people who call Freida ape, maid(?????) dishwasher (??????) slummer, monkey could be exposed. Very curious to see how they look like and what makes people so hateful and nasty like that. Or are they just born like that?

  • kk

    shut up ivy.looser

  • KO Tatasugi

    SJP get called horse.Gieselle buncehn often refers looking like a man,maid.Look how at supermodel lilly colins,most people says she is the most ugly one even ethereal beauty like aishwariya angeiina zeta zones are no stranger in this nasty game.Being a celebrity has its own high and low so I clearly don’t understand whats your point and why do you think only indian finds hate/dont admire her.I am not an indian and I think this freida pinto is so overrated.During my visit to india in 2007 i used to go to multiplex and watch indian movie with a translator friend of mine.Though I dont understand their language only reason i went there was actresses are so freaking sexy and beautiful.Compare to those girl I find freida pure plain Jane.Other indian actresses also get called names I am sure and are indian racist too for calling them name?.I also don’t understand why you are so determine to prove that freida is better then indian actresses?Okay lets put her in competition with hollywood beauties like vergara,Angeina,megan and you know still freida is very very average.Why dont you defend her saying you prefer her over other hollywood actresses because of her delicate beauty symmetrical features and cheekbones?Is it because you don’t wanna piss off western audience with such audacity?Whatever freida has achieved its only because of her exotic ethnic background and the curiosity towards it and not about talent and beauty.If she was not a color women with an oscar movie nobody would look at her twice in Hollywood.You are obsessed with your obsession and seek a physiologist as soon as possible.

  • KO Tatasugi

    My above comment for IVy/whatever name he/she is using over name.

  • KO Tatasugi


    Very curious to see what you look like.Do you have delicate symmetrical features?Do you have high cheekbones?How is your nose?Is it straight?What about your eyes?are those expressive?do you have Hollywood perfect teeth? I hope yours is not a oblong face and must having a defined jawline around it.I really hope so.One thing I hope more is you having a working brain in your head which I am sorry to see missing from your writing.Is that on a strike or you were born like this?

  • Kelly

    @KO Tatasugi: Thank You. This is not right at all. This person writes the same things under diffrent names and is constantly putting down all the indian actresses and saying that freida is more beautiful and more talented than all of them. Pathetic. Many of the indian actresses have high cheekbones and nice eyes ie bipasha basu, aishwarya Rai.WTF is she talking about? What about Hollywood beauties such as Charlize Theron? Penelope Cruz? Liz Taylor? They didn’t have really high cheekbones or strong jawline , and they are considered more beautiful then freida. Same with Natalie Portman or Mila Kunis. I mean this is utterly pathetic and lame, really, enough. I will say again this is a public forum, let people have their comments.

  • Jaggers

    @KO Tatasugi: . It’s only one obessed Freida fan. Go to India Forums, Pinkvilla,DM,JJ,Lipstick Alley,Youtube and you will see that this person writes the same exact way and has many acconts on those websites too. I can’t belive this immature girl/guy has nothing better to do in their spare time and bash a whole group of people over a few commentors who call her maid,dark,etc. How many people have heard of Freida in India? How many people have heard of Freida in the United States too? How many of them really care about Freida and would even give her a second look if they saw her? Not many really.

  • Jaggers

    @ Ivy, You need to stop saying all those “indian are haters, they all hate freida for her dark skin” comments. I also have to ask if you are so beautiful looking? Do you have high cheekbones, nice sculpted face or nice expressive,sexy eyes too? I doubt you look like Adriana Lima or Miranda Kerr so don’t go around calling Aishwarya Rai or any other indian actress ugly. They are not ugly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which you don’t seem to get. You think your views are the only correct ones and veryone else is wrong or a racist for not agreeing with you. You are so immature and stupid it’s too funny.

  • KO Tatasugi

    Yes Thats my point.Although Ivy continuously says inidan hates/don’t appreciate freida because of her skin color I have never seen any commentator saying such a thing.They plainly said she is ugly or sometime call her bad names(maid,summer).What Ivy don’t understand or doesn’t wanna see is it is he/she who is being racist.I myself being half Korean/half Japanese descendents is well aware of the word racist.I have seen people al around the world call us on our features like small eyes,bad teeth,small nose.Hooked nose or small eyes doesn’t necessarily entirely define beauty its about the entire package.If Uma therman penelop cruz can be caled most beautiful with a hooked nose how dare you say an indian actress is ugly only because of that?Ketty perry ana hathway make itb ig is withour a high cheekbone how was it possible if only that was the basic requirement?Oblong face?IVY go Check merilin monro for a change and dare to call her ugly on a public forum I am sure you will get a lesson. I wonder if IVY has enough gray matter or even ever came across multi national culture which he/she claims.Then he/she might knew rasict doesn’t come across calling a particular person ugly or bad name moreover it means putting down a entire nation/race on a exotic common background.I also doubt if this IVY ever heard twitter hate western celeb receiving on a daily basis.SJP was even award ed as the most ugly person.Loren is continuously called as ms. Piggy.I can say more and more however I would like to conclude please don’t try to represent one entire nation when the subject is beauty which lies in beholder eyes.

  • sreya


    IVY i snot immature or stupid.
    This is freida pinot’s non stop PR machine.They choose this nasty way to defend her.Racism is considered a sever crime is western world and playing that card wisely can only secure her from the idea why Indian doesn’t find her pretty.I hope with the release of Priyanka chopra’s international music album india will finally get a young indian who can represent india abroad with dignity unlike this fake talentless white wannabe.

  • mahmoud


    These Indians go around calling Freida ape, slummer, maid, monkey and then when they are called out on that and given a taste of their own medicine they feel so affronted and outraged. Such deeply arrogant and racist people. They can dish it out but can’t take it.

    I have something to on this comment.
    Calling specifically someone maid.slummer,ape,monkey doesn’t mean the commentator is racist.It only mean’s commentator has a bad mouth and targeted person does not match commentator’s idea of beauty.You can call someone racist when that person made a comment as”all the indian are hater’s” “Such small chiness eyes” “Nigar” “All middle eastern are terrorist or muslims are terrorist ” for more read ko’s post.He explained it very nicely.If you hit Google with “Sarah Jessica Parkar horse” you will get 4,870,000 pages coming most of those are from USA..Some of these pages will show you pictures of SJP face with various angle and will compare same angle of a horse face.Are american racist for caling sarah jessica perker face same as horse?And does that speculation stopped her from being one of the richest female celeb in Hollywood with own fashion line? Not really.It shows people can be so mean/obsessed with celeb still it doesn’t matter at the end of the day and talent will receive appreciation.You got it all wrong dear .

  • Jaggers

    @sreya: Well Ivy to me is very stupid and immature. I don’t even think she/he know what the word racist means. Ivy could be charged with hate crimes by calling indian racist,haters, indians are the worst people in the world. Well Ivy is a moron. She is a racist herself. Like what KO said, I have never seen any comments like ” Ohh Freida is soo ugly because of her skin color, we only like fair skinned girls”. How come Ivy never fights with those who say Freida is ugly and that Angelina Jolie,Megan Fox,Charlize Theorn are more beautiful then her? Who here is the true racist here? Look over the comments and the most racist ones I see are Ivys comments.

  • Jaggers

    @mahmoud: SJP is a victim of this harassment and name calling from people. You are also right that it doesn’t stop her from being a top earning celeb and that she is still making movies and money based on talent, which I am sorry to say but Freida Pinto doesn’t have any talent. The girl is like Kristen Stewert in terms of acting and looks. Awful expressions and looks wise she is very average. Nothing special about her apperance.