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Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Candela Couple

Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Candela Couple

Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend Erin Heatherton get cozy while having lunch at Candela Candela on Monday (June 11) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor and Erin, 23, dined at the Cuban Italian restaurant before Leo hopped on his bike to head out.

Last week, the Victoria’s Secret model attended the 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards in a Michael Kors gown a few days after rocking a cheerleading uniform to film Grown Ups 2.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer for Leo‘s upcoming film Django Unchained!

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Photos: WENN
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  • FashionGal

    Wow, Erin certainly knows how to work it for the cameras to get press. Interesting, Gisele, Bar, and Blake never posed for the cameras.

  • ichi

    I like the picture very well with the posses!

  • nicole

    this dating type he has gives him an incredible peter pan quality, and not in a good way.

  • Mimosa

    What’s with that beard?

  • Elle

    Someone give Leona puppy because clearly that’s all he’s looking for

  • Philly

    She looks fantastic in those pink shorts.

  • Philly

    Having said that I think it’s interesting that everyone who posts these pics Lainey, popsugar, mention Django as well.
    Love & Money. Smart move

  • ouch


  • Yessenia

    Who cares about these two boring white folks, they have no flavor I have seen better looking people then these long sticks walking down the street. Way too skinny not good looking at all. :( :(

  • Interesting

    So many new photos of them all of a sudden! For someone as private as Leo it’s definitely unusual! Boy, Erin loves the attention! Leo, she is making an effort here! At least pretend and touch her! After all you are an actor. Pretend some affection in spite of the lack of chemistry!

  • Lori

    Can’t he just adopt a child from a foreign country like the Jolie-Pitts?

  • Elle

    I just don’t see it. What could these two possibly have in common? Leo dating pre-teens really makes me lose respect for him.

  • mm

    and what is leo intention!! just hung out with girls fu** her and leave her ..what’s with this dude I used to like him in titanic but this man seems not serious .. and the girls he date keeps getting younger every time ,, I hate these kind of men ..

  • @Lori

    Ouch but true! The sugar daddy look is not flattering! Time to grow up!

  • gossipgal

    @interesting It brings back the Blake days when they got managed to get pictures of them in remote locations. The pictures were also taken by WENN who everyone knows is on every publicist’s speed dial, when they want a quick photo op. Which also explains the posing.

  • gross

    pedophile..just because you have money and fame doesn’t make it okay.

  • Interesting

    The question is what’s in it for Leo? Honestly this is rather embarrassing. He can date ( incredibly ) young ( looking ) models but he is not getting any younger. Looking at him next to her screams midlife crisis and ‘I have issues’. Is it really the image he is pushing?
    Sorry I know it’s bad but I had to post this link. ( 2nd link ) does he want this tone?

  • Losa

    Why are all of his girlfriends VS models with blond hair and blue eyes? Except Blake Lively but she is the same type too. He is getting older but he chooses always a younger version of his last girlfriend. I think he has to find a down-to-earth woman close to his age or an actress not young chicks who are just posing all the time. The look and a beauty of a woman is an importhant thing but not everything. There are so many actress too who are beautiful and seems nice and have a similar lifestyle. I always thought that he wants a family with a wife and children and not to be the next George Clooney. But maybe I was wrong. But I love you Leo so good luck!

  • Lori

    I think this one will last thru to award season next year. Complete miss calculation with BL last year. This one seems very agreeable.

  • Interesting

    You think this helps him with the award season and campaigning for his roles? This is not a good image for him. Once I read this comment that says that he wants to be seriously as an actor but he does the complete opposite in his private life. That won’t help him winning an Oscar tat he wants so bad!

  • Sunshine

    Leo needs to stop dating girls that are barely post pubescent. No wonder the Academy doesn’t want to recognize him, he comes across as a pervy man boy with Mom issues.

  • Interesting

    *he wants to be taken seriously

  • Lori

    @Lori: now come on. He knows no one is going to believe he’s giving up the party boy lifestyle. But if he is a least in a “relationship” even if it is to a styzied escort, at least it makes him seem like he’s “trying”.

  • doe

    Is he on something? He looks like a dirty old druggie with his ho.

  • Lori

    @Interesting: I don’t think it helps him in the slightest. but I think that his team or he thinks it helps him. slightly better to have one cookie than a whole bag.

  • @Lori


    The cookie for the cameras distracts from the whole bag he’s got stashed.

  • ushm

    He keeps finding Gisele wannabes and doing the same out door stuff they liked to do, weird! deja vu (only without her modeling career)

  • whatt

    wow she is one plain jane! and here I thought Bar was a plain jane. at least she was mildly unique looking. This one looks like every other girl in America!

  • alexis

    So is Leo”s mission in life to date every blonde hair, blue eyed model under 25 ???!! Geez!

  • Vac

    Oh please you girls said the same mean things about Bar and Blake, now the hate has moved onto his new flavor. shows you got the problem, not him or his gf’s get a life.

  • Philly

    I personally don’t believe the academy give a rats ass about Leos private life. If troublemakers, womanisers, single dads – christian bale, jack nicholson/adrien brody, jamie foxx can win awards I doubt the academy cares.
    Leo is in relationships with consenting adults no matter if his minority fans on the internet hate the women – no baby mama drams, no DUIS, no racist ramblings. He’s fine.
    And the Blake pics were not in remote locations Europe, Stevie Wonder concerts, markets are not the reclusive Bahaman desert. But I guess the need for something to bi*ch about means developing a selective memory. How else can you scream PR?

  • Hello

    Ok Leo needs to GROW UP!! stop messing with these little girls and find himself a women his age who has her own career and life so he can marry and have children seriously

  • Interesting

    @25: I bet he has the whole bag on hand full time and he is flaunting the official one in public. Who are we kidding? A leopard won`t change its spots ( for a boring VS model ). You know for someone having `the best PR team in Hollywood` his image as a private person sucks. If Leo doesn`t realize that these photos are rather disturbing you would think his A-list team would…

  • Oh Leo

    You look like hell. Get it together, dude. You’re pushing 40. It’s not cute anymore.

  • @30

    Yep. Then when he moves to the next one its rinse and repeat

  • Barlow

    Erin has short legs for a tall girl, a fat face and no style. She’s morphing into Bar.

  • @35

    His girlfriends are basically the same, his relationships are the same, Leo is the same, his clothes are the same… why would we say anything new? It`s the SAME old SAME old for the past how many years

  • spanishlover

    @Interesting: ”

    i know….is he really private? someone needs to give him an intervention…what would his oma say?

    he needs to grow up …meet a private girl with her own career and independence ( age doesnt have anything to do with her intelligence factor, although it would be helpful if she was older than his “normals”) and start a family.

    when he looks back at his life…all he is look at are his meaningless relationships with blondes who will eventually leave him for a more satisfying and concrete relationship, while he is old and alone!!

    plus all he has now is his mom and dad ( don’t know his relationship with his dad)… leo is his mom’s only son…give her a grand-child in the near future will ya! and make sure its with someone who you can see as the mother of your children!!!!

  • gossipgal

    Does anyone else remember the “psychic” didn’t she predict Leo and Erin would be over by now…guess she wasn’t right after all.

  • Interesting

    @gossipgal: you don’t need a psychic to tell it won’t last. It’s just a question of time!
    At least you would see some chemistry or trace of attraction between them. Or on Leo’s side. Then he wouldn’t have this borderline child molester vibe… And the way she is drooling over him wouldn’t be so uncomfortable to look at.

  • spanishlover


    she said that they would be over by August…as far as i know..its just the beginning of June!!!

  • Lori

    I’m not going to say anything bad about any of the yound girls he dates, same as i don’t say anything bad about the babies celebs put on magazine covers to sell their careers.
    I think he dates a particular type publicly because he can control them, and if he gets them young enough there aren’t too many skeletons in their closets to make his PR team work too hard to cover up. And I do think it’s very telling that he dates very tall skinny fair haired blue eyed’s. Female version of himself really ~ narcisist much?

  • brenda

    What do all these models see in this ugly A$$hole.

  • poop

    @brenda: climbing up the latter…we’d never know who Erin or Bar Rafeali are had they not dated Leo.

  • gossipgal

    @interesting Very Very true!!!!

    @spanishlover oh hahahah thanks!

  • katie

    Love Leo, but he will be doing this when he’s 50. People need to accept that, he is not going to settle down with some 40 year old.

  • Sonia

    That beard kinda freaks me out o_0

  • @katie

    Its not about settling down. Even though he talks about it in interviews I think by now everyone figured out it’s bs and he puts it out there because that’s what people want to hear. Not because he means it. But even if you are an eternal bachelor you have to accept the fact that you are aging and going after barely legal girls will make you look creepy and foolish.

  • Bellabooz

    He’s starting to skeeve me out…

  • theresa

    so, Leo has found another younger girlfriend. why am i not surprised? he’s just one more financially successful man who wants a much younger woman. i see guys like this all over Manhattan. it’s crazy, the more successful the man is the more he wants a someone younger.