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Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Candela Couple

Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Candela Couple

Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend Erin Heatherton get cozy while having lunch at Candela Candela on Monday (June 11) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor and Erin, 23, dined at the Cuban Italian restaurant before Leo hopped on his bike to head out.

Last week, the Victoria’s Secret model attended the 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards in a Michael Kors gown a few days after rocking a cheerleading uniform to film Grown Ups 2.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer for Leo‘s upcoming film Django Unchained!

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305 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Candela Couple”

  1. 1
    FashionGal Says:

    Wow, Erin certainly knows how to work it for the cameras to get press. Interesting, Gisele, Bar, and Blake never posed for the cameras.

  2. 2
    ichi Says:

    I like the picture very well with the posses!

  3. 3
    nicole Says:

    this dating type he has gives him an incredible peter pan quality, and not in a good way.

  4. 4
    Mimosa Says:

    What’s with that beard?

  5. 5
    Elle Says:

    Someone give Leona puppy because clearly that’s all he’s looking for

  6. 6
    Philly Says:

    She looks fantastic in those pink shorts.

  7. 7
    Philly Says:

    Having said that I think it’s interesting that everyone who posts these pics Lainey, popsugar, mention Django as well.
    Love & Money. Smart move

  8. 8
    ouch Says:


  9. 9
    Yessenia Says:

    Who cares about these two boring white folks, they have no flavor I have seen better looking people then these long sticks walking down the street. Way too skinny not good looking at all. :( :(

  10. 10
    Interesting Says:

    So many new photos of them all of a sudden! For someone as private as Leo it’s definitely unusual! Boy, Erin loves the attention! Leo, she is making an effort here! At least pretend and touch her! After all you are an actor. Pretend some affection in spite of the lack of chemistry!

  11. 11
    Lori Says:

    Can’t he just adopt a child from a foreign country like the Jolie-Pitts?

  12. 12
    Elle Says:

    I just don’t see it. What could these two possibly have in common? Leo dating pre-teens really makes me lose respect for him.

  13. 13
    mm Says:

    and what is leo intention!! just hung out with girls fu** her and leave her ..what’s with this dude I used to like him in titanic but this man seems not serious .. and the girls he date keeps getting younger every time ,, I hate these kind of men ..

  14. 14
    @Lori Says:

    Ouch but true! The sugar daddy look is not flattering! Time to grow up!

  15. 15
    gossipgal Says:

    @interesting It brings back the Blake days when they got managed to get pictures of them in remote locations. The pictures were also taken by WENN who everyone knows is on every publicist’s speed dial, when they want a quick photo op. Which also explains the posing.

  16. 16
    gross Says:

    pedophile..just because you have money and fame doesn’t make it okay.

  17. 17
    Interesting Says:

    The question is what’s in it for Leo? Honestly this is rather embarrassing. He can date ( incredibly ) young ( looking ) models but he is not getting any younger. Looking at him next to her screams midlife crisis and ‘I have issues’. Is it really the image he is pushing?
    Sorry I know it’s bad but I had to post this link. ( 2nd link ) does he want this tone?

  18. 18
    Losa Says:

    Why are all of his girlfriends VS models with blond hair and blue eyes? Except Blake Lively but she is the same type too. He is getting older but he chooses always a younger version of his last girlfriend. I think he has to find a down-to-earth woman close to his age or an actress not young chicks who are just posing all the time. The look and a beauty of a woman is an importhant thing but not everything. There are so many actress too who are beautiful and seems nice and have a similar lifestyle. I always thought that he wants a family with a wife and children and not to be the next George Clooney. But maybe I was wrong. But I love you Leo so good luck!

  19. 19
    Lori Says:

    I think this one will last thru to award season next year. Complete miss calculation with BL last year. This one seems very agreeable.

  20. 20
    Interesting Says:

    You think this helps him with the award season and campaigning for his roles? This is not a good image for him. Once I read this comment that says that he wants to be seriously as an actor but he does the complete opposite in his private life. That won’t help him winning an Oscar tat he wants so bad!

  21. 21
    Sunshine Says:

    Leo needs to stop dating girls that are barely post pubescent. No wonder the Academy doesn’t want to recognize him, he comes across as a pervy man boy with Mom issues.

  22. 22
    Interesting Says:

    *he wants to be taken seriously

  23. 23
    Lori Says:

    @Lori: now come on. He knows no one is going to believe he’s giving up the party boy lifestyle. But if he is a least in a “relationship” even if it is to a styzied escort, at least it makes him seem like he’s “trying”.

  24. 24
    doe Says:

    Is he on something? He looks like a dirty old druggie with his ho.

  25. 25
    Lori Says:

    @Interesting: I don’t think it helps him in the slightest. but I think that his team or he thinks it helps him. slightly better to have one cookie than a whole bag.

  26. 26
    @Lori Says:


    The cookie for the cameras distracts from the whole bag he’s got stashed.

  27. 27
    ushm Says:

    He keeps finding Gisele wannabes and doing the same out door stuff they liked to do, weird! deja vu (only without her modeling career)

  28. 28
    whatt Says:

    wow she is one plain jane! and here I thought Bar was a plain jane. at least she was mildly unique looking. This one looks like every other girl in America!

  29. 29
    alexis Says:

    So is Leo”s mission in life to date every blonde hair, blue eyed model under 25 ???!! Geez!

  30. 30
    Vac Says:

    Oh please you girls said the same mean things about Bar and Blake, now the hate has moved onto his new flavor. shows you got the problem, not him or his gf’s get a life.

  31. 31
    Philly Says:

    I personally don’t believe the academy give a rats ass about Leos private life. If troublemakers, womanisers, single dads – christian bale, jack nicholson/adrien brody, jamie foxx can win awards I doubt the academy cares.
    Leo is in relationships with consenting adults no matter if his minority fans on the internet hate the women – no baby mama drams, no DUIS, no racist ramblings. He’s fine.
    And the Blake pics were not in remote locations Europe, Stevie Wonder concerts, markets are not the reclusive Bahaman desert. But I guess the need for something to bi*ch about means developing a selective memory. How else can you scream PR?

  32. 32
    Hello Says:

    Ok Leo needs to GROW UP!! stop messing with these little girls and find himself a women his age who has her own career and life so he can marry and have children seriously

  33. 33
    Interesting Says:

    @25: I bet he has the whole bag on hand full time and he is flaunting the official one in public. Who are we kidding? A leopard won`t change its spots ( for a boring VS model ). You know for someone having `the best PR team in Hollywood` his image as a private person sucks. If Leo doesn`t realize that these photos are rather disturbing you would think his A-list team would…

  34. 34
    Oh Leo Says:

    You look like hell. Get it together, dude. You’re pushing 40. It’s not cute anymore.

  35. 35
    @30 Says:

    Yep. Then when he moves to the next one its rinse and repeat

  36. 36
    Barlow Says:

    Erin has short legs for a tall girl, a fat face and no style. She’s morphing into Bar.

  37. 37
    @35 Says:

    His girlfriends are basically the same, his relationships are the same, Leo is the same, his clothes are the same… why would we say anything new? It`s the SAME old SAME old for the past how many years

  38. 38
    spanishlover Says:

    @Interesting: ”

    i know….is he really private? someone needs to give him an intervention…what would his oma say?

    he needs to grow up …meet a private girl with her own career and independence ( age doesnt have anything to do with her intelligence factor, although it would be helpful if she was older than his “normals”) and start a family.

    when he looks back at his life…all he is look at are his meaningless relationships with blondes who will eventually leave him for a more satisfying and concrete relationship, while he is old and alone!!

    plus all he has now is his mom and dad ( don’t know his relationship with his dad)… leo is his mom’s only son…give her a grand-child in the near future will ya! and make sure its with someone who you can see as the mother of your children!!!!

  39. 39
    gossipgal Says:

    Does anyone else remember the “psychic” didn’t she predict Leo and Erin would be over by now…guess she wasn’t right after all.

  40. 40
    Interesting Says:

    @gossipgal: you don’t need a psychic to tell it won’t last. It’s just a question of time!
    At least you would see some chemistry or trace of attraction between them. Or on Leo’s side. Then he wouldn’t have this borderline child molester vibe… And the way she is drooling over him wouldn’t be so uncomfortable to look at.

  41. 41
    spanishlover Says:


    she said that they would be over by August…as far as i know..its just the beginning of June!!!

  42. 42
    Lori Says:

    I’m not going to say anything bad about any of the yound girls he dates, same as i don’t say anything bad about the babies celebs put on magazine covers to sell their careers.
    I think he dates a particular type publicly because he can control them, and if he gets them young enough there aren’t too many skeletons in their closets to make his PR team work too hard to cover up. And I do think it’s very telling that he dates very tall skinny fair haired blue eyed’s. Female version of himself really ~ narcisist much?

  43. 43
    brenda Says:

    What do all these models see in this ugly A$$hole.

  44. 44
    poop Says:

    @brenda: climbing up the latter…we’d never know who Erin or Bar Rafeali are had they not dated Leo.

  45. 45
    gossipgal Says:

    @interesting Very Very true!!!!

    @spanishlover oh hahahah thanks!

  46. 46
    katie Says:

    Love Leo, but he will be doing this when he’s 50. People need to accept that, he is not going to settle down with some 40 year old.

  47. 47
    Sonia Says:

    That beard kinda freaks me out o_0

  48. 48
    @katie Says:

    Its not about settling down. Even though he talks about it in interviews I think by now everyone figured out it’s bs and he puts it out there because that’s what people want to hear. Not because he means it. But even if you are an eternal bachelor you have to accept the fact that you are aging and going after barely legal girls will make you look creepy and foolish.

  49. 49
    Bellabooz Says:

    He’s starting to skeeve me out…

  50. 50
    theresa Says:

    so, Leo has found another younger girlfriend. why am i not surprised? he’s just one more financially successful man who wants a much younger woman. i see guys like this all over Manhattan. it’s crazy, the more successful the man is the more he wants a someone younger.

  51. 51
    Brazil fan Says:


    I don’t think that model career can be some kind of decent thing, but really this rose pants thing is just an obvious famewhoring thing,very sad

  52. 52
    Yup Says:

    Super rich – check
    career – check
    dates models – check
    et al – check

    He has every mans dream life, get over it. He doesnt care nor know what any anons online say or think about him, LMAO!

  53. 53
    Gisele fan Says:

    He can’t get young and beautiful girl ,he can get only ugly little famewhores!It is not about success at all,lol.He is a looser

  54. 54
    @52 Says:

    … still people can have an opinion and sites like these are there to post them. Also I`m not so sure he doesn`t know what people think about him. Definitely doesn`t care and it shows…

  55. 55
    Gisele fan Says:


    Despite the fact that he is super rich leo and his female things look like cheap whores, not supermodels.Nobody is dreaming about eh,lol.Are u for real?

  56. 56
    Dieter Says:

    JARED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS HAVING A BABY WITH LEO’S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. 57
    @Dieter Says:

    Of course she is! This is her third pregnancy ever since they started dating. Congrats! lol

  58. 58
    Dieter Says:

    Erin is so different that the other blonde girls he had – and please stop comparing Erin with Gisele. Erin actually is a good model while Gisele hat a whole lot of luck !!!

  59. 59
    @Gisele Fan Says:

    You’ve changed your name again Bar Fatbelly freak. Gisele is a mega successful, happily married soon to be mom of two. No actual ‘Gisele fan’ follows Leo’s life or cares who he does.

  60. 60
    spanishlover Says:

    maybe its just wishful thinking on my part…but i just want him to pass on his beautiful genes and that wonderful artistic name!

  61. 61
    ichi Says:

    23 is not too young, get over it, the mayoralty of men always have relationship with women that are younger even my dad was 19 years older than my mother and they lived happy till his dead, I don’t think that the age is the problem , the problem is his attitude, but if he is fine with this life is his problem.

  62. 62
    Interesting Says:

    @spanishlover: True! Or just not be uncomfortable when you see him with his girlfriends! It’s almost like witnessing crime! Or just see him happy and relaxed like he used to be!

  63. 63
    Gisele fan Says:

    @@Gisele Fan:

    lol, my name was Brazil fan ,and after seeing these pics once more I suddenly became Gisele fan. I am not a fan of megasuccesful models at all (and never been) BUT AFTER SEEING THESE PICS I suddenly became a fan of Gisele.

  64. 64
    Adrianafan Says:

    @Dieter: LOL who is comparing Erin and Gisele? but seriously where is Erin’s modeling career? and if (in your words) “Erin is actually a good model” where the F are her Vogue covers,fashion campaigns and ranking on Forbes top models list? LMAO. She is a catalog plain jane American who dates Leo. nothing more. In fact I think Bar even has a bigger modeling career which is pretty bad, LOL!

  65. 65
    vagabond Says:

    I was expecting pics of Leo from the tweets last night,no mention of her.So i guess they arrived & left separately,going by the tweets and JJ here.Wonder where he rode off too after this lunch?
    @Philly: I agree on the academy.

  66. 66
    barbarbar Says:

    Leo + Bar forever!

  67. 67
    barbarbar Says:

    miss leo and bar :( Bar much prettier than this skan*! and is leos true love.

  68. 68
    spanishlover Says:


    please let him find someone who he can be with comfortably, who is out of the spotlight and will give his poor mom a sigh of relief….hope his oma is looking out for him.

    wonder if he would ever date a virgin lol….probably would dump her right on the spot.

  69. 69
    Gisele fan Says:


    normal woman won’t want to be with an artistic name instead of a man

  70. 70
    Nika Says:

    c’mon guys, all of them (except Blake) were supermodels and they don’t have to date Leo for money or whatever. They’d hang out for a while to get some fame and then split but Giselle and Bar stayed with him for a long time so he must have some kind of charm. Supermodels can have rich men anyways and you don’t know him personally so maybe he has a great personality! He certainly has a type and most men would date these beautiful women if they could so be honest about it. Great actor, involved in many charities and likes beautiful women…what a shocker!!!

  71. 71
    Gisele fan Says:


    lol,he is not a supermodel, so his genes are really poor.

  72. 72
    Dieter Says:

    @Adrianafan: Are you retarded or what? Gisele is the most overrated model ever !!! Bar and Erin are the best models ever !!!

  73. 73
    Gisele fan Says:


    the problem is they are not beautiful+dumb.

  74. 74
    @nika Says:

    In which universe was Bar or Erin ‘supermodel’ when they started to date Leo? Even after dating him none of them qualifies as ‘supermodel’! Who are you kidding? Erin’s biggest accomplishment do far is that she made it to the cover of the VS catalog and there are more photos of her than on the previous one. If she ( or Bar ) is a supermodel show us the Vogue covers or the runways they did at fashion weeks!

  75. 75
    Gisele fan Says:


    why NOBODY DATES Bar (and Erin) if according to ur words all wants to date ‘these beautiful women’?

  76. 76
    @Diter Says:

    Retarded? The pot calling the kettle black… Overrated models = Bar, Erin, Kate Upton, Rosie Huntington …

  77. 77
    Elle Says:

    @vagabond well she’s not anything special and no on knows who she is so I’m not surprised they didn’t spot her

  78. 78
    tinkerbell Says:

    I just like to see him smile for once.

    I hate those damn cargo shorts, they are so 1995. But I am getting to like the fur. He looks about 25 there…

    I dont mind them together, its always temporary but he has time on his hands right now so he needs his candy. I just hope, GOD, no Eurotrash yachting photos this summer. He always looks his WORST. I’m guessing through the summer, they seem OK there, but what I am saying is, if my bf made me wait two months he would not be my bf. I would be like, hey, I’m not waiting.

    Speaking of which…no its not always the young girls…Vlad Doronin is with a 40ish chick, at least for the time being.

  79. 79
    LOL Says:

    @Dieter: Pot calling the kettle black when you refer to Erin and Bar as the greatest models ever. wow. I have no words that there is a human being who could even think such a thing. Are you 10? that might explain it. Ever heard of Cindy,Linda,Claudia,Naomi? guess not after that very FALSE statement. Erin is a C list model at best.

  80. 80
    tinkerbell Says:

    Oh, by the way, the pink shorts are just wronnnnngggg with a leather jacket and scarf…..daisy dukes are bad in general, even if you do have nice long leg, and admittedly she does. But the outfit is a fail.

    You dont have to be well dressed all the time, but no pink daisy dukes.

    they also look like they just effed.

  81. 81
    spanishlover Says:

    he is going to miss the boat and wish he hadn’t

  82. 82
    Puffy Says:

    she has a puffy face for such a thin girl. When a skinny girl has a big face thats usually one of the first/biggest tell tale signs she has an ED…just sayin.

  83. 83
    Elle Says:

    Let’s be honest guys, Leo is filming in NY for the summer and Erin lives there. He wants a toy that he can call up when he wants ass and will turn her head when he goes out with the boys to pick up new girls. As soon as Erin left for Turkey for work, if you can call it that, Leo was out in the clubs. He doesn’t care about her he just wants a play thing, and she’s either too dumb to know the difference or she really enjoys the press. She did just sign with a firm that specializes in doing drumming up press for models, in addition to her booking agencies and agents.

  84. 84
    Huh? Says:

    There are fewer models skankier than Bar. A catalogue never was model who’s next stop is surely Playboy

  85. 85
    Lori Says:

    what woman his own age is going to date him now anyway? If he doesnt date teenagers all that’s left is cougars who want to be his mama.

  86. 86
    @elle Says:

    What you say about filming in NYC makes total sense but I thought it was going to go the other way around. He will spend months in the Eden of models so why would he wanna tie himself to the most boring of them all? Think about filming Gatsby or Inception. He was out playing the field big time.
    I also think what you wrote about the new firm makes complete sense. Last week tweets about Leo but nobody cared about even mentioning her. Then one tweet from a fashion blog and sources at the concert. The luckiest paparazzi catching them riding bikes and had the means to follow them. Yesterday lots of tweets only about Leo then a lucky paparazzi found them with her again! And before that nothing for weeks! I bet it’s just luck or coincidence!

  87. 87
    JJ Says:

    not posting mine? Money talks! But where is the journalistic integrity? Maybe my post was too revealing of how wrong post 1 is.

  88. 88
    Magda Says:

    omg — in the last thread people were complaining that Chalize is too old. Now Erin is too young. But, people say he likes women in their 20s. You barfreaks are not going to be content until Leo marries her or she finds someone else. She is not classy enough for Leo.

  89. 89
    @88 Says:

    Let`s complain about the continuous Bar talk instead. Why is it that if someone doesn`t like Leo`s girlfriend ( post Bar ) that person is automatically a `barfreak`? Grow up already and get help for your Bar obsession! Nobody cares about Charlize and nobody cares about Bar. Get it?

  90. 90
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@elle: I thought Wolf was in the fall…but maybe not. But yeah, she’s getting her time in. I cant blame her really.

    If Wolf films downtown I might go and see it….not approach/bother him but I’d like to see him and Scorcese in action. People will watch—downtown is so close they cant close off Wall Street for filming entirely.

  91. 91
    Lori Says:

    Charlize? He should be so F’ing lucky

  92. 92
    @@88 Says:

    Not so fast. People did not like bar. (Now I will be thumbed off), just her paid flack. She seems to be conniving. Wonder why? LOL

  93. 93
    @92 Says:

    Not so fast? When did I say anything different from what you said? My point: not everything is about Bar. Bar freaks are not behind every comment and it would be just wonderful to stop bringing her up over and over again.

  94. 94
    @79 Says:


    VS and high fashion over catalogues and MAXIM? LMAO! _____ is a masturbation muse, Erin models. Big difference. Rolling around on a bed naked, showing her ugly drooping boob….(shaking head) whatever turns _____ on. Weird. I see her career as either “housewives of TA” or Playboy and hosting parties. Very Pamela Anderson!

  95. 95
    special thanks Says:

    Remember Titanic? ..yeah she was 8 :/

  96. 96
    SO Says:

    He looks awful. They look awful together. The pics look staged. They probably are. Wenn is in the photo op business. His women get too much sh it. Erin may be an opportunist and an enabler, but he’s an almost 38 year old man who still acts like a kid and wants a plaything at his disposal.

  97. 97
    i will never understand Says:

    …this couple.

    i hate to say this because i was really thinking it was all PR but look at him smiling. And he’s reaching for her too. What if this is the real deal? I mean look at them. I dont know what to make of it. I’ll never get it.

  98. 98
    @95 Says:

    @special thanks:

    and barf was 12?? How is that different? At that age, they are still children. But sending a 16 year old to live with a man who is 29 years old to get ____ career started? Something tells me mommy and daddy were not in that bedroom to see what happened. Talking about David Charvet. A little hypocritical, non?

  99. 99
    Gross Says:

    @puffy the Daily Mail said she didn’t eat her food, she looks much bigger in her new VS pics, so maybe she’s feeling the pressure. Plus if you see pics of her Mom, you can see she doesn’t have the best genetics.

  100. 100
    Really gross Says:

    Enough of her own ***** pics, you know!Leo is a dirty condo

  101. 101
    What is Wrong Leo? Says:

    In some of these pics, he has a grin that looks almost psychotic, what the hell is going on with this man?

    @94: I totally agree about EH boob, saw the nude pics of her and it seemed that one breast is smaller than the other and they are spaced really far apart from one another. As far as looks go, she is not the prettiest thing in the world with all those freckles, no ass and a really bad nose job.

    Leo is now getting the 2nd tier of models, those that have good careers don’t need, or want, the hassle.

  102. 102
    @97 Says:

    Smile on his face when he is outside alone with his bike? Romantic! Reaching for her? Sorry I don`t see that. From the angle the photos were taken I`m not even sure he is touching her. Sorry but this seems just as staged as the bike ride ones.

  103. 103
    Gross Says:

    @101 she really did have that schnoz carved off, she’s one step away from MJ.

  104. 104
    @Gross Says:

    Typical stupid Leo stan. Why bring her parents looks into it?
    I’m sure Erin’s mom looks better than yours.
    And if you’re from the Bar brigaide, Tzipi could double for Jabba the Hut in all her pics.

  105. 105
    Me Says:

    I don’t care how her mom does look. Look at these pics!!!

    What she can bring to his already disgusting life?Her disgusting experience?Leo, you became not only disgusting but YOU ARE REALLY ILL.

  106. 106
    Me Says:

    Leo is mentally ill and he really needs meds!

  107. 107
    Gross Says:

    @104 why is it the only response Erin Stan’s have is to insult Leo fans and talk s____ about Bar. I didn’t bring Bar into the conversation, and I’m not a Bar fan. I was merely commenting no a previous post, and stating the obvious. I’m entitled to my opinion.

  108. 108
    ugh Says:

    He sure has a taste for low class, tacky and trashy!

  109. 109
    hate to say this Says:

    But I dont think these are staged. Leo clearly likes to rob the cradle. Gross

  110. 110
    @Me Says:

    You are the disgusting freak if you are actually scouring the internt looking for old Erin pictures due your own sick agenda

  111. 111
    Gross Says:

    Erin’s Mom is to the Left.,0,

  112. 112
    ugh Says:

    I also don`t think they are staged but I do think the paps were called. I mean not staged that they went out only to be seen but they were up for being photographed while doing their little dinner thing. The bike ride seemed staged just like the previous walking in the parks ones. Leo is doing his part of the deal for sure exposing his private life for publicity.

  113. 113
    Gross Says:

    ***scratch that she is on the right in the picture

  114. 114
    Me Says:

    eh is pretty young for old pictures

  115. 115
    Abby Says:

    Aw c’mon. Everyone knows “the unmentionable” is a mediahore. I have not seen Erin do the level of posing by Erin. Leo obviously did’nt mind. He looks happy here. Some proof about the unmentionable posing?
    Links don’t work on this one, so I’ll tell you where to find the pics.
    1) (Just Jared Jan 1, 2010) “Leonardo Dicaprio and Bar Refaeli: together again” — awkward
    2) (Just jared Aug 9, 2010) “Leonardo Dicaprio and Bar Refaeli:Nightclubbing with Naomi Campbell” – People were saying how obvious Bar was looking right into the camera while close to Leo. Sending a message?
    3) (X17 Feb 13, 2011) “Leonardo Dicaprio scoots through Beverly Hills with Bar Refaeli” – People were complaining how Leo obviously wanted privacy, but she refused to wear the visor and wore sun glasses instead. A good girlfriend would have respected his privacy while driving.
    4) (Zimbio) “Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Lakers, Game 5” Look at pics 4 and 5. — I do remember one Leo’s friends complaining how often she looks right at the cameras during the game.
    I can go on….but you get the point?

  116. 116
    ugh Says:

    Get over Bar already! You are f*cking annoying with this never ending whining and yapping about Bar. Take your proof some other place where someone gives a damn about it. Enough already! Don`t you get it? This has nothing to do with Bar and nobody cares about your old comments! Get over it already and stop ruining these threads!
    Leo has the same girlfriends who are the same inside and out. ALL want fame and all play this media game differently. This one waited quietly for this NYC time to come and Leo does his part of the deal giving it to her. Big deal!
    And yeah, we get the point! You are obsessed with Bar and yet you keeps saying you hate her! Staring at the cameras? Like Erin smilies while being photographed around him or posting tweet photos with his friends and family? Of course it`s so much better, right?

  117. 117
    Me Says:


    Those pics are already everywhere,idiot
    There is no need to find them. And there is no need to accept the fact that this famewhore is using him for her sick needs!

  118. 118
    Abby again Says:

    Sorry – my last post should have read:

    I have not seen Erin do the level of posing by BAR…………………………..

  119. 119
    Abby again, again Says:

    Just responding to post number 1. But, thanks for validating my pov as proof. This is still a public board, right? Or, has JJ evolved into something that really only PR, reps, and the celebs are only allowed to post on? Can you clarify?

  120. 120
    Me Says:

    Eh is a user, she doesn’t care that she damages his life by her presence. She is not that dumb, she understands that leo is ill and she can use it!

  121. 121
    @`120 Says:

    If Leo IS really ill, you should not be posting that information. Privacy ACT. I think Leo is probably just fine. He is someone who gets pulled into every direction by vested interests, some are grls (EX?). Give the man a break. He works hard. Just because YOU or BAR might be spewing pop-psychology without a graduate degree. I doubt Erin would stoop to such levels. There is a difference b/t support and using pop psychology to try and “cousel” someone with alternative intentions.

  122. 122
    Me Says:

    There is a special place for mentally ill people, like leo and probably YOU. The question is why HE is still here not there?

  123. 123
    Me Says:

    Probably now we can see the process of decomposition of his personality.Is it reversible?I doubt. He needs, NOT prof. (fame) ***** (his pr-team) – it is obvious without a graduate degree.

  124. 124
    Sick of dumb leo pr Says:


    Because his greedy pr (#121) prefers to be blind,his parents don’t care,his fans are tired. Only famewhores and his agents are working without a break

  125. 125
    Sick of dumb leo pr Says:


    where is kate winslet to support her ‘sick’ friend?

  126. 126
    Patricia Says:

    Can someone explain to me why I don’t buy this couple…not at all???????? Is it just me???? I need help or something???

    PPPRRR alert and Erin’s sarcastic face,exactly the same of the other day (the bike ride) o.O

  127. 127
    brenda Says:

    Just a matter of -short- time till he says, NEXT =/

  128. 128
    @124 Says:

    @Sick of dumb leo pr:

    His PARENTS do not care? Are you on drugs?
    His fans are bored? Yeah, that is why he is one of the most well-respected actors of our era? That is why you are here posting? That is why the grls, even EX, and their families are fighting over him, even though he is SICK (sarc). Yeah, for this board, that just about makes sense. Crazy.

  129. 129
    Lori Says:

    What makes ppl think that he is ill?

  130. 130
    kris Says:

    lol at anyone saying that they don’t care. There wouldn’t be 100+ comments on every single leo post if you guys didn’t care. You people care a lot.

  131. 131
    Why don't you... Says:

    just disappear Erin Borington???You’re a pain in the ass!

  132. 132
    tinkerbell Says:

    Google Amanda Beard who costars in Wolf. This should give EH some pause….but they do sort of look cute here. At least affectionate rather than stuck in codependent misery.

  133. 133
    Dana Says:

    @Patricia No you are not alone… it’s really weird. We got new bike riding pics right after ppl asumed that they split (with Erin in high heels and with a huge bag, how uncomfortable)…and now we have pda pics right after ppl complained about no chemistry between them (which I still don’t see). Leo is not hiding even grining at the paps. The restaurant has no other guests as far I can see. Do they have anything to drink or eat? I would say no, looking at the way both leaning over the table. Yeah maybe the Paps caught them by the end of their lunch but I still think these pic look so staged.

  134. 134
    tinkerbell Says:

    amber heard, sorry. she is gorg, or pretty close. Totally his type…tall, blonde, former model.

    Amanda beard is a mannish olympian, amanda bynes some chubby cheek teenager….easy to mix up

  135. 135
    idiot tink Says:

    Not buying it… Not buying what Leo is selling.

  136. 136
    brazil wolf Says:

    Amber could be the good wolf of wall street wife, but leo looks like trashy cheap drug-dealer not wolf belfort you know.

  137. 137
    brazil wolf Says:

    Leo is a miscast for wolf,@@124:

    they probably are fighting not for him – they are fighting for fun.

  138. 138
    brazil wolf/fan of Brazil Says:

    who is the author of this relationships for ‘well-respected actor of our era’?
    Leo P team needs another job.I am sure They can clean the toilets in Macdonalds or do something really useful for people!

  139. 139
    Next Says:

    He clearly gets on very well with this hore… Blah…

  140. 140
    barfreaks Says:

    WOW! It is amazing what Leo and Erin’s picture up on the banner overnight will do to the thumbs! Tel Aviv reps must have been busy while we were sleeping? Leo, is this any way to have your gf treated? It’s like they are bullying her. Gotta show her equal support and stand up for her!

  141. 141
    @Dana Says:

    Well said. All of a sudden so much publicity and no matter what all their photos scream staged. The first ones in Sydney ( empty park ), the ones in LA ( also an empty park arriving and leaving separately ), the NYC bike ride when a lucky pap can follow them riding around taking clear shots and no attempt from Leo to hide and then this… I saw tweets about this dining experience. Actually it was a dinner since the tweets were posted in the evening and said they were having dinner when Leo arrived on his bike ( not with her ). People were sitting outside but it`s a good point that it seems it`s empty inside… And Erin`s face on these photos is exactly the same as on the biking photos.
    Last night he went to see a Broadway play. As usual no mention of her and I`m shocked there are no paparazzi photos …. yet. Maybe he got a break from public appearances.

  142. 142
    also Says:

    For six months you couldn`t see any affection or chemistry between these two. Because there is none. That`s why it`s awkward to see these photos now because if something is missing you can pretend that it`s there. Also they were pretty quiet after the initial photo ops and again all of a sudden they are all over the place.

  143. 143
    cicci Says:

    Cuban-Italian Restaurant???And what TH is this???OMG…Americans have no clue on what the real good food means..

  144. 144
    Message Says:

    These pictures are super awkward. Leo not hiding at all from the paps is the biggest indicator that this is a show for the photographers. No one else in the restaurant? Them arriving seperately, prancing around for the paps a bit, then leaving seperately? It all adds up to staged photos. And, like a PP said (@also), you can’t fake chemistry.

    I don’t know what Leo is getting out of all these photo ops with her, but whatever…

  145. 145
    also Says:

    Maybe this is his end of the deal? Giving her publicity and boosting her career and in return he gets the kind of ‘girlfriend’ he wants. I guess I don’t have to elaborate on that… All their together photos are there without Leo hiding. Without chemistry. No hiding=publicity.

  146. 146
    @144 Says:


    i agree. Still the Bar presence is unmistakable. wonder what that means? Guesses anyone?

  147. 147
    Zileuton Says:

    ugggghhhhhhh! i’m so sick of watching leo and his blonde 20-something girlfriends!! is he in a state of limbo or what?? or the alarm clocks starts to ring when his girlfriends enter the 25 age radar, because that’s when you know he’ll call it quits and start his hunt again! or may be that’s just side buisness to launch and kickstart th careers of average models so that they become supermodels and make their jewish parents proud!! awww! how freakin’ sweet! but nauseating to watch now!OR HIS NEW 20 SOMETHINGS ARE HIS BOTOX AFTER EVERY FEW YEARS OF DATING! SO MANY THEORIES, NONE OF THEM IS INTERESTING JUST LIKE HIS LOVE LIFE!

  148. 148
    @Dana Says:

    I was thinking that same thing … Where are the other pics with them actually eating or drinking?? Only captured 3 pix??? arriving, holding his face and leaving??? or they just went to make a show for the paps???

  149. 149
    Leonardo DiCaprio Says:

    Have a nice day LOL!

  150. 150
    also Says:

    @146: Any guesses? Let`s see… you might be just a little too obsessed with Bar and you refuse to get help. Just a guess…

  151. 151
    ali Says:

    stunning beauiful model !!!
    they look great together .

  152. 152
    martine Says:

    At least they actually look happy and show affection, unlike Ryan and Eva.

  153. 153
    @kris Says:

    Leo D has the craziest set of fans outside of Robsten.

    Notice I did not say he had more, just there is a band of them that are truly as crazy.

    Who the hell takes the time to study and analyse each and every pic of him with his girlfriends to then ***** about them?
    If not someone sick and lonely?

  154. 154
    blech Says:

    if that is what erin’s mom looks like – wow she isn’t going to be attractive when she’s older. she is really boring…nothing interesting about her. are there anymore psychics to say anything? this is getting so boring! lol

  155. 155
    @blech Says:

    Erin’s mum is still better looking than your mum ever will be.
    Her future unattractiveness will hopefully not reflect the current ugliness of your own soul
    Go back to the voodoo thread and keep fantasising about a life without ‘boring Erin’ for a man who does not give a twat about you.

  156. 156
    @153&155 Says:

    So why are you here? You actually NEVER say anything about Leo. It`s all about the posters and comments here. What do you care so much? Why are you wasting time reading something you so obviously don`t like? Let others be and post whatever they want.

  157. 157
    Leonardo Says:


    Look at heatherton naked collection, if you are bored by her sick mother.

  158. 158
    sayuri Says:

    He´s AMAZING!

  159. 159
    @153&155 Says:

    Some people spend time looking at photos of him with his girlfriends and some spend time reading threads and comments that are so below her. Some people do nothing but picking on comments on a thread that`s filled with the `craziest` fans. But I assume that`s better, right?

  160. 160
    Leonardo DiCaprio(Brazil) Says:

    I dont give a twat about my famewhore erin, her current unattractiveness and empty head make me fell better.I feel like I am a king, when the famewhores give me the attention which I can’t get from decent women.

  161. 161
    Patricia Says:

    @Dana: Damn!Get your ass out of my mind LOL
    Exactly what I think…no more,no less!!!

  162. 162
    KissThis Says:

    who really cares? in a few months it will be over. Leo is horrible with relationships. He’s almost like a lost little boy, he likes to play with new shiney, pretty things, and then tosses them away.

  163. 163
    Lori Says:

    @tinkerbell: Amanda Heard is gay ~ so Leo’s got no chance with her.

  164. 164
    also Says:

    Also I don’t think Amber Heard is confirmed for that role. People are guessing only who would be a good choice to play his wife in the movie but I don’t think anyone is confirmed for that role.

  165. 165
    Leonardo DiCaprio(Brazil) Says:

    Erin wants to be confirmed for that role. She truly believes she is as beautiful as Nadine. She thinks she can be a great actress. I really like she can’t understant that she is ugly, dumb and untalented.

  166. 166
    hey Says:

    it’s getting old, leo has proven how immature he is in needing young girlfriends, how about committing to a real relationship, eh? leo is just in it for s-e-x

  167. 167
    @166 Says:


    He’s for the sex and their are for the name… and that’s, but none of them seems interested, committed or much less in love.

  168. 168
    psychic here Says:

    They will break up this year that’s for sure. I don’t know when this year but it will be this year. I also see someone new coming into Leo’s life. She is not a model. That will also happen this year. Leo does a complete turn around. Takes many by surprise with this person.

  169. 169
    @psychic here Says:

    @psychic here: Will Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes break up as well? Or is he with her forever?

  170. 170
    Zileuton Says:

    they see the name “LEONARDO DICAPRIO”, and then the idea of being launched as the next gisele or bar. I don’t think gisele and bar would’ve been as successful as they are now if they hadn’t dated leo!!! ten years later, leo will only be reminiscing over how he made those skinny, blue eyed 20-somethings supermodels, while on a date with a 21 year-old VS model:P

  171. 171
    Finally a psychic Says:

    Miss seeing those posts! lol

  172. 172
    Leonardo DiCaprio(Brazil) Says:


    I can propose not only my already ‘dirty’ name. I have so called unique qualities inside me.

  173. 173
    LOL Says:

    The ‘psychic’ and the ‘soulmate’ are my fav LOL

  174. 174
    Lori Says:

    OK, finally got a look at the bicycling pics from a few days back. Nothing romantic about those…….Dudes’ mom was along for it.

  175. 175
    @138 Says:

    @brazil wolf/fan of Brazil:


    Sorry….I think a requisite for Leo PR is that you also have to also be team bar….that is probably not me. i am AWESOME at press conferences and media relations, so there. i am also a Gi fan, so there – THERE.

  176. 176
    Back atcha Mr. DiCaprio Says:

    @Leonardo DiCaprio:

    Look! Leonardo Dicaprio said “Hi!” to a blogger (LOL – 79), who basically insulted his “official” girlfriend with a C list grade. Hmmm. Weird, non? Do you think it was the man, himself, posting?

    Good gracious.

  177. 177
    see it to believe it- Says:

    i like your prediction (psychic) but i honestly don’t believe it! they’ve been saying that for a few years and he just keeps getting the same clone women to hang with – same age – same hair color – same bland robotic type. i just can’t see him ever changing his ways. that would be amazing but i just don’t see it. lol

  178. 178
    @177 Says:

    True! I do believe the first part about the break up but going after a non-model? Now that would be a HUGE surprise! Hard to believe it at this point with his history of interchangeable women / relationships.

  179. 179
    @150 Says:


    There is a big difference between obsession with a person and just wanting to know the truth about a possible PR “issue” or situation. I am fascinated by what people will say and do to present a specific image or gain acceptance for an eventual inevitability. I am also fascinated with the politics of rhetoric and what “upsets the heard”. You could literally do a doctorate on this subculture. Professional interest and some respect, with the truth. A person becomes weary of the games. Dig?

  180. 180
    also Says:

    No, I see obsession. You just won`t let it go. If you are interested in her PR go and `dig` her threads. People who have NOTHING to do with her PR team are accused all the time to be `barfreaks`, Bar, her mom, her friends, her whoever all the time. People won`t shut up about her even though she is irrelevant on these threads. Yet we just have to read the PR cr*p over and over again. Take your blahblah to her threads and be fascinated by this whole Bar-phenomena there. Here it read obsession. Dig?

  181. 181
    @181 Says:


    Well, either you’re paranoid, or how about I just give your the benefit of the doubt and say, you don’t know me.

    Bar, herself, does NOT really interest me; I was shocked to read and discover some of the things she has said and did, but that is it. It IS, in fact, truth that interests me. But, things (key messages v.s. behaviour) are not adding up. People here have noticed that with the “alleged” unstaged photo pics on this string.

    Ok – I can back off for awhile. Will have fun reading and making predictions for my friends, while things unfold.

    To the azzholes who think Leo doesn’t have a supportive family, you guys have some nerve considering all the proof to the contrary. Shame.

  182. 182
    tink Says:

    @psychic here: would love it to be true but we’ve been disappointed so many times….I’m inclined to give that which cant be proven a little possibility, I do believe in the power of intuition…and mine has been telling me/hoping you are right, but I dont know. I think we are stuck with her all summer through wolf. ack.

  183. 183
    Agh - false start - TO: 180 Says:


    Correction and Question:

    My post at 181 was for blogger 180….

    Are you saying “barfreaks” is defined as Bar’s management team, but do not include Bar, her mother, Sonia, Adira, Leo, and her friends? One answer will do: yes or no? Your opinion?

  184. 184
    @176 Says:

    I don’t think that it was the man because he probably has better things to do than listen to the opinions of his fans. People like Leo are used to having smoke blown up their a$$es on a regular basis.

    If it is Leo, don’t get offended, just take the useful advice and leave the rest. No use in trying to argue with people who are bat**** crazy.

  185. 185
    Tigerseye Says:

    I agree 179, it was a sordid experiment for me at first to tread these posts, but then i met some really great people that i found a common bond, thats whats kept me here :) it was the social subculture that fascinated me too, not leo really to be honest. i find the self control to hold my tongue an impossible task when i see stupid human behaviour thats projected towards us from tabloids and relevent real news too, you could write a thesis, couldnt you, someone seriously do it!

  186. 186
    NY Post Says:

    has an article about the ‘lovebirds’ watching a play on Broadway and having dinner. No PDA but this time it was explained in great details what they ate. Once it’s pointed out that there’s no affection you get these photos. People noticed that there was no food and next time you get that info. Or is it just me?

  187. 187
    pattern Says:

    If there are tweets only about Leo you bet the next day there`s gonna be some info in the media to make sure everyone knows Borington was there as well… I`m shocked they managed to go out and we don`t have pictures.

  188. 188
    nm Says:

    she looks just like bar

  189. 189
    trish Says:

    If Leo doesn’t want to be photographed while out with his girl he won’t be photographed. Baby Leo is not handling well that his exes are moving on. Bar has a new boyfriend, Lively is happy with Reynolds and most importantly Gisele is pregnant again. And what does Leo have? Not much!

  190. 190
    Leonardo DiCaprio(Brazil) Says:

    I would say I have nothing. Especialy after Hoover box office+my possible future failures. So now we discuss with Erin if we can sell her own pictures to the Metropolitan Museum or Louvre. Erin thinks it’s a good idea, because now when she is with me her price is on the highest position and we can earn some money for our next dinner.

  191. 191
    Naah Says:

    I believe Leo cared about Giseles and Blake info thus the pics and titbits ferom the staged park pics in Australia (after the Blake and Ryan staged . But he dumped Bar over a year ago. She is still single, Shaun White is one of her many flings along with G Pique and David Fisher. If Leo really wanted Bar as her fans insist, he just needs to snap his fingers and she will be there faster than you can say ‘Green Card’.

  192. 192
    My view Says:

    Its interesting that exactly a week after the NY Daily News carried info about Blake and Ryan hanging out with her parents we get biking pics WITH Leo’s mom and clear as shot lovey dovey restaurant pics.
    Same as Utah – Sydney
    Then : Griffith Park – E Exclusive on great Erin & Leo love with MOMS approval
    “Message, where you at girl? You called it”.
    This is going to continue over filming Wolf I bet.

  193. 193
    Another whore for DiCaprio Says:

    I agree. After Eh the Nipples there is 2 way for him:move to another ***** or stay with the current.

  194. 194
    Another whore for DiCaprio Says:

    DiCaprio and NOT A ***** – that’s just impossible to imagine.

  195. 195
    trish Says:

    I don`t know how much it is about Bar but her new boyfriend or fling was reported just before the bike photos. It`s more like Gisele ( 2nd pregnancy ) and Lively indeed. This just proves furthermore how juvenile and immature he is. He was dumped by those two and he can`t get over it. He can`t keep women like Gisele and Lively and acts like a child when they are gone. He goes to the young and dumb ones who are clearly used by him and stages photo ops. He should make an effort to try to be a decent boyfriend instead of playing with his toys in public.

  196. 196
    Leonardo DiCaprio(Brazil) Says:

    I like them dirty.I like them dumb and disgusting.I like their dirty pants, nipples, amoral pictures, I like how my current famewhore thinks she is a wonderful princess because she has a contract with famous agency.Yes,I like the whores.

  197. 197
    Leonardo DiCaprio(Brazil) Says:

    Maybe it’s a surprise for you, but I’m still not having a sex with dirty Erin. She proposed me her professional vs-angelic minet instead of a dinner, I threw up, and as a result you see the current fotoset.Then she tried to make me happy on Broadway show, so I even asked my coach to be with us.

  198. 198
    Absolutley...... Says:

    I agree with 2 of you. I don’t know why people believe he’s still hung up on Bar. For one thing the only way to know what she is up to is via Twitter or internet she’s hardly in the mags with her love life. Secondly he dumped her over a year ago and could have wooed her back anytime since last October if he wanted to, he could have used any of his pals as an intermediary. And we know during their relaysh she NEVER stopped talking about having and raisng kids in LA as been her dream. He’s long over her IMO.

  199. 199
    Erin Says:

    @Leonardo DiCaprio(Brazil):

    Good morning,Leo.I just want to say that your dinner with me reminds me ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ with Odrey Hepburn.

  200. 200
    trish Says:

    Whatever you think of Bar Leo dated her for 5 years. Without analyzing their relationship or what you think of her she has to be mentioned. She was part of his life for a long time and I’m not sure but I think she left him for messing around with Lively! Please, Bar haters, let’s not turn this into an argument. This is only my opinion and I don’t want to convince anyone to agree with me. Last year the Lively photos could have been a way to rub it into her face. This year she tops that Maxim list regardless how ridiculous it is. Erin didn’t even make the list, Bar was referred to as Leo’s ex everywhere and then the Shaun White thing came before the NYC photos. My money is on Gisele’s pregnancy ( 1st ) and then the Lively thing ( 2nd ).

  201. 201
    @Erin Says:

    LOL, you wish!

  202. 202
    Absolutley...... Says:

    No arguement but I disagree.
    She was part of his life for 5 years but it was an on/off deal and he cheated on her constantly. The last time they got together it was not monogamous on his part. Hardly a stable love affair.
    I dont think the Lively photos had anything to do with her and more of Leo trying to control the message that he and Blake (a famous American) were dating for the US markets
    She topped the Maxim list but his exes were also on it and I’m sure Leo has run through half the women on that list and SI too, so for him its probably ‘been there, done that’
    The Shaun White/Bar thing was covered 3 weeks ago and there was peep from Leo same as when she was with David Fisher. Even now SW is only getting traction on the net and not the celeb mags
    No arguements here at all by the way its all good. I think its more to do with Gisele & Lively who I believe both genuinely hurt him.

  203. 203
    trish Says:

    Lol, name one girlfriend he hasn’t cheated on!

  204. 204
    Absolutley...... Says:

    The diff is with Gisele and Blake did not tolerate the cheating. Bar did.
    Gisele dumped him in 2002 and admitted she could not handle his womanising. He won her back in 2003 but it was touch and go.
    He was starting to cheat on Blake in Australia and she left. If recent Aussie tabloids are to be believed that hurt him so much he fell out with Baz Lurhman (which Baz did not deny)
    Bar seems to me to be the only one who legit signed up for an open relationship where his posse told People/US in 2009 quote – ‘he has problems with fidelity, they are not monogamous but she can’t get over him’. Seems to me she was OK with the cheating as long as she was the public girlfriend. An ideal situation for any man and if Leo wanted he would have stuck to it like Kobe & Vanessa Bryant.

  205. 205
    psychic here Says:

    Leo and Erin started dating in December. They will be over before December of this year. They won’t make it to one year. Lots of times you see pictures coming out with couples where they look “happy” and then you hear of a break up soon after. She won’t last through Wolf. They are going to break up this year is all I can say. And yes he’s going to date someone that’s not a model. But I’m with you guys. I don’t see how he is going to just switch like that after all these years but that IS WHAT I SEE…EVERYTIME. I can’t put my doubts into what I see and I see him ending up with a non model. Stranger things have happened in this world. It is not impossible. How many times have people ended up marrying someone that wasn’t their “type.” Now this new girl that he will be dating will be the one. He’s going to move very fast with her, meaning don’t be surprise if you see them getting married pretty quickly. When you know its real you don’t have to wait. I’m sure some will like her and some won’t, but I think in general most people will like her. Leo won’t be afraid to show his goofy side when he’s with her. He will return to the “old Leo,” that so many on here are dying to see. That’s that… Erin and Leo won’t last but you don’t need a “psychic” to tell you that. It is plain as day. At least you don’t have to sit through five years of this. It will be over this year. And yes, she won’t last through Wolf. It will be over before Wolf ends.

  206. 206
    Leonardo DiCaprio(Brazil) Says:

    @psychic here:

    I am not going to date someone who is not a model, because only models want to date me.Think someone special wants to date me?Not a model?

  207. 207
    Lori Says:

    @psychic here: be nice if you’re right! we’ll have to wait and see. What’s your take on Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes? They are also a Scorpio/Pisces pair.

  208. 208
    LOL Says:

    I just read the article in the ny post: The actor and the model noshed on the La Scala salad, a pasta dish and a side of spinach…

    hmmmm???? They only miss just specify the color of plates and how many sips of water they drank… LOL
    Tried to be so convincing in that, that actually they forgot the part of ‘They’re going strong! Oops!

  209. 209
    Bellazon Lobotomy Says:


    We think Erin and Leo are amazing!The best scorpio/pisces pair ever!

  210. 210
    Geez Says:

    I really wish we could have a dart round for these ‘psychics’, they’ve been wrong so many times. Didn’t one also swear Great Gatsby will never finish filming and Leo would run back to the US or something?
    Ah well.

  211. 211
    MB Says:

    @psychic here:
    Hi there. We will see I guess. The problem is that he usually replaces one of these girls with a younger carbon copy. Leo’s a real talent I think and I like him but he has disappointing taste in women. His friend Kate is the same. A talented actress who seems really nice but she too seems to have odd romantic taste. Don’t even get me started on a man who thinks it’s cool to change your name to Ned Rocknroll. He’s another one who seems to love the media attention. I wish Leo and Kate would work together again. It works well and might distract them from some of their often disappointing personal choices.

  212. 212
    to Psychic Says:

    @psychic here
    Do you only feel celebrities? Do you do any kind of psychic job?
    We love you here!

  213. 213
    Bellazon Lobotomy Says:

    We just saw Erin art pictures,

    and we think Erin could be the best match for Leo. She is beautiful and their kids could be the most beautiful kids ever. Hope Leo finally found his future wife. Erin is the best.

  214. 214
    @214 Says:

    Those pictures are so profoundly disturbing, especially the one with her A$$ in the air like she’s a baby. What the hell is she saying, that she’s into pedophiles, I guess that explains Leo.

    The whole shoot is just so very trashy and makes her look like a *****, I’m not saying that she is one but that is what those pics look like.

  215. 215
    From Brazil Says:

    Erin Butterton, why do you finally ruin his already disturbing image and life by your presence?Or his shallow PR team wish to see his life going down?

  216. 216
    LOL Says:

    @Bellazon Lobotomy: Any astrological prediction works when the guy in question can’t his ***** out of any model that he meets.

  217. 217
    Leonardo DiCaprio(Brazil) Says:


    Think I really can’t?

  218. 218
    Lori Says:

    I am very curious about these scorpio/pisces pairings. really. there’s these 2 and Ryan and Eva and also Liz Taylor/Richard Burton. The last 2 married twice FFS ~ no telling why

  219. 219
    trish Says:

    Astrology! LOL! Sorry but that’s something I absolutely don’t believe in! I’m nothing like I’m supposed to be according to my sign!!!!! When there’s nothing else, no chemistry, no affection, no connection all you have lest is … astrology! Sure!

  220. 220
    FUGLY X 2 Says:

    I can’t get over how fugly she is. A big square lantern jaw, chipmunk cheeks and half asleep bug eyes make a model these days? She’s not pretty or cute. He’s losing his hair, his face is bloated and the pointy beard looks stupid. What a gruesome twosome.

  221. 221
    Cancer on Pisces butt Says:


    Comparing Liz Taylor and Eva to Butterton?Mad deal!

  222. 222
    @220 Says:

    Totally agree, I’m not trying to be mean here but I really don’t see why they like her as a model. She has no butt and as someone else stated she looks like a freckled giraffe.

  223. 223
    Anonymous Says:

    Out of thousands of restaurants in NYC the paps found them on their own?? Totally.Staged.Photo.

  224. 224
    From Brazil Says:

    Unfortunately, the most disturbing thing is not about her looks.

  225. 225
    Well Says:

    … if you have followed Leo’s news and sightings lately, you have noticed for sure that for a period of 2 months, no pictures, no appearances of the two have occured in the gossip columns. None. So like he does with all his model girlfriends, he decided to call her as he knows she will run to him. Same pattern with one girlfriend after the other.

  226. 226
    Carla Says:

    The girl looks like a desperate puppy in needs for attention.

  227. 227
    spanishlover Says:

    Leo is a Scorpio with a moon in libra and a venus in scorpio….

    he always has a need of being in a relationship, yet he has control issues and thats why he is always with these young women. he needs to learn the art of COMPROMISE!!!

    With Venus in Scorpio your needs in love and in your intimate relationships (Venus) are intensity, depth, catharsis, power, personal growth, and transformation (Scorpio), but you have difficulty being an equal or sharing power with intimates. You know how you to use your intense relationships to further your own ends and to get what you want. Thus you may frequently change and refine your relationships, but also discard them when they no longer serve your purpose. You love to get deep under the surface of things and explore the mysterious and the unknown. You can be manipulative, but mask your selfishness with an outwardly friendly manner. Your love life, and intimate relationships are often an arena in which power, control and manipulation are played out. Your karma in this life is tied with self-will and love. In general, your personal values and your conception of love need to evolve and be transformed.You’re extremely magnetic to the opposite sex and very passionate, yet may be inhibited as well. If true, don’t you be taken in by your intense sexuality: this persona may be covering up unconscious elements in your psyche you have yet to deal with. You feel a need to control your intimate partners, and have difficulty relating to them on an equal level. When someone gets close to you, you can become fearful of compromise and cooperation because they entail an element of letting go of the control with which you feel you need to protect yourself. Therapy, particularly a body-oriented kind, would be ideal to help you become more conscious of these childhood patterns. Once aware and independent of them, your self-work can release you to be a guiding light to others.

  228. 228
    katchitup Says:
    Love the picture…. so cute, so artistic! Love loves his models, doesn’t he? Especially this one! So dignified and classy. WOW, aren’t you impressed guys, to know that some women doe this type of work to earn money? I am!

  229. 229
    Lori Says:

    @trish: I don’t know if I believe any of it either Trish….but all that’s on here is speculation anyways! LOL

  230. 230
    @228 Says:

    the hell Leda have you not recovered from your obsession with the Bellazon peeps and you have to keep co -opting their names?
    Barilace? Katchitup? et al BeckyDD in between cussing non stop at his girlfriend of the moment. LEO WILL NEVER BE YOURS f**face
    Damn I miss Tinkerbell, her brand of crazy was not as sinister as yours whatevvaa. And yep its a free forum to write what you want ,and guess what so can f**k**g I phsycho bee yotch. I hope Leo’s lifestlye choices eventually inspire you to top youself. Good times.

  231. 231
    Lori Says:

    @katchitup: yes that is very disturbing isn’t it though?
    @spanishlover: I’m married to a Scoprio myself….and so much of that is true of him

  232. 232
    @katchitup Says:

    Love it indeed…. don’t forget her appearance in the next Sandler movie where she will deliver an amazing performance of someone between a porn star and a pole dancer wearing a cheerleader outfit over her padded pushup bra! It will be pure art, my friend.

  233. 233
    @232 Says:

    Not to mention that in that scene you can see her panties, does the artistry never cease!!!!????

  234. 234
    @233 Says:

    Art with a capital A

  235. 235
    spanishlover Says:


    i know what you mean….i am a scorpio too. november 14th!!!

  236. 236
    @228 Says:

    Didn’t she invite a guy to give him a bath with her sponge after shooting that scene? I guess that is what she tweeted him, right?

  237. 237
    @234 Says:

    What is that photograph supposed to mean, that she’s stranded in the dessert and has taken off all her clothes so the bugs and vultures can have their way with her?

    I don’t mind nudity in Art if it’s tastefully done and has a purpose but this is shooting a naked person, just for the sake of photographing a nude person. There is no rhyme or reason for it, it’s just tacky and stupid.

  238. 238
    Lori Says:

    @spanishlover: My Husband is Nov 16th. I notice that Martin Scorscesse is a Scorpio as well. Oh and I’m a Libra myself.

  239. 239
    @237 Says:

    It does mean that she looks awful in the nude. Totally repulsive and quite disturbing, I admit.

  240. 240
    Lori Says:

    @@237: I like that one better than the one where she’s dressed like a child in frilly pants with her bum in the air though.

  241. 241
    Leo Fan Says:

    Actually it is Leo I find disturbing. I do not recall having seen him look so neglected and dirty. What is going on with him? I know he has shown signs of reggression since he has been dating her.. but I mean at this point….?? The guy is getting near to his ’40s.

  242. 242
    Lori Says:

    @Leo Fan: have you seen a pic of Leo’s father? He looks just like him aside from hair colour. Anyone complaining about EH looking like her poor ol’ mom when she gets old should have a look what’s instore for Leo. not pretty

  243. 243
    brazil wolf/fan of Brazil Says:

    Efrat Dor as Nadine for Wolf of wall street?

    Sorry Martin but she does not look like interesting supermodel Nadine and Leo doesn’t look like Belfort AT ALL.Inside and outside.

  244. 244
    @Leo Fan Says:

    I know what you mean, most of the time it looks like he barely showered and his clothes are always wrinkled or look like they smell or have been worn too many times.

    With Leo I think that he is still stuck in the 90′s, he seems like he has not progressed past the age of 20. It almost feels like there is no one around to tell him that he needs to grow up, they just agree with whatever he wants.

    The article that talked about him dancing like Michael Jackson with Erin, his tastes and mannerisms seem like they are 20 years behind. I just feel like he is not progressing and more importantly, he does not want to.

  245. 245
    hahaha Says:

    @230: Take you pill, sweetie! I have posted under `katchitup` the other day but NOT today! I NEVER used barilace. And I don`t give a rat`s a** whether you believe it or not! I told you a couple of times to go to JJ and check the IP addresses. But that`s not your style to have proof. Only claims and accusations! hahaha Chill! As usual all you have is claims and old screen names! Yawn! Non-stop cussing? I have used becksydd once in a long while! LIAR! Get over yourself, genius and stop making things up! Your comments are useless because they are not true and they have nothing to do with this thread. You are boring and annoying because all you do is pick on comments! Who cares? Nobody gives a damn other than you! LOL! You are seriously pathetic. Your opinion don`t matter to me at all. Does it seem like I stop posting here or anywhere else because of you? Get real! And the funniest thing is that there`s nothing you can do about anything here! lol

  246. 246
    Lori Says:

    They’re all doing that now though, over grown dirty hair, unshaven, and ill fitting clothes. Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher, Shia LaBouff and Leo as well. I don’t understand this trend at all. But I m old and un-cool thank god

  247. 247
    spanishlover Says:

    if he is like this in his 30′s……i dont want to see how he dresses during his midlife crisis!!! *shudders at the thought*

  248. 248
    @245 Says:

    As posters in other Leo threads have shown I can alert them to your constant f***kery leda which is great for me. Message, ???, riri, Gee, Canada Girl e.t.c are in the know once we recognise your hysterical rants the next step is to eye roll and dismiss. Knowing its not a tonne of Leo fans that feel this way just one disturbed fan under different monikers preaching her deranged hate so factual now as to some wishing you de ath. A job well done I say. LOL LOL

  249. 249
    Lori Says:

    @spanishlover: next step is hawain shirts I think. LOL

  250. 250
    @249 Says:

    Hawaiian shirts are good, they’ll cover up his big belly really nice.

    That’s another thing about him, one day he’s thin, the next day pudgy, you never know with this guy.

  251. 251
    scorpios are intense Says:

    and a big mystery. He embodies a scorpio man. Is he done with Django? Can he finally shave? lol

  252. 252
    hahaha Says:

    Huh, the drama queen is back! You have not shown ANYTHING, sweetie because all those old names you keep posting ( that must be your hobby or obsession ) are somehow NEVER here to back you up! WE? That`s a big word for you to use! So what happens when you allegedly alerts them and you ( all of you in your head ) ignore my comments? WHO CARES? I don`t and I will keep posting! As I said I don`t give a rat`s a** whether you like my comments or not, whether you ignore them or roll your eyes. So what? Do you think your comments are so popular here? You say NOTHING about Leo EVER. All you do is whine and complain about my comments and you keep posting lies, accusations and you never have proof. I bet most people here roll their eyes and ignore it. Get real!
    Wishing me death? You think I care? It doesn`t bother me because it shows what a low intelligence and horrible person YOU ARE. You qualify yourself with that idea not me.
    You are laughable because you are so worked up today over NOTHING. Because I did use katchitup`s name the other day to make fun of her avi-factory but not today. So much fuss about nothing. I told you I dare you. Go to Jared and ask about the IP addresses before you claim something. Have proof before you start your rant and cussing about me with no grounds. I dare you! Get over yourself already and all your alleged buddies who are so supportive of you according to you. Until then the only thing I care about is that people here like my comments definitely more than yours. So why would I care about your opinion? Have a wonderful evening!

  253. 253
    trish Says:

    Astrology… As I said I don`t believe in it but I don`t wanna offend anyone who does. My sign doesn`t fit me at all. My dad was also a Scorpio ( Nov 11 ) and was nothing like a typical Scorpio at all. My mom is pisces and some characteristics fit her some don`t. I guess believing in it depends whether your fit your sign`s profile or not. Maybe I would believe in it if it fit me…
    But let`s be honest! It takes more for a relationship to work than signs. That`s just something to speculate about…

  254. 254
    @252 Says:

    Keep daring me Leda. Its AAALLLL on you. JJ dont have to tell me squat. Your atypical hysterical responses laughably prove my point. Though you’re too dumb to realise it. Have a wonderful evening as well hahaha till next time. This convo has done me a world of good!

  255. 255
    CMIYC Fan Says:

    So what’s next? Rumors will come out as he’ll shop for an engagement ring? “Sources”(Leo’s friends) will reveal to US Weekly that this relationship is very serious? His mom loves her so much, she wants to see them settled? Remember a year ago when he was seen hand in hand with Blake Lively in Europe? Visiting churches in Italy, sailing on the Mediteranean Sea? We saw so many razzi photos of the two. The fans were so “INTO” Blake suddenly, they invaded her Bellazon forum, she was the best actress, the cutest…. their relationship was so real, so intense, it was LOVE!.
    Now he’s dating another blonde, so the fans moved to “her” Bellazon forum…LOL! She’s the best model in town, the cutest, and so, and so…. Isn’t that funny or what?

  256. 256
    @255 Says:

    @CMIYC Fan:

    So are they… is ridiculous? I know! , but why you mention it here??? instead of going up there and tell that on their faces.

  257. 257
    hahaha Says:

    I bet it did your disturbed and pathetic mind a lot. You can come up with more lies because YOU are dumb enough to see me behind every comment. You have the hysterical rants here making a fuss about nothing. I will keep daring you because YOU are dumb enough not to understand that you can’t accuse me of anything without proof. It’s all in your disturbed and confused head but you present everything as facts. Who cares about that? Nobody! Look around! Nobody cares about your comment!
    Your parents must be beyond embarrassed to raise a creep like you who wishes death based on online comments!

  258. 258
    Lori Says:

    Again, I don’t really see much point in trashing whatever GF he has at the moment….they are always very young girls. Which one doesn’t seem to make much difference even to him.

  259. 259
    Jenn Jenn Says:

    What I find interesting is that there are a ton of pics and then Leo seems to fall off the face of the planet.

    My understanding is that Django wraps in a couple of days and we will finally see Leo without that gawd awful beard. Maybe he will show his face in public once he doesn’t look so ugly.

  260. 260
    trish Says:

    @259: He is not off the face of the earth. He is still in NYC. There are tweets. First it was only him then him and `gf` riding their bikes close to his apartment. No paparazzi! How come? If Leo doesn`t want to be photographed Leo won`t get photographed. I guess he filled the publicity quota for this week but who knows? Maybe Borington is a good girl these days and she will get some more treats!

  261. 261
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    What are treats for her, he won’t cheat?

    “Those rumors about me bang*** your friends, totally untrue, they just don’t like you because your SOOO HOTTTT, and their jealous of you!!!!”

    LOL :)

  262. 262
    LOL Says:

    It’s funny how people from BZ that come to read this forum (guilty pleasure I guess) think that all the bad comments, use their names and copy their post, come from Leda! LOL
    They are so blind that won’t realize is the same people from the forum which doesn’t tolerate them and come here to trash about them. LOL

  263. 263
    trish Says:

    Treats? I guess treats are these photo ops and invitations for her. Nothing more. But I meant tweets posted tonight. Riding their bike and now a new one at a restaurant. Only about Leo but I bet Borington is there and there might be some confirmation about it tomorrow in the media. Just to be sure people know she was there… How interesting and unexpected these sightings are. Riding bikes, eating out, …etc. Oh, they watched a play! That`s something new!

  264. 264
    hahaha Says:

    Thanks, LOL. It`s not like I`m particularly bothered by this person harassing me all the time but how fcuked do you have to be to wish death to anyone? And I`m supposed to be bothered by a psycho like that or what she thinks of me or my comments?
    I have the strong feeling this person is from bellazon but unlike her I don`t have proof so I won`t say it as a fact. But that`s just me…

  265. 265
    @257 Says:

    Your foster parents, I can’t believe anyone would willingly keep you unless there is financial incentive must regret taking you to see Titanic and your hysterical crazed ramlings in attacking his girlfriends in the multitude of furms you visit to spew your hate you crazed bee yotch. Dont worry Livica do look around cos you WILL get your just reward.

  266. 266
    hahaha Says:

    @265: blah blah blah blah blah as usual. Now it`s `Livica`? That`s new! Wait! It isn`t! Just one of your broken records! LOL! What else is coming out of you uneducated mind? Your intellect is stunning as usual! Just shows your low level and fcuked up mind. Pot calling the kettle black. Get over yourself and relax. Your are `spewing your hate` over nothing but you are just not smart enough to realize it! You have no idea what you are talking about but you keep yapping no matter what and no matter how irrelevant your claims are! Keep making a fool of yourself! :)
    What happened to your spelling all of a sudden?

  267. 267
    Hates Stans Says:

    I just think it’s funny all the Stans on Bellazon “love” everyone of his girlfriends when he’s with them and gush about how “happy” they are and how “cute” they are. Then once they break up, they refer to them as “she who shan’t be named” get over yourselves. Especially the psycho Erin fans that are polluting Leo’s threads, post in hers and leave your opinions there, since they won’t be relevant on Leo’s threads in the near future.

  268. 268
    @248 Says:


    tsk, tsk the “d” word? Hugs not harm is the golden rule.

  269. 269
    @266 Says:

    Spelling? Moving vehicle Becky. An evidently fcuked up mind like yours, with the crappy things you’ve said about peeps since last summer here, celebi**y, IDLTW, will soon be extinguished!!!!!!!!!

  270. 270
    hahaha Says:

    Well, I wasted enough time responding to your false accusations, old references and low intellect comments. I`m done because it`s embarrassing to communicate with you and I don`t want to ruin the thread furthermore with this conversation. You are not worth it. I`ll leave my comments to the others here who I can have a normal chat with. That`s what matters to me. Interestingly none of them complains only you…
    Anyway back to Leo from now on!

  271. 271
    @267 Says:

    Yes, I noticed.

  272. 272
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    I saw the tweets but there are never any pictures, so how do you know of the tweets are real or made up? I think that alot of people just make up stuff to get attention.

  273. 273
    Gag Me Says:

    Hahahah Erin’s tweeting about charitable causes now, who’s she trying to sound like. Her pretending to care about charitable causes reminds me of when Blake used to pretend to not want the paparazzi to take pictures of them together.

  274. 274
    trish Says:

    With tweets you can never be sure. That`s for sure but recently the tweet sightings were proved to be correct. They are dating so they spend time together. That`s a fact so another bike ride/twitter sighting is not that hard to believe.

  275. 275
    @267 Says:

    @Hates Stans:

    You forgot: I knew she was fake and only seeking publicity, I never found her pretty anyways is rather generic… LOL They are so predictable.

  276. 276
    Erin's parents Says:

    Mr. and Mrs Bubley:
    When Erin will exit teenage years, will she look like her mom or her dad?
    Unlike Gisele and Heidi who used to be very often taken in pictures with their moms during their glamorous VS years, the new VS “angel” seems very discrete when showing her parents.

  277. 277
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    I just find it so hard to believe that no one takes pictures, when the man flushes the toilet it seems like someone is standing there with a camera, ready to take a picture. But I do see what you are saying. :)

  278. 278
    trish Says:

    I also see your point and it is a good one. Especially after all this publicity that was going on in the past few days. It`s like you go from one end to the other. Staring at the pap`s camera or nothing but a tweet. Confusing, isn`t it?
    Also sorry but I have to say this. Taking aim at someone`s parents is not nice. You don`t like the girl he dates? Ok but going after the parents? It was the same with Bar. I just think it`s a little overboard but this is JJ. This is the site where people wish death and suicide for commenting. Nothing surprises me anymore!

  279. 279
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    I didn’t do the post about her parents but I do think that it’s out of line, leave her parents out of it, they have done nothing to Leo or with Leo as far as I know. I don’t even know if he’s met them yet.

    There are plenty of things that could be said about Leo’s mother but nobody goes there because they know it’s wrong.

    Have some class people.

  280. 280
    trish Says:

    @Jenn Jenn: Sorry I didn`t address my comment properly. I know that wasn`t from you. I agreed with you about the tweets and the rest was for #276.
    I do think that the parents should be left out of this. They seem like nice people, down to earth. I`m not much of an Erin fan ( to say the least ) and I have nothing to do with her parents.

  281. 281
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    Sorry, I misunderstood :)

  282. 282
    @Erin's parents Says:

    Gulp…. Bubley? Why did she change her last name?

  283. 283
    Jenn Jenn Says:

    @@Erin’s parents:

    I think the name was for showbiz reasons, they thought it sounded better.

  284. 284
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Anonymous: yeah, never heard of this place…some hole in the wall in LES? Either the guy followed them or it was staged….and Leo smile at the camera? What’s up there??? I mean I believe they are still dating and all but this is an odd one.

  285. 285
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Erin’s parents: oh mi god they are hideous. He looks like lurch, and erin looks like him. Weird. Poor people.

    Last name Bubley? I kind of like it–think it could ahve passed as a model name. There was a good photog named esther bubley

  286. 286
    tinkerbell Says:

    @CMIYC Fan: nah, i dont think she’ll pull the same obvious stunts as the Unmentionable.She’ll know they are not believable to an American audience, and no, they are not that close and no they are not getting married and she’s not pregnant.

  287. 287
    :) Says:

    @@228: Tinkerbell is here, don’t worry about that:)

  288. 288
    ??? Says:

    “…before Leo hopped on his bike to head out.” Where was his sweater? Are we sure these pictures were taken the same day? He came into the restaurant “walking” with his sweater on, was wearing it inside the restaurant, but left without it to take his bike…? Weird scenario, I am missing something here.

  289. 289
    Absolutley...... Says:

    @Gag Me:
    How the h**l do you know Blake was pretending. There were hardly any pics of she and Penn together even ythough they were together for 3 year and about 5 pics with Ryan though theyve been together almost a year.
    Maybe Erin is tweeting this beacuse the extra Leo attention she has garnered (which she DEFINTELY has) means more people want to work with her or summat I dunno.
    I just can’t understand why there has to be the worst assumptions on ALL his girlfirends and even attacks on their families. And don’t worry about telling me to beat it if I don’t want to read/join. From now I’m out.

  290. 290
    @??? Says:

    I know it does look weird. Him smiling to the razzi is even more weird.

  291. 291
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    Leo never smiles to the razzi, because as I understand it he does not like the fact that they get money from his picture. So it is weird that he would be doing it now, when most of the time he pulls his baseball cap down around his eyes, so you can’t see his face.

  292. 292
    @???-288 Says:

    I believe they were taken the same day, but not on the same occasions. The bike, the sweater, the restaurant, him smiling to the paps…. it doesn’t make sense. JJ probably mixed the photos.

  293. 293
    also Says:

    @???: I was wondering about the sweatshirt as well… Maybe Erin took it but she is wearing a jacket so why? Also it says everywhere that it was a lunch but the tweets about him at the restaurant said dinner and were posted in the evening.
    I wonder if we will have any more info or photo about last night. There was a tweet about the ( riding bikes ) and then Leo watching a basketball game and at The Darby again. Last time he was at The Darby there were sources about them being affectionate, kissing and dancing.

  294. 294
    @276 Says:

    @Erin’s parents:

    you are an awful person

  295. 295
    also Says:

    What did I say? There are new photos of the bike ride from last night! Who would have seen it coming? She is smiling ( shocking ) wearing mini skirt and the usual bag! I wonder what’s up for tomorrow? lol

  296. 296
    also Says:

    And of course not even an attempt on his part to hide!

  297. 297
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    Why does she keep wearing the most ridiculous shoes to ride a bike in?

    Another thing, why are they wearing jackets and scarves like it’s cold outside.

  298. 298
    also Says:

    I live close to NYC and it wasn`t that cold or even chilly here last night so I`m surprised by his jacket. I think this place is close to the water ( Hudson River ) and it`s always windier there so maybe that`s why? The earphones in his ear are priceless. So many clear shots and no hiding? What`s going on?

  299. 299
    celticrose Says:

    @Jenn Jenn: Ok I don’t which I hate myself more for, actually reading these posts or feeling the need to respond to one but here it goes: Maybe, just maybe, he is smiling because he is actually happy! I know nothing of his and Erin’s relationship obviously, but maybe he enjoys being with her? Just a thought. I would like to think of him as being happy, since he deserves to be, rather than being forced to be with someone he doesn’t want to be with.

  300. 300
    @299 Says:

    In that case maybe there would be some chemistry between them? Because that’s missing from all the photos!

  301. 301
    Lisa Says:

    Seriously what is it with DiCaprio dating all these VS models. They look way to young for him and she is a little too pretty for him IMO. When the hell is he going to date someone around his age or at better said when will he mature!? well, to each their own.

  302. 302
    Lisa Says:


    She does not, just b/c I don’t like the fact that he seems to date mostly superficial models I’m not going to say she is ugly. She has nice legs and a nice face but stunning personally for me she is not.

  303. 303
    Lia Says:

    She is ugly.

  304. 304
    June Says:

    i love Jack in Titanic, not Leo

  305. 305
    Tania Says:

    @psychic here: could you please tell us more about Leo’s soulmate? why is she so special?

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