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Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Candela Couple

Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Candela Couple

Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend Erin Heatherton get cozy while having lunch at Candela Candela on Monday (June 11) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor and Erin, 23, dined at the Cuban Italian restaurant before Leo hopped on his bike to head out.

Last week, the Victoria’s Secret model attended the 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards in a Michael Kors gown a few days after rocking a cheerleading uniform to film Grown Ups 2.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer for Leo‘s upcoming film Django Unchained!

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  • @Erin

    LOL, you wish!

  • Absolutley……

    No arguement but I disagree.
    She was part of his life for 5 years but it was an on/off deal and he cheated on her constantly. The last time they got together it was not monogamous on his part. Hardly a stable love affair.
    I dont think the Lively photos had anything to do with her and more of Leo trying to control the message that he and Blake (a famous American) were dating for the US markets
    She topped the Maxim list but his exes were also on it and I’m sure Leo has run through half the women on that list and SI too, so for him its probably ‘been there, done that’
    The Shaun White/Bar thing was covered 3 weeks ago and there was peep from Leo same as when she was with David Fisher. Even now SW is only getting traction on the net and not the celeb mags
    No arguements here at all by the way its all good. I think its more to do with Gisele & Lively who I believe both genuinely hurt him.

  • trish

    Lol, name one girlfriend he hasn’t cheated on!

  • Absolutley……

    The diff is with Gisele and Blake did not tolerate the cheating. Bar did.
    Gisele dumped him in 2002 and admitted she could not handle his womanising. He won her back in 2003 but it was touch and go.
    He was starting to cheat on Blake in Australia and she left. If recent Aussie tabloids are to be believed that hurt him so much he fell out with Baz Lurhman (which Baz did not deny)
    Bar seems to me to be the only one who legit signed up for an open relationship where his posse told People/US in 2009 quote – ‘he has problems with fidelity, they are not monogamous but she can’t get over him’. Seems to me she was OK with the cheating as long as she was the public girlfriend. An ideal situation for any man and if Leo wanted he would have stuck to it like Kobe & Vanessa Bryant.

  • psychic here

    Leo and Erin started dating in December. They will be over before December of this year. They won’t make it to one year. Lots of times you see pictures coming out with couples where they look “happy” and then you hear of a break up soon after. She won’t last through Wolf. They are going to break up this year is all I can say. And yes he’s going to date someone that’s not a model. But I’m with you guys. I don’t see how he is going to just switch like that after all these years but that IS WHAT I SEE…EVERYTIME. I can’t put my doubts into what I see and I see him ending up with a non model. Stranger things have happened in this world. It is not impossible. How many times have people ended up marrying someone that wasn’t their “type.” Now this new girl that he will be dating will be the one. He’s going to move very fast with her, meaning don’t be surprise if you see them getting married pretty quickly. When you know its real you don’t have to wait. I’m sure some will like her and some won’t, but I think in general most people will like her. Leo won’t be afraid to show his goofy side when he’s with her. He will return to the “old Leo,” that so many on here are dying to see. That’s that… Erin and Leo won’t last but you don’t need a “psychic” to tell you that. It is plain as day. At least you don’t have to sit through five years of this. It will be over this year. And yes, she won’t last through Wolf. It will be over before Wolf ends.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio(Brazil)

    @psychic here:

    I am not going to date someone who is not a model, because only models want to date me.Think someone special wants to date me?Not a model?

  • Lori

    @psychic here: be nice if you’re right! we’ll have to wait and see. What’s your take on Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes? They are also a Scorpio/Pisces pair.

  • LOL

    I just read the article in the ny post: The actor and the model noshed on the La Scala salad, a pasta dish and a side of spinach…

    hmmmm???? They only miss just specify the color of plates and how many sips of water they drank… LOL
    Tried to be so convincing in that, that actually they forgot the part of ‘They’re going strong! Oops!

  • Bellazon Lobotomy


    We think Erin and Leo are amazing!The best scorpio/pisces pair ever!

  • Geez

    I really wish we could have a dart round for these ‘psychics’, they’ve been wrong so many times. Didn’t one also swear Great Gatsby will never finish filming and Leo would run back to the US or something?
    Ah well.

  • MB

    @psychic here:
    Hi there. We will see I guess. The problem is that he usually replaces one of these girls with a younger carbon copy. Leo’s a real talent I think and I like him but he has disappointing taste in women. His friend Kate is the same. A talented actress who seems really nice but she too seems to have odd romantic taste. Don’t even get me started on a man who thinks it’s cool to change your name to Ned Rocknroll. He’s another one who seems to love the media attention. I wish Leo and Kate would work together again. It works well and might distract them from some of their often disappointing personal choices.

  • to Psychic

    @psychic here
    Do you only feel celebrities? Do you do any kind of psychic job?
    We love you here!

  • Bellazon Lobotomy

    We just saw Erin art pictures,

    and we think Erin could be the best match for Leo. She is beautiful and their kids could be the most beautiful kids ever. Hope Leo finally found his future wife. Erin is the best.

  • @214

    Those pictures are so profoundly disturbing, especially the one with her A$$ in the air like she’s a baby. What the hell is she saying, that she’s into pedophiles, I guess that explains Leo.

    The whole shoot is just so very trashy and makes her look like a whore, I’m not saying that she is one but that is what those pics look like.

  • From Brazil

    Erin Butterton, why do you finally ruin his already disturbing image and life by your presence?Or his shallow PR team wish to see his life going down?

  • LOL

    @Bellazon Lobotomy: Any astrological prediction works when the guy in question can’t his penis out of any model that he meets.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio(Brazil)


    Think I really can’t?

  • Lori

    I am very curious about these scorpio/pisces pairings. really. there’s these 2 and Ryan and Eva and also Liz Taylor/Richard Burton. The last 2 married twice FFS ~ no telling why

  • trish

    Astrology! LOL! Sorry but that’s something I absolutely don’t believe in! I’m nothing like I’m supposed to be according to my sign!!!!! When there’s nothing else, no chemistry, no affection, no connection all you have lest is … astrology! Sure!

  • FUGLY X 2

    I can’t get over how fugly she is. A big square lantern jaw, chipmunk cheeks and half asleep bug eyes make a model these days? She’s not pretty or cute. He’s losing his hair, his face is bloated and the pointy beard looks stupid. What a gruesome twosome.

  • Cancer on Pisces butt


    Comparing Liz Taylor and Eva to Butterton?Mad deal!

  • @220

    Totally agree, I’m not trying to be mean here but I really don’t see why they like her as a model. She has no butt and as someone else stated she looks like a freckled giraffe.

  • Anonymous

    Out of thousands of restaurants in NYC the paps found them on their own?? Totally.Staged.Photo.

  • From Brazil

    Unfortunately, the most disturbing thing is not about her looks.

  • Well

    … if you have followed Leo’s news and sightings lately, you have noticed for sure that for a period of 2 months, no pictures, no appearances of the two have occured in the gossip columns. None. So like he does with all his model girlfriends, he decided to call her as he knows she will run to him. Same pattern with one girlfriend after the other.

  • Carla

    The girl looks like a desperate puppy in needs for attention.

  • spanishlover

    Leo is a Scorpio with a moon in libra and a venus in scorpio….

    he always has a need of being in a relationship, yet he has control issues and thats why he is always with these young women. he needs to learn the art of COMPROMISE!!!

    With Venus in Scorpio your needs in love and in your intimate relationships (Venus) are intensity, depth, catharsis, power, personal growth, and transformation (Scorpio), but you have difficulty being an equal or sharing power with intimates. You know how you to use your intense relationships to further your own ends and to get what you want. Thus you may frequently change and refine your relationships, but also discard them when they no longer serve your purpose. You love to get deep under the surface of things and explore the mysterious and the unknown. You can be manipulative, but mask your selfishness with an outwardly friendly manner. Your love life, and intimate relationships are often an arena in which power, control and manipulation are played out. Your karma in this life is tied with self-will and love. In general, your personal values and your conception of love need to evolve and be transformed.You’re extremely magnetic to the opposite sex and very passionate, yet may be inhibited as well. If true, don’t you be taken in by your intense sexuality: this persona may be covering up unconscious elements in your psyche you have yet to deal with. You feel a need to control your intimate partners, and have difficulty relating to them on an equal level. When someone gets close to you, you can become fearful of compromise and cooperation because they entail an element of letting go of the control with which you feel you need to protect yourself. Therapy, particularly a body-oriented kind, would be ideal to help you become more conscious of these childhood patterns. Once aware and independent of them, your self-work can release you to be a guiding light to others.

  • katchitup
    Love the picture…. so cute, so artistic! Love loves his models, doesn’t he? Especially this one! So dignified and classy. WOW, aren’t you impressed guys, to know that some women doe this type of work to earn money? I am!

  • Lori

    @trish: I don’t know if I believe any of it either Trish….but all that’s on here is speculation anyways! LOL

  • @228

    the hell Leda have you not recovered from your obsession with the Bellazon peeps and you have to keep co -opting their names?
    Barilace? Katchitup? et al BeckyDD in between cussing non stop at his girlfriend of the moment. LEO WILL NEVER BE YOURS f**face
    Damn I miss Tinkerbell, her brand of crazy was not as sinister as yours whatevvaa. And yep its a free forum to write what you want ,and guess what so can f**k**g I phsycho bee yotch. I hope Leo’s lifestlye choices eventually inspire you to top youself. Good times.

  • Lori

    @katchitup: yes that is very disturbing isn’t it though?
    @spanishlover: I’m married to a Scoprio myself….and so much of that is true of him

  • @katchitup

    Love it indeed…. don’t forget her appearance in the next Sandler movie where she will deliver an amazing performance of someone between a porn star and a pole dancer wearing a cheerleader outfit over her padded pushup bra! It will be pure art, my friend.

  • @232

    Not to mention that in that scene you can see her panties, does the artistry never cease!!!!????

  • @233
  • spanishlover


    i know what you mean….i am a scorpio too. november 14th!!!

  • @228

    Didn’t she invite a guy to give him a bath with her sponge after shooting that scene? I guess that is what she tweeted him, right?

  • @234

    What is that photograph supposed to mean, that she’s stranded in the dessert and has taken off all her clothes so the bugs and vultures can have their way with her?

    I don’t mind nudity in Art if it’s tastefully done and has a purpose but this is shooting a naked person, just for the sake of photographing a nude person. There is no rhyme or reason for it, it’s just tacky and stupid.

  • Lori

    @spanishlover: My Husband is Nov 16th. I notice that Martin Scorscesse is a Scorpio as well. Oh and I’m a Libra myself.

  • @237

    It does mean that she looks awful in the nude. Totally repulsive and quite disturbing, I admit.

  • Lori

    @@237: I like that one better than the one where she’s dressed like a child in frilly pants with her bum in the air though.

  • Leo Fan

    Actually it is Leo I find disturbing. I do not recall having seen him look so neglected and dirty. What is going on with him? I know he has shown signs of reggression since he has been dating her.. but I mean at this point….?? The guy is getting near to his ’40s.

  • Lori

    @Leo Fan: have you seen a pic of Leo’s father? He looks just like him aside from hair colour. Anyone complaining about EH looking like her poor ol’ mom when she gets old should have a look what’s instore for Leo. not pretty

  • brazil wolf/fan of Brazil

    Efrat Dor as Nadine for Wolf of wall street?

    Sorry Martin but she does not look like interesting supermodel Nadine and Leo doesn’t look like Belfort AT ALL.Inside and outside.

  • @Leo Fan

    I know what you mean, most of the time it looks like he barely showered and his clothes are always wrinkled or look like they smell or have been worn too many times.

    With Leo I think that he is still stuck in the 90′s, he seems like he has not progressed past the age of 20. It almost feels like there is no one around to tell him that he needs to grow up, they just agree with whatever he wants.

    The article that talked about him dancing like Michael Jackson with Erin, his tastes and mannerisms seem like they are 20 years behind. I just feel like he is not progressing and more importantly, he does not want to.

  • hahaha

    @230: Take you pill, sweetie! I have posted under `katchitup` the other day but NOT today! I NEVER used barilace. And I don`t give a rat`s a** whether you believe it or not! I told you a couple of times to go to JJ and check the IP addresses. But that`s not your style to have proof. Only claims and accusations! hahaha Chill! As usual all you have is claims and old screen names! Yawn! Non-stop cussing? I have used becksydd once in a long while! LIAR! Get over yourself, genius and stop making things up! Your comments are useless because they are not true and they have nothing to do with this thread. You are boring and annoying because all you do is pick on comments! Who cares? Nobody gives a damn other than you! LOL! You are seriously pathetic. Your opinion don`t matter to me at all. Does it seem like I stop posting here or anywhere else because of you? Get real! And the funniest thing is that there`s nothing you can do about anything here! lol

  • Lori

    They’re all doing that now though, over grown dirty hair, unshaven, and ill fitting clothes. Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher, Shia LaBouff and Leo as well. I don’t understand this trend at all. But I m old and un-cool thank god

  • spanishlover

    if he is like this in his 30′s……i dont want to see how he dresses during his midlife crisis!!! *shudders at the thought*

  • @245

    As posters in other Leo threads have shown I can alert them to your constant f***kery leda which is great for me. Message, ???, riri, Gee, Canada Girl e.t.c are in the know once we recognise your hysterical rants the next step is to eye roll and dismiss. Knowing its not a tonne of Leo fans that feel this way just one disturbed fan under different monikers preaching her deranged hate so factual now as to some wishing you de ath. A job well done I say. LOL LOL

  • Lori

    @spanishlover: next step is hawain shirts I think. LOL

  • @249

    Hawaiian shirts are good, they’ll cover up his big belly really nice.

    That’s another thing about him, one day he’s thin, the next day pudgy, you never know with this guy.