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Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Candela Couple

Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Candela Couple

Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend Erin Heatherton get cozy while having lunch at Candela Candela on Monday (June 11) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor and Erin, 23, dined at the Cuban Italian restaurant before Leo hopped on his bike to head out.

Last week, the Victoria’s Secret model attended the 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards in a Michael Kors gown a few days after rocking a cheerleading uniform to film Grown Ups 2.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer for Leo‘s upcoming film Django Unchained!

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    and a big mystery. He embodies a scorpio man. Is he done with Django? Can he finally shave? lol

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  • CMIYC Fan

    So what’s next? Rumors will come out as he’ll shop for an engagement ring? “Sources”(Leo’s friends) will reveal to US Weekly that this relationship is very serious? His mom loves her so much, she wants to see them settled? Remember a year ago when he was seen hand in hand with Blake Lively in Europe? Visiting churches in Italy, sailing on the Mediteranean Sea? We saw so many razzi photos of the two. The fans were so “INTO” Blake suddenly, they invaded her Bellazon forum, she was the best actress, the cutest…. their relationship was so real, so intense, it was LOVE!.
    Now he’s dating another blonde, so the fans moved to “her” Bellazon forum…LOL! She’s the best model in town, the cutest, and so, and so…. Isn’t that funny or what?

  • @255

    @CMIYC Fan:

    So are they… is ridiculous? I know! , but why you mention it here??? instead of going up there and tell that on their faces.

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  • Lori

    Again, I don’t really see much point in trashing whatever GF he has at the moment….they are always very young girls. Which one doesn’t seem to make much difference even to him.

  • Jenn Jenn

    What I find interesting is that there are a ton of pics and then Leo seems to fall off the face of the planet.

    My understanding is that Django wraps in a couple of days and we will finally see Leo without that gawd awful beard. Maybe he will show his face in public once he doesn’t look so ugly.

  • trish

    @259: He is not off the face of the earth. He is still in NYC. There are tweets. First it was only him then him and `gf` riding their bikes close to his apartment. No paparazzi! How come? If Leo doesn`t want to be photographed Leo won`t get photographed. I guess he filled the publicity quota for this week but who knows? Maybe Borington is a good girl these days and she will get some more treats!

  • Jenn Jenn


    What are treats for her, he won’t cheat?

    “Those rumors about me bang*** your friends, totally untrue, they just don’t like you because your SOOO HOTTTT, and their jealous of you!!!!”

    LOL :)

  • LOL

    It’s funny how people from BZ that come to read this forum (guilty pleasure I guess) think that all the bad comments, use their names and copy their post, come from Leda! LOL
    They are so blind that won’t realize is the same people from the forum which doesn’t tolerate them and come here to trash about them. LOL

  • trish

    Treats? I guess treats are these photo ops and invitations for her. Nothing more. But I meant tweets posted tonight. Riding their bike and now a new one at a restaurant. Only about Leo but I bet Borington is there and there might be some confirmation about it tomorrow in the media. Just to be sure people know she was there… How interesting and unexpected these sightings are. Riding bikes, eating out, …etc. Oh, they watched a play! That`s something new!

  • hahaha

    Thanks, LOL. It`s not like I`m particularly bothered by this person harassing me all the time but how fcuked do you have to be to wish death to anyone? And I`m supposed to be bothered by a psycho like that or what she thinks of me or my comments?
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  • Hates Stans

    I just think it’s funny all the Stans on Bellazon “love” everyone of his girlfriends when he’s with them and gush about how “happy” they are and how “cute” they are. Then once they break up, they refer to them as “she who shan’t be named” get over yourselves. Especially the psycho Erin fans that are polluting Leo’s threads, post in hers and leave your opinions there, since they won’t be relevant on Leo’s threads in the near future.

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    Anyway back to Leo from now on!

  • @267

    Yes, I noticed.

  • Jenn Jenn


    I saw the tweets but there are never any pictures, so how do you know of the tweets are real or made up? I think that alot of people just make up stuff to get attention.

  • Gag Me

    Hahahah Erin’s tweeting about charitable causes now, who’s she trying to sound like. Her pretending to care about charitable causes reminds me of when Blake used to pretend to not want the paparazzi to take pictures of them together.

  • trish

    With tweets you can never be sure. That`s for sure but recently the tweet sightings were proved to be correct. They are dating so they spend time together. That`s a fact so another bike ride/twitter sighting is not that hard to believe.

  • @267

    @Hates Stans:

    You forgot: I knew she was fake and only seeking publicity, I never found her pretty anyways is rather generic… LOL They are so predictable.

  • Erin’s parents

    Mr. and Mrs Bubley:
    When Erin will exit teenage years, will she look like her mom or her dad?
    Unlike Gisele and Heidi who used to be very often taken in pictures with their moms during their glamorous VS years, the new VS “angel” seems very discrete when showing her parents.

  • Jenn Jenn


    I just find it so hard to believe that no one takes pictures, when the man flushes the toilet it seems like someone is standing there with a camera, ready to take a picture. But I do see what you are saying. :)

  • trish

    I also see your point and it is a good one. Especially after all this publicity that was going on in the past few days. It`s like you go from one end to the other. Staring at the pap`s camera or nothing but a tweet. Confusing, isn`t it?
    Also sorry but I have to say this. Taking aim at someone`s parents is not nice. You don`t like the girl he dates? Ok but going after the parents? It was the same with Bar. I just think it`s a little overboard but this is JJ. This is the site where people wish death and suicide for commenting. Nothing surprises me anymore!

  • Jenn Jenn


    I didn’t do the post about her parents but I do think that it’s out of line, leave her parents out of it, they have done nothing to Leo or with Leo as far as I know. I don’t even know if he’s met them yet.

    There are plenty of things that could be said about Leo’s mother but nobody goes there because they know it’s wrong.

    Have some class people.

  • trish

    @Jenn Jenn: Sorry I didn`t address my comment properly. I know that wasn`t from you. I agreed with you about the tweets and the rest was for #276.
    I do think that the parents should be left out of this. They seem like nice people, down to earth. I`m not much of an Erin fan ( to say the least ) and I have nothing to do with her parents.

  • Jenn Jenn


    Sorry, I misunderstood :)

  • @Erin’s parents

    Gulp…. Bubley? Why did she change her last name?

  • Jenn Jenn

    @@Erin’s parents:

    I think the name was for showbiz reasons, they thought it sounded better.

  • tinkerbell

    @Anonymous: yeah, never heard of this place…some hole in the wall in LES? Either the guy followed them or it was staged….and Leo smile at the camera? What’s up there??? I mean I believe they are still dating and all but this is an odd one.

  • tinkerbell

    @Erin’s parents: oh mi god they are hideous. He looks like lurch, and erin looks like him. Weird. Poor people.

    Last name Bubley? I kind of like it–think it could ahve passed as a model name. There was a good photog named esther bubley

  • tinkerbell

    @CMIYC Fan: nah, i dont think she’ll pull the same obvious stunts as the Unmentionable.She’ll know they are not believable to an American audience, and no, they are not that close and no they are not getting married and she’s not pregnant.

  • :)

    @@228: Tinkerbell is here, don’t worry about that:)

  • ???

    “…before Leo hopped on his bike to head out.” Where was his sweater? Are we sure these pictures were taken the same day? He came into the restaurant “walking” with his sweater on, was wearing it inside the restaurant, but left without it to take his bike…? Weird scenario, I am missing something here.

  • Absolutley……

    @Gag Me:
    How the h**l do you know Blake was pretending. There were hardly any pics of she and Penn together even ythough they were together for 3 year and about 5 pics with Ryan though theyve been together almost a year.
    Maybe Erin is tweeting this beacuse the extra Leo attention she has garnered (which she DEFINTELY has) means more people want to work with her or summat I dunno.
    I just can’t understand why there has to be the worst assumptions on ALL his girlfirends and even attacks on their families. And don’t worry about telling me to beat it if I don’t want to read/join. From now I’m out.

  • @???

    I know it does look weird. Him smiling to the razzi is even more weird.

  • Jenn Jenn


    Leo never smiles to the razzi, because as I understand it he does not like the fact that they get money from his picture. So it is weird that he would be doing it now, when most of the time he pulls his baseball cap down around his eyes, so you can’t see his face.

  • @???-288

    I believe they were taken the same day, but not on the same occasions. The bike, the sweater, the restaurant, him smiling to the paps…. it doesn’t make sense. JJ probably mixed the photos.

  • also

    @???: I was wondering about the sweatshirt as well… Maybe Erin took it but she is wearing a jacket so why? Also it says everywhere that it was a lunch but the tweets about him at the restaurant said dinner and were posted in the evening.
    I wonder if we will have any more info or photo about last night. There was a tweet about the ( riding bikes ) and then Leo watching a basketball game and at The Darby again. Last time he was at The Darby there were sources about them being affectionate, kissing and dancing.

  • @276

    @Erin’s parents:

    you are an awful person

  • also

    What did I say? There are new photos of the bike ride from last night! Who would have seen it coming? She is smiling ( shocking ) wearing mini skirt and the usual bag! I wonder what’s up for tomorrow? lol

  • also

    And of course not even an attempt on his part to hide!

  • Jenn Jenn


    Why does she keep wearing the most ridiculous shoes to ride a bike in?

    Another thing, why are they wearing jackets and scarves like it’s cold outside.

  • also

    I live close to NYC and it wasn`t that cold or even chilly here last night so I`m surprised by his jacket. I think this place is close to the water ( Hudson River ) and it`s always windier there so maybe that`s why? The earphones in his ear are priceless. So many clear shots and no hiding? What`s going on?

  • http://acelticrose celticrose

    @Jenn Jenn: Ok I don’t which I hate myself more for, actually reading these posts or feeling the need to respond to one but here it goes: Maybe, just maybe, he is smiling because he is actually happy! I know nothing of his and Erin’s relationship obviously, but maybe he enjoys being with her? Just a thought. I would like to think of him as being happy, since he deserves to be, rather than being forced to be with someone he doesn’t want to be with.

  • @299

    In that case maybe there would be some chemistry between them? Because that’s missing from all the photos!