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Madonna: Feelin' Blue in Rome

Madonna: Feelin' Blue in Rome

Madonna steps out of her Range Rover in a blue printed dress on Monday (June 11) in Rome, Italy.

The 53-year-old entertainer was joined by her beau Brahim Zaibat and several bodyguards.

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Madonna is currently touring the world for her international MDNA concert! She hits three Italian cities soon: Rome today, and Milan and Florence later in the week! Look out for MDNA in the USA beginning August 28.

10+ pictures inside of Madonna and Brahim Zaibat exiting their Range Rover in Rome…

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Queen

    <3 her

  • ColinG

    Gross ol bag should have kept her breast in her bra, classless w_ore

  • SatanicPuppet

    Vulgar Menopausal Hag exposing her granny nipple makes me wanna vomit.
    30 years older than Baby Brahim…double effin yuck.

  • Lynn

    i am so tired of her… just leave the stage already instead of trying so hard to sound “cool”… your era has ended… maybe do something else pertinent to your age?


    Middle aged woman can be appropiate and beautiful for their age but her behavior is desperate and disgraceful…not to mention her poor children.

  • Carrie-Anne

    So granny needs to provoke controversy by exposing herself now does she? She isn’t handling the fact her career is on the down slide very well and this kind of attention wh&ring stunt makes her look desperate and low class. Just like her 23 year old “boyfriend”, this just draws attention to how old she is and how pathetic she has become. Poor Madonna, can’t grow old gracefully and can’t turn the clock back. Doesn’t bode well for her in the years to come.

  • Coco

    Which part of her body she is going to show this time? Her ass??

  • Tribal Queen

    Old hag looking older than ever!!

  • bobby-ray

    don’t like her

  • rochelle

    I hope Brahim hasn’t caught the herpes Madonna contracted from Sean Penn – what a douche!!!!

  • O

    She’s not in a good mood…

  • an opinion

    For all the work she had done, she still looks older than 53.

  • notyourfriend

    her guy though…just yummy!!!

  • shafonda

    Bossy? For sure. Classy? Hardly…

  • barron797

    Her face looks much better without all that filler. She looks good but then look at her hands. They are a dead give away of her true age. Her hands look like that of a 60 yr old!

  • tsquared

    It is a shame she just couldn’t leave well enough alone and rest on her deserved laurels. She could tour and just sing and people would buy tickets. Look at Springsteen. His early concerts had him jumping all over the stage and now he basically stands and plays music. McCartney has never done anything outrageous on stage. Both Bruce and Paul realized that many people go for the music and not the theatrics. Too bad Madonna feels she has to prove something to Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry and the rest of the young crowd. She never had to prove anything. She already has her place in music history. All she had to do was put on a good show….

  • Demitasse

    She looks bad . My grandmother is 61 and she looks way better.

  • brenda

    Used to love her but fu@k I hate her now.

  • eve

    I like Madonna, she’s an icon. She may make music for as long as she wants. So what’s the big difference between Rihanna exposing all and Madonna? Yes, she’s aged. But she’s the Queen of pop, while everyone else is merely a princess.

  • jro

    Her album tanked so she has to show skin, anything it takes to get noticed I guess. Maybe it’s to distract us from her face, poor Madonna messed up her face trying to look younger, yet she looks every bit of her 53 years here. It’s odd how all the work she has had done has made her look older. She actually looks like a Real Housewife of Orange County here sporting that yellow-blond outdated hair.

  • Lisa

    Now that the face lift has settled, Madonna looks very good. Continue to say no to fillers. Nice outfit.

  • ColinG

    @Lisa: get the f__k off

  • NYC

    That boy is too young for her.
    She needs to stop acting out her midlife crisis.
    She’s way past 40

  • ashley

    She got pissed off when M.I.A threw up her middle finger during the superbowl because it took people’s attention away from her and her performance…clearly she’s desperately trying to stay relevant and failing horribly!

  • elle

    I think perhaps she employs that gentleman to be her companion

  • gagaisdone

    Gaga’s fans are so desperate to put Madonna down. Whyvare they so insecure?

  • myeh

    I agree w all of u she looks downright CRUEL in these pics

  • Ert

    Is she in financial trouble? She’s been acting so desperate lately. First she clearly tries to appeal to a young audience by appearing in a cheer leading outfit in her video, which is ridiculous for a woman of her age. Then she tells Newsweek:
    “Start saving your pennies now. People spend $300 on crazy things all the time, things like handbags. So work all year, scrape the money together and come to my show. I’m worth it.”
    And now this fall on her ass attempt at being controversial by showing her tits during a show in a Muslim country. Pathetic.

  • Molly

    Caca fans, go do something with your lives and start practicing what your hypocritical Mother preaches. Madonna is never going away, deal with it. She’s set to make $500m this year alone. No matter how much you lie, no matter how much you hate, nor how many accounts you make to put her down, she will always be the most successful female artist of all time and one of the most influential. Your faves keep desperately trying to be her, but never will be.

  • cookie

    @tsquared: agree. but because of that, I like her even more. as you said she could just sing her hits and she would probably sell out stadiums as she does now. but that wouldn’t be very madonna, you know what I mean? she still wants to challenge herself and see how far she can go. she’s not proving anything to anyone but herself. and since her shows are way more than just ‘good’, and I dare you find someone who attended her gigs complain about how immense the whole show was, I really don’t get what’s the problem. as far as I can tell she’s a bloody living icon, who didn’t maintain her status by just making the crowd sing along to her hits (something that would be dull as hell, tbh – AND you would complain even more about how pointless that would be and that she should retire and so on), but by reinventing herself and her shows.

    that, and the fact people should quit being so ageistic. calling whoever is not 20/30 anymore old and useless and and and, won’t make you feel that great when it’ll be your turn to age. the more you attack people for natural things, as aging, or gaining weight, the less you’ll feel comfortable with yourself when such things happen to you. it doesn’t take a degree in sociology to get that.

  • Louise

    Ewwww, she looks much older than her 53 years. Even her feet are haggard. She needs to grow up and do something age appropriate. Maybe selling fragrances at Macy’s. :)

  • haha

    Brahim is there to change her Depends. BTW she looks older than 53. I know non-famous women who look younger without any plastic surgery.

  • Laura

    She must have taken Brahim’s soul. No self-respecting Muslim man would hang around a wh*re like Madge. His family probably disowned him.

  • suck it old woman

    she’s gonna die alone..hey boy toys will be nowhere in sight once she’s on her death bed ahahhaha CRUELA – with all your money you still can’t find a good man to love you for you! They just use you for your money and THINGS you buy them. Wonder if you feel like a used condom?

  • poop

    @Molly: Oh yeah? She’s 53! She has about 20-30 years max before she’s 6 feet under.

  • Taylor

    Lady Gaga is Queen of Pop.

  • ForMe

    I think she looks good, but her hands,(UGH!)

  • Paulie

    Good grief, these aren’t the regular Just Jared commenters. Was this linked to Drudge or something? Or is it Gaga’s Little Ghouls playing on the internet?

  • gio

    LUV madonna!

  • Peapo

    “You don’t have to show your nipples to be interesting, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re cutting edge if you do.”

    Madonna about Janet Jackson showing her nipple at the Super Bowl
    Be careful words can haunt you!

  • brit

    ohh…shes beautiful and sad:(

  • brit

    @ColinG: shupt up she ‘s more sexier than other younger girls