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Miranda Kerr: Check Out June's Hermetic Astrology Report

Miranda Kerr: Check Out June's Hermetic Astrology Report

Miranda Kerr smiles while making her way through LAX Airport to catch a flight on Tuesday (June 12) in Los Angeles.

“Thought I would share this with you. Mum shared it with me and I wanted to pass it on … hope you guys are having fun with whatever you are doing today. Much love Miranda xxx,” the 29-year-old Aussie model recently wrote on her Facebook page with a link to a hermetic astrology report.

Last week, Miranda showed off her toned body while running errands with son Flynn.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr at LAX Airport…

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37 Responses to “Miranda Kerr: Check Out June's Hermetic Astrology Report”

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  1. 1
    Em Says:

    What a beautiful woman… (inside&out)

  2. 2
    Lola Says:

    That astrology report talks about living in some kind of new world… seems scary to me!

  3. 3
    aaron Says:

    wow what a huge head!

  4. 4
    BarAdrianafan Says:

    smiling and posing for her pap friends like always

  5. 5
    Demitasse Says:

    So where’s Orlando. She came home to drop off Flynn then she takes off again? Something seems amiss.

  6. 6
    riri Says:

    How many years has she been 29 years old?

  7. 7
    justsayin Says:

    She is “cute” and all but wow “cute” is the last thing i would associate my VS models to be. Ive always known them to be exotic,sultry,sexy bombshell/vixens. Miranda, I just want to pinch her cheeks not buy the lingerie she’s trying to sell me. I wonder if shes not a great seller bc of that? I rarely see her in the advertising or commercials unlike Candice and Adriana who are KNOWN big sellers. hmm. I think her biggest fan base are little girls, who dont even wear lingerie tbh.

  8. 8
    Dee Says:

    How do Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theoron, Penelope Cruz, Adriana Lima, etc all manage to fly in and out of airports and never get photographed, yet Miranda is photographed every other day? Are the paparazzi of the world just fascinated with her? lol

  9. 9
    true Says:

    lol her middle name is famewh*re.
    Never will be like Adriana let alone Gisele. They are just out of her league.
    She’s so full of herself that, she forgets her KORA

  10. 10
    rikki Says:

    she always looks really nice. i want to dress like that when i am her age.. haha

  11. 11
    SSDD Says:

    Two dozen celebs photographed at LAX every day, yet when Miranda, and ONLY MIRANDA (or Orlando) is photographed = SET UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You see?
    When you apply the DDS (delphidiot double standard), and it all makes perfect *cough* sense!!!
    Come on, say it with me!
    H Y P O C R I T S ! ! !
    Oh, and to the extra special moron sockpuppet at #6…
    She’s been 29 for nearly two months.
    Before April 20th, she had been 28 for a WHOLE YEAR!
    You see, it works that way when you were born in 1983.

  12. 12
    SSDD Says:

    I hate it when the morons lower my IQ through osmosis.
    Shall we try this again????
    H Y P O C R I T E S ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    There, that’s better.
    Double DOH!

  13. 13
    hilars Says:

    @Dee: oh no you did not just compare Adriana’s “fame” with Angelina,Charlize and Penelopes aka Movie Stars, lmao. talk about delusional fangirls. I see pap pics of Angie,Charlize and Penelopes quite often. Adrianas hardly ever. there is your answer.

  14. 14
    QueenR Says:


    Question: Why does it seem like Adriana stans stalk other models more than their own precious one? WEIRD!

  15. 15
    @8 Says:

    You’re kidding, right?
    We see pap pics of Charlize, Angelina and Pene all of the time. With and without their children.
    I think that you have a selective memory.
    Miranda looks gorgeous, as always.
    There is more than one kind of ‘sexy’. You don’t have to be a bombshell. You can be more subtle, and still be considered ‘hot’. Not everyone is attracted to the overt sexiness of the Adrianas in the world. Just ask the surfer dude on TMZ. He can’t stop talking about “cute” Miranda. BTW, Miranda has always been a great seller for VS. She is one of their most popular models, even after she cut back on location shoots for them. She just did another solo commercial with them for their clothing line. Not to mention that she was the one wearing the fantasy bra last year.

  16. 16
    judsie Says:

    i’ll never get all that bashing seriously. if you hate her so much, move, there are plenty of other celeb threads here!
    i absolutely love all her rings, i wish i knew where there are from.

  17. 17
    @16 Says:

    “..i wish i knew where there are from”
    No, seriously
    She (and/or Orlando) does have great taste in jewelry. Beautiful and very tasteful.

  18. 18
    true Says:

    @hilars: She did not compare them. She only mentioned them as they are all more famous than Miranda.
    And that’s the simple truth. You can deny it all u want

  19. 19
    @18 Says:

    And has been said, we see pics of Charlize, Angelina and Penelope ALL OF THE TIME.
    Pap pics of Adriana don’t sell, because the only time people are interested in her is when she is less than half dressed.
    The original claim that we don’t see pics of them is idiotic.
    Miranda is quite famous in her own right. And the fact that she is married to a famous, well loved actor and has his beautiful baby just adds to her fame.

  20. 20
    true Says:

    @@18: please… YOu think Miranda sells more than Adriana? Don’t do that to yourself.
    There are tons of super famous people who the paps rarely see…You want me to name them?

  21. 21
    @20 Says:

    Miranda is much more interesting to the American public than Adriana.
    Miranda is featured on more talk shows, magazines and gossip sites than Adriana. BY FAR.
    Miranda is married to a much more famous man than Adriana, which adds to people’s interest in her.
    If Adriana’s pictures sell more than Miranda’s, we would see more of them. That’s basic logic.
    BTW, just in the last few days, we have seen A LOT of pics of Charlize. And Angelina is in the news all of the time.
    And are you really so stupid to claim that there AREN’T paps at LAX most of the time?
    Don’t be ridiculous. You can get away with that kind of hypocritical idiocy on delphi, but not here.

  22. 22
    true Says:

    @@20: lmao. Adriana turned down SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE though. And that’s bigger than all the shows Miranda has ever done. Paps don’t get pics of Adriana, because she doesn’t want them to. Scarlett Johansson is a global star, and yet her candids are few and far between. Even Alessandra Ambrosio gets papped all the time. It doesn’t mean she sells.
    And please don’t put words in my mouth.
    Nice try. U can keep clutching those pearls though

  23. 23
    Disgusted Says:

    @SSDD: You must be on her payroll. You always seem to stoop real low to kiss her ass.

  24. 24
    @22 Says:

    Adriana doesn’t want pap pics?
    Adriana Lima?
    The same Adriana who was so desperate por attention during the last VS show that she didn’t gracefully exit when she closed a section, but instead remained on stage milking the audience for applause?
    The same Adriana who was pouting that Justin Timberlake wouldn’t hold her hand as he entered the show so that she could take credit for the applause?
    The same Adriana who posts family pics on the internet?
    That Adriana?
    The panty model’s fans are so pathetic.
    Oh, and BTW, why would Adriana turn down SNL?
    Could it be because they never offered it to her?

  25. 25
    true Says:

    I have never heard of the TImberlake situation but I’m sure you’re milking it.
    Adriana desperate for attention in THE VS SHOW??!! Are u ok? Girl has been doing it for YEARS. Why would she be desperate now?! She’s already the most famous angel and the Queen B. So being desperate doesn’t add up.
    Atleast she waited until her baby was months old when she posted pictures of her at her website. Miranda on the other hand couldn’t wait to pimp her baby to the orld that she posted a pic of him breasting when the baby was an infant..
    U are the pathetic one here. U have the guts to call Adriana just a panty model, when Miranda famewh*re kerr is still doing the same panty modeling thing. And that’s where more than half of her earnings come from. Don’t even sugar coat it by telling me she has a High Fashion career while Adriana doesn’t. What exactly is she doing in HF that u guys are so proud of? Has she even ever walked a real Haute Couture show? Adriana has. Adriana has done more in HF than Miranda.
    Anyway, just to prove to u guys that Adriana has more star power than Miranda… Adriana is the spokesmodels for MAVI jeans and sales have skyrocketed to 50%. The commercial she shot for them was watched by 28 million people and providing 20% trafffic increase in stores and online. At one point, 12 million people talked about her collaboration with MAVI on twitter that she trended. The precise jeans/clothing she wore in the print campaign and commercials are selling like hot cakes. And now she’s also gonna be the face of Mavi worldwide(Europe and Russia).
    Now that’s what we call star power. Not parading around town with your baby and smiling for the paps

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