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Shia LaBeouf: Raising Awareness for Roma Children

Shia LaBeouf: Raising Awareness for Roma Children

Shia LaBeouf spends some time with disadvantaged kids on Sunday (June 10) in Los Angeles, Calif.

The 26-year-old actor tweeted the pictures via his project, The Campaign Book.

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The Campaign Book is one of Shia‘s personal projects, which champions things he loves and the written word.

Shia posted commentary with the pictures, saying that the kids are “f***ing g” and “super strong.” He’s also using the platform to raise awareness – Shia posted, “kid with the hat (Adriano) lives under some stairs with his sister and 3 brothers” and that they’re “living in some of the worst poverty [he's] ever seen.”

FYI: Monday was Shia‘s 26th birthday – Happy Belated Birthday, Shia!!

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  • Hamed

    love him! talented actor!

  • jason

    *uck Romas. They steal for a living and kidnap children. They should all be put to death.

  • xhu

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  • loz

    JJ i think you mean in ….Romania! where Shia is currently filming!

    Love these photos!

  • aimee

    great photos!

  • Whizpot

    Jason go screw yourself. Think before you decide to write disgusting things about a group of people you probably know nothing about. Read up about what happened to them during the Holocaust and tell me if you still think the same.

    You should be ashamed with yourself. People like you are just vile. Yuck!

  • Pleased

    That’s really great that Shia’s doing this! He seems less…what’s the word…composed, lately.

  • Hm

    A bit confused now…are there a lot of Roma people in LA?

  • jason

    @Whizpot: You should be ashamed to be so ignorant. Just because they were targeted during Holocaust doesn’t make them innocent. Do you know anything about Roma people? They exist to make people miserable. They have no moral compass. They raise their kids to steal and beg, and never work a day in their life. What’s worse they will steal other people’s babies and turn them into beggars. In Europe they are hated with passion for a reason. These are not innocent people who need compassion, they are low life thieves.

  • jason

    @Hm: Probably not. They are mainly in Bulgaria, as most Bulgarias are gypsies. Nina Dobrev is most likely a gypsy as well, hence the dark skin color. They are considered a pest by developed European countries because they are thieves and criminals, and usually live on the street or in dirty rundown places..not because they need to, but because they want to. That’s the lifestyle they want and have passed in on from generation to generation. They don’t believe in work or hygiene.

  • Romas in Paris UGH

    @jason: Yeah in Paris, they’re quite a nightmare! XD But I appreciate the fact that Shia has a heart big enough to raise awareness for them. In France, people don’t give them money or anything usually because we believe they belong to some kind of huge network and they just want to trap us. And actually, I’ve seen some of them dressed quite well outsite of the subways. So yes, I don’t fall for them anymore. And the worst thing they do in my opinion is take advantage of the kids. You often see Roma women in trains, carrying their baby JUST SO we pity them. That’s annoying. But still, good for Shia !

  • Tribal Queen

    Shia’s looking good in each and every one of these pictures. Ow! I especially love the one in which he’s smiling. He’s so adorable<3 I like what he stands up for aswell. Even though they can indeed get on your nerves….

  • mandy

    Roma kids are dirty a55 pickpockets – they’re all over London!

  • Whizpot

    Look at yourself before calling me ignorant. I live in Europe thank you very much and I damn well know more than you ever will.

    Stop generalising and please educate yourself and don’t pass on you vile views onto others. I love your comment ‘Nina Dobrev is most likely a gypsy as well, hence the dark skin color.’ Do you know Nina? LOL LOL
    How do the hell do you know they are considered a pest in Europe?

    Ignorance is bliss for some people!

  • sayuri

    He´s AMAZING!

  • jason

    @Whizpot: Sure you do, liar! You have no idea what Roma people are all about, nor do you have the slightest idea of Europe. You are just playing a goody-2-shoes here pretending to have a heart, even though it’s obvious how ignorant you are on the subject. Go earn your faux saint status elsewhere because it isn’t working here.

  • sayuri

    Love him!

  • Bella

    Jason and “Romans in Paris”, this is the bullshit that creates hate and racism against minorities. You talk about these people like all of them are the same. A pest in europe? How would you feel, if no country accepts you and your people and starts to hunt you down? Go and watch the movie “Just the Wind – csak a szél” by Bence Fliegauf and you will realise that these people are not criminals but victims because of this unfortunate way of life. Oh and you know why some of them steal and beg for money in every big city in europe, because there is a bigger network behind them, that first contacts them in their homecountry (if something like that exists). Then they promise them to have this wonderful life in the western world, when they come here, they have to sleep in one room with 20-30 people, without any chance of hygiene and healthpossibilities. The women get raped (every age) by their “freemans”, the same people, that promise to help these women. They have to steal, because otherwise they will them and their families at home. And they don’t get a single Euro from they money because it goes straight bach to the criminal network of gangs. To shut down that kind of life you have to educate their children and give those people the chance to live a good life, without the option of stealing. But as long as ignorant and blind people like you exist, they will never have the chance.

  • jason

    @Whizpot: Yes, just giving you a history and geography lesson. Romas have darker skin tone and are easily recognized in Bulgaria, where 80% of population is fair-skinned. There is a small percentage of Turks in Bulgaria who may also have darker skin tone , but again the majority is fair-skinned. This is why I said Nina Dobrev has a darker skin tone than the majority of Bulgarians, which is unusual. She is either Roma or Turkish (which I highly doubt since she isn’t Muslim by religion). This info was strictly informative but I see you tried to translate it as a racist remark since you yourself are so ignorant and most likely racist as well.

  • alle

    i just love shia god bless him

  • david

    shia i a great guy.the important thing he isnt fake like most of young hollywoood

  • grace

    woah jason seems like a hateful character

  • ash

    thanks for posting this but….srsly?LA??cuz he’s in Romania now filming his new film,and abviously it’s a trailer behind them in the 3rd pic…

  • Lisa

    Shia looks so much older.

    I agree that Romanian kids are indeed victims of their circumstances. From a young age, they are trained to fend for themselves, and this results in doing anything to survive. They need opportunity, food, a safe environment, and people who care about them.

  • no

    I guess that he is trying to reform his image.
    From drunken @sshole to humanitarian.
    Wonder how much he paid to have his pics taken with the kids?
    Such a phoney!

  • XYZ

    Zionist piece of shit… White race must disappear, according to Jews and they do everything to accomplish this goal. Go to hell, Shia, imbecile, go and live among scummy gypsies…

  • XYZ



  • mother theresa

    they were shooting the movie at a hospital. the kids recognized him and he gave them autographs. who the efff cares????? it’s not like he’s helping them. he’s just promoting his shiiit campaign project again that nobody cares about.

  • ego

    “look at me, I’m spending time with poor kids.
    oh and btw buy my book.”

  • horseycarrie

    whizpot you’re a dumbass

  • Whizpot


    Speak for yourself.

    p.s who said I was American? LOL

    Never heard so many bigots in one flipping day!

  • rosie

    @jason: i am from europe and i’ve never heard anything about romas or bulgarians being hated, sorry. i actually thought we accepted the differences in culture in europe, but thanks for educating me. you’re right in one point, a lot of romas are thieves but it is not because they are raised to be a thief but because they don’t have anything in their country. rumania and bulgaria are not as well developed as germany or france or england, whatever land you want to take as example, therefor they search for other ways to get what they need to live. they need food, clothes, a home and money…if they do not have it, what else can they do but steal it? i am not saying, that stealing is okay, even if you don’t have any other chance or way to get what you need, but that if the developed countries, the countries you said hated them, would help them to develope and become a strong community, then they would not be hated because they would not be tempted to steal. i think this is what europe is all about, standing together as one continent where one country helps the other or tries to help another. there will always be people who steal because they think it’s fun, but i do not think all romas, bulgarians or al polish people, for that matter, steal for fun and because they think it’s soooo cool.

  • rosie

    i also think, that shia is a very talented actor and i really like that he is spending time with these kids. :)

  • Whizpot


    Guess not as a big dumbass as you!

    Again so many bigots and you are one of them.

  • Sonia

    I’m a Roma girl living in Chicago, yes there are many Roma in the U.S. they are just easier to blend in because the U.S. is so multi-cultural. @Jason and everyone else posting negative comments about Roma/Gypsies no we are not all dirty thieves and no Gypsy I’ve ever known has kidnapped anyone’s children. I’m educated and hold a full time job as a teacher and I contribute to my community by paying taxes and volunteering my free time to tutoring people who want to better themselves and I’ve never begged a day in my life. Every race has their theives, beggars and people with poor hygiene skills. To generalize and say we are all like that makes you ignorant and reflects poorly on you, not your entire race.

  • alex

    @Lisa: Roma and Romanians are two different ethnic groups.

    Romas are a minority in Romania, just like all other European countrys. its nice what he does