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Tom Cruise: Friars Club Ceremony with Suri & Connor!

Tom Cruise: Friars Club Ceremony with Suri & Connor!

Tom Cruise holds up his award at a ceremony honoring him hosted by The Friars Club at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Tuesday (June 12) in New York City.

Earlier in the evening, the 49-year-old actor left his hotel on his way to the event holding his daughter Suri and followed behind by his son Connor.

Connor even held onto Suri‘s pocketbook and doll!

Also pictured inside: Tom‘s Rock of Ages co-star Alec Baldwin and Jerry Maguire co-star Cuba Gooding, Jr., who helped honor their buddy at the Godiva-sponsored event.

20+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise at the Friars Club Ceremony

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tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 01
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 02
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 03
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 04
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 05
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 06
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 07
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 08
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 09
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 10
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 11
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 12
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 13
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 14
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 15
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 16
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 17
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 18
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 19
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 20
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 21
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 22
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 23
tom cruise friars club ceremony with connor suri 24

Credit: Larry Busacca; Photos: FameFlynet Pictures, Getty
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  • pammy

    oh gosh! Six years old, wearing heels and is wrapped in a blanket like an infant!

    What a warped world they are in.

  • JEN

    Is he carrying Katie underneath that blanket JFC!

  • Bell

    did he really bring her to an event wrap in a blanket like a baby? Wow and Suri heels look to be 2 sizes too small for her.

  • bahha black sheep

    Congrats Tommyboy

  • bahha black sheep

    i wonder if Alec Baldwin lost weight

  • an opinion

    Connor is a handsome young man.

  • China girl kt

    This is an event that his wife should be at.

  • China girl kt

    I think Tom sent Katie to china permanently

  • lila

    Tom is awesome but theres this new film coming out that is trying to bring awareness to autism heres a trailer for it thank you for your time

  • jghawaii

    Connor is growing up to be a fine young man, and he looks handsome in his suit — it’s a shame he is stuck carrying Suri’s purse and stuff animal,

  • Peapo

    I can’t help comparing Suri to Shiloh Jolie Pitt because they are very close in age. Shiloh is a fit, athletic little girl that runs around playing and seems happy and healthy. And only in a very crowded area maybe would she wanted to be carried. She is known to be home schooled and seems very curious of the world
    Suri on the other hand looks extremely small, underweight and pale and rather sickly. She seems very reticent around other people and has the mannerisms of a small child. Her hair never seems combed and her clothes although expensive looking lays looks illfitting or dirty. You never see her actually play (NEVER WITH CHILDREN HER OWN AGE) just walk around shopping with her mother. It is unknown if she is schooled and never seems interested in anything but maybe a toy or doll that someone else is usually holding for her.
    I know all children grow and excel at different ages but I just have to wonder HOW the Cruises are raising Suri. I must admit I am very against Scientology. I believe it to be a cult and that may make me bias, but it just seems their rules and regulations regarding raising children are rather frightening. I’m not picking on the child. I just would like to know if Suri is getting all the things she needs to evolve into a healthy, happy young lady.

  • JC


    TC has successfully raised two healthy children, so stop acting you know more than he does even if you’ve never seen either kids. Could it be she was tired and daddy wanted to carry her nothing wrong with it. She was seen dashing, jumping, smiling full of energy just earlier the same day.

  • Nika

    Katie is away for work so that’s why she’s not there and Tom seems like a great dad always paying attention to his children. People liked him before they found out about his beliefs but maybe he finds your beliefs crazy as well. The bottom line is that he’s amazing with fans, always signing everything and taking pictures and he was in some of the most amazing movies I know.

  • jaspisgirl

    oh my g……. this is crazy.what has this kid to do at such a ceremony????? there are only adults!!!!!! she is six !!!!!! does she ever do children things,like playing with friends????? is this worth all the money she has???? being carried in a blanket with a dress at the evening only with adults around instead of having a sleep-over at friends or watching cartoons or eating candy which you are nor allowed.i remember having these things when i was six and i did not have the money,but i had a great childhood full of friends and candy and adventures ,which stayed in mind!!!!!! nuff said!!!!!!

  • annie

    Poor little girl went to watch her dad accept an award. no doubt waiting outside were 100 paps going crazy, she was probably tired and he carried her….like most dads do when it’s late and their child is tired.
    I do agree that Katie should have been there. I do realise that he’s always doing something, makes movies all the time etc, so if she lived her life revolving entirely around Tom she probably wouldn’t have a life. She seems to have become very independent.
    To be honest they don’t seem like a couple anymore, or at least that’s what it appears.

  • Delilah

    It looks ridiculous. Girl with high heels on her feet, carried in a blanket by her daddy.

  • jro

    Must be something wrong with Suri, most kids at her age try to hard to be independent, hate being coddled and carried around. She seems slow for her age and like she has arrested development. Seriously weird carrying her in a blanket at her age. She’s probably spoilt rotten AND has developmental issues, a bad combo.

  • jro

    oops….try **so** hard to be independent…

  • http://comcast Dee

    I cannot help it, he seems so sickening, never seems sincere.

  • Elmo

    Suri is spoiled brat.

  • jenn

    OMG..The cruises are insane, for sure. That little brat is in Tom’s arms wrapped in an infant blanket. IN heels.

  • deb

    Wrapped in a baby blanket and picked up and carried like a baby. I am just surprised Katie was able to tear herself away from the little brat.

  • Jean

    That is the weirdest sight. Someone in heels, wrapped in an infant blanket, being carried like an infant by her father.

  • Piper

    interesting how they never talk about the other daughter who’s underage and is living with her boyfriend. i guess someone broke out LOL.

  • Cece

    I’m sorry, but I think Connor looks way too much like Tom Cruise–are we sure he was “adopted”…? I viewed other photos of the two of them together, and the smiles and eyes are very much alike. He’s growing to be a very handsome young man, though.

  • CF98

    Isabella is 19 she’s an adult now Connor is 17

  • Louise

    Pathetic. Poor Connor has to deal with that psycho six-year-old. He needs to go live with the Urbans, who maintain a normal family life. They do not haul their children to award banquets, etc.

  • tsquared

    Flaunting Suri for the camera! If you look at other sites like Mail Online–you can see the Nanny is there as well as the body guard. Tom could easily have had the nanny sneak in and sneak out with Suri instead of carrying her out in front of the paps. I read that the Friar’s Club wanted to have a roast but Tom adamantly refused to appear if they did so and he also demanded approval on each and every guest speaker. Yep, Tom is doing his best to control everything in order to make a comeback.

  • lori

    I bet Tom brought Suri because she had a massive tantrum about Daddy going out that night and he conceded. She probably tore at his clothes, threw her dinner and screamed so loud that Tom’s ears were ringing. And that picture of little tom struggling to carry his giant baby out of the ceremony is classic.

  • Suri’s Stimming
  • Bo

    Tom is a beautiful man!!

  • Hamlet

    You just CAN’T help comparing two children that you’ve never met and MUST write your thoughts here, #11?

    Worry about your OWN kids!

    How would you know, #20?

    She’s not underage, #24. She’s the oldest actually.

    Many have made the same comments but no one has ever proved anything other than the official story, #25.

    You don’t know any of those people, #27

    Don’t believe everything you read, #28. This award was never meant as a roast in the first place.

  • Esmee

    I can’t believe some of the comments made here. I am sure my hubby would carry my girl around if she is Suri’s age when she is tired. What dad would not??? Prob just the shallow ones. The ones that enjoy fatherhood when they can get something from it and when it comes to being a dad they are totally lost at what a dad does!!!

    Geeeezzzz Tom loves his little girl! I can only admire him for being such a good dad!! And I would love to see Katie pregnant again because she seems to be a wonderfull loving mom.

    His son has become a handsome young man. He can be sooo proud of his kids :)

  • JennG

    I wonder how much he paided for that award.I guess katie finally escaped,lol!I know money is tight,but I`m sure Tom could afford to hire a babysitter for the evening.As for the first two kids being raised right I think that has to do with Nicole,they were very private when it came to pictures of the first 2 kids & now all he & katie do is parade suri in front of the paps like a sacrificial lamb,even thou she is clearly uncomfortable in these situations.

  • http://comcast Marj

    Suri looks like she could be catching up with Tom in heighth, that is not saying much though. He seems soooo phony.

  • pr person

    What a wackadoo…. The crazy nut brought his 6 year old daughter to this thing? UGH! Can’t stand him!

  • Helen

    There is another picture befor where suri was walking infornt of Connor and he was carrying her things for her.

  • someguy

    I heard Jerry Lewis collapsed when he heard that Cruise was getting an award for something other than being an ass.

  • look here

    Look Nicole’s baby,Sunday Rose is almost 4,she is walking herself all the proper time!!!!!
    There are lots of way to show your(Tom) love your Suri,please do not show your love in this stupid manner!

    and Tom is botox too!!Look his face,it tells everything!!