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Zac Efron: West Hollywood Stroll

Zac Efron: West Hollywood Stroll

Zac Efron shows off his bicep while going for a stroll on Tuesday (June 12) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The evening before, the 24-year-old Lucky One actor attended the final game during the Stanley Cup series between the Los Angeles Kings and the New Jersey Devils. The Kings defeated the Devils after a six game series.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zac Efron

Word broke yesterday that Zac‘s short-lived romance with Lily Collins had fizzled out.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron on a stroll…

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zac efron west hollywood stroll 01
zac efron west hollywood stroll 02
zac efron west hollywood stroll 03
zac efron west hollywood stroll 04
zac efron west hollywood stroll 05
zac efron west hollywood stroll 06
zac efron west hollywood stroll 07
zac efron west hollywood stroll 08
zac efron west hollywood stroll 09
zac efron west hollywood stroll 10
zac efron west hollywood stroll 11
zac efron west hollywood stroll 12

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Lauren

    Yes to everything

  • andrea

    i love him ! i’m so glad to see pictures of him almost everyday!

  • Chiara

    These articles are so stupid! “Zac Efron shows off his bicep” He´s only walking around casually doing errands, but yeah he´s “showing off his bicep” In the same stupidity you could write “Zac Efron inhales oxygen while going on a stroll”

  • Chiara

    He´s so hot though

  • Jen

    Oh Zac bad actor as ever & gay…

  • Chiara

    But probably gay lol! too bad..

  • TheRealMe

    That ain’t the only thing he’s showing off. Dude…commando doesn’t go well with skinny jeans.

  • LMAO

    OMG, this loser needs to stop calling the paps!! Enough already. So what if he’s walking down the street?? We don’t care!

  • lauren

    how do you know he called the paps?

  • Destroying The Machine

    Gina finally let up and realized Zac was never into this chick and forcing them to be together was only going to make him depressed. She also realized that we aren’t stupid and we knew this was fake from the start. Now Zac can go back to his secret boytoy. By the way, Lily and Chord are fake as well! Don’t believe these public relations showmances!

  • Sarah

    Honestly, it baffles me how many people talk shit about Zac and claim that they “don’t care” what he does. Well OBVIOUSLY you do care if you take the time to post on here. Seriously, stop being jealous hypocrites and the the f— out of here. No one needs your negativity

  • Sarah

    and get* the f— out

  • lola

    He is a closet case he will come out when he doesn’t need to act anymore..

  • vampy 91

    i dont see whats so great about him. his looks are ok and his acting isnt the best either =/

  • LMAO

    @lauren: Cause, duh, his pics are here every day. So much for Mr Private. LMAO

    @Sarah: Takes no time to post if someone like this annoys the crap out of you!! I don’t see a sign sayin’ I had to kiss his a$$ to be able to post here. F*ck off yourself.

  • Lauren

    Yeah cus the last three days is everyday? I’m pretty sure before three days ago the last pics were from Cannes And that was three weeks ago so Idk how this is everyday

  • kami

    all those “inside” sources and “friends” of efron make it sound like zac and lily never were a couple, like they just hung out with friends a few times. who are these sources? zac’s pr ppl? they are making lily look bad. it’s like her pr released the statement that the relationship was over, and zac’s friends or whoever are now saying there never was a relationship. i’m thinking zac might be a bit pissed that the breakup info was released, especially if there was no relationship.

  • Lauren

    Us weekly and E! Said it was never a relationship and the sources they have said to same thing

  • Amber

    Someone who refuses to believe Vanessa Hudgens calls the paps is freaking out over Zac’s second candids this week? LOL Go worship your famewh@ring Goddess and leave him alone. Yeah, it looks like you really don’t care about him at all…

  • melo

    he parked in a handicap spot
    hes such a jackass very desconsiderate and selfish…. such a douchebag!

  • Bite me

    Oh really dude parking in the handicap spot? He really is a jackass, maybe he’s mentally handicaped.

  • sarah

    He tries so hard to be cool.

  • Poppy

    @melo: Such a self centered douche! I am not surprised he did this. He does so many douchy things. Go away zac.

  • kitty Kat

    @kami: Of course he is trying to make her look lame. He chased her and she just wasn’t interested. He just can’t handle that no girls want to date him so he then says he wasn’t into them.

  • kitty Kat

    @vampy 91: His acting is dreadful.

  • sam
  • My 2 Cents

    @kitty Kat: Your joking right? This man is one of the most desirable guys on the planet. Jealous much?

    @Kitty Kat. Zac always gets good reviews on his acting , I’ll admit sometimes the material or the Direction falls short but he always gets fine notices for the most part. He is one to watch.

  • allessia

    @My 2 Cents:i don’t know really who decided that he is the most desirable guy on the planet because honestly he doesn’t do it for me either,he never did.he is a media creation nothing more believe me there is hundreds of young actors more beautiful and desirable than him that don’t have disney PR machine behind them.he is a disney product gone wrong

  • veronica

    i never saw the appeal in him either,i never thought that he is hot.he is good looking but not that good looking


    is it just me or there is a whole generation brainwashed by disney,to idolise these people like zac.thats really crazy.he is just a pretty face with no appeal,but i guess disney did a good work turning you to zombies

  • LMAO

    @Amber: WTF? We’re talkin bout Efron here and why we need effin pics of him walkin down the street doin nothin. Lots of people hate this dude, and that’s got nothin to do with anyone else!!

  • My 2 Cents

    @Allessia and @ Veronica He may not be your choice or type of guy. But he continues to make lists of the most beautiful men . He is obviously popular with millions of people and he left Disney long ago.
    His films make money and if he had no talent he wouldn’t keep getting hired for one project after another. I guess this is the site where jealous Haters go but He’s never done anything but keep to himself and do his job. If it makes you feel better to hate him I don’t think he cares really. He has everything going for him and he doesn’t need your acceptence. He really does have actual fans that just love him and believe me they outnumber the Haters .

  • veronica

    @My 2 Cents: belive me i dont hate tis for his movies he is type cast in cheesy roles that other actors wouldn’t do.he isn a movie star he is an actor and a bad stars are edward norton brad pitt cloney.and from the young actors shia labouef,andrew garfield…….as for the list he nevr was in the firs 3 and its a list they have to fill it.

  • Janet

    The hater like Lmao, allesia, veronica and others may not like or see his appeal, but he does get their attention and they go as far as posting on his board. They know his acting is bad in all his movies becos they’ve seen his movies or bothered themselves to read the reviews, why spend so much energy over someone who isnt worth your time? Think about it. And that probably is the appeal how many people can get reactions negative or positive from people.

  • adam

    @My 2 Cents: wow you and your idol just got owned.LOL go veronica

  • P-nis Envy

    He sure does seem to be packing some ‘heat’ in those tightish pants he’s wearing. Sorry, not a very Disnet oriented thing to say about teen hero Efron. WOW!

  • veronica

    @Janet: janet BLABLABLABLA.


    inda closet twink

  • Selma Kacha

    AHAHAHA @Lauren you’re so a studip leech :)

  • Selma Kacha

    @Amber: Just shut up Amber. How do you known she calls the paps ? Are you living with her ? Leave her alone

  • R U sure

    @ My 2 cents you are the only one here who knows what you are talking about. you have great facts, yes he didi a stupid thing here. But he is still very popular worldwide. Do I still see a bracelet?

  • Rachel


    Are you serious? Calling the paps? He is mostly spotted so less, just this week he has been spotted a few times! And so much for you not ‘caring’ when you come and comment alot on his threads!

  • Hanna

    Have nothing against V, but seriously it seems like all of her fans come here, change names and keep writing the same stuff over and over again!!!!!! And I doubt he calls the paps, he was hardly spotted the last year. And can’t believe that V’s fans come here and say he calls the paps when most of the people ( on any gossip board) think she calls the paps! I don’t think she does but neither does he! So stop talking nonsense.

  • Lana

    Don‘t you girls has nothing else, but come here and calling him gay? If he is gay , where‘s the prove? If he likes men, why paps didn‘t took some picture of him kissing a dude? Paps are usually stalkers. It‘s thier job. If you have any proof he is gay, show us. Until then shut up your stupid mouth.

  • Bunnylover

    @allessia: A Disney product gone wrong? Well he seems to be doing OK. The hatred on here is getting amazing again. Leave him alone! Getting papped a couple of times in a week is nothing! Remember all the posts, sometimes twice in a day of a certain person just shopping or going to the gym?
    And some of you need to learn that classing ‘gay’ as an insult just shows how hateful you are.

  • Selma

    @Hanna: Are you kidding me ? Just because I’m defending V, it means that i’m a fan ? Vanessa’s fan don’t waste their time and change their name. Stop with all this bullshit. For god sake STOP !

  • Hanna


    Agreed!! I think most of the people change their names and keep writing on the same page on his boards. It seems so from the comments!!
    And can’t believe people are bashing him for his work so much here. He’s young, he’s working hard, making so many movies in a year, he recently got amazing reviews for his work in ‘The Paperboy’. If he has it in him( I believe he does) he’ll prove himself. And if you don’t like his work, then don’t go see his movies! And he is gorgeous, even the haters know that. They just want to talk nonsense.

  • Hanna


    I was not talking to you actually. I was referring to people who were saying he calls the paps. And I’m not talking ‘bull-shit’. And yes, haters, of any celeb change their names and keep critisizing them on their boards. Its evident from the comments. And, for your information many people on V’s boards are critisized of being Zac fans and changing names, okay?


    Well wave your hands in the air, wave em round like you just don’t care,
    sock puppets over here, sock puppets over there
    and the puppets scream “oh yeah!” “oh he.ll yeah!”

  • R U sure

    Look at the lat several boards tons of hits here of course JJ and JJjr will post on him whenever possible You either love him or hate him , but you are all talking about him.