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Brad Pitt: Honda Motorcycle Shop Visit!

Brad Pitt: Honda Motorcycle Shop Visit!

Brad Pitt stops by a Honda Gold Wing motorcycle shop late last month in London, England.

The 48-year-old actor posed with staff members during his brief visit in Ruislip, a suburban area centered on an old village.

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Brad‘s movie, World War Z, has been running into some production problems, according to THR.

A release date for the flick, based on a Max Brooks novel about zombies in a postapocalyptic world, has been pushed from December to June 2013, with reshoots taking place later this fall.

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  • annon

    Brangelina attend Anoushka Shankar’s birthday

    Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie bonded with Indian sitarist Anoushka Shankar at her 31st birthday bash on Saturday in London.

    “Angelina was very warm. Brad and I spoke about all kinds of things… I told him I had met him once before as an 11-year-old star-struck child.
    This, he thought, was very funny,” Shankar was quoted as saying to a Mumbai daily.

    The rooftop party also saw actors Jude Law, Aaron Johnson and filmmaker Sam Taylor-Wood as guests.

  • b

    @William Bradley&The Jolie:

    They are trying to rag on Brad and his movie. Something they do all the time. Not difficult to understand. They do it to Angie too. Nothing new. The article acted as if the movie was just pushed back. In fact we knew that months ago. So yes it smells. but the haters have to be fed. Thing is in the end the JPs always always always come out on top.

  • bree

    Using a month old pix and news as an excuse to post “troubled” news re WWZ? Shame on you Jared!! It’s just so pathetic and obvious!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Ok. I just watched AH. It said that reason Mathew & Camila got marry is because their 4 years old question why mommy and daddy wasn’t marry. He is only 4. So, why did the trolls said Brad & Angie were lying about the kids wanting them to get marry. Maybe Knox & Viv are not old enough to ask the question but the other 4 kids are. They are older than Levi. The double standard.

  • yap

    @Media Wh@re MANiston:
    The double standard is only for Brad and Angelina. On another note, I really like Camila Alves wedding gown. Can’t wait to see Angie in wedding gown. I think they will definitely tie the knot this year.

  • dawne

    The trolls should be over at pencil lip’s thread……all this bullshite about charity begins at home…… would any of you hags know about ‘charity’ .. or ‘home’ for that matter. All this talk about kids fighting …..god, do you haglets ever stop self projecting….Angie and Brad are not your dastardly parents or the guy in the beater tank who dumped your azz for the hooker across the path in the trailer park. Shite, give it up, already.

  • FFer

    ALERT: You big fat JJ Bitches… This was posted on the FF board two weeks ago!

  • http://compute Susan

    MAYBE its a SECRET, they are hiding from Deadline and Variety and the DailyMail only prints the truth.
    What is the big deal if the movie have to change the ending, you’e like chicken little the sky is falling.

  • Bambi

    I’m so glad that Brad has a motorcycle in London. That way he can rev it up and swing by my place for a real ride, if you know what I mean.

  • fyi

    Take it with a huge grain of salt.

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are hosting their own opening ceremony party with only a gold standard of guest invited

    The A-list are on their marks and getting set for an Olympics-themed Night At The Museum.

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are hosting their own opening ceremony party – two days before the official one – with only a gold standard of guest invited.

    Princes William and Harry are expected to attend the charity do – to be staged at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum.

    Held in honour of boxing great Muhammad Ali, it is also set to feature the likes of David and Victoria Beckham, Sharon Stone, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

    Brad and Angelina – in the capital while she films new movie Maleficient – have roped in many of their A-list chums for the July 25 extravaganza.

    Raising funds for the Sports For Peace initiative, the black tie do will see a champagne reception on the museum’s pristine lawns before a four-course banquet dinner.

    With the bash finishing at 10pm, Brangelina are then hosting an uber-exclusive afterparty at their rented £20million townhouse.

    Says a source: “Forget the official opening ceremony, this is the party to be at.

    “Angelina is on official work duty but Brad is ensuring fun will be had after hours, and is very hands-on organising the booze-fuelled house party after.

    “It’s going to be an Olympics-themed party, with huge buckets of home-made cocktails on offer.
    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are hosting their own opening ceremony party with only a gold standard of guest invited
    “The who’s who of British and American celebrity will be in attendance, and invitees have been ordered not to take any photos from their phones.”

    The couple have already bagged opening ceremony seats for London 2012 itself, which kicks off on July 27.

    They have also been offered tickets for the most sought-after event of all – the men’s 100m final.

  • plez

    @William Bradley&The Jolie: It’s the media job to tell what is happening. However I think THR likes to exaggerate what is occurring as if everything is in a death spiral. I do agree that it is interesting that Variety or Deadline Hollywood has not written anything of this or the Lone Ranger supposed problems. Maybe they have information that it is not as bad as THR is making it out to be. I don’t think Paramount or Plan B need to do anything about this now. When the movie is ready they can release a short clip at Comic Com and if it is good than most of the negative stuff will go away.

  • Spin

    @plez: Deadline & variety are waiting for official word from Brad’s camp. THR didn’t wait for comments from Brad Pitt or Plan B.

  • Spin

    That’s why it looks shady to you. It’s a lot more honest than the other two will be.

  • lurker

    I remember in berlin brad and angie bid for a ticket for muhammad ali charity so there may be some truth to this.can any one bring that article or video i think at was the gala in berlin when angie was awarded

  • tish

    I think we are going to read many stories where the tabs are going to come out with a load of BS just as in the past almost 8 yrs of Angie being pregnant so many times it became redic. Or the JP’s getting married was another headliner with a load of crap to the point of just plain bull.

    Something like when the boy cried wolf too many times. Stories stories and more stories . So that when the truth actually does come out and they really do get married for realz there will have to be a pic or two with one or both of the JP’s confirming it . Or ppl will just take it as another BS article.

    Geesh it took them 7 yrs to become engaged so as to how long their engagement goes on we can all keep guessing.. Or too they could get married faster than anyone even could dream of so heres my Best Wishes to my fav. couple . Wishing them all the happiness
    in the world ……..whenever… xo

  • teri

    Brad is one very sexy man.

  • bizzy bee

    I’m confused by how many threads we have tonight. These pics are three weeks old, why is this JUST being posted? Is Jared trolling us?

    I know who isn’t confused… the trolls will cling onto any JP thread they can find. A shame we can’t make them vanish.


    hahahahaha he has aged horribly…..omg….he lost his looks and he has a teeney lil thing, too….poor guy

  • deena

    Brad looks great. He needs to let us see his abs. It looks like they are still rock hard under that sweater.

  • deena

    Everyone ages. But Brad’s body looks to be in the same shape as he did many many years ago. Not tiny to me. But I know this has to do with his ex wife new guy have weirdly short legs and arms.

  • bizzy bee

    What can I say about this man that hasn’t been said. He’s sexy as ever!

  • Lola

    Direct complaints to the contact of this site for Jared immediately put an end to the monopoly of these threads by bullies through lack of respect and harassment. The union is strength.

  • Lina

    Look at his body..I’m amazed..

  • Lina

    I wish Brad was cast in Magic Mike

  • I L A

    Brad’s is beautiful!!!

  • I L A


  • plz

    Brad wouldn’t take the role even if he was cast in Magic Mike. He wouldn’t be even interested in that film.


    it’s a beautiful tribute to Angelina. It’s based off Beyonce’s song “I was here.” WATCH:

  • Just Sayin

    I think Brad and Angie will attend this party in honor of Muhammad Ali. I think they bid on the ticket for the party at Berlin Peace of Cinema gala. I am not sure about hosting the party.

  • a lurker

    I found an article about the gala held on July 25. Read the whole article at link.
    On the historic occasion of the XXX. Olympic Games 2012 in London the initiative “Sports for Peace“ will host a Gala on July 25 at the Victoria&Albert museum in order to highlight humanity through sports and honour Muhammad Ali, the greatest icon of our time. This evening will celebrate Ali`s Six Core values as they relate to the Olympic ideals, while raising awareness for the Muhammad Ali Center and Parkinson research.

    The aim of this evening is to celebrate the Olympic values and Muhammad Ali’s six core values: respect, confidence, conviction, dedication, giving and spirituality.

    The Gala will take place at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The evening commences with a reception in one of London’s most beautiful gardens and will be followed by a black-tie Gala dinner & ceremony in the prestigious Raphael Gallery which houses some of the most important surviving examples of Renaissance art in the world including seven Raphael cartoons dating back to 1516.

  • YOU MAD?

    thats my fav song from the album..beautiful video, thanks for sharing

  • Lola

    Sane people, please go to the contact of this site, to require Jared do something about violent bullies who monopolize these threads (jolie-pitt-aniston) by threatening and insulting . If many of us complained, JJ will do something about it.

  • Wonderbust

    @a lurker:
    Angie is listed on the side as honorary patron and guest..didnt her and Brad make their debut as couple at an Ali event as well in 2005

  • a lurker

    Angie is listed as honorary patron and guest at Peach for Cinemawhich was held at Berlin during Berlin Film Festival last year. Brad and Angie already attended it. This is Sport for Peace gala. and yes, their debut as a couple was at Ali related event.

  • a lurker

    sorry about spelling errors:
    Angie is listed as honorary patron and guest at Peace for Cinema which was held at Berlin during Berlin Film Festival last year. Brad and Angie already attended it. This is Sport for Peace gala. and yes, their debut as a couple was at Ali related event.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    I think WWZ is going to be a blockbuster next summer.
    So looking forward to seeing it when it comes out.
    I love that Brad said…”I know my boys will like it!”
    I think Brad always makes GREAT movies, but my favorite, next to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, is TAOJJBTCRF. And I loved Moneyball.
    God bless the JoliePitts.

  • a lurker

    One more correction:
    Peace For Cinema was held on Feb. 2012 at Berlin NOT last year.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Also like how Brad takes everything in stride.
    We know THR is just trying to stir the pot with nothing real to write about.
    How many big budget movies are having their share of issues and always have had their share.
    Changes are a part of the movie business.
    WWZ will be just fine.

  • Wonderbust

    here is the video of them bidding for Muhammad Ali tix,,they are so adorable

  • Wonderbust

    if you dont want to click on the link bc of trolls stealing names, the title of the video is
    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Bid & Kiss at Peace Auction

  • a lurker

    Love the video, cute and hot. Brad is so naughty.

  • BW

    Brad sure loves Angie’s butt.

  • Amazed

    Wondered where Brangelina have been at least we get to see one

  • who


    Outbidding each other, they’re SO cute! LOL

  • lurker

    Thanks that means they will attend the gala and opening ceremony already contributed to muhammad ali center related charities

  • Crabby Patty

    Hey, Brad. Looking good!

    Planning on taking the nanny for a ride on your big fat hog? Just be sure to wear a helmet…

  • Susan

    I’m not SURPRISE that The Sun Story is full of lies, don’ t know if they’re hosting a private dinner, but why, when there is dinner already at the event.
    The Sun is trying to paint Angie and Brad as extravagant, they spent 3000.00 pounds on a curry dinner, staying in a 20 million house, yes security is important, they don’t want peeping Toms looking through their windows.
    Now if A Lurker, did not find this story, some would’ve believe The Sun’s story, that tab don’t only look at pictures and
    make up stories this is another example of their loose journalistic reporting.


    hohohoh i saw pic of maniston in paris with her rent a toyboy BF .. she got thunder thigh.. next time we’ll see her she’ll be as big as whamo the whale bwahahah!!

  • anon2


    I know, see how the truth gets twisted. Arseholes.

    As for JJ, I suspect JJ forgot his humble beginnings and greed/ego got the best of him, looks like Jenny’s “PR Guru” as she calls him made the rounds with their latest campaign to make Jen look good. S’ okay, keep those pics coming from Paris each and everyday, JJ. And meanwhile, try to convince your old faithful readers–that helped you build your business—that they aren’t looking at month old pics. Fans should stop asking JJ for new threads for JPs and see what happens.

    I’ d love to see a tell all about the dirty tricks of the Huvane brothers, especially Steven and his relationship with one former ‘Friend’.

  • OT- Bryan Lourd at Art Basel

    OT- Bryan Lourd is at Art Basel

    Art Basel, the four-day art fair located at the nexus of Switzerland, France, and Germany, is all about the fast-paced buying and selling of art. It’s a commercial affair that attracts dealers and collectors (and their advisers) from all over the world, as well as its fair share of tourists. “Are you here for the fair?” they ask you as soon as you land at the local airport.

    The booth set up by the Marlborough Gallery in London, for example, represented a perfect dichotomy of the art market’s current schizophrenic understanding of value: side by side, the cheapest piece of art at the fair, João Onofre’s “Untitled (This stays between us),” a clipping from a 2011 classified ad, next to the most expensive, a 1954 untitled painting by Mark Rothko, retailing for more than $70 million. It was all anyone could talk about on Thursday night, at a private dinner at the Beyeler Foundation on the outskirts of the city, hosted by Newsweek/The Daily Beast, Credit Suisse, CAA’s Bryan Lourd, and Dasha Zhukova, founder of Moscow’s Garage Center of Contemporary Culture.