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Brad Pitt: Honda Motorcycle Shop Visit!

Brad Pitt: Honda Motorcycle Shop Visit!

Brad Pitt stops by a Honda Gold Wing motorcycle shop late last month in London, England.

The 48-year-old actor posed with staff members during his brief visit in Ruislip, a suburban area centered on an old village.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

Brad‘s movie, World War Z, has been running into some production problems, according to THR.

A release date for the flick, based on a Max Brooks novel about zombies in a postapocalyptic world, has been pushed from December to June 2013, with reshoots taking place later this fall.

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Photos: FameFlynet
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  • wow

    @an opinion:
    Brad is rocking that Legends of The Fall’s look.

  • M

    He looks quite thin! He’s hot, but waaay thinner than before.

  • Lol

    @The nannies have the kids: loing is that you! Get a life you pthateic loser. Speaking of dressing like 30s go and look how deep dresses..he dresses like a 20 year old clown

  • Poor Maniston

    Ugly Lamey cannot get over the fact that Maniston downgraded big time in this relationship. Ugly Lamey is always calling pple like J-Lo & Madonna out (rightly so for having toyboys), but becoz she is so up Maniston’s arse, she tries to “sugar coat” this relationship. Lamey should realise that Maniston is fading fast & her pairing with Midget did not raise her profile at all!!!! Evidence – 1. bombing of Wanderlust, 2. her search on google has gone way down even with the current “photo-op tour” with midget, 3. lately most blogs have stopped going all ga-ga over her relationship with Midget and finally if she was as beloved and well known internationally as her Jenhens & Ugly Lamey try to imply, we would have been seeing numerous tweets & cell phone pics from Paris esp being at the Eiffel Tower where the entire world goes sight-seeing. Ugly Lamey, take cue, Brad had not even settled in German & he was already trending on twitter & that Ugly Lamey is the power that you, Maniston & Jenhens wish and die for, but will never have!!!! Maniston will continue to fade fast, this is just the beginning. No more legit movie offers!!!


    lots of stupid people in the world. no need talking to fools. if we don’t feed the trolls they’ll fine food eals were.

  • fyi12

    A tumblr link to a few Brad pictures from Kassel.

    Popsugar and other entertainment sites have these pictures. Even Lamey put up Brad’s pictures in Germany! So what is Jared waiting for? wtf JJ!

  • anon2


    Well, did any of the other sites put up day by day pictures of Aniston/her man in Paris like JJ did? He seemed to plaster up each and every day, something seems off about JJ. So maybe he decided to make some quick cash now and cannot post any fresh pics about the “competition” while his subjects are getting attention (even negative attention is better than none)? Also, isn’t it strange when the needy subject needs attention badly that strange, nasty “blinds” or nasty tabloids stories by this secretive un-named source appears right at the time subject-X is fighting to stay in the limelight? Old gal said she plays dirty and we all know how passive-aggressive sociopath she is—her Queen Guru too.

    As they say in football, best defense is offense. BUT, it is Hail Mary time for Jennifer.

  • anon2

    * my sons will kill me, I thought I got the defense and offense backwards! You know what I meant. Still Hail Mary time.

  • Faye

    Ticky is so predictable. Paps ignore me. I’ll wave at them to get attention. When they want to take my picture, I can’t be bothered, especially if I’m alone. Guess I’ll have to keep at the charade (for (whichever one he is, I forget if he’s Lenny or Squiggy) to make him think I’m just so, so popular, even though only two paid camera people are following me. Don’t know how anyone can say she has a “banging body” now. I’ve said for years Ticky has thunder thighs. With the additional weight she’s gained, it’s very, very apparent. Even though the lie keeps being spread by Huvane. Now that her popularity is getting down to an all time low (I hope), I have the feeling this is when Ticky will get desperate and I can see her sending La Jolie flowers if at all, then. Anything to get her name in the paper. Guess Lenny and Squiggy will have to get married to keep their name in the paper. Although I don’t see them getting the kind of coverage Brad/Angie will get.

  • fyi12


    I know what you meant :) You got me there with the hourly & daily Ticky pap orchestrated pictures JJ has been posting! Touche! I guess Huvane & Ticky pays him well. LOL

  • Tine1988

    Brad is stille the hottest male actor around, no doubt in my mind

  • Tamsin

    LOL, why do loons help Pothead cover up for his short stature?

    Exhibit A: Orlando Bloom as reference. Pothead standing next to him vs. Theroux standing next to him.

    He looks like he’s 5’9, and that is already stretching it a bit, no pun intended, but I’m sure those heels and lifts help. Just think about those pics next time you try to mock Theroux who is about the same height as he is.

  • beautiful

    Brad is such a perfection.

  • jilly

    I’m positive that Brad is dying of jealousy since Justin came to the picture. Yes he has the boney psycho HO but he doesn’t want her! He is stuck and seeing his beautiful EX being so happy with this brilliant handsome guy is killing him. HAHA Brad, Karma is a bad B-I-T-C-H!!!

  • JPS

    crdt jps

    Translation of Germany TV coverage on Brad at Documenta art exhibition in Kassel

    - Brad Pitt is a Hollywood star, who, although totally relaxed, always immediatelyattracts crowds of people.

    - ‘Beautiful View’ is the name of the street he is walking down. How appropriate! A bit of Hollywood around also included as well as nervous (female) Documenta staff. The relaxed, art loving Hollywood star is allowed to go into the New Gallery, all of the others have to wait outside.

    - The photographer U. S. was lucky because he was already there before Brad arrived. He says, it was really getting loud, screech alarm like at a Tokio Hotel concert! More and more people were coming: ‘Brad Pitt is here!’ All the girls were rushing there as it became known in the city. Brad finally left by the back entrance.

    - Brad seemed very excited about the exhibition, photographed with his iPhone, looked at everything.

    - Some onlookers were lucky too and could take pics of Brad. One man said that he saw the boss of the Documenta first and was wondering why on earth she personally makes guided tours. Was the pope here or anybody else?

  • Oh my

    @Lol: What is wrong with you? Are you drunk? That explains your love for all things brad. Alcoholic.

  • anon2

    Ok, JJ is not letting post the link to celebdirtylaundry dot com —good side by sides of Aniston’s surgeries. Anyhoo, I bet when the latest surgery and chemical peels were healing after Wanderbusted–some major manipulating, head hunting and how to tromp the “enemies” meetings were going on with Stephen Huvane, possibly his bro, Jennifer and her wee-one. She’s been reduced to playing a fake PANDA bear, Paps called to watch her walk to gym/hair dresser, totally shopped Dumbwater ads and don’t forget, “justin will write and direct Jen in Dumbwater ads about Jen’s life with the paparazzi” hence, the trip to Paris, complete with pics sent home w/said pap and Jen looking at paps. lol She wants you to know and remember it. Hail Mary time. Old gal needs help, she’s acting like Kate Gosselin now.

  • Oh my

    @Tamsin: give it a rest. They will never admit Brad is not perfect. They are so jealous of Justin and Jennifer. When was the last time Angelina gave them a photo-op with her looking lovingly at their Brad? It’s been ages. She’s over it, but obviously brad missed the papz and media attention.

  • Oh my

    @anon2: When will they do a side by side of brad sporting his natural hairline and The after when he has it covered? Never.

  • Oh my

    Did anyone read the comments on people magazine? The housewives hate brad. Lmao who is he going to sell his movies to now?

  • anon2

    That blonder hair and new part line of Jen’s is dead-give-away to distract away, Jen got some new work done. After she sees those pap pics, she’ll go back for lipo on those thighs. Bet you.
    Wonder how much Chris is charging for this trip? How much was it before?
    Brad’s hairline looks good to me, the man could be bald and he’d still look damn good…beautiful inside and out, good people.

  • Lucian

    brangelinaforum has Maniston childhood pictures. No wonder Maniston’s mother said she was born ugly. She was so ugly. Both Brad and Angie were born beautiful.

  • old fat manny

    old fat manny bought a troll, ei ei oooo. With a dirt bag here, a dirt bag there, here a (paid) pap, there a (paid) pap, ei ei ooo.

  • Oh my

    @jilly: Brad Pitt better try to get back with Jennifer. That’s the only way to save his career.

  • Oh my

    Jared hates you guys. Ur pests.

  • Sweet

    Thanks for pics, tweets and updates, Brad is just the sexiest man ever.

  • Oh my

    Peaking around the net. Nobody cares about Brad’s photo-op except the sites that his pr sent the pix to. In comparison every site is talking about Jennifer and her boyfriend the uber talents Justin. Poor Brad, It looks like his attempt to drum up as much pr as Jennifer didn’t work.

  • yap

    I saw the pics. Luckily Brad didn’t have child with Maniston. Imagine if the child looks like Maniston, yuck.

  • Stfu

    @yap: her children will look like suri cruise. Aniston’s old childhood pix= suri cruise.


    Fans please don’t full in the trolls trap. they’ll try everything to get you talking to them. Even insulting the the AMERICAN ROYAL COUPLE .

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    I was about getting sick of his long hair but after looking at those pictures I change my mind. He is too damn hot with the pony tail. And the body. What can I say. I’m drooling all over right now.

  • dawne

    Troll is trying to put TDirt and Brad Pitt in the same league……….sorta like the majors and the minors in baseball………just a world of difference in terms of status. Nice try though troll, Aniston is a joke in HW and Brad is the biggest male star in the world………..go back to your Friends reruns and the good ole days of the Golden Olden Couple.

    It’s just so all in your liddle, wee, wee mind. The rest of the world, not so much. Ta Ta

  • ISA

    Published rare photos of Angelina Jolie

    Shiloh looks so much like Angelina….

  • http://compute PIP

    Now I know who puts Zahara’s hair in that pony tail.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    @a lurker:
    “The evening commences with a reception in one of London’s most beautiful gardens and will be followed by a black-tie Gala dinner & ceremony in the prestigious Raphael Gallery which houses some of the most important surviving examples of Renaissance art in the world including seven Raphael cartoons dating back to 1516.”
    It sound amazing! Thank you for posting the information. Cartoons dating back to 1516…..I would love to see that.

  • Oh my

    @dawne: look around the net, fool, and try to tell me that Brad is getting more press than Jennifer and Justin. After that bad news about wwz, that terrible photo floating around of his forehead looking the size of a balloon , the recidng hairline photo, and the minor attention at Cannes (it was called the most boring Cannes of all time by some media outlets) he needs some good Press. This is a blatant photo-op at an art show to make him look Wordly and loved. Yeah, they follow him in Germany. They’ll be shocked when all they get is 2 grand for the photos bwhaha. I suppose his agent didn’t send Jared the photos off the bat because they know the comments will not be kind and he only has 5 fans here. Lainey put a good spin on it for him and hi$$$ pr team.

  • Lucian

    Maniston hens have been in their deluded la la land for almost 8 years.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    They do that every time MANiston is with a man. They always compare them to Brad. Have you ever seen the trolls compare Vince to John or Gerald to John or Bradley to Gerald or midget to John? No. Only to Brad. Do you want to know why? Is because it makes them feel better to think that MANiston is better off without Brad. They want to show Brad is not all that but deep down they are still angry at him for leaving their ugly idol. They are still piss at Brad for dumping her @ss. That’s why they keep comparing Brad to all the guys she ever dated.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    If this was Angie playing the role, we’ll never hear the end of it from the trolls.

  • dawne

    They call us sheep……..I call them spawning salmon. Diff is salmon know where they are going and what is going to happen……..trolls live in a fantasy they created and honed out of hate……….but hate only corrodes the vessel in which it is carried. One day they will figure that out. In the meantime you can only laugh at their delusion; somewhat like laughing at a three old who really believes Santa is coming down that chimney.

  • Facts

    @Oh my: look at the net fool! Ok when he was in germany today he was trending on twitter in germany when he was at cannes he was trended on twitter at france and minor attention at cannes lol! He got 10 minutes of standing ovation from the crowd for his movie despite being the main news in all the shows .so keep dreaming

  • Pitts pr team on overdrive

    @Facts: David Hasselhoff gets mobbed in Germany. Every movie gets standing ovations in Cannes. Zac Efron started crying when his turd got a standing o. Lmao

    Don’t be surprised if you see him having dinner with Jennifer and Justin next. He needs that type of hype.

  • dawne

    Brad needs nada from the fading sitcomhack……….except to stay lost. He’s so done with that era of his life I doubt he remembers it other than it being a pea soup ‘fog’ that immobilized his ability to create a full life.

  • Passing Through

    # 259 Faye @ 06/14/2012 at 5:21 pm
    Faye -
    Just an FYI – I didn’t forget about posting the US scans. I’m just having a hard time finding all the images. I changed computers about 6 months ago and I think I accidentally deleted 1 of the pages. I thought I’d just go back to the hen site I got them at a few years ago and…the site doesn’t exist anymore. I’m shocked…and the world is shocked. I thought the hens were there until the bitter end but apparently at least one of them is over Ticky. LOL! I’ll post the 6 pages I have later tonight. I’ve got one last hen enclave to brave to look for the file. If it’s not there, then I’m throwing in the towel. I’m kind of surprised I don’t have that issue because I used to buy the US issues whenever Janice Min ragged on Ticky and called her a needy, neurotic, exercise, diet and beauty-treatment fanatic who drove away every man who ever dated her through sheer annoyingness…is that even a word?…

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Hi Rose
    I don’t think anybody with any sense is buying that lie that Dirtbag has the best body in America except Dirtbag’s hags. Dirtbag was virtually laughed off the internet when Huvane tried to sell that lie to the public. And look at the old gal now with her thighs bursting out of her jeans. Not a pretty sight.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Knox’s dad is so cute back then at a young 27 years of age. But he is a gorgeously rugged looking hunk of handsome now.

    Thanks for the picture and the article.

  • groundcontrol

    How amusing for the trolls to visit back threads and try to “gain control” as they hysterically put it. No rest for the lame brained. Nor their widdle thumbs.


    sorry fans i just seen my post. Meant to say fall Not full.

  • Passing Through

    # 272 Lucian @ 06/14/2012 at 6:11 pm
    Ticky’s mother didn’t call her “ugly”. She said Ticky was “unbeautiful.” Obviously her mother is the mistress of understatement but that’s what mothers are for, isn’t it? LOL!

  • CrabbyPatty

    @Love the JoliePitts:

    Knox’s dad is cambodian.