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Brad Pitt: Honda Motorcycle Shop Visit!

Brad Pitt: Honda Motorcycle Shop Visit!

Brad Pitt stops by a Honda Gold Wing motorcycle shop late last month in London, England.

The 48-year-old actor posed with staff members during his brief visit in Ruislip, a suburban area centered on an old village.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

Brad‘s movie, World War Z, has been running into some production problems, according to THR.

A release date for the flick, based on a Max Brooks novel about zombies in a postapocalyptic world, has been pushed from December to June 2013, with reshoots taking place later this fall.

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  • CrabbyPatty

    “Which Oscar-winning actress has infuriated her fiance because she skinny-dips in the family pool in front of their kids’ friends and the household staff? Her actor-beau doesn’t mind her swimming in the buff when it’s just the two of them, but now their oldest boys’ pals have been visiting more often to catch a glimpse of the hot mom’s “splash parties.” Not to mention the gardener who almost drove the lawnmower into the house after getting an eyeful!” — Blind Gossip


  • Lol

    A private art show with photographers inside.

  • Lol

    Brad looks scary:

  • Lol

    He’s so old he has a skin tag hanging off his eye. Wtf?

  • Oh my

    No matter how much he tries he will never live down that photo or the hairline photo.@Lol:

  • Lucian

    @Passing Through:
    Unbeautiful, lol, that’s Maniston’s mother indirect way saying “ugly”.

  • catherine

    Love that Brad let his hair and beard grow wild and he still looks beautiful.

  • dawne

    Ticky had a gynormous skin tag hangin from her p*ssy so don’t worry about one on Brad’s eye…………..has someone got the photo of that ‘thing’ hangin’ btwn TDirt’s legs???????????????? If she was really famous that would have been all over twitter, but noone cared enough to even take note of that freak show or Butler’s finger up her azz……….and the hag army of salmon are worrying about a skin tag on Brad……..ya just gotta love it………….LMAO Grasping much????

  • cee

    I cannot believe how really stupid people are. If anybody is really foolish enough to think that Angie woukd do anything like that BI suggest is not only delusional but out of their mind. It makes me angry just to think that I even felt angry enough to respond to such a stupid comment. If there is one thing that is absolutely tru and that is that Angie is the best mother in the entire world and Brad knows it ans has said it over and over again. So just stop evil people. You shoukd be happy ugly Ticky and her man are getting press in Paris. Even though it is all staged at least she has a man now.

  • seriously

    Brad Pitt is really the most beautiful man on earth.

  • Oh my

    @cee: it will never stop. You read some of the stuff on that site. Just the most disgusting things about Angelina and her parenting evn I as a “troll”think it’s too far. They know how much being a mom means to her so that’s where they go, but it will never end because she’s with the one man they want with aniston. Nothing will stop them from posting hateful and defamatory allegations against Angelina. That’s just what Angelina did to herself when she got with Brad Pitt. Deal with it or stop following jolie threads. That’s the only thin that sets their crazy above brangelina fans.

  • anon

    @Oh my:

    Just like you have to deal with the “thumbs down”, ducky.

  • guest

    Thanks Anon for the Video..Damn!!! Brad has a sexy walk and a nice butt..

    I can’t get over how dirtbag’s legs are longer than squiggy’s and he’s wearing what looks to be 2″ thick heeled boots. They both lack sexiness.

  • lylian

    @Poor Maniston:
    we would have been seeing numerous tweets & cell phone pics from Paris esp being at the Eiffel Tower where the entire world goes sight-seeing.
    Has anyone checked to see if such twits and photos exists which aren’t taken by yoga chick or acting coach chick? I don’t have a twitter account. :-)

  • Oh my

    @anon: I enjoy the thumbs down. I don’t want to be on the same side as you. Lmao

  • braddy’s old nose
  • 2%Jenny


    The one in that tan bikini? LOL @ US ragmag posting on their site recently. I just about spit out my coffee when I seen it. Huvane must not paid up on time to the rag. Jenny’s packin’ for sure.


    That’s funny that a fan of menopausiston, the plastic surgery fiend who has a turkey neck waddle and deep wrinkle creases in her forehead you could plant corn in, and who is traipsing around france with her middleaged BALD ted bundy lookalike no-name paid rentadate…is calling THE ‘Brad Pitt,’ he who makes women worldwide salivate, ‘old.’ Get off the pipe Grandma faniston.

  • dawne

    @Oh my:

    you say it like you have a choice, troll. Don’t go gettin’ all confused with the facts again.

  • Manis

    Brad Pitt …. You you are one most beautiful Man alive;)) always and forever!!!!
    Love you, your Angie and your Beautiful Family.. always and forever!!
    Let the Dog barks… They barking because they’re in pain…
    God Bless the JPs and all the Fans around the World!!

  • 2%Jenny


    Miss Angie is one lucky woman for sure, soon to be Mrs. Angelina Jolie-Pitt. Not that Brad Pitt is getting shorted, no way no how. Angelina is one of the beautifulest, if not the most on the globe. Beauty starts within from both of these fine folks.


    81% 18,264

    19% 4,410
    Bahaha – who wore it best, blue blazer. Showing manny in her hammer pants from the 80s, and chic Kate M. See when Angie is not the foil, inspiring all thos ecat ladies to vote ‘for’ Maniston, NO ONE CURRR. hahaha. It’s like I’ve always said – she has no fans, she just has angry b*tches who been dumped that rag on Angelina. lolol

  • vickifromtexas

    no matter what ugly jealous people post , a photo of brad proves them wrong every time. he is gorgeous. he is as sexy as all get out. his grin, his walk, his hair, his face, his body. no wondert the poor trolls can’t stay away.

  • fyi12


    ITA. Worth reposting his swagger again.

  • q

    “Once you hit 40, you start re-examining the math of it all. I’ll trade wisdom for youth any day.” – Brad Pitt

  • vickifromtexas

    fyi12 @ 06/14/2012 at 9:19 pm


    ITA. Worth reposting his swagger again.
    thank you for reposting, certainly worth rewatching. i forgot to mention his great a**. = )

  • braddy’s old nose

    @q: he was an ugly youth so was Angelina

  • braddy’s old nose

    Wrong pic. Here he is as a teenager in middle America he was so ugly.

  • 2%Jenny

    Eww, Brad got tired of holding up 98% of Jennifer, man. Now she’s fugly.

  • dawne

    the world is atwitter with a sighting of Brad and his pure sexiness and a name changing troll is parked somewhere in buttfcuk america making it her personal mission in life to TRY to unravel popular global opinion. Good luck with that, moron.

  • fyi12

    Swoon! 14 pictures of Brad at this German site!. I don’t know what they wrote? The pictures are great though :)

  • Mrs. Patrick J. Campbell

    Brad is a sizemeat hunk. Are there any nude photos?

    Why is he with that icky stink fish and her crotch critters!

  • Oh my

    @dawne: The world? Post some links to the sites other than people, Lainey, and popsugar and some German sites that were sent the pix from pitts pr team? There’s not reason to try an change public opinion because the public doesn’t seem to care about him. Jennifer and Justin are everywhere all over blowing Up the net and entertainment shows. et , extras , usweekly, etc,. Brad and his pr stunt didn’t cause the world to go a twitterer like they did for justin and Jen. It makes me wonder if all the attention he got when he was with Jennifer was because of her? Lmao

  • Oh my

    @Mrs. Patrick J. Campbell: google the pix. He has tiny meat it’s as small as zac efrons and then google Chris browns nudes and compare. You will have a good laugh.

  • Rose

    @fyi12:#331, Thanks for the link , fab photos. Whenever you see trolls having a meltdown, you know Brad and Angie are looking fabulous

    Thanks to all those posting videos and links to photos, much appreciated.

    Trolls, stop lying, you know Brad looks HOT, HOT, HOT. Now, go cry yourself a river. who gives a ….., fill in the blank, what the trolls think.

  • http://justjared bermy girl

    Angelina’s gait is like a panther, or other big cat – she moves in a fluid, regal and graceful manner.

    Brad, well his gait is like a lion for sure. That purposeful swagger oozes sexy masculinity.

    That footage of Brad descending the stairs at Cannes to get his woman and then the one of him leading her down the steps is awesome! Imitated but never duplicated!

  • QQQQ
  • Rose

    Someone just completely lost it. Troll is now checking Brad manhood and comparing it with other men. Ladies, what the saying, it’s not the size that matter, it’s how you use it. I guess dirt bag must have loved it, she and her fans are still wishing she still has it. Get it in your tick head troll, Brad is not going back, never. Now, move along.

  • Rose

    @2%Jenny: #329, to the troll talking about Brad’s old nose. Want to see Dirtbag old nose check out video at comment #329. Enjoy.

  • http://n/a angierocks

    Brad is THE!….

  • troll(s) in pain

    Troll(s) are SO EMBARRASSED by leathery fat tick, they keep lying about the JPs to ease their pain- Brad hasn’t had any PR for 5-6 years; Angie has never had any PR. The JPs have better things to spend their money on than paid liars and spin doctors. Fat tick manny is the one with the PR- she spends MILLIONS on it

  • http://n/a angierocks

    WTF is hagiston and whatshisname doing now.THere are angie and bradsightings and now they are seen everywhere too?I see the classic huvane gimmick,mop these flops…….Im only Here for the jolie pitts and their fans.

  • bizzy bee

    Jen is a dirtbag, a hasbeen,a SS, a sourpuss, an old hag with beady eyes and a big O long chin, chicken lips, veiny crow’s feet, sugar mama. A coattail riding, leeching, cigarette smoking, wine boozer who lets her lousy friends do her dirty work for her.

    She has a balding, tight ass little man dressed in teen clothing who’s being kept. She has no fans but the trolls.

  • Sherry (not from JPW)

    I think dirtbag is wearing Spanx and it ain’t helping!!!, Woweee, look at those thundering Greek thighs… (not that there is anything wrong with being Greek)… lol.

    Loooove the swagger on Mr. Pitt, and I’m not one to check out cr**tch bulge, but, hey whoa… Go Mr. and Mrs. Pitt, I say.

  • trt

    I’d rather have Brad’s nose than that Theroux’s current schnoz. Who’d want a witchy-nose like that? Anything is better than old dirtbag’s or her boy’s proboscis. One’s like a sausage and the other is like a hummingbird’s tongue.
    _ the thing is, all you have to do is look at the JP kids’ noses to see what they inherited from their parents. Old dirtbag is too scared to produce a progeny because all her original parts are sure to be exposed for all to see once it’s born.( i.e. protruding ears, low forehead, frizzy brown hair, manly jaws, long chin, etc., etc.)
    _trolls sure are fooling themselves with all their accusations. They know who’s the really beautiful ones and the ones who are not.

  • Amazing JPs

    Brad loves his art* it is very cool that he & Angie share that and bring it into their kids’ lives as well. OT, but these pictures are too incredible not to share-

    *I saw on another site that this show only happens every 5 years!

  • trt

    Brad has new pics in Popsugar where he goes to an art exhibition. Jared, why couldn’t you buy the new pic?

  • fyi12
  • Oh my

    @Rose: you never know what he might do when he needs good publicity. Who would have thought “the great brad pitt” would stage a photo-op just because aniston is proving to be the bigger star?
    We have not see Angelina with Brad in quite sometime. I wonder if she moved on to a co-star. Let me google who she’s working with on Malificent because something is off with her not doing photo ops lately. Hmmmmm

  • Oh my

    Sam Riley the married one. He is playing her bird/lover Diaval. He is keeping Angelina out of the spotlight, I’m for it. He’s odd looking bloke and younger than her. She’s definitely working on bedding that bloke.

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