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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Eiffel Tower Twosome

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Eiffel Tower Twosome

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux visit the Eiffel Tower on Wednesday (June 13) in Paris, France.

The couple continued their City of Light vacation after doing some shopping earlier in the week.

Jennifer, 43, purchased five 1970s Hermes belts from Dider Ludot‘s one-man boutique, People reports, before dining at one of her favorite restaurants, Le Stresa.

Justin, 40, enjoyed pasta carbonara, while Jennifer ordered an arugula and parmesan salad. The two also shared a tomato and mozzarella thin-crust pizza, according to the mag.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux at the Eiffel Tower…

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jennifer aniston justin theroux eiffel tower 01
jennifer aniston justin theroux eiffel tower 02
jennifer aniston justin theroux eiffel tower 03
jennifer aniston justin theroux eiffel tower 04
jennifer aniston justin theroux eiffel tower 05
jennifer aniston justin theroux eiffel tower 06
jennifer aniston justin theroux eiffel tower 07
jennifer aniston justin theroux eiffel tower 08
jennifer aniston justin theroux eiffel tower 09
jennifer aniston justin theroux eiffel tower 10
jennifer aniston justin theroux eiffel tower 11
jennifer aniston justin theroux eiffel tower 12
jennifer aniston justin theroux eiffel tower 13

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  • http://Justjarde MiKe

    I really want to go to Paris

    I love you Jen

  • I.F.

    Jen looks nice but she’ll never have the grace and beauty of Angelina. These two look like they’re trying to be the next Brad and Angie but there is only ONE couple as good and that’s Brad and Angie! God bless that beautiful couple and their amazing kids!

  • Oh my

    I think someone called it that they would be eating at the Eiffel Tower! So predictable these 2.

    The paps are at the ET before them. All set up to promote ROA and Wanderlust DVD.

  • http://Justjarde Rina

    i .f
    Please post your comment above in angi topic

    Best wishes. Justifer

  • CrabbyPatty


    Paris is for lovers.

  • 123

    the white Sammy Davis Jr looks over it already. Did he forget he suppose to smile.

  • ki

    He does not look too pleased.

    She on the other hand is loving her pap set-ups. Everything with her seems so calculated.

  • Lis

    This relationship seems like a job for him. By the look on his face he is not enjoying parading for the paps today.

  • http://Justjarde Rina

    Leave Jen alone ange fan

    Start pray for brad movie world z problem

  • Guest

    Lol because them being in Paris enjoying their time would make peopel buy their dvd. I don’t get the logic behind this and I notice that only the haters say this but even people who are neutral on her can tell that she is happy and enjoying her time with her man.

  • cookie

    now that I know what they ate my life is definitely complete.

  • Lis


    These pics will bring publicity to her. She was MIA for months & they suddenly are photographed every single day just in time for ROA and their DVD!

    She even had her publicist tell the media exactly how long they will be there, what they do everyday & where they are staying.

  • Justin Aniston

    God! I love Jennifer Aniston/Justifer so much! I live in Norway, and wish I could go to Paris right now.

  • 123

    @Guest: Why do celebs do interviews. So people read that they have a movie or dvd or project coming out. Aniston going out everyday. Paps take pics. Website post pics and note that Justin has a movie coming out this week and another Aniston rom com is coming out on dvd.

  • Truth Squad

    I love how people accuse these two of setting up these shots. So I’m guess the paps showing up BEFORE Brad and Angelina arrived on their vacation a couple of months ago, that was just a coincidence. Paris is a very public place. One can’t take a private jet there from L.A. so the paps can find out if you got on a Paris-bound jet. They made reservations at a very well known and exclusive restaurant where I’m sure somebody talked. How did the press find out about an island that Brad and Angie flew to on a private jet? How did they find out about their trip to a secluded a beach or their ridiculously staged “romantic” boat ride? Renting a boat isn’t the same as getting the best table in a restaurant. You don’t actually have to call up and Say Hi, I’m Brad Pitt I need a boat.” And yet, somehow, in this completely secluded area the press managed to conveniently find them Come to think of it, how did People magazine know all of the exclusive wedding proposal details? I’m pretty sure the kids didn’t pick up the phone and call the press. Or issue the press releases. Or make the ring designer available for a million interviews.

  • http://Justjarde Extra

    I listen to what Justin say about jen in rock of ages premier

    I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”

  • Lis

    @Truth Squad:
    No need to write an essay!

    Actually the 1st pics of B&A on vacation were cell phone pics, not pap pics. 2 grainy pics of them at the airport from someone there was all it took.
    News of them there came because of that,.

    They had a # of days there with no paps before the paps/local media eventually arrived.

  • Truth Squad

    Sort of like Brad and Angie announcing their engagement right before Brad’s film premiered in Cannes. Or publishing nude photos of Angie taking a shower the week Benjamin Button came out. Or Brad trash talking his life with Jen right before Moneyball came out.Or doing a million interviews the week Moneyball was released on DVD. Or walking around with a fake leg injuring during the Oscar campaign and then conveniently getting rid of his cane the day after nominations were due and not even walking with a limp after that. I could go through all of Brad and Angie’s other movie and DVD releases too if you want.

  • http://Justjarde Extra

    You say the truth 15 comment

    Some hater are really jealous

  • Truth Squad

    Nice try, but no.

  • http://Justjarde Jen

    Liz. Comment17

    You are really **********sht

  • kimmi

    Same hair same ol bitchy face… I was on friends I was on friends wha wha wha…

  • YOU MAD?

    @Truth Squad:
    how did Eonline know that jen and justin will be staying in paris for 10 DAYS..for your info the first pics in Galapagos were taken with a CELL PHONE there were no paparazzi shots, once it was known that they were at Galapagos island the paps came..u mad that depsite the pr whoring of aniston even the tabs didnt bother to feature them on their cover, not even sidebar(exept for US weekly)..are u mad that despite aniston flashing her diamond ring for two days NO MEDIA cared to ponder if she was engaged even though they have done it to most mad that no one in Paris seems to give two shiits that they are there, they prob dont even recognize them ESPECIALLY justin

  • quesera

    *shrug* they seem happy and content, but just cant help but judge him a little for always TRYING to look hipster cool….some folks have that natural hippie vibe (like Johnny Depp, steven tyler) and others like Justin are obviously faking it IMO

  • YOU MAD?

    @Truth Squad:
    wow you are an idiot, what shower pics are you referring to? W magazine shoot came out Sept-Oct BB didnt come out till Dec…you mad because aniston has never been nominated for any of her FILM work except peoples choice award and MTV award, and lol at the cane story Brad was going to be nominated REGARDLESS because he already won the prestigious NYFCC award AND was ALREADY nominated for a GG and SAG…dont be mad because aniston has never even smelt a damn golden globe NOMINATION for anything major, even Beyonce and JLO have GOLDEN globe Nominations for their film work

  • Truth Squad

    So publishing private family photos and naked pictures of your girlfriend taking a shower is an acceptable way to promote a movie, but going to Paris isn’t? That is some very interesting loon logic. And stop with the Galapagos cell phone nonsense. Cell phones have a very short range and you have to be standing very close to get shots like that. Their security team would have never allowed something like that. This was a private jet airport. There aren’t tourists casually milling about.

  • jen is gorgeous

    those jeans don’t fit her right

  • Truth Squad

    Yes, I’m sure you’re right. One of the most famous women on the planet is not being recognized by people in Paris. This is a great example of how far away from reality the loons really are.

  • Lis

    @Truth Squad:

    Where are these shower pics at???? Oh, they do not exist!

    These pics are so obviously cell phone pics. Paps do not release just 2 pics.

  • Truth Squad

    The naked shower pix are in W Magazine. There’s also the photo with Angie breastfeeding and several of the kis in their rooms. I believe it’s in the Sept/October 2008 issue. Brad took them AND published them. Even most of the loons know they exist.

  • OMG

    @Truth Squad:

    She is not that famous outside the US. She is known as the girl from Friends & her films do not make money overseas.

    Her own PR team told E!, People & US exactly how long they are to be in Paris for.

  • OMG

    @Truth Squad:

    Idiot. There are no shower pics at all in W. None, your crazy mind is imagining things or give us a link.

    In the W pics the kids faces were all hidden in some way & the breastfeeding pics were not revealing at all.

    Those pics were amazing because it was Angelina through Brad’s eyes! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • ….

    There are NO shower pics. Such an idiot like Jen herself.

  • http://Justjarde Man

    YOU MAD? @ 06/13/2012 at 5:20 pm

    Did the skeleton pay for you ?

    That not an engagement ring

  • ….

    How did all these paps get there BEFORE them???? She had her PR team call them, no other way.

  • alw

    they will annouce their engagement or marriage friday the 15th.

  • LoL’ing

    he had someone that was prettier than Angelina but he cheated on her with jennifer.
    Just days before he moved in with jenny he was with Heidi
    April 25th 2011

  • Justin Aniston

    @….: They wait for them outside the hotel, and follow them from there of course? I tought paparazzos always knew where the celebs are.

  • LoL’ing
  • SAh

    @Truth Squad:
    Post a link to those shower pics you claim exist!

  • LoL’ing
  • flavia

    beautiful hot couple

  • LoL’ing

    I love how hypocritical Jennifer aniston fans are. Jennifer was cheated on so she should show my sympathy to Heidi Bivens. April 25th Heidi & Justin looked happy a week later reports had Justin and Jennifer dating. She was fuxing him on their little compound in the middle of nowhere during filming wonderbust. Truth buster.

  • LoL’ing

    My = more. Hehe

  • stuffed sausage

    She looks like a stuffed sausage. When did she acquire an upturned nose? He’s a silly looking little man. The hair, the eyebrows, the tan, the poseur attire.

  • YOU MAD?

    “most famous woman” puleez…she is not an INTERNATIONAL well-known star…did you see how many people were standing outside when Angelina was in London in front of Ridley Scotts buidling, now THAT is an international star..Angelina’s movies do great abroad, cant say the same for jenny. only 4mil for her WIDE RELEASE bomb abroad

  • http://Justjarde Miranda

    Paris for lover NoT for Hater

  • http://Justjarde Miranda

    I find it extremely amusing that in 2005 Brad Pitt one of the thenworlds hottest men chose to be with Angeline Jolie who at the time was one of the worlds hottest women and marginaly hotter then Jen. However nowdays Brad looks like a tired hobo and Angelina looks starved and ill, whereas Jen, if possible, has gotten hotter and her new boyf is every bit as hot as Brad when he was in his prime, personally id say hotter. It sure is clear to me who the winning couple is, oh how I love how the tables have turned so much in Jens favour

  • http://Justjarde LoL

    She looks so young, like in her twenties. She looks healthy and happy. Absolutely stunning woman. She has always looked so fabulous. Im so jealous.

  • YOU MAD?

    after all that pr whoring and giving info to people mag about their itinerary jen and her bf couldnt even make peoples 5 most read stories