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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Debut Renesmee on 'EW'

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Debut Renesmee on 'EW'

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart pose with Mackenzie Foy on the cover of Entertainment Weekly‘s latest issue.

The 11-year-old actress plays Renesmee, the half-human, half-vampire baby of Bella (Stewart) and Edward (Pattinson) in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, which hits theaters November 16.

“It’s a hugely important part. They were amazing with her. It really brought something paternal out in Rob, and Kristen was especially protective. I’d have to interrupt them when they were in deep conversation to get going with a scene,” director Bill Condon told the mag.

“[The Twilight cast is] all around the same age and we’re really not polite to each other anymore,” Rob shared. “You’d have to tone it down when Mackenzie was around … She had a little swear jar, and I think she made 850 bucks or something.”

As for working with her young co-star, Kristen said their “hands [even] look similar. It was kind of strange. But it’s funny how it actually helps. It’s like, ‘Oh, hey, you look like me, kid! Come on!’”

Also pictured inside: another EW cover featuring the trio with co-star Taylor Lautner.

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Photos: Entertainment Weekly
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  • Sara

    LOL @ Kristen single-handedly starting Mackenzie’s college fund with the swear jar.

  • lori

    Yay! Can’t wait.

  • Sophie


  • rockafeller

    Mckenzie Foy looks perfect for the role. She’s like a doll. Can’t believe Twilight is coming to an end this year :(

  • R

    shit! Bella wonders if her last puma hadn’t the parvo!

  • Kim

    Ok wait. From what I remember of the book Renesmee was not that old in it. She was an infant that could talk and had teeth.

    However, the girl really does look like she could be Rob and Kristin’s kid.

  • Twilight

    This franchise is so unintentionally hilarious.

  • More Razzies and

    More bad acting.

  • swear jar

    I bet $800 were from Kristen hehe.

  • Kristenfan

    Kristen reminds me of Meryl Streep. She is such an amazing actress and she should have gotten at least a Golden Globe nomination for Breaking Dawn part 1. Her acting was phenomenal. I bet she gives us an amazing performance as Vampire Bella. She is the best actress we have today.

  • sj

    @Kristenfan: you´re kidding right?

  • Lia

    @sj: loool

  • Tessa

    @Kristenfan: You’re out of your mind. Go and watch Meryl Streep’s work.

  • bb

    Wow kristen gets better and better looking every time i see her.
    And honestly she may not be the best actress out there but you gotta admit shes gotten better at it since the first twilight film. Now that this is the last twilight film lets hope newer roles will improve her more cuz i really like her and want to see more from her.

  • lexy hates bilson

    LMAO!! I came here to complain about EW wasting ANOTHER cover on these idiots and see this idiot girl compared to Meryl Streep!! Thanks for the laugh!!

  • lori

    Kristen’s swearing habit is low-class and trashy. I would find it very annoying to be around after awhile, and clearly she doesn’t give a hoot about that little kid if she continued to use that kind of language around her.

  • GuerreroMelissa

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  • aquarius64

    Jacob/Reneesme imprint – ewww.

  • wow

    @Kristenfan: FACEPALM.

  • dizzy

    The one making the Meryl Streep comparison is kidding…right?

  • fs

    @Kristenfan: I can’t stop laugh! lol

  • Mahalo

    Nah, seriously. When I watched the last movie, I was like WTF, is that a parody or something? I laughed at the whole birthing scene. Really. The only thing I like here is Kristen’s jacket. This is just more bad acting coming our way. Twilight fvckin’ sucks balls, get over it!

  • Max

    Kristen looks fabulous as a vampire!!! Can not wait to see it!!!

  • Lisa

    Those pics look great! Love them all!

  • Mollie

    They look amazing together!!!

  • Billy

    It would not surprise me at all if “kristenfan” is actually some loser pretending to be a fan so that others can mock what she said! It is just the sort of crazy behavior I would expect of Kristen haters!

  • Bexs

    Any Hunger Games fan that trashes Twilight is ridiculous! There would not be any Hunger Games movies without Twilight and its success! They should be thanking them not trashing them!!!

  • Lydia

    Mackenzie looks so like Rob and Kristen!!! They look awesome together!

  • Elena

    I love these movies. Really looking forward to BD2!

  • MJ

    I’m so excited!

  • Trinity J

    Renesme’ is gorgeous little girl!!! She looks like a porcelain doll!

  • Kiera

    I have enjoyed these movies and I will miss them when they are over!!! Looking forward to Breaking Dawn 2! I hope it ends on a high!

  • Mallory

    These books/movies have received far too much criticism in my opinion. They are entertaining and light hearted and I have certainly enjoyed them. Nothing wrong with that. I have never understood why people are so nasty about it and its fans!

  • Amy

    @Kim: You should go back and read it again cause by the end she is an actual child. She ages very rapidly and doesn’t stay a baby for long.

  • K

    Don’t like the series, don’t watch it. You are wasting your breath comng here and complaining. But I guess thats what happens when you have nothing else better to do, except complain and trash people. Kinda sad if one thinks about it…

  • tina

    @Kim: Reread it she was looking like a toddler and walking at three months and still growing. They were worried she keep aging and die.

  • cybelle_ns


  • Rach

    Gorgeous people…all of them!

  • lola

    Renesme wasn’t a toddler at the end of the book.Her growth was very fast.

  • kitty Kat

    mackenzie foy is absolutely adorable.

  • R

    @Kristenfan:the poor girl! she fell to the dark side of the eternal mediocrity!:(

  • Qiz

    I’ll admit I’ve watched all the twilight films and will totally watch BD2. Not because it’s a great film but for the fact it’s something i can watch, curled up in bed with hot cocoa. My problem with the film has and will always be its lack of depth and the unbelievable acting all around, Perhaps BD2 would prove different.

  • just me

    @Mahalo: you should be locked in some delivery room at a local hospital for one busy day. i will be waiting outside for you coming out, i promise. we’ll laugh together XD

  • mari

    Watch Katy Perry’s NEW Video For “Wide Awake” HERE:

  • Dayna

    I was a late comer to Twilight, hadn’t read the books or even heard of Twilight till the second movie came out. I have started with an open mind and have to say I love it……….. All the twilight movies can’t wait till Nov. when Breaking Dawn 2 comes out. I will be sad to see the series end.