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Miranda Kerr: What a Wonderful World!

Miranda Kerr: What a Wonderful World!

Miranda Kerr rocks a sheer blouse while carrying her dog Frankie on Wednesday (June 13) in New York City.

“What a wonderful world,” the 29-year-old Aussie model tweeted with a pic outside her airplane window en route to Manhattan from Los Angeles.

Earlier this month, Miranda was in her home country for some downtime with family and to do some modeling work.

“Hi guys, we had the best time in Australia. Although I worked a lot we got to catch up with family and friends which was beautiful. Thank you Australia for all of your support and love … Much love Miranda xxx,” she wrote on her Kora Organics Facebook page.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr with Frankie in NYC…

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miranda kerr frankie studio 01
miranda kerr frankie studio 02
miranda kerr frankie studio 03
miranda kerr frankie studio 04
miranda kerr frankie studio 05
miranda kerr frankie studio 06
miranda kerr frankie studio 07
miranda kerr frankie studio 08
miranda kerr frankie studio 09
miranda kerr frankie studio 10

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  • asd

    She probably signed a contract with some paparazzi agency. This is just too much

  • lacey

    lol so who has the baby?

  • frisbee

    Whoa, that’s way too little meat on her bones. Cute doggie, though.

  • classy

    I can see through her clownish blouse

  • GuerreroMelissa

    just as Linda said I’m alarmed that some people can make $4991 in 1 month on the computer. did you look at this web site (Click on menu Home more information)

  • Lola

    She’s so skinny she looks like a young teenage girl.

  • YAY!

    Poor lonely haters. They have to fill their days by stalking a total stranger.

  • Em

    I don’t know why are you saying that she is too thin, or anorexic,
    because it’s clearly noticeable that she is built that way,
    and she’s been like that since she was 13,
    so it’s not really something that strangers should discuss. All I see is that she is perfectly healthy (she’s given birth, for God’s sake), and happy in her skin. That’s what we should see.

  • Jess

    @Em: Wow, you really should go and speak at an eating disorder center. Not.

  • Julie

    Anorexia is an illness of the brain. It’s easy to blame these kind of people who can help to develope the illness but not everything is on them. Miranda eats healthy and doesn’t promulgate she doesn’t eat to be slim.

  • LOL!

    FAT haters (yes, we’ve seen pictures *shudders*) bagging on her for being tall, thin and healthy.
    Did you IDIOTS forget that she’s a model?
    A healthy, happy, successful model, at that!
    And married to a GORGEOUS, successful actor.
    THAT is what really pi$$es off the haters.

  • sara

    She looks amazing. I love her street style!
    i wonder if she is in NY for VS or for another magazine shoot?

  • Jess

    @Julie: No one who eats healthily is that thin. I have friends who are stick-thin by nature, and none of them are as thin as Miranda. She’s a model, I get that, but just because she eats raw foods and spirulina drinks it doesn’t make her healthy. It’s not that simple.

  • frisbee

    I don’t think she’s anorexic, she seems to be naturally thin, but that makes her the exception, not the norm. Most women who eat right and exercise look like Jennifer Lawrence (if they’re dedicated and lucky), but would have to starve themselves to be as thin as Miranda.
    So while her thinness may in fact be natural for her, it should not be the standard of health. That’s hardly Miranda’s fault though that it is, more just the stadnard practice of the industry.

  • no

    Miranda has aways been very slim. That is what is natural for her.
    Add that to the fact that she has a very small frame, and she looks even slimmer.
    But compare her with the average HF model and you can see the difference immediately. Miranda glows with health and vitality, while other models looks tired, hagard and boney.
    Miranda is healthy and happy, so why sould she be criticized for being small?

  • @13

    You can’t generalize like that. Just because you have friends who are thin, doesn’t mean that you can compare them.
    You don’t have healthy, shiny hair and glowing skin like Miranda’s if you aren’t healthy.

  • Julie

    @frisbee: Well, she can’t be the standard of health because only the 1% of the population are like her. In fact, she isn’t the standard of health nowadays but girls keep wanting to be as slim as her and not like Beyoncé or Shakira.

  • Isis Lara

    I don’t know why she looks great and comfortable holding a dog than her own son. Go figure!

  • @18

    Reaching a bit, aren’t you?

  • @18

    Gee, maybe because Flynn weighs 35 pounds, and Frankie weighs 5???

  • V

    I love how she a positive person :) She’s beautiful and seems very cool

  • Disgusted

    @YAY!: Arsekisser is back too.

  • Prop Replacement

    Oh Goodie,she’sgiving Flynn a break as her prop and is now using her poor dog as one or is that to cover up her non-existent chest. I’m sure her resident YAY will have some inane comment to make. Anyone who doesn’t swoon over her is deemed a sock puppet (whatever that means) and is then left to her stupid and juvenile tirade.
    That is as predictable as this narcisstic person’s set-ups so they begin in 3 – 2 -1 – GO! Knock yourself out

  • three cheers for the shippers

    @LOL!: I guess if you think you leave your message in caps, people will hear you louder? Or is that you think (there’s a word for you) you’re constant idolizing her is going to change people’s mind.

  • wow

    And you idiots still claim not to be socks?
    And while you are here, as a dephite, can you please explain how you idiots are coming to terms that your “absolute proof that she had a boob job” being proved a lie?
    I mean, now you are saying that she has a “nonexistant chest”, after months of claiming that her larger bust was not because she was breasfeeding, but that she had implants.
    Are you admitting that you morons were just spreading more lies?
    Will you ever have the decency to admit that you were wrong yet again?
    No, never mind.
    How can I wonder about someone’s sense of decency when they think that it is OK to call a baby names.
    Never mind.
    So silly of me.

  • liny

    simple beautiful. i love her!

  • @23

    The only thing predictable here is that you haters will always show up to insult a woman who has never done anything to you.
    Then you call her fans who respond obsessed.
    Same insults. Same idiocy. Same hate. Same hypocrisy.
    Soooo predictable.

  • >.

    @Lola: does that make you jealous?!!! haha! i would love to look like a teenage girl at the age of 29, who wouldn’t?

  • frisbee

    @Julie: My point exactly. But she – and other size 0 V Secret girls – are still a standard of, if not health, then at least beauty. We really shouldn’t be supporting that.

  • @29

    In a perfect world we would see the sixe 10 -12 girls as the standard of beauty, But as you said earlier, it’s the industry’s fault, not the models. And naturally skinny girls like Miranda shouldn’t be vilified for their body shape, any more than the heavier ladies.
    It’s also our fault because we buy into the industry standard. How often do we start to wonder of an actress is pregnant because she has the tiniest bit of tummy pooch? And how many times did we read comments on websites claiming that gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence was “too big” to play katniss? And what about a record exec telling the amazing Adele, that she would be so much more successful if she dropped a few pounds.
    And I still remember a certain hater site (with the some of the same girls still hating on Orlando’s wife) calling poor Kate Bosworth anorexic (which sad to say may be true), then in the very next breath calling an averaged sized woman walking beside her a “cow”. They didn’t know it at the time, but that ‘normal’ girl turned out to be Orlando’s lovely sister, Samantha.
    Females in the spotlight just can’t win in the court of public opinion. They are either too skinny, or too fat. Never are they ‘just right’.
    At least Miranda preaches health and wellness through proper nutrition and exercise. Maybe some of these young girls who idolize models will follow her example to acheive the figure that they want, and not other models like Kate, who seem to preach cigarettes, cocaine and starvation.
    At least she sets a good example. She sould get credit for trying.

  • shi

    what brand are her sunglasses?

  • woo-hooo!

    Miranda has moved up to number 7 in the Forbes list of highest earning models!
    You go girl!

  • LOL!

    Gotta love the haters.
    Those idiots are so funny when they twist themselves into knots over their own hypocrisy.
    Miranda does artistic n*des = SL*T!!! WH*RE!! REAL MODELS DON’T HAVE TO POSE N^DE!!!! SHE’S DISGUSTING.
    Candice (or ANY other model) does artistic n*des = oh, that’s wonderful, She’s celebrating the beauty of the human form. All real models do n*de portraits. yay for Candice.
    Next they will be going on and on about how the Forbes list IS RIGGED!!!!! It means NOTHING!!!!
    This, of course after stating that when Miranda didn’t make the list last year after taking time off TO HAVE A BABY ‘proved’ that she wasn’t successful. They thought that Forbes was THE accurate measurement of success that year.
    Funny, eh?
    Kind of like when Ted C. says something that they are able to twist to suit their agenda, he is the all knowing bastion of truth.
    But when he says ANYTHING positive about their relationship, he is a “paid hack”, or a “puppet of the PR firms”.
    They wonder why we mock them????

  • sea

    @Em: I agree, she is just great as she is. Very cute and chic.