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Tom Cruise: NYPD Meet-and-Greet!

Tom Cruise: NYPD Meet-and-Greet!

Tom Cruise hangs out with a group of NYPD officers on the set of his latest movie, Oblivion, on Wednesday (June 13) in New York City.

The night before, the 49-year-old actor brought two of his children to the Godiva-sponsored Friars Club’s ceremony where he picked up the Entertainment Icon Award.

Suri loved being in her dad’s arms, and when she wasn’t there, she was in brother Connor‘s arms. [The kids] also decided to hide out in a back corner of the press room to watch their dad work the line [of reporters]. It was very cute,” an onlooker told Us Weekly.

15+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise meeting NYPD officers and with hid kids receiving a Friars Club award…

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tom cruise nypd oblivion 03
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  • Mika


  • Carol

    I may be wrong, but I have this feeling that everything Tom Cruise does or says is SO fake!

  • 22

    she looks so much like Katie

  • joel

    Is she freaking standing on the table/chair? No respect.

  • wren

    Very scarey postures. This series of photos is sad really.

  • UGH

    I honestly believe that Connor Cruz is Toms biological son…that boy favors his dad so much

  • Kylie

    I’ve lost respect for him since he began preaching about scientology back in 2005 and went jumping on a couch when he declared his love for Katie Holmes in Oprah. He came off, at that time, as very controlling, arrogant and a nutcase. I think what we saw back then was the REAL Tom Cruise. The nice guy, loving daddy and husband we see now is just part of his PR to restore his once tarnished reputation.

  • tsquared

    He definitely has had some work done on his face. If you look at pictures of him from six months or so ago, his jaw line has changed.

  • Katie Who?

    Clearly the sham–marriage is finally ending.

  • @

    Funny how since Katie been M.I.A Many onlookers keep going to US Weekly and selling stories and about Suri depending time with Tom. Most onlooker tweet about this stuff and this is the second time an onlooker went to US with some info in the last three days that just seems odd. If his marriage is over is he trying to this as “evadence” in curt to get custoudy of Suri, about how he a better patent and Suri is happer with him then with Katie.

  • Mika

    oh my god the comments on here….

  • sweetness

    I live in NYC and I work across the street from the Empire State Building. I witnessed the pandemonium of excitement Cruise generated when he appeared outside for shooting his scene. The negative comments do not represent the massive amounts of fans he rocks when he arrived. So this site has 10 critical people about him, yet hundreds crowed the streets just to get a glimpse of him.
    People don’t wait (in the rain btw) for an actor you don’t like.

  • @


    What’s your point it’s like that with any celebrity and the bigger the celebrity the bigger the croweds of fans So really what point were you trying to prove? I I sure the celebrties you don’t like and comment on have hundreds of fan waiting to see them.

  • gisele

    Some people here need seriously to get a life instead of speculate about everything in Tom Cruise’s life

  • Selfish Kate

    Your family needs you, but you are in Asia promoting Amway? What’s up with that?

  • janewhite123

    You know what. Great. I think BillionaireFriends.COMit’s a good pla’ce to me’et sweet friend even rich sin’gles. I am certain I can me;et a ri;ch man there, it’s the first and best cl;ub for billion;aires to interact with others and make friends.

  • sweetness

    my point you bitter negative pill is that unlike the naysayers on JJ who hide here behind their computers hating on Cruise his fans outnumber his critics.
    if that’s too complicated a thought for you to understand go read a Dr. Seuss book.

  • Love The Shoes

    I’m not a Tom fan but I don’t blame him at all for what always seems like Suri’s limited social interaction skills. Katie seems to be her kid’s only playmate! Katie doesn’t seem to allow the child to engage in the world without her thisclose at all times. Suri always seems just damn unhappy if Katie isn’t around. They are creating a brand new Huguette Clark!

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Hey Tom, how come we never see you together with Katie – she’s only your wife…….

  • @


    Once again it’s like that with any celebrity so why make it such a big deal out of it. It’s not going to stop people who don’t like him from talking about him or like him.

  • jill

    I agree with @. Something here feels very staged, even for the phony Cruises. It’s like Tom is trying to demonstrate his skills as a dad. Taking this little girl to ceremonies for adults is so inappropriate, and really just shows his complete lack of understand ing of people, if he thinks this will impress us. We might have been impressed if he’d been seen him walking/driving Suri to school often (or ever!) or playing with her in a playground on a regular basis, but it’s a little too late for that. Clearly she’s just a showpiece. Betcha a divorce is coming.

  • Lifts for Loonies

    I’m not a fan of his at all, but of course I would join the crowd and watch if he were filming a movie. It’s interesting.

  • Hamlet

    Or maybe they are just too busy with their jobs and humanitarian efforts, #9

    Have you forgotten when you’d accuse him of controlling her and keeping her close, #19

    How long have you been singing that song, #21?

  • pammy


    As usual, Hamlet…you are full of crap.

  • Observer

    It appears that Cruise has definitely had facial work done.
    I think he’s trying to recapture his decades old “Top Gun” look.
    That’s fine. What an adult wants to do with possible plastic surgery operations is their business.

    What I find troubling is Suri’s body language.
    She appears to be quite distressed during that photo op.
    Even when Cruise picks her up she does not seem comforted whatsoever.

    Connor-poor kid! He looks like he’d rather be any place in the world other than there.

    I know it’s only a photo op but there does not seem to be a familial continuity between the three of them.

    And don’t forget how Cruise blindsided Nicole Kidman with that brutal divorce! That was public record and not suppositions.

  • annie

    Suri is such a beautiful little girl, and her dress was so lovely and girly. Her little bag was the cutest thing, and she never leaves without a soft toy, which she’s always so protective of
    I don’t know who Suri associates with when she’s not in public so neither do any of you.
    But she’s such an incredibly loved child, by both her mother and father, and it’s so obvious.
    I thought it was so sweet, that he said Suri was his date, and even tho Katie wasn’t with him , she made his suit, so she was with him.
    The older Suri gets the more she resembles her dad, especially the eyes, but the hair is her mums.
    It’s so wrong that some of you, for whatever reason, say nasty things.
    You’re not very nice people ,at all! Actually you’re quite horrible!!

  • jaspisgirl

    yeah yeah one would think they can afford a nanny for one evening,but know , this little thing has to be there and she is his date.good god man,please if your robo-wife is not able to be there,hire an escort or something like that.she is six,it is not her job. if so,where are the other kids??????? feel sorry for the little one ,she must think ,she is the center of the universe.please let her never fall on the hard ground,called real life.but if,let daddy make enough money to provide help!!!!!!! thx and out!!!!!

  • sharon

    Once again, Tom Crusie is photographed with his children minus Isabella. Was she present and just not pictured because she is not “picture perfect” for PR photos? Was she not present at all? Has she backed away from the entire scientology scene?

  • JennG

    That poor little girl looks like a deer in the headlights!From the looks of all the booze on the table it doesn’t look like an appropriate place for a little girl to be.

  • CF98

    Tom said Isabella had work commitments but again she’s 19 so she’s an adult now.

  • tsquared


    Actually in other pictures you can see the nanny is present. Why she didn’t just bring Suri in and out to avoid all the paps and pictures would have of course robbed Tom of a photo op. MailOnline has pictures where you can see her in the background.

  • someguy

    LOL, Hamlet’s idea of “humanitarian efforts” is coming on here and defending TomKat, he’s said that before. Tom’s “humanitarian efforts” are trying to recruit firefighters and policemen into a brainwashing cult and helping them to sweat glass shards out of their skin.

  • Alice

    @jill: Wow, you made a correct prediction.