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Kate Bosworth: JewelMint Design Meeting!

Kate Bosworth: JewelMint Design Meeting!

Kate Bosworth looks chic while heading to a JewelMint fashion meeting on Wednesday (June 13) in Los Angeles, Calif.

Once inside, the 29-year-old actress and fashionista shared some of the collection with fans via Twitter, saying, “In a @jewelmint design mtg with @CherCoulter. These flamingos are a fave in our August collection. What do you think?”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

The blonde beauty also posted a video that shows off JewelMint‘s latest bag, which she wore to the meeting, called the metal envelope.

JewelMint Bag

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth heading to her meeting…

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79 Responses to “Kate Bosworth: JewelMint Design Meeting!”

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  1. 1
    sinca Says:

    In that video the purse keeps making clanging noises, that would get f’n annoying after like 5 minutes.

  2. 2
    Finally Says:

    She has been looking so much better lately. She’s put on a little weight and it really suits her. I was so tired of all the photos of her looking half starved and desperate.

  3. 3
    Lauren Says:

    The hair looks AWFUL. It’s so thin.

  4. 4
    AbFab Says:

    @sinca: Yeah, it somehow reminded me of cowbell. Yikes! As much as I liked the look of this purse, that noise would be too much.

  5. 5
    ladybug Says:

    Ok, that’s not a chic outfit. The sandals are nice, but the dress, ugh. It looks like rejects from grandma’s quilt scraps.

    And the paps just happened to be hanging out in that parking lot?

    @Lauren, I think she’s taken a few inches off in length from her hair, but it still looks unhealthy.

  6. 6
    Jeannie Says:

    What is she wearing? That dress is kind of hideous, but it does make her look like she gained weight. She needs to cut her hair. It’s so unhealthy.

  7. 7
    Macy Says:

    That dress if fug! Next thing you know people will be claiming she’s wearing a loose frock because she’s knocked up. Ugh! Her hair once again looks sh*tty.

  8. 8
    stromcellina manosque de rioma Says:

    What’s with all the naysayers, why don’t you post a photo of yourself then? She looks great and her dress is lovely so shut up & move on losers.

  9. 9
    ladybug Says:

    @Macy: I do think she’s cut off a couple of inches recently, but in recent pics when she’s not had it styled it looks terribly, pretty much from the top down. She needs to cut several more inches off. Or shave it and start over.

    She may have gained a couple of pounds, but as pointed out in a earlier thread, she’s also wearing clothing that for the most part covers her chest plate (where any weight loss is really obvious) and her clothes are slightly looser, which looks better on her.

  10. 10
    mjforlife Says:

    She is going bold sad…

  11. 11
    Jo Says:

    I’ve always assumed that she is so scarily thin because of genes and fast metabolism, because she was already like this when I first saw her as Bloom’s girlfriend, but few days ago I caught fragment of her old movie on TV and she looked completely different. She looked like she was in her early 20′s or even late teens and she had really great, healthy body, nice hair and skin. People’s metabolism normally slows down as they get older, and not the other way around, so now I’m certain she must have some eating disorder. Her legs and hair are the best proof. Hair don’t just fall out lke that when you’re a young, healthy woman, who was never pregnant and has access to the best hair salons and hair products.

  12. 12
    Carla Nelson Says:

    Some things Kate does look nice in. In this case the dress looks to be hanging off her. It looks to big. She looks better in some tight fitting clothes at time. This dress does not become her at all. She is such a young woman to look old as she do. People don’t know when a man goes from women to women it does not show on him as much. When a woman does it takes her looks and youth from her. If I were Kate I would not wear red lipstick at all to me it is for an older woman.

  13. 13
    Tulip Says:

    The fabric is gorgeous and the dress looks comfortable. I love wearing loose clothes like that. She’s with Cher.

  14. 14
    Olive Says:

    I think her hair is damp. I kind of like it that KB doesn’t feel the need to be all done up to go out.
    @Jo: She doesn’t look scarily thin to me. She’s gained weight and looks very good. She’s quite beautiful.

  15. 15
    ladybug Says:

    @Jo: You mean her Blue Crush body? That was an outlier for her, she had to gain 15 lbs of muscle-and she probably ate much better then as well. It’s also about the only time her legs haven’t looked super skinny.

    But she chose not to maintain that look, for whatever reason.

  16. 16
    Lilla Says:

    Maybe if the dress pattern wasn’t so loud, it wouldn’t be that bad? She should really cut her hair, it looks so bad.

  17. 17
    ladybug Says:

    @Olive: Look at the closeups, her hair isn’t damp.

    Here’s a pic from a month ago:

    You can see how frizzy it is, it really doesn’t look healthy at all. Yes, she has naturally fine, thin hair, but once again, it hasn’t always looked this bad. Is it nutrition? Perhaps. Could it be all the dyeing/bleaching? Sure.

    Her hair, without product in it and styled, looks bad.

  18. 18
    Tulip Says:

    @sinca: The bag sounds noisy because the microphone amplifies the sound. I love the look of the bag and the fact the strap can be worn as jewelry. It’s a clever idea.
    @ladybug: I read somewhere Kate had to workout 14 hours a day to gain all that muscle. The workout included the underwater rock running exercise she did in Blue Crush! I can understand why she wouldn’t/couldn’t keep that up. Not to mention, she went from BC to playing a drug addicted teenager in Wonderland and had to lose weight for that role.

  19. 19
    ladybug Says:

    @Tulip: I understand not maintaining that particular Blue Crush workout regime, but heck, even in Wonderland she still looks healthier than she does now:,tLmch_TO9w6b3b1LveSr9bke6mKyYFU4upoYQPxxlojUuQZpM6LPlArm0UA5ENB2KSQKrAPtYcJjzPcJVNgyTw==.jpg

  20. 20
    OMG Says:

    Kate has the best looks! I want her closet!

  21. 21
    Macy Says:

    I find it hard to believe she worked out 14 hours a day. Nobody does that, not even professional athletes.

  22. 22
    ladybug Says:

    @Macy: :

    “You were pretty buff after “Blue Crush.” How long were you able to keep that up?
    (Laughing) I was off of that the minute I was off the movie. I was done. Literally, that was the most intense physical experience I have ever gone through, not exaggerating. It was seven hours a day of sheer work out. [It] took four hours of surfing and an hour of weight training and an hour of either running the beach or running under the water with a rock as in the movie. ”

  23. 23
    Macy Says:

    So only 7 hours then, and over half of that was surfing lessons. Surfing lessons aren’t being at the gym and working out to build muscle. So in reality she only spent like 2-2.5 hours lifting weights and doing cardio in a gym and the rest of the time she was learning how to surf properly. I’m sure that’s a work out, but it’s not going to help you build a more muscular physique. It might improve your posture and balance, but put on muscle and gain weight? Nope.

  24. 24
    mforman Says:

    I have never made it a secret that I have bought a few JM pcs, because Cher truly is involved in the design process and they have great hoops, but this pocketbook nightmare is ridiculous.
    First of all the “envelope bag”, is $59.00 and change and it comes with no chain; that you have to purchase separately for another $29.99, so in total the cowbell pocketbook ( I can think of no other way to describe the noise) that you know is going to dent, chip, start fading and looking awful will cost you over $90.00.
    That is just totally ridiculous, how can they offer a pocketbook with no chain, I mean come on.
    Those flamingo earrings are the funniest things I have ever seen. It looks like they found them at a garage sale and are just going to copy them. It seems that the designing of original pcs has stopped, or Cher and her design team do not care anymore.
    Honestly you can tell that after the year anniversary hit, Cher and the creature just stopped caring. At least at the beginning you could tell Cher was actually designing and having a lot of input in the pcs, just from the photos in her scrapebook alone and her comments. We all knew the creature just put her name onto it and did nothing, until she and the hobbit started to make those ridiculous commercials with her as the star to try and get her work (boy did that fail).
    Cher might be in the meeting with her, but the creature is alone in the parking lot, that never used to be the case. I mean I was just reading Cher’s twitter and there were quite a few of her and RHW and someone’s dog at the beach, no KB at all, not even mentioned. That relationship has gone to hell and a hand basket, they are no longer friends, but just stylist and client, RHW has definitely become the buddy now for Cher.
    I cannot wait to see what happens to JM in the near future, it doesn’t look good.
    As for the famewhore, she is definitely wearing this type of dress like she did before, so people will start to talk and her hair has never looked this bad. Aside from her the increasing disappearing hairline, I have never seen that much dead hair and frizz, she just looks unkempt.

  25. 25
    ladybug Says:

    @mforman: There’s a shot of Cher meeting her in the parking lot. I’m posting this particular pic because it looks like she’s really show off the ‘life partner’ ring. Entirely possible that pesky pap got her hand in mid motion, but she does the ‘look at the ring pose’ way too for that not to be the first conclusion.

    Cher’s in pic 31 (I’m presuming that’s Cher)

    @Macy, 7 hours, 14 hours, whatever! :)

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