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Katie Holmes: Chocolate Treats for Suri!

Katie Holmes: Chocolate Treats for Suri!

Katie Holmes takes her 6-year-old daughter Suri to Jacques Torres Chocolate on Thursday (June 14) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress (wearing a Holmes & Yang pink suit jacket) is back in the States after doing some promo work for Artistry on Ice in China earlier in the week.

Katie‘s husband, Tom Cruise, recently shared he took home a bejeweled, dragon-shaped codpiece after wrapping up his latest movie, Rock of Ages.

“Yeah, I wear it and I keep it,” he told E! News. “[Katie] laughed. It’s hilarious.”

On Wednesday, Tom brought Suri and his son Connor to a Friars Club ceremony, where he was the night’s honoree.

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Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, FameFlynet
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  • http://justjared POLO

    both katie and suri’s heads are too big for their bodies LOL they look like bobble heads. wait till suri grows up i think she’s going to have a masculine body just like her ugly mother. poor kid.

  • weirdos

    This kid is NOT normal. Does she know about rules, manners, schedules, appropriate clothing, authority, asking for permission, being told no, punishments, rewards, interacting with new people, playing with other kids, school, competition, obeying adults, being with people that don’t work for her father, etc. ? I doubt it.


    sexy mama

  • Big Big

    Let that spolied brat walk for a chnage and how come she never plays with other children, is there a rule in Scientology against that?

  • Wth

    It might be good for Suri to have a younger sibling.. Good for Katie too

  • The Truth

    Suri seems autistic. Sugar and gluten are the worst thing for her.

  • DRUGS?
  • gross

    oh god …Katie always looks like she was just released from a mental hospital … NO MATTER how dolled up her or her kid is…. The Suri thing is getting old, as well… she’s tabloid fodder b/c she’s raised so weird and lives a life of abundance, gluttony, and no boundaries. .. people are just waiting for the train wreck so sad… Katie Holmes is the biggest attention- whore… the second she drank too much of the Hollywood kool-aid she became in over her head.

  • elle

    I officially declare Tom and KAtie BAD PARENTS FOR FAILING TO PROTECT THEIR CHILD FROM THE PAPARAZZI. The child literally looks loony due to being stalked and photographed and having lightbulbs flash everywhere she goes. Way more than any other celeb child- and her parents smile their creepy smiles and don’t protect her. someone better investigate this family I feel like hving Suri not protected is severe neglect of her well being. she looks crazy and no one is stopping attacking that child with camera lights :( sad #savesuricruisefromcameras

  • riri

    Josh Hartnett or Chris Klien? I wonder who she looks like more and more…

    She seems like a wonderful sweet and energetic kid. She deserves to go to school and have friends and not to have a sad life like Angelina’s kids who don’t get to have those things and just being moved every couple of months to the new film location…

    Shame on the posters who wrote about her behavior. she is very young and should be given love and stability and support. Not punishment.

  • tsquared

    Wow, Katie has the worst fashion sense of any A list actress out there. Of course she is A list by association and obviously doesn’t give a whatever that she looks bad!

  • no

    There is something wrong with that kids hands…

  • Megan

    Suddenly we see pictures of them again. Oh yeah, Tom Cruise has a movie right now, so there you go.

  • Carbon Copy

    Katie & Tom are two self absorbed individuals. Katie should be doing some charity work w her kid to show her life doesn’t just revolve around them. Although I think it’s too late.

  • Kurt Cobain

    spoilt brat!! seen a video of her talking before… makes me sick

  • kizbit

    Katie should stop wearing her clothing line. She is doing nothing to promote the brand in a positive light!

  • danika

    @gross: #8
    people are just waiting for the train wreck so sad

    Exactly. This is why Suri gets such tabloid attention. She is destined to be a train wreck.

  • Diane

    Still carrying that big ass girl around like an infant. There is not 6 year old in the book who will allow them-self be to be carried around like a baby, Suri.

  • Diane

    * but Suri.

  • joel

    Katie bought Suri a panda in China. whoohoo

  • annie

    and you’re all sick!!!!!!!!

  • ali

    adorable kid
    F***ed up parents . c you at the shrink couch in 20 years …

  • boo
  • boo


    are u that daft??

    Katie or Tom does NOT need another spoiled brat!

  • Hamlet

    Why do you doubt all that, #2? You don’t know this child at all.

    Mind your own kids, #4.

    Do you really think anyone pays money to see a movie because their fave star is a parent to a cute kid, #13?

    She’s already doing charity and you shouldn’t be telling other people how to raise their kids, #14.

  • linn

    Katie is just too weird for words. I just can stand her weird ass.

  • linn

    I can’t believe China let her weird ass into their country.

  • bless her

    Such a cute cute cute little girl.

  • mel2

    Leave them alone you sadomasochists. Sad, sad fools.

  • Helen

    She is very spoiled

  • Niunia

    She seems be brat..Kate looks old.

  • Krazy Kate
  • Baby Suri

    Is this a home-schooling field trip in some advanced course like Junk Food Studies? Co-dependent Mothers 101? Endangered Species: The Stuffed Panda? Child Development Disorders?

  • marie

    that is one weird child. she never plays with other kids, the only person she’s ever around is her mom, and she’s 6, yet she still gets carried around. i’m going to be really surprised if she grows up to be a healthy person.

  • Suri’s Stimming
  • Suri’s Stimming
  • DRUGS?
  • Amber

    Despite all of your comments …. I actually believe they look cute :) you guys need to get over the whole scientology thing ! Katie looks beautiful and nothing in this pictures shows that she is a bad mother !
    A lot of 6 year old children still like to be carried around sometimes, and even more if there are paparazzi all around them ! She is kind of protecting herself from them.

  • jaspisgirl

    ,,mind your own kids” bla bla bla what a sh…. from mr.hamlet: she presentsw this little girl to the paps every not tell me it is not possible to protect them.there are better actors and famous people who can do this. she is nothing more than a mother and a wife and obviously she likes being in the gazettes. this little one needs some friends.all she is doing is hanging up with mommy and going to ;;adult-galas” with daddy.never seen her playing with six year olds.she has a weird look and i am not saying it is her fault.but please,do not tell me the lifestyle she has is normal.a six year old has to be around other kids,especially if she is not going to school.all she does is shopping with mum,eating candies with mum,going into an helicopter with mum,having a stroll with mum,sitting in a fancy restaurant with mum…… HELLO!!!!!! any ring bells??????mum mum and mum.she already has the role of her life.BEING MOM’S DOLL!!!!!!!! DONE :-)


    You guys realize the Tomkat shamarriage is done, right? They’re definitely NOT together. Doesnt it seem the least bit suspect that she was in Bejing pimping Amway (seriously) for his big Icon award? Her artistry on ice gig isn’t for them. Its for their sponser, Amway and the products she was holding in the pics are Amway products. She’s the freakin spokesman for Amway in the far east. Pretty far to fall from following TC around on the red carpet.

    Holmes arrived in NYC yesterday. TC arrived in Iceland yesterday. If you think thats a coincidence that they completely missed each other, you would be sadly mistaken. TC is a powerful man. If he wanted to see his wife, he would have. He doesnt want to. Suri is being passed between him.

    More evidence. TC stayed at a hotel with Suri and his son while he was here. KH is staying (with Suri) at their apartment. Holmes is obviously getting the apartment and TC isnt.

    How do I know this? Lets just say I have a connection. Its all true.

    I dont think the announcement will come right now. I think they’ll keep things quiet until they have a settlement in place…..but mark my words…’s coming soon. The marriage is over.

  • annie

    last year Sarah J Parker did the same thing.
    to be honest it wouldn’t surprise me, if they’re not together
    i have thought it for a long time.
    Katie said in an interview in taiwan that she’s starting a new project in 2 weeks.
    if it’s true , hope they just come out and say it.
    but not 100% sure tho… she made a suit for the his occasion, and he wore H/Y, to the london premiere, why would he do that, it was quite sweet, why would he do it?

  • diane

    @no: i see nothing wrong with her hands… she’s just a kid being a little clumsy while holding a candy that is almost the size of her hand and holding her panda bear with the other.

  • annie

    well T&K are still together, the whole family is in Iceland, just saw pics
    even tho i admit, i too thought that maybe things were over, but things he said and did, didn’t quite convince me, that they were.
    happy they are all in iceland!

  • Luke

    Katie looks thinner… good for her I guess…