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Brad Pitt: 'Documenta' Exhibit in Germany!

Brad Pitt: 'Documenta' Exhibit in Germany!

Brad Pitt chats with airport staff before boarding a private plane on Friday (June 15) in Kassel, Germany,

The 48-year-old actor was in town to check out Documenta, an exhibition of modern and contemporary art, which takes place every five years.

Late last month, Brad popped into a motorcycle shop in London where he picked up a crash helmet, a pair of gloves and a back protector.

“We had a nice chat and he came across as very friendly,” David Connell, manager of HGB Motorcycles, told People. “He is obviously keen on his bikes and has been riding them since he was young.”

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  • Faye

    Looking good Papa Pitt!

  • jen

    love brad and angie too

  • Lurker

    God, Brad is a sexy man. In fact, he is still the sexiest man alive.

  • Lara

    Brad looks great, love his hair.
    The crowds were going crazy for him!

  • Lurker

    Papa Pitt heading home for some loved up time with his soon to be Wife. I bet he was missed by all the kiddies and especially by Angie.

  • Lurker

    Hi Lara,

    Good job keeping the mega alive. I love his long hair too. He is looking so fit lately.

  • Yummy!!

    Brad’s too sexy for his shirt, too sexy for his shirt, soooooo sexy yeah!!

  • Sean

    Brad hag-free FTW!

  • Kirsten

    Brad was so gorgeous when he was young but he’s even more dignified and handsome now. He and Angie are so beautiful together inside and out. I love the Jolie-Pitts. They have always been my favorite celebrity power couple.

  • just WOW

    He’s a work of art himself! I hope that he has a wonderful Father’s Day with his gorgeous Angie and their sweet kids!!

  • Lara

    Hi Lurker, thanks!
    Yes, he can rock the long hair like no-one else.

  • bizzy bee

    Loving his hair. Brad is so beautiful.

  • //

    Hey there, Seksy Brad!

  • Angie’s fan from Dubai

    what a sexy man ……………. god ! He makes me crazy .

  • A

    Love the longer hair on him, reminds me of Tristan hehe ;)

  • Tamsin

    @Passing POOP:

    LOL loon, don’t you ever get tired of lying? More importantly, aren’t you tired after spending a sleepless night thumbing yourself back up? What really gave you away is that you left most of your fellow sheep’s comments untouched, instead of helping them out.

    I’ve been saying for a while that you’re behind the manipulation and you just proved me right. I know it’s a matter of pride to you, sicko. You go on and on about how unbiased it is, then why did you lose your shiitt yesterday when you loons got thumbed down?

    Every dissenting comment gets about 20 or more thumb-down votes in average, over night. This happens every day. Where did all these supposedly votes come from? Is it people that never post, yet they take the trouble of voting down the same people over and over?

    I guess you didn’t think anyone else would be smart enough to point you as the perpetrator. Nice touch about explaining how proxies work, I might add.

    Btw, how come you never seem to get moderated? :)

  • Eva

    At the second photo, his ass AAWWWWW. I’m jalous only Angie can touch this ass.

  • Gorgeous young brad

    Omg I can’t help myself from falling over at his natural beauty

  • Gorgeous young brad

    A true blue beautiful man with no flaws.

  • notyourfriend

    Love this family like it was my own!

  • who

    LOVE the ponytail look on him! Brad is so unbelievably good-looking.

  • Gorgeous young brad

    Jealous of this full head of flaw free hair?

  • tsquared

    Oh for god’s sake. AJ is in London where the kids are. You are aware that a flight to Germany is under 90 minutes are you not? He can fly there in the morning and be home in the evening. And for all we know he may have one or more of the kids with him. Unlike some other A Listers he and Angie don’t parade their kids out constantly for photo ops. Home is where the heart is and the kids are safe and secure within his and AJ’s love. The majority of their time is spent between LA and France, so I’d say the kids are pretty secure. Plus both of them have said the kids love to travel. The kids sound as though they are well grounded, well educated and well loved. Too bad all kids can’t say that.

    And oh yes, Brad is hardly illiterate. He got more than decent grades in school and left the U of Mo to pursue his acting dream with only a few credits to go before graduating. And pothead? He indulges, but I’d say his ex is much better known as a pothead than he is.

  • I’m laughing

    # 23 notyourfriend @ 06/15/2012 at 1:59 pm
    Love this family like it was my own!
    @reply | flag this

  • Beautiful people

    What a mighty fine man.

  • I’m laughing

    Happy fathers day daddy with the dreadlocks.

  • cee

    I’m laughing is obviously not too bright. Brad took his helicopter to visit this art exhibit. It is his passion and I am certain that Angie is working and knowing Angie she encouraged him to go. But be sre he will be with his family on Fathers Day. Laughing out loud at I’m laughing.

  • I’m laughing

    @cee: Helicopter? Why is he boarding a plane? Dum dum? @Tamsin: do you find it as funny as I do that Brad Pitt gets photographed during Jennifer & justin’s media storm of love? Someone is jelly of the media attention she’s getting and don’t forget the Chris hemsworth ponytail. Lmaooooo

  • Dakota

    Looking good, Brad!!

  • Tamsin

    @I’m laughing:

    I find it hilarious, actually. He’s desperate for some of that attention that Jen is getting now; he is hoping that some of it rubs on him somehow. You know what he’ll do next, he’ll name drop her, diss her, and then claim that he was quoted out of context.

    I don’t think that with all the problems World War Bomb is facing, he’s spending a nice time away from the family and work just to check out an art exhibition. It’s more than likely that he’s looking for investors to save his cinematic disaster that has gone over budget.

  • The Real Emma

    Looking good, daddy!!! Brad need to keep those pants.

  • The Real Emma

    Thumb down the insane one, don’t respond to it, it will die from lack of oxygen ; )

  • Tamsin


    That’s what I like about you loons. You have such vivid imaginations. You managed to put a story together just by looking at 5 photos. Awesome! Now put that talent to some good use and write something that people will actually care for.

  • sorella

    I’m not one who likes long hair on most men, but then again, Brad Pitt is not most men. He ALWAYS looks good, love the way he dresses and wears his clothes, so casual yet confident.

  • andu
  • Eva

    to I’m laughing

    Sorry but you look like a devil.
    it’s so sad.

  • Tamsin

    @I’m laughing:

    OMG you’re right about the Chris Hemsworth comparison. I think that now that his star is fading and after realizing that the highlight of his career is having been voted as MTV’s Most Desirable Male 95 and 96, and People’s Sexiest Man eons ago, he must be desperate to make contact with the young fans that Hemsworth has.

  • Beautiful Brad

    Good lord…Brad is just HOT- knowing how kind & talented he is just makes him hotter- one for the ages. Not sure if this was posted on previous thread, but just shows what neurotic hypocrite lamey is- no nasty snark about the “brand” here when she’s trying to be “legit” :

    Celebrity that had you most star-struck?
    Angelina Jolie. She is so beautiful you can’t speak or think or do anything but stare.

    Your big break?
    The story that really launched my career was my exclusive story on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. She was pregnant with her daughter Shiloh and I was the first to report that they would be having their baby in Africa.

    Read more:

  • bizzy bee

    I love the way Brad is living his life, aging beautifully and gracefully. He’s an inspiration to actors on how to not allow your looks to limit your scope as and actor and how to stay relevant as you grow older.

    From the video on popsugar, Maniston didn’t know how to act in France. She looked nervous and out of place. And McShorty didn’t look happy to be with her, he also looked confused. Two clueless American tourists, lol.

  • Stunna

    I prefer Chris Hemsworth XD

  • juju

    i wish i was in Documenta too lol
    brad n angelina know how to live n enjoy life
    n while angelina n brad r living their lives
    the mentaly ill stupid troll is in another psychotic posting marathon
    poor thing
    what a waste of spance n oxygen

  • juju

    spance = space

  • Eva

    I said Brad has a beautiful ass but Angie too. And Brad can’t say the opposite and I knox he loves her ass.

    Look at this :

  • Eva
  • Eva
  • Wonderbust

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  • Eva
  • Eva
  • Gorgeous young Brad

    Just pure natural beauty. No plastic surgery needed.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    This man is so fine. Love him. I am loving his long hair.