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Emma Watson 'Staying Away' from Blockbuster Franchises

Emma Watson 'Staying Away' from Blockbuster Franchises

Emma Watson walks into JFK Airport to catch a flight on Friday (June 15) in New York City.

The 22-year-old English actress recently was asked by a fan what types of movie roles she’s drawn to.

“I am definitely staying away from blockbuster franchises for a while! In terms of the type of parts I am drawn to, I need to be interested in the role, and who I would be working with,” Emma wrote on her official website.

“The director’s vision is key,” she added. “Sometimes what’s on the page isn’t always representative of what a piece can ultimately become and a great director can take a good script to another level and make it incredible.”

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  • Sayer

    Now that the Harry Potter checks have stopped coming in, she better takes what is offered to her, because soon the offers will dry up.

    Let’s be honest here; she has little acting talent. These days she’s known for her many boyfriends, and for being a college dropout.

  • Dani


    Obviously you don’t know ALL her film projects! She has 7 MOVIES after Harry Potter!

    She looks beautiful, I like her outfit!

  • nina

    guess somebody’s jealous of kstew

  • TheDudeAbides

    Sayer, Guess you forgot about the millions she made last year modeling.

  • tammy

    Why hatin on her/compare her to KStew? She acts better than Kristen, TBH. No acting talent? Go see all the HP films and see how versatile she was and how able she was to adapt to various kinds of situations.

  • kingkayski

    As if somebody’s offering her a big blockbuster franchise movie,this chick’s delutional,the best she gets right now is just an extra to some shit movie,not even a starring role,get off your high horse girl!Just get another boyfriend or something.

  • amanda

    @kingkayshi…your spelling so atrocious it’s unreal…by the way, she is the lead or second lead in several films coming out and she is about to sign on for darren aronofsky’s Noah….directors like him don’t hire no-talent nobodies…..dont be jealous

  • rikki

    she’s really plain looking but she makes up for it with her talent. i like her

  • dizzy

    Wow @ some of these comments. First of all, what does Kstew have to do with this? Where in anything Emma said above did she snidely mention Kstew? Delusional stan, sit down and stop causing drama. In addition, she’s doing pretty well for herself at the moment. She has a contract with Lancome, filmed two movies already, made a cameo in a comedy, she’s the upcoming lead in “Beauty and the Beast” as well as “Your Voice in My Head”. And she might have a supporting role in “Noah” if the rumors are true. Yeah, poor her, she’s not getting any jobs at the moment. Please.

  • Iffy Miffy

    I love her, she’s making the right moves, it is hard to step away from a role like Hermione, it becomes so defining in many eyes. Good thing she was a kid, so it’ll be easier and she’s going to make it I think. I just wish she, and everyone else, stopped using that to another level phrase. I am cringing at it these days. There are alternatives people.

  • May

    None of her films post-Potter are released yet. The films she is rumoured for hasn’t even filmed yet. It may get cancelled, who knows. No one can say she is anything until her first movie away from the Potter franchise is released. Her acting critiqued, opening weekend box office calculated. At this stage, she is a worser actress than Kstew. Kstew has done many films in between and post-twilight. Snow White did well at the box office and she has the starring role. On the Road has favorable reviews for Kstew and she was nude a couple of times throughout the film. Until Emma can open a blockbuster movie as the lead, and act in a role that’s not teen-centric, her acting is still considered safe and thus not limited, not a box office draw.

  • Gary

    kingkayski’s spelling is fine. Delusional is the only word she spelt wrong and with instant spell check, it is more due to speed than making an actual mistake.
    You should pick on someone else and stop being racist, amanda. Emma fans show their true colors.

  • hap

    @May: LMAO “worser.” You’ve just summed up your intelligence in that one misspelling. It’s funny how you mention Kristen’s nude scenes like it helps your argument. Kstew’s name will most likely be met with “the blank-faced girl from Twilight” whereas Emma will be known as “Hermione Granger.” I doubt Emma cares that much about the huge franchise checks, girl’s going to be a Brown graduate.

  • Juke

    look at her imdb page she has plenty of starring roles, she will have a long career after Potter.

  • keka

    @May: worser? your grammar basically shows how seriously we can take your comment. and a lot of the movies like “the perks of being a wallflower” are in post-production and have a release date so they’re not going to just “cancel”them, genius. please let’s not talk about kristen stewart. when has she ever “open a blockbuster movie as the lead”? what you and all other twi-hards fail to see is that if you look at all of the ads (both billboards and commercials) for snow white and the huntsmen they rely on charlize theron and chris hemsworth as leads.,r:0,s:0,i:73 if you look at the pic you don’t even see “kstew” at first glance because they know she can’t carry a movie as big as this. get over it and don’t take out your problems on an actress that has nothing to do with kristen stewart

  • Kiera

    Why are some Emma Watson fans obsessed with Kristen Stewart? Its so weird…Talk about Emma if you like her but leave Kristen out of it!!! I am so sick of all the stupid comparisons.

  • @keke

    Actually Kristen Stewart was the main box office draw for SWATH. Charlize Theron has never been a big box office draw and Chris Hemsworth did well as Thor but people would have seen it no matter who played Thor! Top analysts have actually written articles on this. Kristen proved she can open a big movie and thats a fact. I’m sure Emma will prove she can do the same when the time comes. I like both these young actresses and think they get far too much undue criticism..often from fans!

  • Maria


    7 Movies? Please help me, because I can’t count 7 Movies and I’m talking about Movies which are confirmed and have a Filming Schedule ( I don’t count End of the World though, she is just playing herself as a Cameo)

    Anyway I like her Outfit, I just wish she would stop whining :/ I mean she wanted this Life, didn’t she?

  • Maria

    God, leave the Hate please, it’s useless and will just keep going on with the stupid Fanwar. Just don’t care about her, if you don’t like her.
    But the Fans can leave the “Emma is the Godness” Behavior as well. I like Emma as well, but I won’t say she will have the biggest Career ever, because noone knows if she will, same goes for Kristen, Jennifer and whoever. That is not just a Opinion, it’s a Fact. You all just predict a Future of what is now, you don’t know how it will be in 1 or 4 or 5 Years. Why don’t you wait a few Years and see? Then you can still say “this Person will be this and will have that” and just enjoy the Movies. A Career is not a Competition. This is more a Opinion War than anything else here -__-

  • Mary

    Emma’s fans are racist teen girls. Stay in your momma’s basement dear because the world consists of more than English speaking countries…
    SWATH is Kristen Stewart’s star vehicle. No matter what the posters look like. Kristen is top billing, it is her movie.
    Nude scenes or not, she put her self into Mary Lou, didn’t short change the role. A good actress can handle nude scenes, something I think Emma will never be able to do. As for her choice in doing small roles, that also shows her lack of commitment and why she is a poorer actress to Kstew. Until she proves otherwise, she is still a one-hit wonder at best (the Harry Potter movies being her one hit).

  • sam

    @Mary: “A good actress can handle nude scenes”? Riiiight. So an actress should only be taken seriously if she does a nude scene then?! Next you’ll be saying Kristen will be nominated for an oscar. I’m sorry but Kristen Stewart is like the only actress who when I read reviews for her movies countless critics are saying she is a bad actress. If critics are calling your acting bad then its time for you to quit.

  • @sam

    LOL. You quit too easily. Critics make their living in finding faults about other people’s work. Why should they keep their job and she quit? Lol, you are truly jealous of kstew’s fame and success. Yes, a good actress should be able to do nude scenes. It shows dedication and commitment to your craft. Like I said, Emma will never act in a nude scene. Comedies don’t win Oscars. I’m not saying Kstew will win an Oscar for On the Road, but Oscars aren’t just awarded for one role, it is an accumulation of good roles that help you to gain respect in the industry. On the road is one of many roles that will result in a best actress Oscar win in the future. Emma has a long ways to go, sorry.

  • YOU

    god, can people stop talking about kstew? this is emma post, and she’s looking gorgeous as always. I wish both of them the best, and whats up with this fanwar anyway? cause the last time I know, I saw them talking and being nice to each other at mma

  • Maria

    @sam: Sorry, but I like Kristen as well and I read good Reviews,mixed, but most good Reviews. Same goes for Emma. And what is with your Hate for godness Sake. Not Kristen should quit something, you should.

  • Maria

    Justjared used to be with a lot of nice People, now I just see Haters here at Emma or Kristen Articles, this sucks :(

  • e

    The biggest draw for SWATH is Snow White and that’s that, it’s based on a popular story and people are curies so they go and see it, it’s a similar thing with most stories like that, Twilight and HP as well and it wouldn’t have mattered who played the parts people would still have gone to see them.

    Second, Emma haven’t done as much as many others outside her popular franchise but that’s because there haven’t been much time, even Robert Pattinson said in an interview that he have huge respect for the young cast of the HP films since teach move took at least 11 month to film (unlike say a Twilight film that took between 3-4 month to film and there for KStew had more time to do other things in between, KStew also obviously don’t have the same passion for school and her schoolwork as Emma does and therefore doesn’t feel the need to spend as much time studying as Emma wanted to do, and there’s nothing wrong with either of them it’s just who they are) however since it’s only been less than a year since the final movie in the HP franchise was released all 4 of the main young stars have done incredibly well for themselves and it’s obvious that they all have a passion for their craft and want to keep developing it and big deal if she choose not to play the lead role, it’s obvious that for Emma it’s important to work with the right people and learned from them like she did from all the older actors in HP. I say we let both of them be along with every other young actor out there and let them choose what they want to do and how to live their lives and grow both in their craft and as people and then in several years we’ll see who is still in the showbiz and who have chosen to try other fields, and besides, it does look right now as if there is plenty of room for all of them and that’s that.

  • kingkayski

    Thanks buddy!This spelling patrol genius people is so atrocious and annoying.

  • dizzy

    There are some really inappropriate people in here. Just because someone made a comment about someone’s spelling and grammar (and yes, it’s mean when people do that) doesn’t mean Emma fans are racist. That’s pretty mean-spirited thing to call a group of people, especially when race had nothing to do with it.

  • Nona

    It’s racist because they need to know the world does not consist if white english speaking countries.
    It doesn’t really matter what her fans justify her movie career so far, whether doing 9 months of filming (not really since dan is the lead and they do 4 hours a day of filming) or just 3-4 (kstew is the lead and she filmed 18 hour days. She could have taken the rest of the year off but she chose to continue to work.) the fact of the matter is that kstew is a better and more profitable actress than emma.

  • dizzy

    To be honest, I don’t know whether that person’s motives were racist or not. I saw a person making fun of someone’s spelling and grammar, which I think is very unfair. I also have a problem with the assumption that a whole group of people are racist due to what one person said. That is also uncalled for; it’s an ugly thing to call someone. And I think we all need to stop with this Emma and Kristen thing. They’re both hard-working girls and people get too caught up in this stupid feud that really doesn’t exist (as you remember, Emma and Kristen were fine at the MTV Movie Awards, they even greeted each other and were friendly).

  • Emily

    she should quit acting
    I can’t stand her eyebrow
    but she’s good at modeling ,tbh

  • Bonnie

    I recently found myself can’t stand her
    She is overreacted
    …new Audrey Hepburn