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George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Motorcycle Mates in Italy!

George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Motorcycle Mates in Italy!

George Clooney and girlfriend Stacy Keibler go for a ride on his motorcycle on Friday (June 15) in Lake Como, Italy.

On Wednesday, the couple dined at il Gatto Nero in Cernobbio after the 32-year-old actress went shopping with friends earlier in the day.

Stacy recently showed off moves from her 18-minute workout for a feature in Self.

“Every time I do this workout, I feel strong and energized. It’s therapy for my body and mind,” she shared. “I love the adrenaline rush exercising gives me – and the payoff isn’t bad, either!”

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10+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Stacy Keibler riding a motorcycle in Lake Como…

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george clooney stacy keibler motorcycle lake como 02
george clooney stacy keibler motorcycle lake como 03
george clooney stacy keibler motorcycle lake como 04
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  • Asha

    I am really surprised Stacy has lasted this long. I would have thought George would have moved on to the next chick by now.

  • no one

    Could he look any more ticked off? The contract hooker isn’t even allowed to touch his waist, just his shoulders. Poor George looks miserable. I don’t think they even went for a ride. Looks like they just parked the bikes briefly and let Keibler sit on the back just long enough for the hired photographer to take some pics for this b.s. You’d have to have the i.q. of a turnip to believe this is anything but a contract. What a shame that George will have to burn both his bike and the helmet the balding giant rodent wore. Doesn’t syphilis cause baldness? Why, yes it does:

  • Alopecia Syphilitica

    Our observations strongly indicate that in all patients with sudden, unexplained hair loss, serological tests for syphilis should be performed.

  • wellyeah

    How can a woman not see that man will never settle. He has a problem. And he is 20 years older than this one and still capable of playing that trick of “being in love” .
    LOL, count your days (with him) Stacey.

  • dr

    always same!!

    Same bike, diferent grl, ooooooooo George GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!

  • Francesco

    Her legs are like tree trunks. Gross with shorts on. She can lose almost all fat off her body but she has massive bones and manly muscles.

  • Domenico

    And very potato-head bland face. Ugly broad. YUCK!!
    Hair like straw with brown roots……

  • Hit Road Jack

    George looks like a puny old man. I used to respect him but all I see is a fool with bad taste in women & increasingly mediocre films.
    Or if the rumors are true that this is for PR, wtf is wrong with him? It’s counterproductive. You can’t fake being in love so I don’t want anything Stacey Kiebler promotes or wears. It’s false advertizing & especially since she’s just another short-lived con job by his PR team.


    SHE’S HUGE!!!
    Towering over him. He looks feeble & ridiculous.

    He he

  • Amy

    This is the 4th set of pictures of George since he hit Como. The only picture of him smiling is when he is cuddling his dog at the airport. This from a man who is usually always smiling. Something is weird.

  • Guest

    Wow they are trying to pack whole summer of staged photos into one week. They need to pace themselves. George doesn’t look like he is having too much fun. I guess it gets pretty boring, after awhile, doing the same old stuff in Como with different girlfriends.

  • Karen

    LOL shes ugly


    Histoire se répète que nana change
    Une proie au doute, le schéma qui se répète…
    <George pervers narcissique
    <amoureux chaotique
    <schéma répétitif telle une malédiction dont je vais vous parler ensuite….

  • ashley

    what’s the expiry date on this relationship?

  • Rose

    This looks like a rerun from the past 10 years or so… just a different woman!!!

  • J’en ai marre

    Clooney is boring me to tears….
    What a pathetic, insecure man. The lies. The life he leads.
    Karma will get him one day.

  • Cha-Cha

    If she wasn’t so showy & smiley, I wouldn’t dislike her so much. That smile of hers is just so annoying.

    I can’t help but believe that something is amiss with their relationship.

    Clooney looking so ticked off lately, and she smiling away. It’s like they are in two different worlds .:-]

  • Kikicohen

    Something is really fishy
    He’s either having back problems again and is cranky all the time from his pain meds or he can’t tolerate this vapid, superficial jolly blonde giant with that goofy goober grin on her face 24/7. Why can’t he take her to the 40 and punt? She’s eating up all the sights like she’s never set foot outside of LA. Golly Gee…..wouldn’t it bother her that her father, umm, I mean, boy friend, doesn’t want to be affectionate with me or even hold my hand in public??

  • Nexttime

    She is paid for every act through this kind of publicity. One has to be careful because GC is so sensitive that he may actually engross his paid companion to prove the contrary.
    She is supposed to reflect the ‘idea’ and ‘image’ of success so that she can really get there via his trousers.
    Hear she is particularly intelligent and protected by an organized group. It is not the joy of her prozac nor a strong love for a not very gracefully aging dumb blond (in real not in photo) that keeps GC so attached.
    Lawyers and shady friends are at the source of these happy times and his pity for her psychological troubles.

  • Jeffrey Sean Keith

    This is the one for George people,they are in love and will be getting married Book It1

  • baugh

    They look great together, they both are very nice people and I think she really love him.

  • mambo

    So telling, these photos. It’s true, people’s expressions say so much. His face says, “Confound! Do these paps have to be everywhere?”. While her expression is saying, “Oh, goody! I am so grateful to have anybody snap a picture of me … especially with someone famous.”


    Well what I see is a major assshole who plays & humiliates people riding his Harley ( more marketing) & PRETENDING to act like he’s annoyed at the paps. At least that’s the excuse he gives the hideous beast Stacy Keibler who despite a huge weight loss & a massive stylist / cosmetic budget is still UGLY. & that’s the excuse he gives his PR.

    i just see a pathetic corrupt scumbag with mediocre acting skills.

  • Lily

    @A MON AVIS: Huge weight loss? Maybe 20-30 lbs but Stacey still looks BIG.
    GARGANTUAN HUGE. Even if she lost 40 more more lbs.
    Broad shoulders like a gridorn player. Chunky tree trunk legs…Fat rump. Agree with youmthough, Clooney is a fcuking cocky assswipe.
    He deserves the bad karma he’s getting & A lot worse coming his way.
    Look how old & feeble the corrupt mongrel looks in these photos.

  • Lily

    Gridiron player with padding
    Stacy CYBORG Keibler.

  • no one

    These aren’t pap photos. They are completely staged. The same was done during the Canalis publicity contract, and those staged pics were often photoshopped before being released, something that is never done with candid pap pics unless someone is being paid to do that. Keibler is a very phony person, and this contract is in keeping with her phoniness. Pro wresting is all about fakery. Her real hair color is very dark brown, as her very dark brown roots in the Golden Globe photos showed. She has no qualifications to be giving out health advice, takes laxatives to lose weight and calls it “cleansing,” is homely and not suited for endorsing beauty products, and can’t act. She’s below average in every way except her huge size and her trashiness.

  • Puny Clooney

    I’ve seen Stacy Keibler in real life last November at the premiere of the Descendents in LA. She’s much bigger & broader in real life but very hard & unattractive. I was really diasappointed because it reaffirmed my thought s that George Clooney must be gay. They were so totally faking the BF/ GF story.
    I just found it allso fake & given that she’s so lame looking I would never buy clothes she wears. Just not a normal nor beautiful woman.
    Like a giant.

  • molly libby

    GC is highly miserable with her, in every picture, when he is alone he is happy. I can relate, but hey, we all know he is not happy. The ones who can see the realness through his eyes know he is just not happy. All of his friends run his life and he never gets a life of his won because all he does is cater to everyone and never gets a break. Unreal. When does he get time to do things alone or be alone? never? He is wonderboy, giving all he has with time, money everything to everyone around him which is wrong and so draining. He always looks drained. I feel so bad for him, he needs his REAL soulmate to come along and show him the realness of his life he has missed. He needs strength in his life, so many people try to control him, it is disgusting. I can see it and I am on the outside, it is so sad. I know someday soon GC you will be ok and maybe the bloodsuckers will leave your life and let you breathe for once. and new amazing love will enter and show u real life! :-)

  • dr

    I do not see anything wrong with that if George was gay. We live in a world where there is a lot of homosexuals in all positions in society. George if you’re gay, admit it. Nothing bad will happen in your life, this is not a disgrace. shame to lie to his fans

  • http://@allaboutdionte Dionte

    Im trying to figure out why everyone has a problem with stacy. She was famous before she even met him. She just so happens to be tall and is extremely beautiful. You people are so pathetic and are angry because you have to be ugly behind a user name. Stacy was a professional wrestler and was runner up on DWTS.

  • Cut the crap

    @Dionte: STACY KEIBLER IS A CHEAP HIDEOUS BIG BEAST OF A WOMAN. Face it, you’re either part of her useless PR who try to sell the bulllshit for profit, or that uneducated gigantism afflicted fat wh’ore herself, or her mother. AND you’re all demented if you kid yourself someone with a face like that is beautiful. She can’t get endorsements, commercial contracts, advertising…NADA. Because of her overgrown massive broad masculine body and that ugly face. Then there’s that sickly bleached thin hair… and the helium voice.

    Just look at that painfully annoying ugly face:
    No lips, a massive balloon sized face, small beady & wrinkled eyes,
    A FaIled nose job as it hunches like a parrot on one angle and is pinched on the other, and that freak show football field sized forehead with a pennis vein running along the center…

    4th you manipulative cu’nt on the kitsch DWTS. and no one remembers anyone but the winner.
    Famous??? No one recognizes the bland giant. no one says “bella donna.”. Coz she ain’t.

  • J’en ai marre

    @molly libby: Yes he is drained because he has to put on a show whenever he’s in the public eye. MrCharming, Mr Debonair Suave Playboy, Mr Hollywood, Mr conscientious political human rights activist, etc etc.
    He’s constantly scrutinized by the media & the world’s prying eyes.
    So, no wonder he wants to hibernate from it all in a hermetic existence every so often. It’s bad enough a group of b’itches & asssholes comprising of his management, profiteering syndicates, demanding friends who want to take advantage of his name, PR network & secret service operatives are on his case constantly.
    He has to be proactive & reduce the fiasco. He has to escape incognito every now and then & enjoy his life… Whether it’s with a soulmate, someone he really likes/ loves/ understands him…. Male or Female is not the issue.

  • courtney

    @Cut the crap: Just letting you know that the loser Dionte is none other than the wet blanket Limey scrubber Joanna who posts on the PR run site
    don’t pay attention.
    The psycho neurotic jealous ugly b’itch is helllbent on sellling this bulllshit. An ugly scrag herself. Pathologically jealous & so wnats Clooney to do fake PR contracts. No love in her own life. bitter b’itch.

  • Bemused

    is big fat beer gut Stacy the live in dog walker?
    What a loser Clooney is!

  • Mlada Goshka
  • lou

    Cut the crap @ 06/17/2012 at 6:26 am

    i see you’re still at it. not only that, you’ve changed your name again. unfortunately, your little rant is not really that funny. just a rehash of idiotic things you posted before, i’m still waiting for another pyschotic rant as good as the one about George’s “girlfriend of the year” being responsible for putting a black spider in the laundry basket.

  • Cut the crap

    @lou: Mutherfcuking freak, go soothe fagggot asss Travolta’s bruised ego!!!
    Demented corrupt assswipe. Cornered rats.

    You’re just upset cos Clooney is not conforming 100% to your dogma.
    Afraid he’ll break free?????
    And you’re not getting the big bucks you hoped for, huh???
    Scumbag & the ugly scrubbbers you pimp!!!
    Shove the cowbulls back up yor assss where it belongs!!!
    Deviant freak!!!

  • Hmh1108

    OMG!!! Just look at all the manly sweat on STACY Keibler’s back. How butch!!!!
    Sporn of Andre the giant, or what???!!!!

  • Serenity

    @lou: no, you know what’s getting tiring & repetitive?
    The lies about Clooney’s private life that you corrupt insatiable scum force feed the world!
    NOT allowing him to live his life with sincerity.
    Controlling, despotic, corrupt dregs of society sums you up in a nutshell!

  • Catrina90265

    What do you expect from a corrupt & insecure assshole like Clooney??.
    A greedy basterd who is afraid he’ll lose the big Nespresso & Omega contracts if he doesn’t keep his PR profile constantly in the media….WITH LIES.
    Trying to make the bullllshit PR arrangement seem real by faking affection.
    HIs PR team have mastered the art of coercing the alcoholic imbecile by making him think it’s for the best & HIS OWN DECISION.
    And the hermetic scum complies….

  • no one

    @Dionte: She placed THIRD on DWTS. I notice that her PR people have been posting everywhere for months that she was second, but it was THIRD PLACE.

  • dr



  • Catrina90265

    @dr: Last October, he stayed in a double suite on the 6th floor at The Corinthia shitty hotel in London. I observed his behavior. He pretended to act affectionate & so did the giraffe. It was the night of the Ides of March flop premiere.
    Harvey Weinstein came in an yelled at him in frint if Stacy Godzilla Keibler (my goodness she looked bland & ugly). B’itchy face too.
    The media people were mocking the ridicule.
    Mostmwere whispering “gay.” No one bougght it.
    He cannot act. Period.
    The next night he smoked & drank till the weee hours of the morning, the flew on a private jet back.
    Never even slept in same room as Keibler.
    His excuse is “helping her career out” & in return the moron helps himseld get publicity.
    The next one is already lined up.

  • Catrina90265

    @Catrina90265: Fcukind dranged stubborn mule!! Keep deleting my messages alcholic hermit, & I’ll post twice as many!!!
    Yes, last July 28th, he was in London witH Grant Heslov. he met Stacy GODZILLA Keibler at China Tang to seal th PR ARRANGEMENT DEAL.
    If only you could hear the bulllshit he rapped:
    “We’ll make a good team”…. “we have to prepare for an intensive campaigning season….”. Blah blah baloney etc
    She was told to be prepared as she would be informed when they’d start the official public appearances…
    He complained behind her back that she’s trashy, fat, toooooo big and too homely.
    He referred to her as a hoooker, the GIANT RODENT, made offensive collages, and posted vile wrestling photos of her.
    He also referred to Elisabetta asma hoooker & Horse.
    The man is utter scum.

  • ….sigh…..

    He’s a corrupt abusive assshole who uses unscrupulous means to violate privacy. An obssessive deranged aloholic feeble basterd.
    Humiates and abuses peple because he has power & money and can tred all over anyone he wants just to entertain others.
    OH… AND
    Vanity Fair, Hello, etc.
    Then the mutherfcuker blames it on others.
    Can’t miss out on reading about himself!!!!
    EVEN gloats about how “handsome” the deluded idiot thinks he is as a bogus online username of a “female.”

  • question ?

    Maybe he is in Love with this one? Maybe she is everything he ever wanted in a women…

  • What does he want then?

    So….what DOES he want then?? All of the “what he doesn’t want” keeps coming out, that he is in contracts with the women that he is seen with, mafia ties, blah, blah, blah. Sooo….what does he want then?? Any takers??

  • I hate the PR gnome cunts

    @What does he want then?: yeah & maybe he just wants publicity, money, gossip magazine exposure, keeping his ego in the limelight.

    He’s aged very badly due to excessive alcohol consumption & stress. Gnawing his nails off is an indication of anxiety. He can’t pull off the sex symbol image anymore. And he caters to women with mainstream taste who like boring suits anyway.

  • Phys Major

    @question ?: Yes, Stacy Keibler is the One.
    Joke of the millenium. Imagine the feeble, puny old goat trying to mount Hulk Hogan’s twin. Or staring at her ugly Potato head & expressing his undying love….a


    Guys years ago George and his father pretty much said that they are really trailer trash, con men, and horse thieves or descended from that. So really can you really expect any more from him than what we are seeing now? I mean he had people going for a very, very long time. It is so long people can put on a facade before they are true to themselves. This mess is in his core otherwise he would never agree to do it. Stacy would fit right in a little rinky dink hick Kentucky small town. Heck! She would be Miss Universe. George would be envied for miles around. Why get all worked up? He is in his element apparently. Why expect more????