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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: When in Rome

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: When in Rome

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux take in the sights of Rome, Italy, on Friday (June 15).

The couple continued their European vacation in matching outfits – a light grey tank dress for her and a darker grey tee for him.

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The day before, Jennifer, 43, and Justin, 40, checked out The Ritz in Paris after spending a few days in the City of Light.

The two enjoyed a romantic dinner at the Eiffel Tower after doing some shopping earlier in the week.

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  • Sean

    Perfect legs. Healthy weight. What a beauty!

  • Handsome
  • thighmegatampon

    Even as she gets older, she still has a perfect body.

  • just right

    Stocky legs. Fugly Face and holding her bag like an old woman who thinks someone is going to steal it. The longer she stays away from her makeup and hair people the more she shows her “natural” self

  • Truth Squad

    Hey Just right, the longer you post hateful, bitter comments the more you show YOUR natural self. It’s really too bad people on the internet aren’t forced to post pictures of themselves. I bet you’re a real “beauty”. LOL.

  • alw

    i think she is pregnant.

  • http://Justjarde Jojo

    Travel in style

  • http://Justjarde Jennifer

    You are the most pretty girl

  • http://Justjarde Jennifer

    Amazing pic

  • http://Justjarde Mike

    Sexy Jen

  • Kate

    @just right: Rome is the pickpocket capital of the world! Everyone holds their purses like that there. When we were there last month all the tour guides emphasized This and for men not to keep their wallets in their back pockets.

  • Observer

    I’m afraid her attempt at showing mega cleavage back fired on her.
    She needed to wear a support/push up undergarment.
    As it is her bust just seems to be heading South, as things do when we reach a certain age.
    A cute top would have been far more flattering.
    I’m almost starting to feel sorry for her.
    She has all the money to have a stylist at her beck and call.

    Jusitn? As far as grooming and picking out clothes to wear I think he’s a lost cause.
    His hair issues are troubling and he needs to lose the boots.
    How about a pair of nice tailored slacks, loafers, and a causual shirt?

    What they do or wear out of the spotlight is their business, but if they know they’re going to make a public appearance at least they could dress the part for the paps and their fans.

    I’m not a fan but I’m sure they do have them.

  • Observer

    I spelled casual wrong.

    But what I found alarming was taking a good look at that charm Justin is wearing on a chain-

    A hand gun! Hard to tell but it looks like a revolver.

    Good grief. O.o Anyone know the significance of this? Is it a new trend?

  • Elle


    Why the F. do they need to dress up for they┬┤re fans!? when sightseeing in Rome? They are on a vacation for Fsakes

  • Lizabeth

    @alw: Well she should not have had the red wine and salmon in Paris

  • aha

    This guy would not dump this old hag until he milks all her money.
    Sugar moma is paying for all expenses for this vacation.

  • C

    I’m calling it. She’s pregnant!

  • C


    Ha! Didn’t see you said that. I know she is pregnant! I called it on Reese Witherspoon too!

  • LoveMeDo

    I didn’t like these two together at first but damn it, they’ve grown on me. They both look happy and that’s all that matters.

  • Guest

    She is pregnant. Her boobs are huge is some pics.

  • Nothing But Love

    Beautiful Couple

  • DRUNKatMTVlastWEEKfool

    Dear sad silly Fool, this old bish is NOT pregnant – don’t you get tired of having your face rubbed in it when she turns up still not pregnant?? Bish is almost 50! Give her a break. You stupid peeps thought she was preg when she went underground all of last month, when the only thing she gave birth to was new silicone fillers in her cheeks and new small b implants. Hahahaha. This bish was blitzed, DRUNK OFF HER ASSS, at the MTV Awards just last week – everybody was making fun of her…where were you then?! Hahaha
    Would you old cat lady spinsters get it into your heads – she’s not having kids! The tick has been tocked out. The bio clock, has gone off, and there are no more snoozes.
    Even if she could have kids, and wanted to – I doubt she’d want kids that would have a combo of her big fleshy sausgage nose and his big boney beak – she’s shallow like that….that’s even IF she still could, the woman is probably premenopausal, so give her a break!
    If you were a real fan, you wouldn’t be stressing her, and making her feel bad. Here she’s having hot flashes, and knocking back vodka tonics, and you’re wishing she gets knocked up at the 11th hour. Let the lady have her booze and cigs and her bought and paid for middleaged bald little gigolo, in peace!

  • Casey.

    I don’t think vodka goes with being pregnant. She was drunk and slurring her words on the mtv stage just last week. Twitter it. Also drinking in France, per waitstaff. vodka however, may go with boob implants, which she appears to have gotten.

  • Guest

    didn’t u fanistons say she was pregnant back in Jan.

  • The Real Emma


    You are naive if you think they are vacation. They are working.

  • http://Justjarde Mike

    Good looking couple

  • http://Justjarde Amine

    Walking around
    I love Rome

  • http://Justjarde Amanda

    Amazing body

    Lucky justin

  • http://Justjarde Amanda

    Love her

  • http://Justjarde Amanda

    Justin is hot

  • http://Justjarde Amanda

    Pretty girl

  • as it is

    she better not get fat she is losing her neck!!!

  • Casey.

    yeah but what about that ugly head and face sitting atop the body. Does you no good to have a good body and then look like Dustin Hoffman’s tootsie. Ask Kathy Griffin.

  • yep

    They are having an awesome vacation! Love Jen’s casual look! I Gorgeous couple!

  • Kikicohen

    Bahahaha- I though the exact same thing
    The woman has lost her figure

  • Kikicohen
  • Kikicohen

    Righhhht….as if JA and her boy toy aren’t tailed by bodyguards and/or photogs- some pick pocket dude isn’t going to get very far! She walks around like that with her purse covering her muffin top no matter where she is…..

  • Maniston is over!!

    Thank You #37!!! She’s so trained to make people believe she may or may not be pregnant for tabloid stories so she can stay alive that it has become second nature for her to hide or touch her stomach on que when her paid paps are in tow..

  • Sara

    They are on vacation like normal people
    She doesnt ACT oposite to another women with J and A when papps are around

    I wish every women over 30 to have Jennifers money and body..




    Aniston megawhore alert
    vile stench
    huge supply fawp
    Aniston biggest whoreever
    hasmat suit
    thickest rubber
    radioactive tart

  • MJ

    Rocks of Ages casts have their European tours and Justin and Anuston have their own EUROPEAN W*H*O*R*E*S. How desperate are they? I’m sure they are not there in Europe because of her WANDERSLUT movie is showing there because there is no affect anyway even if they are there, European doesn’t care about her and specially Justin. Most European doesn’t know them. Look at the result of her movie WANDERSLUT in France, it made only over 40k and she’s the leading star. What else will be her purpose going in Europe if not to counterpart the Rock of Ages casts tour? Probably Huvane and Anuston are mad that Justin is not part of the casts tour. Anuston and Huvane always have these revenge attitude. We will see if Anuston will gain attention in Europe but I doubt about it. Most European are not that desperate. So, I will say no. Good for Justin though. At least he can W*H*O*R*E in EUROPE with the expense of Anuston. Justin, you are a wise dude. Good for you.

  • MJ

    @Kikicohen: Yeah! Agree with you. Anuston always holds her purse like that wherever she goes because she’s covering that big mount of muffin or camel toe will show off. Sometimes if not a purse Anuston is holding it’s the fabric of her clothes that she’s pulling all the way to the middle to cover that Mt. Everest muffin she has. Thanks for pointing that out. Good one.

  • JL

    Justin is not wise at all.
    If he wants fame he must go and WORK!
    He must write the genius stories like Coen brothers or better.
    He must go to Huvane and say: SORRY,

  • Identical twin boy

    What happened with the… I will… I can … I do…
    poor little rich boy ups I mean girl!!! LOL

  • MJ

    @JL: JL(Jennifer is a Lose), the one you are talking about is an honest man, a man with integrity. I’m sure, Justin is no way he is like that. Justin is a wise man. Most wise people who love to have the fame and fortune with the expense from others. I would say Huvane fall on that category. Oh! well. They are in the same page. Grab the opportunity while you can or else it will be gone soon, right? Good for Justin. Too bad for Anuston. They well deserve for each other. It’s good Justin found like a sugar mommy. Anuston feeds him really well. Well, good luck to both of them.

  • JL

    Nothing happened!
    Jennifer is OK.
    You will drink too seeing Justin’s mug every day.

  • Laurenjen

    Since Manson is in France i will use the word, that’s the most miniscule 6 months pregnancy i have ever seen………….. OH THAT’S WHY!!!! It’s imaginary bore out of desperation.

  • JL

    This is your Jewish principle:” fortune with the expense from others”.
    Very wise.
    All what Justin has is a call GIGOLO

  • 2%Jenny

    Old Chelsea, you know Jenny’s BFF, finally admitted the reason she doesn’t have kids is that she’d have to give up the booze for too long to have a kid. Me thinks Jen is the same way, I know a couple of women like that, week-end binges but maintain throughout week–won’t admit the real reason why they don’t have kids–cause they can’t give up the booze. It really is sad if you think about it, alcohol controls many lives, destroys even more around it.
    Most people get that party junk over in their youth and grow up, a few don’t or can’t.