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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: When in Rome

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: When in Rome

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux take in the sights of Rome, Italy, on Friday (June 15).

The couple continued their European vacation in matching outfits – a light grey tank dress for her and a darker grey tee for him.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

The day before, Jennifer, 43, and Justin, 40, checked out The Ritz in Paris after spending a few days in the City of Light.

The two enjoyed a romantic dinner at the Eiffel Tower after doing some shopping earlier in the week.

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# 1

Perfect legs. Healthy weight. What a beauty!

# 3
thighmegatampon @ 06/15/2012 at 3:22 pm

Even as she gets older, she still has a perfect body.

# 4
just right @ 06/15/2012 at 3:22 pm

Stocky legs. Fugly Face and holding her bag like an old woman who thinks someone is going to steal it. The longer she stays away from her makeup and hair people the more she shows her “natural” self

# 5
Truth Squad @ 06/15/2012 at 3:26 pm

Hey Just right, the longer you post hateful, bitter comments the more you show YOUR natural self. It’s really too bad people on the internet aren’t forced to post pictures of themselves. I bet you’re a real “beauty”. LOL.

# 6

i think she is pregnant.

# 8

You are the most pretty girl

@just right: Rome is the pickpocket capital of the world! Everyone holds their purses like that there. When we were there last month all the tour guides emphasized This and for men not to keep their wallets in their back pockets.

I’m afraid her attempt at showing mega cleavage back fired on her.
She needed to wear a support/push up undergarment.
As it is her bust just seems to be heading South, as things do when we reach a certain age.
A cute top would have been far more flattering.
I’m almost starting to feel sorry for her.
She has all the money to have a stylist at her beck and call.

Jusitn? As far as grooming and picking out clothes to wear I think he’s a lost cause.
His hair issues are troubling and he needs to lose the boots.
How about a pair of nice tailored slacks, loafers, and a causual shirt?

What they do or wear out of the spotlight is their business, but if they know they’re going to make a public appearance at least they could dress the part for the paps and their fans.

I’m not a fan but I’m sure they do have them.

I spelled casual wrong.

But what I found alarming was taking a good look at that charm Justin is wearing on a chain-

A hand gun! Hard to tell but it looks like a revolver.

Good grief. O.o Anyone know the significance of this? Is it a new trend?


Why the F. do they need to dress up for they´re fans!? when sightseeing in Rome? They are on a vacation for Fsakes

@alw: Well she should not have had the red wine and salmon in Paris

This guy would not dump this old hag until he milks all her money.
Sugar moma is paying for all expenses for this vacation.

I’m calling it. She’s pregnant!


Ha! Didn’t see you said that. I know she is pregnant! I called it on Reese Witherspoon too!

I didn’t like these two together at first but damn it, they’ve grown on me. They both look happy and that’s all that matters.

She is pregnant. Her boobs are huge is some pics.

Nothing But Love @ 06/15/2012 at 4:36 pm

Beautiful Couple

DRUNKatMTVlastWEEKfool @ 06/15/2012 at 4:42 pm

Dear sad silly Fool, this old bish is NOT pregnant – don’t you get tired of having your face rubbed in it when she turns up still not pregnant?? Bish is almost 50! Give her a break. You stupid peeps thought she was preg when she went underground all of last month, when the only thing she gave birth to was new silicone fillers in her cheeks and new small b implants. Hahahaha. This bish was blitzed, DRUNK OFF HER ASSS, at the MTV Awards just last week – everybody was making fun of her…where were you then?! Hahaha
Would you old cat lady spinsters get it into your heads – she’s not having kids! The tick has been tocked out. The bio clock, has gone off, and there are no more snoozes.
Even if she could have kids, and wanted to – I doubt she’d want kids that would have a combo of her big fleshy sausgage nose and his big boney beak – she’s shallow like that….that’s even IF she still could, the woman is probably premenopausal, so give her a break!
If you were a real fan, you wouldn’t be stressing her, and making her feel bad. Here she’s having hot flashes, and knocking back vodka tonics, and you’re wishing she gets knocked up at the 11th hour. Let the lady have her booze and cigs and her bought and paid for middleaged bald little gigolo, in peace!

I don’t think vodka goes with being pregnant. She was drunk and slurring her words on the mtv stage just last week. Twitter it. Also drinking in France, per waitstaff. vodka however, may go with boob implants, which she appears to have gotten.

didn’t u fanistons say she was pregnant back in Jan.

The Real Emma @ 06/15/2012 at 4:54 pm


You are naive if you think they are vacation. They are working.

Good looking couple

Walking around
I love Rome

Amazing body

Lucky justin

she better not get fat she is losing her neck!!!

yeah but what about that ugly head and face sitting atop the body. Does you no good to have a good body and then look like Dustin Hoffman’s tootsie. Ask Kathy Griffin.

They are having an awesome vacation! Love Jen’s casual look! I Gorgeous couple!

Bahahaha- I though the exact same thing
The woman has lost her figure

Righhhht….as if JA and her boy toy aren’t tailed by bodyguards and/or photogs- some pick pocket dude isn’t going to get very far! She walks around like that with her purse covering her muffin top no matter where she is…..

Maniston is over!! @ 06/15/2012 at 5:43 pm

Thank You #37!!! She’s so trained to make people believe she may or may not be pregnant for tabloid stories so she can stay alive that it has become second nature for her to hide or touch her stomach on que when her paid paps are in tow..

They are on vacation like normal people
She doesnt ACT oposite to another women with J and A when papps are around

I wish every women over 30 to have Jennifers money and body..

JENTHEWHORE @ 06/15/2012 at 6:18 pm


|FILTY|ANISTON|WHORE|PANTIES| @ 06/15/2012 at 6:21 pm

Aniston megawhore alert
vile stench
huge supply fawp
Aniston biggest whoreever
hasmat suit
thickest rubber
radioactive tart

Rocks of Ages casts have their European tours and Justin and Anuston have their own EUROPEAN W*H*O*R*E*S. How desperate are they? I’m sure they are not there in Europe because of her WANDERSLUT movie is showing there because there is no affect anyway even if they are there, European doesn’t care about her and specially Justin. Most European doesn’t know them. Look at the result of her movie WANDERSLUT in France, it made only over 40k and she’s the leading star. What else will be her purpose going in Europe if not to counterpart the Rock of Ages casts tour? Probably Huvane and Anuston are mad that Justin is not part of the casts tour. Anuston and Huvane always have these revenge attitude. We will see if Anuston will gain attention in Europe but I doubt about it. Most European are not that desperate. So, I will say no. Good for Justin though. At least he can W*H*O*R*E in EUROPE with the expense of Anuston. Justin, you are a wise dude. Good for you.

@Kikicohen: Yeah! Agree with you. Anuston always holds her purse like that wherever she goes because she’s covering that big mount of muffin or camel toe will show off. Sometimes if not a purse Anuston is holding it’s the fabric of her clothes that she’s pulling all the way to the middle to cover that Mt. Everest muffin she has. Thanks for pointing that out. Good one.

Justin is not wise at all.
If he wants fame he must go and WORK!
He must write the genius stories like Coen brothers or better.
He must go to Huvane and say: SORRY,

Identical twin boy @ 06/15/2012 at 7:18 pm

What happened with the… I will… I can … I do…
poor little rich boy ups I mean girl!!! LOL

@JL: JL(Jennifer is a Lose), the one you are talking about is an honest man, a man with integrity. I’m sure, Justin is no way he is like that. Justin is a wise man. Most wise people who love to have the fame and fortune with the expense from others. I would say Huvane fall on that category. Oh! well. They are in the same page. Grab the opportunity while you can or else it will be gone soon, right? Good for Justin. Too bad for Anuston. They well deserve for each other. It’s good Justin found like a sugar mommy. Anuston feeds him really well. Well, good luck to both of them.

Nothing happened!
Jennifer is OK.
You will drink too seeing Justin’s mug every day.

Laurenjen @ 06/15/2012 at 7:39 pm

Since Manson is in France i will use the word, that’s the most miniscule 6 months pregnancy i have ever seen………….. OH THAT’S WHY!!!! It’s imaginary bore out of desperation.

This is your Jewish principle:” fortune with the expense from others”.
Very wise.
All what Justin has is a call GIGOLO

Old Chelsea, you know Jenny’s BFF, finally admitted the reason she doesn’t have kids is that she’d have to give up the booze for too long to have a kid. Me thinks Jen is the same way, I know a couple of women like that, week-end binges but maintain throughout week–won’t admit the real reason why they don’t have kids–cause they can’t give up the booze. It really is sad if you think about it, alcohol controls many lives, destroys even more around it.
Most people get that party junk over in their youth and grow up, a few don’t or can’t.

Chelsea drinks because of abortion in the past. That is a reason she hasn’t children. And she is not an alcoholic.
Children is a F biology if there is no Love in family.
And not everybody must have children.
Because thousands of people MAKE or PRODUCE the children without any caring about them. And we can enjoy the results like Charles Manson. Do you like it?
So if everything will be perfect for this may she will adopt or something. But just if everything necessary will be perfect.
For now she WORKS hard.
Do you think it’s easy – to be in the most beautiful cities of Europe with the ugliest man of America?

Oh how cute, jennifer in rome with her son justin

Jennifer is not an old hag.You are despicable with comments like that., Everyone c an see what you are really like and that is a total no no.

Jennifer is a really pretty and nice person with it. I bet you cant boast that miss jealousy. People like you are really sickening.

you are a disgusting old twit

hot couple! Paris! Rome!

just saying @ 06/15/2012 at 9:56 pm

they’re hot


She is the one who said she couldn’t lay off the booze for 9 months, not me. Perhaps she wouldn’t have to go around putting out her personal business if she wasn’t scrambling for better ratings and kept her nasty, judgmental mouth about things that don’t concern her. I believe it was Charlize she told this to about the booze when discussing the baby’s adoption. Surprised Handler didn’t make her usual racist comments.

As for Chelsea drinking because she had an abortion in the past, just a damn excuse to keep drinking.

Yep, Aniston is pregnant, can’t hide it anymore!
clear signs: The boobs, the belly, the bag to hide it.

Jolie really needs to stop making all these posts on Aniston, seriously, – get a life Angie. Or, you know, live the one you have.

She has no regard for the cathedrals when she tried to enter. It is almost common knowledge that the dress code is enforced and you cannot enter without having respectful attire. She is 43 and doesn know that. I went knowing at 29 !!! Not so smart jen…

I approve of this couple for one reason: I laugh everytime i see them!

Why does it appear something is wrong with Jennifer in these pictures? It almost looks like they are leading a blind person, someone ill or a drunk one. What’s up with her?

HappyTimes @ 06/15/2012 at 11:55 pm

@Observer: The trend is called “TRYING WAY TOO HARD”.

@ohdear: @ohdear: That’s right.
Justin is a drugster so knows lots and lots of different meds to make the person active or passive.
She must keep him away from her food and drinks.
Justin is Jew so he is trained well to work with peoples aura. Every his touch her back can make her frustrated or irritated for a sometimes. He looks in very good mood on these pictures.
If Justin is so talented writer he must prove that across his scripts.
Live her alone F short moron !
She had a lot shame with F Wanderlust.

When she travels with her usual assistants and bodyguards she has a normal solid look. Not like here.

I bet the everyday Euro photo ops are over now. Didn’t help the movie, sorry JT you sold your soul for nothing!

she’ looks great and he looks hotttt

I can imagine the smell of his legs at the end of day.
Look at his shoes!
It’s June in the Italy! It’s a Summer!
What a F moron !

Looks like his revolver on the neck is a cocaine container.

this couple is hooooooooot!!!! @ 06/16/2012 at 6:02 am

The sex between them should be great, hot, wild and delicious …
And if envy killed the Brangelina fans would all be dead already …

this couple is hooooooooot!!!! @ 06/16/2012 at 6:22 am

These two weeks esestão being very fun for us fans who love Aniston, see her every day beautiful, healthy and happy and good too!
She proves to be completely happy and satisfied in every way, go Jen!!!

love them!!!! love that jen has finally found a good guy…and they both look in love….the real thing.. toooo bad they can’t enjoy a vaca w/o paps following their every move…

Hope they’re happy together but no star power here for sure. No crowds…

She looks like a granny in the picture.

They are like trained seals, performing on cue for the paps all for the possibility of another cover of a rag mag.

It’s funny to watch them try so hard to be noticed and have the bodyguard “shield” them from….no one.

Gorgeous couple! Jen on March 2012 cover on In Style sales increased 16.8% while the month of Mach 2012 Allure sales were down 28%, Elle sales were down 25% and Marie Claire almost 23%! Congrats, Jen! Justjen!

lol! i was wondering how long it would take a brangelina fan to red error my #85 comment – trolling the site every 5 minutes! i bet they have given jen over 5 hours each of their lives while she and her man are having a blast on vacation! lol! lol! last 7 years soon will have given her over 4 months of their lives to hate on some one they have never spoken to and most likely have never seen in person! LOVE JUSTJEN!

devil's advocate @ 06/16/2012 at 11:43 am

WOW!! Nice to see them so dressed up for a change. Perhaps they
are on their way to an audience with the Pope to receive a Papal
blessing of their wedding.

If she intends to show her nipples why bother wear a sheer bra???

@Kate: She holds her bag the same way when she was in new york

@Dd: It’s Italy. Your bag can disappear in a second.
NYC is the same place in this sense.

Yeah, I’m sure the Pope will be right there to bless a vapid, divorced,
bed hopping Greek Orthodox ***** and her paid piece.

anonymous @ 06/16/2012 at 1:40 pm

@Guest: @Observer:

Not pregnant, did you not see her just last week after hybernating for months going into an exercise gym, her stomach flat as a board. JA still competes with the Brang she would announce it to the world, Brad see, I did not want any kids with you but look I am having one now with the man I love, revenge! I think she is trying, various hormone shots to get pregnant JA have picked up weight, at 43 it is hard to get knocked up.

@B: How do you know she is Orthodox?

They are in holiday leave them alone

Sam and elliot @ 06/16/2012 at 2:39 pm

No Jen didn’t receive special consideration. You can plainly see several women in the background pictures INSIDE the Vatican with not only their knees showing but their bare arms as well.

Sam and elliot @ 06/16/2012 at 2:42 pm

@The Real Emma: Oh for God’s sake get over it. Jen apears very happy and so does Justin. Did it ever accure to your hateful jealous heart that they wanted a vacation before she starts doing the press junket for her summer films? Jennifer has moved on with a man who loves her. Isn’t this what you loons have been chanting for Jennifer to do for years? Evidently it’s a no win situation for Jennifer with you loonberries…

Sam and elliot @ 06/16/2012 at 2:44 pm

@Handsome: Thanks for all the beautiful pictures of Jennifer…just goes to show she’s always been a beauty!

liverwurst @ 06/16/2012 at 2:46 pm

@Observer: Jennifer is wearing a white bra…her strap clearly is showing in some of the pictures.

liverwurst @ 06/16/2012 at 2:50 pm

@B: LMAO! Then I bet for sure the Pope won’t be blessing the Jolie Pittstain wedding (of course that is if angieho can actually drag him to the alter) after all it would be the 5th wedding between them compared to Justin and Jennifer only 2;)

Some say tomato.. @ 06/16/2012 at 2:52 pm

They look so happy!

actions speak louderthanwords @ 06/16/2012 at 2:53 pm

Aww..Love the way they hold hands:)))

Jen’s does have some sexy cleavage here. Looks like she’s happily put on 10lbs of love chub. She looks so good! Justin seems to like it too.

I see Jennifer isn’t the only one showing her knees at the Vatican. I was there 2 years ago and I wore an above the knee skirt without a sideward glance. You do want to wear a sweater or jacket because it’s only about a natural 65 degrees in there. After awhile the chill really sinks into your bones.

I just love her! What a sweetie, she looks so cute! So happy for both of them.

Trolls think it is just people at JJ but here is just a sample of comments make about Ticky on AOL when the site noted that Ticky looked stunning at the AFI event:
I don’t get it…Although I think she’s pretty or cute..I don’t see Jennifer Anniston as “beautiful” or “stunning”…nothing exceptional about her..long stringy hair, nice eyes and a pointed “witchy” chin…thousands of women look like her…if she wasn’t a famous nice girl next door type, the press would shred her to pieces…
This is because you are woman and see the entire picture. I think men see things differently. I have noticed that most men find very unattractive women pretty if they are shapely and wear a low cut top. I think something snaps in a man’s brains when he gets a glimpse of a boob. LOL!

5 hours ago (10:24 AM)
It seems like every other day this ‘Jennifer Aniston’ is in the AOL news. Who is she? What does she do? Did she cure cancer? Compose a symphony? Prove the quantum theory?
2 hours ago ( 1:12 PM)
Her managers pay a lot for the PR that she gets. that is why you seem to see the same movie stars more than other ones. It takes money to keep them in the public eye.
2 Fans
6 hours ago ( 9:34 AM)
Jen Aniston has become a celebrity instead of an actress. IMO they can keep her face off the mag rag covers and internet. I really dont care if she is married, pregnant with twins, or has a new hairstyle. Her fame as a Friend is long over and her movies have all dived at the box office. Surely there must be some new female movie stars that we could see (for a change) staring out from the magazines and computer. Media – give it a break!

The Real Emma @ 06/16/2012 at 3:39 pm

@Sam and elliot:

Umm, I don’t think going to tourist sites, ones she has been to before FYI, is Jen’s idea of a vacation. Sure she looks happy, I wasn’t saying that, I’m just saying this is a PR tour, a way to get some publicity for their DVD release (June 19th BTW) and for his movie. C’mon, she and her team are press manipulators of the nth degree.

Awesome couple and amazing vacation!

Wait, am I missing something? What’s with all the hate?

And So We Begin.... @ 06/16/2012 at 3:51 pm

@ from aol

Haha, wow you spend entirely too much time going to all the different gossip sites, hunting down Jen An! And to think of all the time it must take for you to go to all these sites, coming up with and changing your name to post hatred for a woman you don’t even know anything about, speaks volumes about how alone you must be.

I’m sorry you have to live that way. I will pray for you to have something/one wonderful come into your life and give you something more productive to do with your lonely self. Don’t lose hope!!

And So We Begin.... @ 06/16/2012 at 3:58 pm

@ Sunny

If you want to find people that hate this woman, this is the site to come to. Mostly this is the site that houses 90% of her ex husbands fans. And, they are the rudest, crudest and ill-informed fans out there. Check out the Brangie thread and watch a couple of the posters on there (about 3 or 4 of them) lead the rest around by their noses, filling them with their very own brand of lies and hatred. The worst part is that most of the other posters, believe that every word , coming from these few poster, is ABSOLUTE FACT. They don’t ever question the supposed facts either. It would be funny if it wern’t so mean hearted.

And So We Begin.... @ 06/16/2012 at 4:05 pm

@ The Real Emma

So, someone is not allowed to revisit sites on vacay, that they’ve been to before? How do you know she didn’t want to share something with her boyfriend that he may never have seen before? What is it with you people that seem to think you are entitled to tell someone what they are supposed to be doing, otherwise you come up with some tacky and stupid ulterior motive as to why they are doing it?

Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig @ 06/16/2012 at 4:21 pm

If she came clean about her real age 47/48 u might say not a bad body for a 50yoa chick, The Face not so much,
the Staged placement of her hands so we can see her Rings!!??hehehehe
the careful placement ot her purse- GET OVER YOURSELF OLD HAG GO AWAY!!

And So We Begin.... @ 06/16/2012 at 4:27 pm

Well, she must be interesting to you trolls, since you can’t seem to bypass her thread. Hahaha. Yeah, you don’t like her, sure……

Poor Jen, she looks like she either bought a new pair boobs or gained about 15lbs that went to her breasts, thighs and tummy. That dress is not flattering at all. They don’t match as couple. He matches more with Brad’s ex Juliette Lewis and she should have stuck with Tate Donovan.

Brad was too beautiful
VV too tall
JM too young

Tate Donovan perfect match!!

@yep: Poor woman. Your bragging it the sales of the magazine which we all knew that Anuston was the one who order most of the magazines to brag that she’s is still popular. How many times that we’ve seen Anuston holding some magazines that she was in the cover in it. But hey! good for the magazines though at least they got the money but Anuston lost hers. No wonder why not a lot of her fans went to see her movie WANDERSLUT because Anuston did not finance her fans to see it, she invested most of her money to her Instyle magazine. I doubt that the regular customers who bought Instyle magazines because in our are a lone, most stores that I went, it seems like no one even touch it in the shelves and if they sold some maybe it sold 10 magazines the most for 3 months. It really shows how desperate Anuston is just to stay relevant. Buying all these titles that most of it we didn’t even heard of, it’s kind of sad. Oh! well, no one is buying anyway besides her fans whatever title she can afford to buy. Whatever titles Anuston may have, big names directors and producers still won’t offer her some jobs. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And that’s a fact.

Love The Shoes @ 06/16/2012 at 5:34 pm

Not a Jen hater so my comment is simply visual truth. She’s not looking great in this pic and her nips are doing that “Rachel Green” thing they do. Bad angle on the mug. i do think she looks better with weight on her again.

The Truth Is @ 06/16/2012 at 6:14 pm

Aniston is not a movie star never has been nor will she ever be. She is just a slight bit above Kim kardashian and Paris Hilton, just a celebrity. If it was not for ET, Extra, AH, and gossip mags she would be history. Her inflamation of her expired divorce and high paid pr duece has given this girl more air time than she should have ever gotten. I think she is toast for sure now, she just can only hope someone will put her in a dud of a movie and she will have to continue paying for someone to take her pics like someone is interested in her life.

stuffed sausage @ 06/16/2012 at 6:58 pm

OOF! Aniston looks ridiculous stuffed into yet another outfit two sizes too small. Good Gawd, she’s got her tiny boyfriend poking his nipples out at us, too. Like their crazy-ass nipples are going to make us forget they’ve had he’s had two flops in a row.

@the_truther: perhaps that is the reason why she was away for a while recovering from breast enhancement

I only have one question. Who the f#@k is Justin Theroux?

One trick Pony @ 06/16/2012 at 9:00 pm

Iced nipple, check!
Curtain hair, check!
Chicken lips, check!
Thunder thighs, check!
Sick and tired of this:

so wonderful to see them again and happy. jen is the best looking ever with sweet, innocent look!
Look how plain Aniston looks without her makeup artist. I see why she kept her sunglasses on and wears her tops so low.
Look how no one cares that she was there.

Yep- wish he’d turn it on himself!

No more airbrushed shots @ 06/17/2012 at 12:01 am

How much you wanna bet they real ease zero more pix now that the public spoke. We don’t want wonderlust or Rock Of Ages. She can stop her airbrushed shots. Photos of her in the Vatican gave it away…… They don’t let photogs in unless okayed by the photographers target. She’s a phony, I thought Theroux was better than that.

No more airbrushed shots @ 06/17/2012 at 12:02 am

How much you wanna bet they real ease zero more pix now that the public spoke. We don’t want wonderlust or Rock Of Ages. She can stop her airbrushed shots. Photos of her in the Vatican gave it away…… They don’t let photogs in unless okayed by the photographers target. She’s a phony, I thought Theroux was better than that…

Moo…. Mooooooo….. Moooooooooooooo……. Udderly ridiculous. Looks like she needs to be milked before she goes sour. If this dumb bed hopping idiot can’t dress any better than this at her age then she needs to be put out to pasture and allowed to graze…. My bad , she looks like she already has. Love the Ghost.

Jennifer isnt an old hag. It sounds like you are extremely jealous of her.

you are disgusting. Jennifer is a smart loving caring woman who is honest and down to earth. Thats more than we can say for you.

rock of ages bombed,boy toy is going to have to hang on tighter to those nipples

She is not a ***** you may have mistaken her for AJ. At least she doesnt sleep with women as well like her nemesis

@the_truther: wow,she did get implants

Do you think it enough to say “We all knew…” and everyone starts trust you?
You are so NAIVE…
And Golden Globes is not an award “we didn’t even heard of”. Or the Star on the Walk of Fame…
BTW it’s ridiculous: you don’t deny Joli’s Hotness Award. The only LITTLE detail is: Jolie is N 10, but Jennifer Aniston – N 1.
Poor-poor paid “writer”…

Justin Tower of Pisa is waiting for you.

devil's advocate @ 06/17/2012 at 9:31 am

Sallyann @136. It’s pretty sad when a person lists 5 of Jennifer’s
attributes and not even one of them is correct.

awesome couple! Justjen!

Justin is a great writer (not) they hid yesterday when they realized the movie was tanking.
He is going have to hold on to those implants tighter, both careers in the toilet.
Will they turn up in Spain next or sneak back to LA , for more cosmetic sugery and hair plugs.

@Kate: Kate, you got that right. She shouldn’t even be out on the street with her purse. I kept my wallet out of sight (not in my back pocket) and they still got it while I was riding the subway. And all the while, the Rome police look the other way.

Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig @ 06/17/2012 at 1:55 pm

This old hag can Stomp across Europe forever noone their cares or even knows her, I GUARANTEE you no one knows eddie munster.

@anch: Justin is a Huvane’s pr flop.

@147, well–look who is in bed with him.

@ohdear: I remember his HUNGRY eyes when he looked at JA very opened dress (here, on this site about 5-6 month ago. The photo on the bright violet phone)…
I suspect in bed with him there are just his sexual fantasies.

@ohdear: That was a report right here, about Glamour’s 2011 Women of the Year Awards on November 7, 2011 in New York City.
Picture 02 – on very bright violet – almost rose phone.
Who can be in his little bed? Escort girls, may be Heidi – who else?

Whose hair style copies Gisele Bundchen on the photo above?
Just asking… :)

Age 42! Tsk! Tsk! Doesn’t this woman have friends to tell her that it’s too tacky to be showing nips at this age? LOL

Aniston, please please start wearing a bra, otherwise your boobs will soon be hanging down to your belly. You look like you’ve been milked. You aren’t 16 anymore. It’s so embarrasing and inappropriate. The third picture is hilarious, looking like a 60+ year old woman that has to hold on to a fence and has the fugliest face ever.

Enjoyed the photos! Keep them coming! love Justjen!

@pumpkin: pumpkin,
you see the nipples, but can’t see the bra! Whats the problem with your eyes? :)
You are TOO obsessed with her nips.
It’s because everything looks really luxury.
Poor boy, try to look at her pictures in the goggles! :)

Why fans think this pretty. She’s a dog.

not like your mom, Jester

She is desperate now this guy is just a want to be gimme jimmy she bank rolls everything and she has chosen him as the extension of herself she is not so hot anymore.

For everyone’s info: Justin is a CO-WRITER for Rock of the Ages and that’s why they are on this tour. In the meanwhile, they can have a great vacation together and let the jealous people just kill themselves.

@jilly: Wow, who is a main writer for Rock of the Ages?

R U serious Justin is the writer of Rock of Ages. So you mean Justin has back to back flops, how can anybody forget Wonderflop. Now I know Justin will not dump Aniston any time soon, he needs her bad for his carrer. I swear everytime I see Aniston I only see chin.

@anch: Justin is a symbol of flop guarantee. A trade mark.
He may just fantasize about her bed.

Hope they’re having fun =)



In the second picture, they are both showing how hard their nipples. And she looks like an old lady wearing false teeth.

He looks just like a young Paully Shore – no wonder Brad dumped her

I just saw a picture of Angelina Jolie as”Maleficent” she looks great. But my question is this who actually think Jennifer Aniston could play a roll like this. Never in a million years

What happened to JustJen? Did the “paps” run away? Or did Huvane quit hiring them for his client after the script-doc bombed on ROA? Silly old Jen and her goofy idea for DumbWater, how the paps rule her life. Yeah, after Huvane and her call them.

@Jester: Jester,
relax: here teeth are much more better than your and Jolie’s one.

@anch: I didn’t see that movie, but it doesn’t mean Jolie is a better actress.
Aniston will act primitive roles like Mr & Ms Smith – a senseless meccano of stupid tricks and jumping with gun. It’s nice just for teens on the drugs.
When you’ll see Aniston in HER roles you’ll get – that would be hard for Jolie.

@JL: little F mistake:
Aniston will NEVER act primitive roles like Mr & Ms Smith

@anch: no she probably couldnt. because Jennifer is beautiful. shes no witch ;-)

@Josh: Fortunately
there is one snapshot from Maleficent above. I must say Jennifer has a better profile. You may remind her ‘Streisand’ pictures. I guess she could have a better look comparing to Jolie..

She is a phony baloney a very bad actress just another American con wowan.


She’s no actress either ; )))))

They both deserve each other – she is con artist and he is her kick in the balls

Gorgeous couple!

If Jen was starring in Maleficent, she would not need makeup. LOL
Chances of that happening are NIL
Where are the two posers hiding since ROA BOMB?

@LOL: Of course the chances are NIL, because a HALF of Holywood works on Jolie. And this half will NEVER invite Aniston in to their projects. It’s a mafia. And many people doesn’t want any problems in the case they will invite Aniston.

Jen orders Justin as follows: Don’t come up for air till I tell you and maybe if you were good enough you’ll get a trinket for a reward.

she has had more pricks in her than a porcupine has quills

JL, what do you mean by saying Aniston would never take on primitive roles like Mr.&Mrs.Smith? What was The bounty hunter then? Just face it, she is a lousy actress and that is why she doesn’t get invited to any good projects. Never in a million years she could take on a complex role. You know that she is still Rachel Green. And that kind of roles are the only ones she can play. Every good actor should be versatile but she is just not. Mafia working for Jolie in Hollywood? In your head probably. Jolie is a respected actress and that’s a fact while Aniston doesn’t even deserve to be called an actress.

This quote describes Jen best – ‘she can’t take her old pigs ear and turn it into her new silk purse’ – Brad knows it’s true and he hates her.

@pumpkin: About Rachel Green.
If you will see all the “Friends” seasons (latest especially), you’ll get this role is MULTI VERSATILE. Jennifer acted EVERYTHING being the Rachel: funny and tragic moments touching and stupid situations – EVERYTHING! And that was GREAT! THAT is why she is a national sweetheart!
I’m not sure all of that would be possible for Jolie. Jolie is like C.Cox on 70 %.
But after this F divorce Jennifer became a Jolie’s enemy (despite Jolie is a home wrecker). Since 2007 Jennifer is in isolation: just romantic comedies. You will say its because she is not enough good actress. I’ll say because of Jolie’s and Pitt’s intrigues. She had no problems with different roles before 2005: ‘Derailed”, “Break Up”, “Bruce Almighty” and so on.
You will see what she is able for. Don’t worry.


OMG, you are joking,right? You must be, otherwise please get some help. What the hell are you talking about? What intrigues? As far as Jolie goes, she is a great example of an actress taking on really versatile roles (Gia, Changeling, A mighty heart,…). But poor Aniston is always the same boring self. There are quite a few better actresses out there and I almost feel sorry for you spending your time idolizing her and watching her stupid movies. Ever heard of Winslet, Kidman, Jolie, Streep, Cottilard, Blanchett,…

I would never call her ugly like so many people here do, because I never judge anyone by their looks. She just isn’t very pretty, but she isn’t ugly either. And I could never say she is a bad person, because to say that you have to know someone personally.
But to say that she is not a good actress is something else, because I watched a few of her movies. She seems to be the same in every role and people got fed up. You just can’t fool people for years. It may work in the beginning, but it can’t last long.

Jen is lovely! Justin is a nice looking man with an awesome body! They seem happy and I am happy for them! Love Justjen!

Jen and Justin where are you? I was having a side car summer vacation seeing my stars enjoy themselves in Europe! Continue on with your awesomeness!

@pandora: I’m sure all of her movies that you saw, made ​​after 2007.
This is what I’m talking here. In the ‘Derailed” she is not Rachel Green. In the “Good Girl” she is not Rachel Green…
She had a bigger choice of proposals before the divorce.

Jen so beautiful! What a great vacay hope they get to London too!

The Good Girl and Management show that show Jens acting range so talented!

6 days ..190 post = jen anustain
2 days .. 900 post = Angelina Jolie
This 3 phsyco’s fan that have no lifes better support their idol instead of talking to them self posting hatred and lies at Angelina and Brad threads… LOL

3 hours .. 150 post = Angelina Jolie
THE POWER OF miss Jolie!!!!

@Wow: One morn with the 150 nicks

Take one to know one… run along JLoonifer, its time to take your meds!

Jennifer Aniston is completely toxic – everybody in the industry knows full well the truth about her and really hates her – people are nice to her face only for her $ she has no friends for a good reason – Brad hated her so much that ran away for his life – fact is she is a phony disgusting con woman – she has to live with herself now and nobody really wants anything to do with her – good riddance.

If all the women would be ‘toxic’ like Jennifer Aniston our planet would be a Paradise.

JL—Well you have totally lost the plot now!!

Not everything that happens to JA is Angie’s fault. There is NO MAFIA as YOU have been posted on MULTIPLE occassions,Ange does not even employ a PR agent…YOU know that!!!
JA is an average actress/celebrity–Who’s last 3-5 films have bombed badly-FACT

I truly believe that Angie has no time at ALL to think and plot against a non-enitity in her life,she is to da*n busy.
BTW–You have said you are NOT racist,so WTF was up with the Jewish/Mafia RANT about AJ & precious JA in another thread??

People are starting to turn on her b/c of her own actions. In my country she has been accused of having affairs with Mayer,Kutcher &Russell Brand. A few yrs ago these mags would never have gone after her b/c of Huvanes PR power.(No,I did/nt believe these stories b/c none of the men named would go near her)

Lastly I am neither Jewish nor a Christian,but if I was I would be VERY offended by your clear Racism!!

Fr: caractor

There is just one nation in the world so obsessed with national/ethnic/racist problems.
Your way of thinking is very informative :)

Oh No–Angelina tripped over a tiny rock….It’s ALL Jen’s fault hahahaha

The Jewish Mafia put it in her way– LMFAO!!!!!!!

Justjen! Amazing couple!

Paradise lost @ 06/21/2012 at 9:22 am

If all the women would be toxic like JA our planet would be full with all this Miserable old boilers X wife who can’t move on…
If she IS all that… “PARADISE” … LOL… LOL…. Why oh why every single man LEFT her sorry PARADISE??????

@Paradise lost:You don’t know who was the initiator, ok?
Paradise can to kick to the … you know…
Because they were regular secondary boring standard material. But she is unique. That is why.

@Paradise lost: Nobody left her that was worth keeping. John mayer who is a psycho dude and ended up in some facility hiding for a couple of years, Vince Vaughn, who is a fat reject and the rest were just rumor B.S. that she had dinner with once. You guys are sick, that’s all! Go worship your DEVIL ANGIE and leave this site, please.

@Paradise lost: She’s very much moved on ….. Obviously you should too;)

Jen, where are you and Justin? still waiting in the side car to see where we are now? Greece? Have a great time! Justjen!

Paradise lost @ 06/21/2012 at 10:13 pm

And…. as soon as your idol dump by the midget JT, you will call him skinny nobody reject too… I remember how you used to worship VV .. JM… and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM .. bragging how THEY ARE ALL SO MUCH more better than BP…. Lol….
Go and tell that to all those evils PSYHCO’s over at the JPs who can’t move on and still talking from their asses like its still 1998… Lol…. Lol….
and why AJ a DEVIL? You must be God, DEVIL JEN her Buds CH and Huvane must be the EVILS from hell …..

Paradise lost @ 06/21/2012 at 10:16 pm

To jilly:
My reply above is to you, sorry medina.

@Paradise lost: Why not to me?
Our planet is still a Paradise despite the pervert celebrities whose work is a banal molesting people.

Jennifer Aniston is completely toxic – everybody in the industry knows full well the truth about her and really hates her – people are nice to her face only for her $ she has no friends for a good reason – Brad hated her so much that ran away for his life – fact is she is a phony disgusting con woman – she has to live with herself now and nobody really wants anything to do with her – good riddance.

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