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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: When in Rome

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: When in Rome

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux take in the sights of Rome, Italy, on Friday (June 15).

The couple continued their European vacation in matching outfits – a light grey tank dress for her and a darker grey tee for him.

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The day before, Jennifer, 43, and Justin, 40, checked out The Ritz in Paris after spending a few days in the City of Light.

The two enjoyed a romantic dinner at the Eiffel Tower after doing some shopping earlier in the week.

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  • JL

    Chelsea drinks because of abortion in the past. That is a reason she hasn’t children. And she is not an alcoholic.
    Children is a F biology if there is no Love in family.
    And not everybody must have children.
    Because thousands of people MAKE or PRODUCE the children without any caring about them. And we can enjoy the results like Charles Manson. Do you like it?
    So if everything will be perfect for this may she will adopt or something. But just if everything necessary will be perfect.
    For now she WORKS hard.
    Do you think it’s easy – to be in the most beautiful cities of Europe with the ugliest man of America?

  • Ze

    Oh how cute, jennifer in rome with her son justin

  • Sallyann

    Jennifer is not an old hag.You are despicable with comments like that., Everyone c an see what you are really like and that is a total no no.

  • Sallyann

    Jennifer is a really pretty and nice person with it. I bet you cant boast that miss jealousy. People like you are really sickening.

  • Sallyann

    you are a disgusting old twit

  • yep

    hot couple! Paris! Rome!

  • just saying

    they’re hot

  • 2%Jenny


    She is the one who said she couldn’t lay off the booze for 9 months, not me. Perhaps she wouldn’t have to go around putting out her personal business if she wasn’t scrambling for better ratings and kept her nasty, judgmental mouth about things that don’t concern her. I believe it was Charlize she told this to about the booze when discussing the baby’s adoption. Surprised Handler didn’t make her usual racist comments.

    As for Chelsea drinking because she had an abortion in the past, just a damn excuse to keep drinking.

  • hello

    Yep, Aniston is pregnant, can’t hide it anymore!
    clear signs: The boobs, the belly, the bag to hide it.

  • hello

    Jolie really needs to stop making all these posts on Aniston, seriously, – get a life Angie. Or, you know, live the one you have.

  • Lina

    She has no regard for the cathedrals when she tried to enter. It is almost common knowledge that the dress code is enforced and you cannot enter without having respectful attire. She is 43 and doesn know that. I went knowing at 29 !!! Not so smart jen…

  • LOLing

    I approve of this couple for one reason: I laugh everytime i see them!

  • ohdear

    Why does it appear something is wrong with Jennifer in these pictures? It almost looks like they are leading a blind person, someone ill or a drunk one. What’s up with her?

  • HappyTimes

    @Observer: The trend is called “TRYING WAY TOO HARD”.

  • JL

    @ohdear: @ohdear: That’s right.
    Justin is a drugster so knows lots and lots of different meds to make the person active or passive.
    She must keep him away from her food and drinks.
    Justin is Jew so he is trained well to work with peoples aura. Every his touch her back can make her frustrated or irritated for a sometimes. He looks in very good mood on these pictures.
    If Justin is so talented writer he must prove that across his scripts.
    Live her alone F short moron !
    She had a lot shame with F Wanderlust.

  • JL

    When she travels with her usual assistants and bodyguards she has a normal solid look. Not like here.

  • hehehe!!

    I bet the everyday Euro photo ops are over now. Didn’t help the movie, sorry JT you sold your soul for nothing!

  • baugh

    she’ looks great and he looks hotttt

  • JL

    I can imagine the smell of his legs at the end of day.
    Look at his shoes!
    It’s June in the Italy! It’s a Summer!
    What a F moron !

  • JL

    Looks like his revolver on the neck is a cocaine container.

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  • kriss
  • http://Justjarde Jasmine

    Hottie Jennifer

  • http://Justjarde …..,,

    Perfect picture

  • this couple is hooooooooot!!!!

    The sex between them should be great, hot, wild and delicious …
    And if envy killed the Brangelina fans would all be dead already …

  • this couple is hooooooooot!!!!

    These two weeks esestão being very fun for us fans who love Aniston, see her every day beautiful, healthy and happy and good too!
    She proves to be completely happy and satisfied in every way, go Jen!!!

  • me II

    love them!!!! love that jen has finally found a good guy…and they both look in love….the real thing.. toooo bad they can’t enjoy a vaca w/o paps following their every move…

  • http://Justjarde …..,,

    I love justin

  • http://Justjarde …..,,

    Cute dress

  • Barbara

    Hope they’re happy together but no star power here for sure. No crowds…

  • GerrySuperficialB*stardButler

    She is kinda boooring in bed meh

  • Jester

    She looks like a granny in the picture.

  • B

    They are like trained seals, performing on cue for the paps all for the possibility of another cover of a rag mag.

    It’s funny to watch them try so hard to be noticed and have the bodyguard “shield” them from….no one.

  • yep

    Gorgeous couple! Jen on March 2012 cover on In Style sales increased 16.8% while the month of Mach 2012 Allure sales were down 28%, Elle sales were down 25% and Marie Claire almost 23%! Congrats, Jen! Justjen!

  • yep

    lol! i was wondering how long it would take a brangelina fan to red error my #85 comment – trolling the site every 5 minutes! i bet they have given jen over 5 hours each of their lives while she and her man are having a blast on vacation! lol! lol! last 7 years soon will have given her over 4 months of their lives to hate on some one they have never spoken to and most likely have never seen in person! LOVE JUSTJEN!

  • devil’s advocate

    WOW!! Nice to see them so dressed up for a change. Perhaps they
    are on their way to an audience with the Pope to receive a Papal
    blessing of their wedding.

  • Dd

    If she intends to show her nipples why bother wear a sheer bra???

  • Dd

    @Kate: She holds her bag the same way when she was in new york

  • JL

    @Dd: It’s Italy. Your bag can disappear in a second.
    NYC is the same place in this sense.

  • B

    Yeah, I’m sure the Pope will be right there to bless a vapid, divorced,
    bed hopping Greek Orthodox whore and her paid piece.

  • anonymous

    @Guest: @Observer:

    Not pregnant, did you not see her just last week after hybernating for months going into an exercise gym, her stomach flat as a board. JA still competes with the Brang she would announce it to the world, Brad see, I did not want any kids with you but look I am having one now with the man I love, revenge! I think she is trying, various hormone shots to get pregnant JA have picked up weight, at 43 it is hard to get knocked up.

  • JL

    @B: How do you know she is Orthodox?

  • http://Justjarde …..

    They are in holiday leave them alone

  • http://Justjarde Eman

    Hottest couple

  • http://Justjarde Cute

    Glowing jen

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    Trivel in style

  • http://Justjarde Cute

    Perfect pair

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    Sexy. ,,,,,,,

  • Sam and elliot

    No Jen didn’t receive special consideration. You can plainly see several women in the background pictures INSIDE the Vatican with not only their knees showing but their bare arms as well.