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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: When in Rome

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: When in Rome

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux take in the sights of Rome, Italy, on Friday (June 15).

The couple continued their European vacation in matching outfits – a light grey tank dress for her and a darker grey tee for him.

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The day before, Jennifer, 43, and Justin, 40, checked out The Ritz in Paris after spending a few days in the City of Light.

The two enjoyed a romantic dinner at the Eiffel Tower after doing some shopping earlier in the week.

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212 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: When in Rome”

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  1. 101
    ,... Says:


  2. 102
    Sam and elliot Says:

    @The Real Emma: Oh for God’s sake get over it. Jen apears very happy and so does Justin. Did it ever accure to your hateful jealous heart that they wanted a vacation before she starts doing the press junket for her summer films? Jennifer has moved on with a man who loves her. Isn’t this what you loons have been chanting for Jennifer to do for years? Evidently it’s a no win situation for Jennifer with you loonberries…

  3. 103
    Sam and elliot Says:

    @Handsome: Thanks for all the beautiful pictures of Jennifer…just goes to show she’s always been a beauty!

  4. 104
    liverwurst Says:

    @Observer: Jennifer is wearing a white bra…her strap clearly is showing in some of the pictures.

  5. 105
    liverwurst Says:

    @B: LMAO! Then I bet for sure the Pope won’t be blessing the Jolie Pittstain wedding (of course that is if angieho can actually drag him to the alter) after all it would be the 5th wedding between them compared to Justin and Jennifer only 2;)

  6. 106
    Some say tomato.. Says:

    They look so happy!

  7. 107
    actions speak louderthanwords Says:

    Aww..Love the way they hold hands:)))

  8. 108
    Anorexicjolie Says:

    Jen’s does have some sexy cleavage here. Looks like she’s happily put on 10lbs of love chub. She looks so good! Justin seems to like it too.

  9. 109
    Oreally? Says:

    I see Jennifer isn’t the only one showing her knees at the Vatican. I was there 2 years ago and I wore an above the knee skirt without a sideward glance. You do want to wear a sweater or jacket because it’s only about a natural 65 degrees in there. After awhile the chill really sinks into your bones.

  10. 110
    cutie patootie Says:

    I just love her! What a sweetie, she looks so cute! So happy for both of them.

  11. 111
    the_truther Says:

    are those breasts real? found these pictures:
    you decide.

  12. 112
    from aol Says:

    Trolls think it is just people at JJ but here is just a sample of comments make about Ticky on AOL when the site noted that Ticky looked stunning at the AFI event:
    I don’t get it…Although I think she’s pretty or cute..I don’t see Jennifer Anniston as “beautiful” or “stunning”…nothing exceptional about her..long stringy hair, nice eyes and a pointed “witchy” chin…thousands of women look like her…if she wasn’t a famous nice girl next door type, the press would shred her to pieces…
    This is because you are woman and see the entire picture. I think men see things differently. I have noticed that most men find very unattractive women pretty if they are shapely and wear a low cut top. I think something snaps in a man’s brains when he gets a glimpse of a boob. LOL!

    5 hours ago (10:24 AM)
    It seems like every other day this ‘Jennifer Aniston’ is in the AOL news. Who is she? What does she do? Did she cure cancer? Compose a symphony? Prove the quantum theory?
    2 hours ago ( 1:12 PM)
    Her managers pay a lot for the PR that she gets. that is why you seem to see the same movie stars more than other ones. It takes money to keep them in the public eye.
    2 Fans
    6 hours ago ( 9:34 AM)
    Jen Aniston has become a celebrity instead of an actress. IMO they can keep her face off the mag rag covers and internet. I really dont care if she is married, pregnant with twins, or has a new hairstyle. Her fame as a Friend is long over and her movies have all dived at the box office. Surely there must be some new female movie stars that we could see (for a change) staring out from the magazines and computer. Media – give it a break!

  13. 113
    The Real Emma Says:

    @Sam and elliot:

    Umm, I don’t think going to tourist sites, ones she has been to before FYI, is Jen’s idea of a vacation. Sure she looks happy, I wasn’t saying that, I’m just saying this is a PR tour, a way to get some publicity for their DVD release (June 19th BTW) and for his movie. C’mon, she and her team are press manipulators of the nth degree.

  14. 114
    yep Says:

    Awesome couple and amazing vacation!

  15. 115
    Sunny Says:

    Wait, am I missing something? What’s with all the hate?

  16. 116
    And So We Begin.... Says:

    @ from aol

    Haha, wow you spend entirely too much time going to all the different gossip sites, hunting down Jen An! And to think of all the time it must take for you to go to all these sites, coming up with and changing your name to post hatred for a woman you don’t even know anything about, speaks volumes about how alone you must be.

    I’m sorry you have to live that way. I will pray for you to have something/one wonderful come into your life and give you something more productive to do with your lonely self. Don’t lose hope!!

  17. 117
    And So We Begin.... Says:

    @ Sunny

    If you want to find people that hate this woman, this is the site to come to. Mostly this is the site that houses 90% of her ex husbands fans. And, they are the rudest, crudest and ill-informed fans out there. Check out the Brangie thread and watch a couple of the posters on there (about 3 or 4 of them) lead the rest around by their noses, filling them with their very own brand of lies and hatred. The worst part is that most of the other posters, believe that every word , coming from these few poster, is ABSOLUTE FACT. They don’t ever question the supposed facts either. It would be funny if it wern’t so mean hearted.

  18. 118
    And So We Begin.... Says:

    @ The Real Emma

    So, someone is not allowed to revisit sites on vacay, that they’ve been to before? How do you know she didn’t want to share something with her boyfriend that he may never have seen before? What is it with you people that seem to think you are entitled to tell someone what they are supposed to be doing, otherwise you come up with some tacky and stupid ulterior motive as to why they are doing it?

  19. 119
    Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig Says:

    If she came clean about her real age 47/48 u might say not a bad body for a 50yoa chick, The Face not so much,
    the Staged placement of her hands so we can see her Rings!!??hehehehe
    the careful placement ot her purse- GET OVER YOURSELF OLD HAG GO AWAY!!

  20. 120
    And So We Begin.... Says:

    Well, she must be interesting to you trolls, since you can’t seem to bypass her thread. Hahaha. Yeah, you don’t like her, sure……

  21. 121
    poor jen Says:

    Poor Jen, she looks like she either bought a new pair boobs or gained about 15lbs that went to her breasts, thighs and tummy. That dress is not flattering at all. They don’t match as couple. He matches more with Brad’s ex Juliette Lewis and she should have stuck with Tate Donovan.

    Brad was too beautiful
    VV too tall
    JM too young

    Tate Donovan perfect match!!

  22. 122
    MJ Says:

    @yep: Poor woman. Your bragging it the sales of the magazine which we all knew that Anuston was the one who order most of the magazines to brag that she’s is still popular. How many times that we’ve seen Anuston holding some magazines that she was in the cover in it. But hey! good for the magazines though at least they got the money but Anuston lost hers. No wonder why not a lot of her fans went to see her movie WANDERSLUT because Anuston did not finance her fans to see it, she invested most of her money to her Instyle magazine. I doubt that the regular customers who bought Instyle magazines because in our are a lone, most stores that I went, it seems like no one even touch it in the shelves and if they sold some maybe it sold 10 magazines the most for 3 months. It really shows how desperate Anuston is just to stay relevant. Buying all these titles that most of it we didn’t even heard of, it’s kind of sad. Oh! well, no one is buying anyway besides her fans whatever title she can afford to buy. Whatever titles Anuston may have, big names directors and producers still won’t offer her some jobs. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And that’s a fact.

  23. 123
    Love The Shoes Says:

    Not a Jen hater so my comment is simply visual truth. She’s not looking great in this pic and her nips are doing that “Rachel Green” thing they do. Bad angle on the mug. i do think she looks better with weight on her again.

  24. 124
    The Truth Is Says:

    Aniston is not a movie star never has been nor will she ever be. She is just a slight bit above Kim kardashian and Paris Hilton, just a celebrity. If it was not for ET, Extra, AH, and gossip mags she would be history. Her inflamation of her expired divorce and high paid pr duece has given this girl more air time than she should have ever gotten. I think she is toast for sure now, she just can only hope someone will put her in a dud of a movie and she will have to continue paying for someone to take her pics like someone is interested in her life.

  25. 125
    stuffed sausage Says:

    OOF! Aniston looks ridiculous stuffed into yet another outfit two sizes too small. Good Gawd, she’s got her tiny boyfriend poking his nipples out at us, too. Like their crazy-ass nipples are going to make us forget they’ve had he’s had two flops in a row.

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