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Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Biking Twosome!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Biking Twosome!

Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend Erin Heatherton enjoy a romantic bicycle ride together on Thursday (June 14) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor and Erin, 23, watched the sunset while they rode their bikes along the Manhattan waterfront.

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Earlier in the week, Leo and Erin got cozy while having lunch together at Cuban Italian restaurant Candela Candela.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer for Leo‘s upcoming film Django Unchained!

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton riding their bikes in New York…

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532 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Biking Twosome!”

  1. 1
    Philly Says:

    Erin looks good and Leo when the hell are you going to shave?
    That thing looks like something could grow out of it!

  2. 2
    Philly Says:

    Yet in the 2nd and 3rd pic the short skirt emphasises homegirls’ thick legs

  3. 3
    aw Says:

    I think they look cute.

  4. 4
    Stelena Says:

    he need to shave that beard…

  5. 5
    ali Says:

    I like the beard. It hides his weak jaw area and makes him look more masculine

  6. 6
    mrskutcher Says:

    his girlfriends always look the same….is this a new one??
    my god does he pick them out through a modelcatalog….blond, tall, and age 20-25…perfect!!!

  7. 7
    kiki Says:

    he’s worked with all these great actors his whole life and surely had great conversations with them. i don’t know how this girl can be even remotely interesting to speak to. after working with kate winslet, meryl streep, marion cotillard and many others i would think he’d want a smarter woman because the women he dates are dumb as rocks. i love leo but his personal life always dissapoints me.

  8. 8
    sarc Says:

    the Leo loonies in will love these.

  9. 9
    @kiki Says:

    @kiki: He has earphones so he does not have to listen to her when she talks…

  10. 10
    Heart Says:

    They look happy. I liked. The beard is still for the movie.

  11. 11
    green Says:

    @kiki: he doesn’t exist to please you. And you don’t know him or Erin in real life. It’s sad that something like the type of women he dates is all it takes to “disappoint” you.

  12. 12
    Elle Says:

    Once again, she’s smiling, posing, and looking right at the cameras…this isn’t a VS photoshoot, it’s a staged photo op, try to remember the difference Borrington. Flynet took these pics, they’re on publicists speed dials. It makes me sad that Leo is so willing to take part in staged photo ops.

  13. 13
    crazies Says:

    what this post will contain:
    1-2 pages of comments about how all his gfs look the same
    20 pages of crazy people arguing over how “fake” the pics look
    + additional comments about his ex-gfs like bar

  14. 14
    Lola Says:

    I think he might be still in the works for the new Tarantino movie “Django Unchained” which explains the beard.

  15. 15
    Stunna Says:

    I actually think they make a cute couple……. This Erin girl is certainly not the best-looking and sexiest Victoria’s Secret model but she’s pretty. Just pretty. And cute. His beard is horrible but if it’s for a movie, then whatever, it’s just a freaking beard XD

  16. 16
    jean Says:

    nah django is done. he’s in NY so he’s probably preparing for his wallstreet movie. he probably just likes the beard.

  17. 17
    IKR Says:

    The background looks gorgeous, but it is weird we have been getting so many Leo pics and info in the NY Post. Maybe its to make up for the drought of the past few months? Or because the NY Daily News has been running gossip on Blake and Ryan lately and this is an “up yours” from Leo? Or maybe promo for Django, although I dunno why they would need to start promo this early?
    But the setting is real pretty

  18. 18
    Lola Says:

    @ jean: thanks, you’re well educated on his movie projects :-)

  19. 19
    jean Says:

    @IKR: or maybe.. NY POST writes about him because he’s an a-list star in NEW YORK lol there’s no conspiracy theory, it’s not hard to understand why he gets papped more in NY than New Orleans.

  20. 20
    jean Says:

    @Lola: that’s what imdb is for ;)

  21. 21
    @jean Says:

    He was papped in NOLA but never with Erin. There were always tweets about him and his buddies but not with her. Also NYC is a pretty big city to get so many and so clear paparazzi shots of the so private Leo in a short period of time. Interestingly neither one of them gets papped when they are alone only when they are together. She is always smiling and he is just … there. Still no chemistry and again it looks staged. Just like the ones before.
    How romantic to have a bike ride with your girlfriend while your earphones are on!
    At least she doesn`t look as awkward on the bike as she did last week. This is the way to get noticed next to him so I bet she is practicing…

  22. 22
    lazyone Says:

    his friend Lucas has to be somewhere behind, it cant be a twosome :) Leo and Lucas are inseperable )

  23. 23
    darro Says:

    @jean: Django is not wrapped yet. He is going to keep his beard until late june when the movie officially wrapped. He may not have a scene anymore however just in case there is a re-shoot scene, he has to have his beard for it. It is not rocket science to figure out. All actors has to keep their character until the production final cut even they finished there scene. That is why they get paid millions for a project. lol So enjoy his beard until late june.

  24. 24
    jean Says:

    @@jean: wow you got all that from a few pictures? I think I remember maybe 2 sets of pap pics of him in New Orleans. New York is big but you do realize that paps get tipped off about where celebs are right? The Blake/Ryan Reynolds pics in Vancouver were captured by paps who were tipped off on twitter about their whereabouts.

    of course, if it makes you feel better, then you’re free to believe that these are staged.

  25. 25
    jean Says:

    @darro: hey I’m not complaining. I enjoy the beard.

  26. 26
    yo Says:

    @kiki: how the hell do you know if erin is smart or not, have you met her ? and who’s to say marion cotillard isn’t the stupidest girl alive? god, LET.HIM.BE !!

  27. 27
    @jean Says:

    There were tweet photos of him in NOLA. I do agree that it`s not a paparazzi hotspot but still he was spotted regularly. I do realize that paps get tipped in NYC but it is still unusual that there are so many new and clear shots of them in a short period of time. I don`t want to argue this is just my opinion. It is unusual and maybe that`s what makes me believe that they could be staged.

  28. 28
    @jo Says:

    You have a point. People posting here probably never met any of those mentioned in your comment. I think it comes from the fact that Leo is staying away from women of his age. It`s not like he has to date someone close to his age but not even giving it a try? It`s always about 20ish blonde models.
    And to be honest he looks older next to them. Erin looks younger than her real age. I would never guess she is already 23.

  29. 29
    Leo is dumb Says:


    don’t think he is smarter than current thing.High school graduate aging boy+ young pornostar.Great

  30. 30
    Cheapo.Famewhores.Both. Says:


  31. 31
    jean Says:

    @@jean: why would he need to stage pap pics though..

  32. 32
    Jenn Jenn Says:

    What I don’t get is, how does she a ride a bike in those shoes and why are they dressed like its October outside. Aren’t they hot in all those clothes.

    Anyone know the temperature in New York yesterday?

  33. 33
    bacon Says:

    I just had Deja vu. There are same exact pics of Leo and Blake Lively biking and her in a skirt somewhere on the internet. So funny! leo is probably gay and is covering it up by choosing only young girls who are just starting their careers and need help with media exposure.

  34. 34
    Philly Says:

    How much longer are the wishful thinkers going to persist with the Leo is gay crap?
    I guess calling him a paedophile, shallow, narcissist,drugged out womaniser is not enough he’s now leading a double life? Bestiality next??
    And the only thing thats funny about these pics is that they generate the exact same kind of comments here as will be the case for the next one and the next one and the next one……………..

  35. 35
    bacon Says:

    @Jenn Jenn: Yeah, 80 freaking degrees!

  36. 36
    bacon Says:

    @Philly: you are gullible..most men in Hollywood are gay. It’s a fact. If you don’t like hearing it, too bad. Your obsession with Leo is clear and you are in denial.

  37. 37
    @jean Says:

    You know what? You got me! But still I just don`t see this something typical of Leo. Not even in LA which is the celeb capital of the world you get so many photos and so frequently without him hiding and his girlfriend smiling like that! And again this is a bike ride meaning they were moving and yet the photographer could follow them for a while taking great shots. He even took off his jacket while being photographed. Or the other night at the restaurant. No food, leaving and arriving separately, him not hiding just like the first set of photos with his mom. These are the things that make me confused.
    @bacon: Yeah, it was similar but she was wearing a longer skirt. Last summer was the last time we saw so many shots of him with his girlfriend so frequently without hiding.

  38. 38
    jean Says:

    @@jean: he rides the bike all the time. I’ve seen so many pics of him riding bikes alone, with friends, with gfs. I don’t understand what’s so abnormal about these pics.. it’s not like he never gets papped. heck, if you google leonardo dicaprio paparazzi, you’ll get a gazillion results.

    I mean I’m trying to see it from your perspective.. but I just don’t understand why he would need to stage pap shoots. he doesn’t need more attention. It’s not like this is some hard to find place. They’re out in the open at a very popular area

  39. 39
    Philly Says:

    I’m obsessed with Leo? LOL its well known that anyone who casts questions and insists on the reality of a person’s sexuality suggests desire and wishful thinking from the individual doing the projecting
    and hope on what you want to hear
    You’re deluded need to go take a cold shower and back off.

  40. 40
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    I get this feeling from his too as I have heard about him being a very interesting and well read individual and can’t understand what he has in common with these women intellectually.

    I hate to bring up Giselle, but she is a very worldly woman who has a ton of money and seems culturally like she was on the same level as Leo, in addition to being about the same age. After her it has been nothing but models and young actresses who are starting their careers.

  41. 41
    darro Says:

    @Leo is dumb: Hey Porn stars are smart at least on the sack and that is the most important part for men their women to be anyway. lol I am a man i can tell you that. I understand why all you women here complain about it but that’s life such is that. It has nothing to do who is dumb or who is not. Men thinks differently than woman, you should all have known this by now. May be you are not smart after all. Just kidding. lol

  42. 42
    next please. Says:

    Who is for the next summer?

  43. 43
    @Jenn Jenn Says:

    Why do people keep glamorizing his relaysh with Gisele.
    She was an up and comer when she started dating Titanic Leo. She was doing well yes but, Karen Elson and Daria Webovy had waaay more contracts and editorials than her when they started it was her association with Leo which alerted VS, that really put her on top and gave her cross over appeal to the mainstream.
    Also there are loads of pics of Leo and Gisele biking 2gether, in clear shots, walking their dogs in clear shots, kissing at b-ball games with TV cameras in the vicinity. How come no one calls these staged and say instead it was a sign of great love?
    I don’t deny it was real but you cant tell me those beach shots, b-ball game shots they did not know they were beong snapped, maybe its the same thing now.
    Its a no win situation with Leo he is seen with his girlfirends – its pr, they smile at each other -showmance, they are not seen together – break up!

  44. 44
    @24 Says:


    You’re right, but were there tweets about them riding bikes? At the restaurant the other day?

    I don’t blame him if he’s relaxing his attitude and going with the flow when photographers are present, but these look staged. Fame Flynet does a lot of staged photos.

  45. 45
    @Jenn Jenn Says:

    One more thing – what proof do people have that Leo is a great intellectual. I’m serious. A lot of HW stars have causes they are devoted to and give a good talk. But I genuinely wnat to know where this notion of Leo being a genius who just ‘slums it with models’ comes from. And I’m sorry anyone who describes Gisele as an culutral afficionado cause she knows how to make money must be smoking something

  46. 46
    Elle Says:

    I don’t really like how Leo constantly dates the same breed of women, but it’s not fair for everyone to hate on Erin. How do you know she’s not intelligent or interesting? Not all model’s are stupid, and by making those assumptions it goes to show how ignorant and unintelligent the people on this website are…

  47. 47
    @jean Says:

    Sorry but I`m not convinced. I know he rides his bike a lot but you do not have a lot of photos with his girlfriends and definitely not in such a short period of time without even an attempt to hide. I try to see it from your point of you but I just can`t. Especially after not seeing ANY photos of them for long weeks! Not even tweets! Then all of a sudden you can`t keep up with these two being photographed several times in a row. And the sightins and the sources all of a sudden…
    As for Leo being gay. As long as he stretches this barely legal blonde model dating theme the guy rumors are going to be around and will get stronger. It`s like someone picks them for him based only on looks, occupation and age. I saw a photo of his girlfriend`s pictures put next to each other. Almost identical! When he is in between relationships he is seen with all types but the official girlfriend is always `up to standards`.

  48. 48
    @43 Says:

    @@Jenn Jenn:

    You’re right, too, but those pics with Gis looked like true candids and they looked more natural together. I haven’t seen one pic of these two that doesn’t look like two casual acquaintances posing for a photo op.

  49. 49
    Jenn Jenn Says:

    @@Jenn Jenn:

    I don’t want to get into an argument, but the fact of the matter is Leo and Giselle literally bought a house together so that is testament that their relationship was headed in a permanent direction.

    In regards to Giselle’s modeling career, Leo had some power back then but Giselle was a super model in the likes of Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks and was/is still considered a great beauty by fashion standards.

    Concerning money Giselle has earned about 90 million in the last couple of years. I don’t care what kind of break a man gives you, no one is going to pay you that much if you are not worth it. The only future that the rest of Leo’s girlfriends have is what Leo throws their way.

    As far as culture is concerned, it is my understanding that Leo was raised in a very bohemian and avant garde sort of existence with his father who was an underground comic distributor.

    Just saying :)

  50. 50
    las Says:

    @@jean: I don’t understand why you keep complaining about why he got pap a lot in few day and such is staged. First all, he got pap a lot because he is effen dicaprio, second, it is NY, third, today we are living in twitter world. So the paps get their information from public domain. They don’t have to wait for worker in the club or other area to dial them up like they used to 7-8 years ago. And all your imagination about the photo being stage you have to ask yourself what is the benefits for it. Please, don’t say he cares about his EX’s. The guy doesn’t even care about his current flave let alone his past. If you think so, then you are delusional. Remember, he lives his life in his own world not the the world on what you think about.

  51. 51
    jean Says:

    ok I have no idea why my comment is waiting for moderation, but
    whatever. I’m too lazy to type it up again. There are TONS of pics of him biking with his ex girlfriends. You can go and google them yourself. Here’s one of him and gisele:

    and pretty much every single male celebrity in hollywood has gay rumors about them. It doesn’t matter either way to me, but I HIGHLY doubt the dude who invented the ***** posse is gay. It’s not hard to believe that he likes models. He isn’t the only one in the industry with this preference. Rockstars, business men, etc all like models. If this whole thing is about you thinking he’s gay.. then lol I’m sorry

  52. 52
    jean Says:

    @las: lol IKR? It seems like this person is convinced that leo is staging these pics because he’s gay lol.

  53. 53
    Dumb leo Says:


    if he were not so dumb, he could finally sleep with really sexy, beautiful and even intelligent women, instead of making money from staged pics with cheap available girl.

  54. 54
    Fame Says:

    He’s not gay

  55. 55
    Dumb leo Says:


    His models aren’t cool and interesting, his models are for low class trashy stars, look at Belfort model wife

  56. 56
    Leo DiCaprio(Brazil clinic) Says:

    Is it me with this ***** again?

  57. 57
    @las Says:

    I`m not complaining. I have my opinion and I say it. Maybe you should read my comments again because I said they seem staged to me ( and I know for sure I`m not the only one who shares that opinion ) and I also said `got me` when asked about the advantage. And thanks for putting words into my mouth I never said…. NYC is not an explanation for this amount of frequent photos and the same applies to tweets. There are always tweets about him and they are not always followed by photos. Sorry but I still find it strange. Not to upset you, not to complain just to state my opinion. Like everyone else on these celeb forums…

  58. 58
    @jean Says:

    Nobody argues about the fact that he did bike his ride with his exes or that they were photographed. It`s about how often he is snapped these days all of a sudden. It seems like you are avoiding that point.

  59. 59
    also Says:

    It is noticed on other sites as well…

  60. 60
    Fame Says:

    JJ is moderating heavily. Why?

  61. 61
    Fame Says:

    When you see pics where the lighting is great, the shots are clear and no one else is in them, they are typically staged. Another clue is the agency who took them. FF does staged photos. Leo’s not gay, but he is playing the game.

  62. 62
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    I totally agree with you on this one, when Leo is not with one of his “girlfriends” he is totally surrounded by men and this is what keeps the fuel for the gay rumors going. The fact that he and Lukas Haas are totally inseparable and are together even when Leo is having a date ( not in this case) just makes the argument stronger.

    This plus the lack of affection that we see between him and his girlfriends just makes the rumor mill go into full tilt. I don’t care if Leo is/isn’t gay, I’m just stating what I have seen in the past.

  63. 63
    darro Says:

    @Dumb leo: Dating or sleeping with sexy women of his own age doesn’t make him smart or dumb. If you do then, you are totally miss understood. If i were his position fame, money, and look (heck even if i was ugly) i will definitely go for it. Again, you are speaking from female perspective so i sympathize with you. I know most women thinks guys who dates younger sexy girl are shallow by definition or lack moral character. So, as a result, they must be dumb. I heard it before OVER and OVER. But that is not the case what we men feel if we were in his position. I am 27 a guy with bachelor degree. I am far from being dumb nor do i claim to have an IQ 200 because i when to college. Every guy and woman age eventually, but that doesn’t mean they will have the same priority as they get old respectfully.

  64. 64
    LOL Says:

    How many times they strolled in the same site? Romantic ride with headphones on?? Also feels more like a photo session… Smile, now looking at the sunset, now without the jackets, pretending to have a conversation (again with headphones on) Ok .. it’s a wrap! LOL

    Comparing with rides he had with Gisele… of course she looked much more natural, I remember the pictures of them just focused on each other, She looking at him. and not busy smiling at the paps.

    Sorry, but not even an exclusive photo session by Annie Leibovitz will make me believe this relationship.

  65. 65
    jean Says:

    @Jenn Jenn: Lukas is a huge player himself. He dates models just like Leo. In fact, all of his friends are sleezy. Kevin Connelly dated Paris Hilton’s sister for f-cks sake.

  66. 66
    @62 Says:

    I meant all kind of women. Not just the uniform blondes but every type. Guys as well but I don’t think he is gay. Bi maybe but not gay.

  67. 67
    jean Says:

    @also: ok but lainey seems to think that leo is staging these pics because he’s still in love with blake. do you guys honestly believe that leo still cares about blake? after the way he broke up with gisele, bar, etc and never looked back. Blake isn’t anything more special than those girls.

    I still don’t think these pics are staged. Showing himself parading these young girls actually have a negative effect on his image.

  68. 68
    las Says:

    @@las: Ok i respect your opinion. One thing about you mentioning there are tweets about him lots of time and we don’t get pap all the time, well that is exactly why i was trying to say about tweeter world. For, example, few day a go there was tweet site about him in broadway show which also claim his gf was there too. But we didn’t get a pic did we? That because the pap can’t go inside and take a pic at night. Even if they manage slight blur pic, you might end up the same point you are making now that dam it the tweet must be a lie or dam it why we got so many pic. So, either way, you will end up contradicting yourself. This pic for example has been tweeted before even got the chance to see. Reason how we got a pict, of course that is so obvious. As you can see, it wide in public street. In general, what i am trying to say is that i am 100% certain is that he never took stage pic nor do i believe his gfs call a pap on him. I strongly believe that because that is the real world not a fantasy that we as a fan sometime would like to project. I am not saying that his gfs will benefit from it, i am just saying at least while they are dating, they don’t even mention him in any of their interview.

  69. 69
    A Says:

    Lainey is getting annoying, she is obviously getting paid to write good things about Blake, it’s so obvious and sickening and i’m not a fan or a hater of Blake’s, I just hate phoniness. I’m not a fan of any of these people, Leo included.

  70. 70
    Nika Says:

    I don’t know guys why you see Erin as this young, dumb girl…she’s 23! She’s grown woman and she’s probably seen more than many of you since she’s been modeling for a while. Models like Erin leave home pretty early and grow up fast b/c they must take care of themselves, no one will hold your hand. They’re cute together but I don’t see a wedding or baby in Leo’s future…

  71. 71
    @49 Says:

    No arguments form me but those are strange points IMO
    An engagement ring or proposal is more of a testament to where the relaysh was headed
    And judging from the interviews Leo gave then that were only recently regurgitated in this thread, marriage was not on his mind
    Gisele did not become a supermodel overnight her VS/Leo GAVE her the power and notoriety
    Her being considered a beauty is neither here nor there as I never said she was ugly and has nothing to do with this convo as I don’t think any of Leo’s girlfriends are ugly.
    How much she has earned again makes me wonder what your point is. Business acumen is not a sign of intelligence or nuance just great accountants/street smarts Carmen Kass graduated from Uni has unparalleled linguistic skills and is a noted chess player. She however is nowhere near as rich as Gisele so does that make her stupid?
    Gisele was also smart enough to get the ring she so wanted from another famous American. Ensuring she will always be part of a power couple and remain A list come hell or high water.
    Leo’s been raised in a bohemian upbringing like 60% of flower power children still does not indicate to me how he has a superior intellect. If not he would not date models who either had English as a second language or were 10 years younger. At the end of the day water seeks its own level.
    We’ll see what future Leos girlfriends have even though some believe they should shrivel up in a corner and die after the fact
    No shade. Just VERY different opinions in the end

  72. 72
    winner Says: leonardo always choose beautiful girs

  73. 73
    darro Says:

    @jean: He doesn’t even care for his current flave let alone his past. lol The guy have lived his life in his own world for the majority time of his life. That’s why it is not strange to figure out why his girl friends remain the same look or why he keep friends that he has sine he was 15. People who lives in their own world remain the same. People who have got out his world will be forgotten in a splash of second. lol

  74. 74
    Leonardo DiCaprio(WC,Brazil) Says:


    Doing Analysis of the poem ‘Education gives luster to Motherland” right now.

  75. 75
    @A Says:

    How odd. The weird President of the Eva Mendes fan club is now here to have her regular *****. Though she has nothing agianst Blake, Leo, Mitt Romney and other white people she carps on.

  76. 76
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    I hear what you’re saying, it just seems that he’s trying to project one image in his professional life and projects something totally different in his personal life. It’s hard to take the man seriously anymore.

    Does he really believe what he says about the environment or is he just talking out of his a$$ for endorsements? I mean if he does all these sleazy things and hangs out with really sleazy people, what does that say about him, that he has no morals?

    I understand that these women make themselves available to him and it is their choice, but if you’re at a buffet, do you have to eat like a pig?

  77. 77
    Sunshine Says:

    I don’t get this couple. Leo just doesn’t want to be alone so he has this bland girl following him around like a puppy. But the good news is Bletherton’s boobs look bigger, maybe she finally got those horrendous t**s fixed!

  78. 78
    Sunshine Says:

    I agree Lainey is annoying, but she doesn’t seem to buy this BS either, she totally seems to think Leo is doing this on purpose.

  79. 79
    also Says:

    @jean: I don`t know about Lainey`s idea of his exes and stuff like that. But her note that how come there`s not a towel wrapped around his head to hide from the photographers? I`m not a big fan of Lainey but there are things she nails from time to time. She said that Leo doesn`t find women interesting. He finds them attractive and that`s it. I couldn`t agree more.

    @Nika: If she is not dumb as you say she will enjoy it while it`s fun then she takes off like the others. Dating Leo means you are either dumb to fall for a well known modelizer or you are not dumb, you don`t care since it helps your career and you have fun at the same time until he gets bored. Which one do you think she is?

    @fame: Again I haven`t noticed that there aren`t people around them. Like in the restaurant. Or watching the game last night. There was a tweet about him at some place that was `closed off for him to watch the Heat/Thunder game`.

  80. 80
    darro Says:

    @Jenn Jenn: You made my point what women thinks about men. lol What sleazy has to do with him dating sexy young girl? lol
    If you older women, i understand your frustration. But, the majority of men including me will second that of your opinion.

  81. 81
    jean Says:

    @Jenn Jenn: I think he is passionate about the environment. He started advocating the “go green” thing far before it became popular to do. I also think he’s very serious about work and his career.

    as for women.. that’s where I kind of agree with lainey. I don’t think he cares that much about having a steady relationship. He probably doesn’t seek women who he could be friends with because he already has the “posse” with him. So in his mind, the only reason he needs a woman is for sex.

  82. 82
    jean Says:

    “But her note that how come there`s not a towel wrapped around his head to hide from the photographers?”

    Leo is private but he’s not an idiot to risk his safety by riding with something covering his face. like I said, there are tons of paparazzi pics of him riding bikes and he does not try to hide in any of those pics.

  83. 83
    jean Says:

    @Sunshine: but the only reason lainey thinks these are staged is because she thinks leo is doing it for blake lol if the blake and leo thing never happened, then should would never make that assumption. Have you read any of her recent leo posts? she is always trying to bring up blake in them. She is obsessed with Blake.

  84. 84
    claudi Says:

    popsugar “Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton Have Biking, Acting, and Philanthropy in Common”

    totally completely absolutely positively showmancing their little hearts out.

  85. 85
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    Total agreement here, but there will be a time when he will no longer be the “it” beautiful person ala Don Johnson in the 80′s, and when the looks are gone then what do you do?

    I notice that his looks are kind of disappearing due to the cigarettes and booze, and there will come a time when he is not the coolest/prettiest one in the room and is just the old btich at the club.

    If he doesn’t watch it, he really will be like his idol Michael Jackson.

    I see what you are saying in regards to the environmentalism though.

  86. 86
    Huh? Says:

    @Jenn Jenn:
    I did not know Michael Jackson was his idol?
    And could people leave Leo’s exes out of this I thought it was only the BZ crew that did that . They love his current and railroad his exes till Erin becomes the ex shortly, and they can turn on her.

  87. 87
    Leonardo DiCaprio(Brazil) Says:


    Think it is sexy while she is dating me?

  88. 88
    las Says:

    @Sunshine: Lainey is very upset that he broke up her favorite gossip girl. Since their split, she is still trying to convince her audience blake is the one who did the dumping not the other way around. She is still mad about it because Leo and Blake were her favorite item. Do you all remember when she was describing how hot they look together and Leo will finally settle with her favorite girl, well that did not happen. since then, she has going after him to avoid how wrong she were. lol Blake made an effort to visit him by crossing two ocean all the way to Australia just for 2 days in the weekend. And he didn’t even get out his trailer to visit her anywhere. Do you really think she did the dumping really? May she did because of that. LOL I think this guy don’t even care if the world end tomorrow. He has always given the vibe of middle finger. My kind of guy.

  89. 89
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    Michael Jackson was a huge idol for him, in interviews he talks about break-dancing and wanting to be just like Mike. There’s also a pic out there with him, Kevin Connolly and Michael Jackson when he was in his teens/early twenties.

    I don’t care about his exes and or his currents, I’m just noting what I see.

  90. 90
    Leonardo DiCaprio(Brazil) Says:

    I am tired of these cheap butts,cheap PR with eh,but I really have no talent to do something else.

  91. 91
    darro Says:

    @Leonardo DiCaprio(Brazil): She looks hot in that pic. But i have seen it before. I know how he feels now. Damn it, i want to be him for one day.

  92. 92
    Louise Says:

    How about an age appropriate girlfriend. She will be rockin’ at 40 and he will be saggin’.

  93. 93
    Leonardo DiCaprio(Brazil) Says:


    I think she is too available, totally unnatractive and dirty, it has nothing to do with sexy girl in my mind.

  94. 94
    jean Says:

    @Jenn Jenn: lol I don’t even know how you managed to compare leo dicaprio with don freaking johnson. Even if his career does begin to stall in the future.. he will never become as irrelevant as don johnson lol Leo has ridiculously good connections in hollywood. He is friends with all the top directors and producers. He’s a movie producer himself. He will probably get less work when he gets older but he’ll never be out of work.

  95. 95
    @jean Says:

    Oh, come on! It wasn`t literal! Simply referring to the fact that most of the time Leo tries to hide from the paparazzi.

  96. 96
    jean Says:

    @las: I agree. She badly wants Blake and Leo to get back together again. They were her favorite gossip item. It’s kind of funny how she thinks Leo is suddenly playing the PR game, whereas when the blake thing happened and everyone was suspicious of the pics of them, lainey kept trying to convince people that Leo went along with it because he fell in love. lol yeah right. leo has never been in love. If he didn’t regret breaking up with gisele freaking bundchen then he is definitely not crying in his movie trailer of Blake Lively

  97. 97
    Insider Says:

    @Leonardo DiCaprio(Brazil):

    Leo, agree with you. Sharon looks really sexy.This cheap one is blah.

  98. 98
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    Maybe bad comparison, but what I meant is that you can have all the money in the world, (Michael Jackson) and things can dry up for you because you get tired, old and boring.

    Leo continues to do the same drama role over and over and over again, just as Michael Jackson continued to do the same old song and dance. Michael never progressed as a human being and stayed in the same mindset as when he was 20, even though he was 50 and styles and music had changed.

    Leo seems the same way, that he is stuck in his twenties and can’t get over the fact that he is getting older. The same is true for many stars and it is tragic and embarrassing to watch when it happens.

    Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Demi Moore, Heather Locklear and countless others who just don’t know how to age gracefully and with class.

  99. 99
    spanishlover Says:

    i still believe he has a soulmate….its the romantic in me!!!

  100. 100
    jean Says:

    @Jenn Jenn: eh hollywood is much more f-cked up than you think. Leo is probably one of the more stable ones. He is immature about his love life but he is way too career driven and business savvy to go on some michael jackson decline. I’d actually worry for Christian Bale to be honest. That guy is going to have a mel gibson esque meltdown one day. The public doesn’t care about womanizing. Jack Nicholson pretty much lived the same life as Leo’s and he is still deeply respected in the industry.

  101. 101
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    LOL, You’re right about that, but I don’t know how many times I can see the same movie over and over again, this man needs to get a sense of humor in his movies and do something other than die.

    In Django, I’m kind of hoping that they kill him in the end, and we all know how Gatsby ends.

  102. 102
    @las Says:

    I’m no fan of Lainey but how do YOU know what went down. I’m sure Leo actually invited Blake as opposed to her showing up unexpected and he probably left his trialr.
    And I’m sure his return to Beach Hauus balcony – the very house he moved form to avoid the paps- with Madalina Ghena was a PR strategy. The Blake thing is way over but Leo is NOT above playing the PR game as his stans choose to believe.
    We heard about him clubbing with models in Austarlia while he was with Erin and of course his nocturnal activities in NOLA, but to see thes pics its happy happy Leo.
    Read for the real Leo photo op or no photot op while with Erin
    He’s a cokehead sleaze like Gerry Butler and they will both be hanging out in nightclubs together till they are in their 60s.

  103. 103
    darro Says:

    @Jenn Jenn: You are really describing him as if he is going to die in overdose by tomorrow. Just because he is sleeping with young beauty doesn’t mean he has a mental problem. The guy is jus just living every man’s dream including mine. You highly invested emotionally in him. You really need a break.

  104. 104
    also Says:

    @102: `Leo is NOT above playing the PR game as his stans choose to believe.` That`s obvious. He is a Hollywood player with a reputation. He has to play this game and he has game these days. He found the perfect co-star ( too bad they can`t fake attraction ) so he is playing.

  105. 105
    Leo DiCaprio(Brazil clinic) Says:

    I am not sleeping with this piece of model.Think why?Because I really doesn’t have a mental problem.

  106. 106
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    :) Maybe it’s the opposite, you don’t want to see his flaws as you wish you were exactly like him.

    I’m not saying that these things will happen, I’m saying there is a chance of these things happening.

    We GenXers have very little to look up to as far as actors go, certainly don’t want to lose another one. I think in the end what I am saying is that the man doesn’t look happy, and it’s kind of sad.

    Just saying

  107. 107
    Lori Says:

    @spanishlover: I really think its going to last too Spanishlover. As to whether or not pics are staged or not…..who friggin cares! And this BS about not being affectionate in public. Lots of guys are like that. Not everybody is cool with PDA. Doesn’t mean that he’s not like that in private with her. Plenty of guys don’t maul their GF’s in public. Not like they can’t get a room.
    What level of Perv would he be accused of if he was walking around in public with her with his hand on her a$$???

  108. 108
    las Says:

    @@las: Ok, lets assume he invited her from across atlantic ocean. If he cares that much deeply about her, why didn’t he make an effort to visit her when she was back to U.S. for a while. I mean he really cares right? People who usually do like blake make an effort to cross atlantic just to be with him for 2 days making use two air flight from NY to Hong kong, but why not him? What is the difference? Oh, I know, cause he doesn’t give a damn. He never ever invest emotionally with any of his girl friend. He always does his own thing at his own time when he wants too. Madalina was a hook up with Danny, AKA his long time friend club promoter. There was a picture shoveling with each other while Leo was taking to some blonde along with other girls. Erin came next. He flew her up to Australia just like he did with BLAKE. lol Of course, the rest is history as far it goes with Erin.

  109. 109
    @Lori Says:

    This won`t last much longer. And it`s not about PDA. It`s about not having chemistry and you don`t see attraction between them at all. You can have PDA as much as you want or not. It`s not about that. Clearly he has no problem when it comes to PDA. Look up Gisele, Bar and Lively photos and then look at these…
    This whole theme, Leo and his new `piece` is such a cliche by now. I don`t think anyone buys it even him. It`s fun until he gets bored soon.

  110. 110
    Rio Reporter Says:

    Ms Bubley sold her nipples, butt, other parts of body for fame and money and now they are doing charity together?Funny idea,isn’t it?

  111. 111
    @104 Says:

    Excellent well said.

  112. 112
    spanishlover Says:

    i think he hangs with his friends a lot because he has said time and time again that he doesn’t like being alone and that he has to have a friend travel with him constantly,…..doesn’t mean he is gay!!!

  113. 113
    Lori Says:

    @spanishlover: I don’t think he’s gay either. plenty of un-married guys hang/travel with their friends all the time. And the fact that he has many of the same friends as from highschool? How can that be a bad thing? Maybe he trusts them because in the last 20+years they haven’t sold him out to the press.

  114. 114
    darro Says:

    @Jenn Jenn: That is your projection as a fan and a women. Because, he hasn’t settle with kids, women’s automatically assume or like to project that he hasn’t found his love and that sad.. etc… Let me tell you this, he is a guy with a career driven. Guys like him want to achieve their career goal not family. Family for guys is always going to be there for them. All they have to do pic up a girl plant their seed. On the other hand, women of his age has different priorities and rightly so. But, he like any guy he is living the dream. He has the luxury of fame and money and he is using it wisely. Unlike many guys who make a lot of babies with different wives and girlfriend only to break later and pay child support, he is living without a stress and responsibilities for other. Now, that is living the dream not like you project it. Sad is for me seeing all those celebs with children divorcing and re-marring countless time because they suppose too. He is living his priority and taking advantage of it. I would do the same if i had the fortune that he has. lol

  115. 115
    also Says:

    I just feel this is another PR game for him. He was under the radar in NOLA without her I assume and just when the break up questions appeared we have this frenzy. Everyone in Hollywood needs PR and play the PR game. Especially if you are not married and ready to settle down like eternal bachelor Leo or Clooney. You don`t see this coming from Matt Damon or Tom Hanks for a reason. Just my two cents…

  116. 116
    Lori Says:

    @darro: I’m kinda likin’ Darro right now.

  117. 117
    Zileuton Says:

    MANN! leo has a serial-killer pattern in how he dates women(oops girls, women when he’s done dating ‘em), and in which pattern! from lunch to biking, to grocerry:P i still remember the biking pictures of him and blake!

  118. 118
    Doctor,Rio Says:


    Leo, let me tell you that u are not a guy already, let me tell you also that wise guys can archieve at least 10 goals at the same time.U stuck even with oscar.

  119. 119
    Dieter Says:


  120. 120
    Leo DiCaprio(Brazil clinic) Says:


    Pay child support?I am not that dumb, really

  121. 121
    @115 Says:

    OK. I disagre with you there, the Leo/Erin break up rumors were mostly blogs not the print so I doubt that bothered him. In any caae his people could just give *** bits too mags like other do to counter that if need be. There are always break up rumors about famous couples not just Leo so I don’t think these endless pics are for that. JMO

    @114 I agree in some respects and that’s why I don’t go hard on Leo.
    He knows he is not marriage/father material and is not hypocritical about it. Unlike Tiger Woods, Ben Affleck who do/did the daddy thing while carousing on the downlow. Leo is honest enough about himself and I give him some credit for that.

  122. 122
    also Says:

    @121: Well whatever the reason is the game is definitely on right now!

  123. 123
    Same pattern Says:

    The years go by, a different blonde girl, a bike ride in NY…LOL! Too funny.

  124. 124
    Shallow Greedy Gamer Leo Says:


    They are decent people. Hanks and Damon. Good actors.

  125. 125
    Shallow Greedy Gamer Leo Says:

    @Same pattern:

    Too sad.

  126. 126
    sally Says:

    @also: I think the game is been played inside of your imagination. You need to wake up out of your funk. lol

  127. 127
    Biking Says:

    A year ago, it was Blake who was biking along the Manhattan streets with Leo. The year before, it was Bar who was seen biking in Manhattan, and several years before, it was Gisele.
    Next step: a sighting on a luxurious cruise in Europe.

  128. 128
    Not a fan Says:


    eh herself told to her twitter band that she is a game.Leo wants media attention for his butt and her nipples.

  129. 129
    Not a fan Says:

    Think he has a problem.A lot of men of his age and younger have problem with sex. I bet he can’t satisfy women!It explains his behaviour.

  130. 130
    Mari Says:

    To those who think this is a showmance and that these photos are staged, will you please explain what you think Leo’s motivation is?

    I am a big fan of Leo’s and I think he’s extremely hot (that Gatsby preview took my breath away).

    Do I wish he would date women closer to 30 than to 20? YES.

    That said, do I think his relationship w/ EH is a showmance / PR stunt?
    No. She’s totally his type. I’m not surprised by this at all. Do I think he’s going to marry this girl? hahaha. No.

    Okay, so those of you who think these photos are staged: please explain WHY Leo would do that (i.e., what do you think his motivation is for having an allegedly fake relationship or staging a photo op, NOT whether or not the photos actually are staged).

    I look forward to reading your responses. i sincerely want to know.

  131. 131
    Leo DiCaprio(Brazil clinic) Says:

    At least I can satisfy myself. I am not a great lover.I didn’t see how female ****** looks like in reality.I see it only in the movies.I have visited some pornosites too.

  132. 132
    jane Says:

    Leo needs to wake up and realize he belongs with Kate. Kate also needs to break up with that weird Rocknroll dude.
    I think we’d all be a little happier if they got together.

  133. 133
    Leo DiCaprio(Brazil clinic) Says:


    I can’t satisfy them.

  134. 134
    Leo DiCaprio(Brazil clinic) Says:

    I hate decent women with self-esteem.
    they need satisfaction not only in the bed.
    It doesn’t suit me

  135. 135
    jane Says:

    @Leo DiCaprio(Brazil clinic): What the heck are you talking about? You can’t support them you mean? Why? Because they’re too great of friends? Maybe that’s exactly why they’re perfect for each other.

  136. 136
    jane Says:

    @Leo DiCaprio(Brazil clinic): Oh wait nevermind. Just read your previous comments. You’re weird, good bye.

  137. 137
    Leo DiCaprio(Brazil clinic) Says:


    I don’t want questions now.

  138. 138
    @Mari Says:

    Maybe you should simply run through the thread, read different opinions ( some crazy / some logical)made and then have draw your own conclusions rather than start this debate/argument again for another 12 pages. This was argued last year and I expect it will commence again next year.

  139. 139
    Lori Says:

    @Not a fan: but he has no BUTT

  140. 140
    Doctor,Rio Says:

    @Leo DiCaprio(Brazil clinic):

    Good night, Leo. Wish you sweet dreams.

  141. 141
    Mari Says:


    Mostly what I saw were comments about how the pics look fake (no one around, the beautiful setting, Leo not hiding under a towel, etc) and no explanation other than “he’s gay” as to why he would stage photos. Personally I think he’s just changed his strategy when it comes to the paparazzi. Maybe he realized he looked silly with a towel on his head.

    I don’t mean to start endless pages about the topic.

    So . . . anyone know where Leo’s next movie is going to be filmed?

  142. 142
    @127 Says:

    Yes he was seen biking with Bar in NY but also in Paris×560.jpg

  143. 143
    julia Says:

    Old ridiculous with his new Chiuaua! And since when this woman is beautiful

  144. 144
    dalio Says:

    @@127: I think those were stage too. Every thing is stage. lol Many in this site sincerely believe that he reads their respect comments and act accordingly. lol That is why whenever there is a pic they will say it’s stage. But, inside their hurt melt wishing to be that girl next to him. lol

  145. 145
    @Mari Says:

    If he just changed his strategy about the paparazzi why is it random? It seems like he has a new strategy since he started dating the new girl and for a long time we haven`t even seen them together. In NOLA he gave the finger to the paps who tried to take their photos… And now this?

  146. 146
    Jane Says:

    “In my heart I felt I found that missing link in my life, a way I could use my voice to make a difference in the world . . . I’m only 23, and while every day brings a new challenge, a new lesson and a new self-discovery, I now know that I’m on the right path. I know that I can make a difference in the world.” She wrote the article for the Chicago Sun-Times, the biggest local paper for the Skokie, IL native

    Thanks, Ms Bubley.


    P.S. Shut up already and go to suck DiCaprio *****,your fame is disturbing thing for this world.

  147. 147
    * Says:

    Erin looks lovely.

  148. 148
    dalio Says:

    @Jane: Hate is not the real answer for the world cause Jane. Go pursuit happiness, you can’t forever hate. lol

  149. 149
    Jane Says:

    It is not a hatred. DiCaprio promotes disgusting things covering them by the ‘charity’ of this current famewhore.

  150. 150
    -..- Says:

    @Jane: sounds just as boring as she is. i doubt she wrote it anyway

  151. 151
    @Mari - 141 Says:

    THe main reason he’s in NY is because he is working on the Wolf of Wall Street pre-production. Hiring the actors, writing scripts, auditions all the stuff producers and actors need to go through before the filming of a movie.
    And since Miss Bubley makes herself available, like she has for the last months (except for a period of 2 months), that’s why there are several sightings and pictures of the two together in NY. I just wonder if she’ll follow him in NOLA for what’s left of the shooting of Django. I bet she will.
    LOL, Jane!

  152. 152
    William Hazlitt Says:


    “Want of principle is power. Truth and honesty set a limit to our efforts, which impudence and hypocrisy easily overleap.”

  153. 153
    Patricia Says:

    WTF???????????????? The PR and the POSING FOR THE PAPS thing it’s geting worse??????????????????? Leo has his phones on,not trying to hide and Erin totally smiling for the cameras ALL THE TIME…
    Not cool Leo! You’ll have to try harder,cause we STILL can NOT see great Erin’s covers,nobody is interested in her and I bet she didn’t get a boob job,it’s just a VS push up,that’s what she gets paid for lol

    Man,this is a jokeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee LOL at these two,LOL at these pics…

  154. 154
    tinkerbell Says:

    Agreed, she is his type. Its not staged, but if you look at it from her point of view you understand why she might wait around for him. It helps her career and he is who he is. Does it mean anything? Not in the long run, no. She might be there several months or a year, she’s young and it doesnt mean much. Her real hubby is elsewhere. But she doesnt care at this point.

    It’s a matter of when this will be over…we could start a deadpool. When Wolf is over, or when she turns 25. Because they exit stage left or he dumps em. He’ll look even more ridiculous with the next one. But that’s Leo.

    Yep, she his type, but its not a good type for him. Its too easy. And it never goes anywhere and there are fights and hurt feelings. But he dont care. Because the industry keeps digging his “type” for lingerie ads, there will always be more.

    You dont have to like it but you dont have to envy her.

    If I didnt know these two and saw them I’d wonder why she was with him—and I’d think MUST HAVE MONEY.

  155. 155
    tinkerbell Says:

    The thing about erin is I think she knows damn well she is no different but wants to have a good time. He’s not even listening to her he’s listening to his Ipod or whatever they call the little square things.

    He’s shallow, doesnt want to make an effort, and only cares about looks and having a perceived trophy. He’s no big loss to the rest of us. Yes, he’s dashing sometimes but also kind of a jerk when it comes to women.

  156. 156
    tinkerbell Says:

    @jean: what’s interesting about bale is leo beat him out for so many roles….he even lost american psycho until leo changed his mind….

    bale must hate the guy….but I like bale for a lot of reasons. hes wound too tight but i sort of like that

    also very good in terminator 4. Keep him as John Connor.

  157. 157
    -..- Says:

    I have just seen this comment on dlisted and I agree.
    `He reminds me of Jack Nicholson. A stunted man who puts all his personality into his acting.`
    All his personality into his acting. Spot on!!!!!!

  158. 158
    -..- Says:

    It`s all in his acting but not in his private life.

  159. 159
    yajaira Says:

    deja vu…

  160. 160
    Patricia Says:

    @jean: Oh yes? Are you sure about that? And why is He trying to hide while riding a motorcycle with his ex girlfriend on the back????? What a risk He was taking…

    “Leo is private but he’s not an idiot to risk his safety by riding with something covering his face. like I said, there are tons of paparazzi pics of him riding bikes and he does not try to hide in any of those pics…”

    …my a$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Staged.

    When Leo wants to hide,he does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Period.
    PR for sure.

  161. 161
    ali Says:

    they look great togrther
    Erin is stunning and seems sweet , unlike the previous
    nobody ….

  162. 162
    @Patricia Says:

    Well he wasn’t always hiding when riding his motorcycle with his ex.

    They were seen so often biking, on his scooter or motorcycling.

  163. 163
    ju Says:


    Leo has had an apartment in NYC for years. It’s not hard to get clear shots of him if you camp outside of his building and wait for him to come out. He will come out eventually and the paps will take his pictures.

  164. 164
    Lori Says:

    I see in some of the pics on other sites that EH is a smoker too. I guess that’s part of his “type” as well? So gross!

  165. 165
    Patricia Says:

    @@Patricia: She said something like Leo wouldn’t take the risk to hide while riding and nobody said ALWAYS and like I said,when he WANTS he does…

  166. 166
    Erin Says: at least better than Barf

  167. 167
    Nee Says:

    @Lori: a lot of models smoke. It helps them stay thin.

    actually.. I think a huge reason why leo gained so much weight in his face in recent years is because he quit smoking. He started smoking at a very young age

  168. 168
    Nee Says:

    you know.. I’ve always been curious about why leonardo dicaprio attracts so much attention. I don’t think it’s because he’s a huge celeb because there isn’t nearly as much interest in the private lives of other a-listers. Someone mentioned Jack Nicholson and it’s funny because Leo does seem to be modelling his career, appearance and personal life after him. Nicholson doesn’t get nearly as much press as Leo though.

    So what is it about Dicaprio that interests people so much..

  169. 169
    Lori Says:

    @Nee: I thought maybe the switch to Ecigs had cause the bloat in his face. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone smoke while riding a bike before?

  170. 170
    Wtf at those pix Says:

    @Patricia: Wtf he looks mentally challenged in those photos. Reminds me of what’s eating Gilbert grape

  171. 171
    -..- Says:

    @ju: He has had an apartment in NYC for years and yet this is the first time you got multiple paparazzi shots of him within a week. All of them clear, nobody around them, he is not hiding.
    It seems like people are ignoring the fact that this is like 3rd set of great quality paparazzi shots within a very short period of time. Lots of photos following them riding their bikes. How are the photographers keep up whenever they are riding?
    Yes, he often rides bikes with his girlfriends. That`s nothing new. It`s the frequency and the fact the he is not even trying to hide that makes people think these are set up. JMO.

  172. 172
    Nee Says:

    @Lori: People tend to put on weight after quitting smoking so that’s probably the reason for his facial bloat. I thought he looked fine until inception when he suddenly gained a lot of weight in his face. Then I found out that he quit smoking and it all made sense.

  173. 173
    Patricia Says:

    @-..-: This! Is not the fact he is riding a bike with her,this is not a big deal,cause we all know he always does that with his current girlfriend,it’s like the Disneyland thing,part of the contract lol but the perspective of the situation,the way these pics were taken,the ‘scenes’ the ‘scenario’,the quality of the pics hmmmmmm… and their faces,their behavior,suspect!

    …no,no,no…not buying it!!! Not even a bit

  174. 174
    Lori Says:

    @Nee: yes I tend to agree with you on that. There was a sudden change in his face around that time. I had put it down to the goatee he wears so often now and then when he is clean shaven he looks a bit moon-faced now.

  175. 175
    Patricia Says:

    @Wtf at those pix: lol

  176. 176
    Butters Says:

    please come out already, leo!

  177. 177
    beard Says:

    am I the only one who thinks he looks much better with a beard?
    he actually looks manly here! I usually don’t find him attractive but he is really doing it for me in these pics.. keep the beard leo!

  178. 178
    Patricia Says:

    @Lori: “What level of Perv would he be accused of if he was walking around in public with her with his hand on her a$$???”

    like this:,,628697_621319,00.html

    Like I said IMO,there’s no excuses for the NO AFFECTION thing.

  179. 179
    -..- Says:

    It wouldn`t be `pervy`. It would be affectionate and it might make people believe that there is some chemistry going on there. Now? It just falls flat and it`s just as blah as Erin herself.

  180. 180
    Elena Says:

    @Patricia: haha, i’m actually baffled/impressed at how he managed to do that without falling off his bike.

  181. 181
    Sunshine Says:

    She really f*****g a annoys me. She just looks like an idiot. I can’t imagine she’s capable of carrying on a conversation.

  182. 182
    Lori Says:

    @Patricia: WOW I hadn’t seen that pic before! I wouldn’t of thought he had it in him! LMAO.

  183. 183
    Patricia Says:

    @Elena: I’m also impressed and have no clue how….but as we can see,HE CAN,WHEN HE WANTS TO!

  184. 184
    Patricia Says:

    @Lori: LMAO I was kinda shocked when I first saw that pic,cause never thought Leo would act like this in public,but just like I said to #180 as we can see he can!!!! There’s a pic of Leo kissing Bar with one of his hand on her a$$ too,but I can’t find it….

  185. 185
    GOSSIPGal Says:

    Has anyone seen old interviews of Erin? She seemed sweet, stupid, but sweet. But since she’s started dating Leo, in her interviews she acts above everyone else. I heard she was a b***h to work with, but now it makes sense. Probably why she cant get any work other than VS now. There was also that story in the Post about how she was at a charity event and wouldn’t talk to anyone, she just sat there passing notes back and forth with her publicist and friend. You may be dating him now honey, but in a few months he’ll be giving you your pink slip, so you have no right to act better than everyone.

  186. 186
    Anne Says:

    Age has not been gentle to Leo. He was a beautiful kid but now I find him a quite unattractive man, and he is still quite young. His models have also downgraded a lot. From the stunning Gisele Bündchen to this silly and average looking blond girl. What a decline!

  187. 187


  188. 188
    Shannon Says:

    It weirds me out he’s dating a girl just a year older than Emma Watson….aka Hermione Granger. Leo seems like he’ll always be dating some 20-25 year old blonde model regardless of how old he is. You’re a great actor Leo….but your taste in younger women is just creepy

  189. 189
    Leona Says:

    Ugh. Get over him already people. Its not 1998 anymore.

  190. 190
    minmamamia Says:

    When is this man going to hook up with a girl who actually has a brain?

  191. 191
    just putting this out there Says:

    tom hardy stays at his place all the time
    (can’t say how i know this, but it is 100% fact)

  192. 192
    Leo, 2 weeks later, NY Says:


    Have a problem, doc! Django ate my pills and now I can’t find him. I’ve been biking every morning for the past two weeks – hoping I can find him. Also I noticed a strange thing. Every time I am calling my Django Erin with paps appear. In 2-5 seconds. I’m doing something wrong?

  193. 193
    @Sunshine Says:

    Actually I have never heard someone as boring as her. When I listen to her I have the feeling she is going to fall asleep. SHe has no energy when she talks. Miss Bubley is the most boring models in the business, for sure.

  194. 194
    @Anne Says:

    Yes, what a decline…

  195. 195
    They call me "her" Says:

    Erin is adorable, so natural and sweet. People on this thread seem obsessed to put her down? Why is that?

  196. 196
    #194 Says:

    Yuck, how old was she on that pic??
    When she signed for VS, I’m sure they ordered her not to ever show her hideous nipples. Ever. It would ruin the company.

  197. 197
    Doctor,Rio Says:

    @Leo, 2 weeks later, NY:

    Django is here darling, don’t worry. He has finally reached Rio last night after 2 weeks of marathon and said us only 1 thing:
    “I can’t stand it anymore.”

  198. 198
    El Says:

    Find me….

  199. 199
    @Leona Says:

    Uhmmm… tell that to Leo maybe? It seems like he is the one who is completely stuck in 1998!

  200. 200
    @196 Says:

    Erin Bubley was 18 at the time.

  201. 201
    Helen Says:

    She looks cute and young. This is enough for any man to date someone like and of course she is a model which is a sign that any guy will date her is rich

  202. 202
    Bubley, the hypocrite Says:

    LOL! I had to laugh at this video. Especially when she mentions this:
    “If you want to make it last, it’s better to take it slow”……LOL, LOL, LOL!!!

    Yeah she sure took it slow when after just meeting him in December, she flew to Australia with him and remained there just like desperate pot of glue!. Erin Bubley has become the easiest catch Leo has ever experienced. What a liar and hypocrite opportunistist female.

  203. 203
    Cheap & Blah Says:

    She looks cheap and blah and she is cheap and blah but she thinks she deserves only rich guys attention.One of the most disgusting things about this type of famewhores.

  204. 204
    Cheap & Blah Says:


    Stop joking, please. Leo is the only guy who wants ‘date’ her.

  205. 205
    LOVE it Says:

    Did you see this on youtube? Notice the date. It’s 4 years ago.

    “Bar Refaheavy Naked, uploaded by axl1 on Jul 4, 2009 ”

    Super model Bar Refaheavy caught naked

  206. 206
    Hello from Brazil DiCap Says:

    OMG!!!Bubley the Red Nose and Big Ears learning humanity how to look and sound like the princess of the cheap minet. What did they do with VS brand?

  207. 207
    @Bubley the hypocrite Says:

    I don’t know who she’s trying to fool by claiming these comments…. poor Leo, he’s so naive and immature for a guy his age.

  208. 208
    Lori Says:

    OK, I totally get where everyone is coming from now with the staged photo Op business. I never followed him that closely before and thought that he just wasn’t a PDA type of guy. Apparently he was with previous gf’s. So now these do look staged to me.
    Perhaps it is like some have said and it out there to balance some of the press Blake and Ryan are getting by being all romantical and homey.

  209. 209
    A Says:

    Blake Lively dumped Leo!? lol Yeah right, SHE dumped Leo, and for that cheesehead Ryan Reynolds no less?? Muahaha. Sure, hon. That is such b.s. You must be on the Lively payroll, or Lively herself. Also, Leo was ditching her sure as shite, but he wasn’t insensitive to her plight, so he played along for a few more weeks, but anyone will tell you, Leo was dunzo as soon as those pics came out. Remember when she was dating him, and Leo went to a friends wedding, and was photographed walking some supermodel home, and then he had his camp leak to the press that he was dancing with all the young women at the wedding – that was HIS way of announcing to the world that he was not serious about casting couch Lively…he gently extricated himself from the relationship, and so Lively and her ‘brand’ wouldn’t look dumped by mega star Leo over the butt nekkid iphone shots, they had her immediately start dating Reynolds, but no one believed that shite. lol

  210. 210
    A Says:

    Leo ALWAYS does the dumping, except maybe not in Gisele’s case. I suspect she ended it because she wanted to get married and have babies and he didn’t.

  211. 211
    @178 Says:


    Biking with Gisele, Bar, Blake, Lukas, and by himself there are other people in the picture. Bike with Erin, no one.

  212. 212
    @Lori Says:

    Y’know for me its not even the PDA thing.
    PDA is not symptomatic of where you or I are at in a relationship. PDA can be akward and forced too. i.e that pic of him and Bar kissing in Milan looked painful to me as he clung to his umbrella.

    What surprised some of us is the literal torrent of Leo news after a drought of almost 2 months. I don’t follow him closely, and the gossip sites do write about him as an A lister intermittently but literally for the past 7-8 days we have either had info in the NY Post and NY Daily News about him and Erin eating at a restaurant or going to the theatre, ALONG with clear as day pictures of the pair. Very uncharacteristic . What gives? What’s he trying to prove?

    I also perosnally believe this is what Lainey actually meant in this earlier post of Leo and Erin she described them as looking tender and romantic
    She only turned sarky when the next day we were also treated to biking pics. I think she was genuinely surprised.

    Personally it reminded me of when he was in Australia and how the press complained he was a paranoid recluse who was not as friendly as Tobey then a few weeks later bam we get Leo walking on the balcony with a parade of hotties in a vest and no face cap. Back to the Beach Haaus where pas practically live.

    I have no beef with eother him or Erin. She seems like a nice enpough gal to me and I think some of the things been said about her and her family are really distasteful. I genuinely wish them both well and hope he and Erin go on a cruise just for the hell of the predictability and the fun comments

  213. 213
    @160 Says:


  214. 214
    A Says:

    “I personally am an actor on one of Australia’s most popular shows, who recently attended a small event Leonardo was having. The guy is crazy,he actually has groups of girls lined up and paraded through for him to pick girls out. He is like nothing else I have ever encountered in this industry. Being perfectly honest, I have lost all respect for Leonardo since meeting him in Australia. Even Al Pacino turned his nose up at how Leonardo has been behaving, while we were attending a small dinner with Al, the night before his show “One night with Al Pacino”.
    Leonardo literally had the entire cast of Australia’s top model form a line and he choose the girls he wanted to meet. While at a special club that is member invite only, The Georgeous Beach Hause in Kings Cross, Leonard did this again, another line of beautiful young girls paraded through for him to choose and sit with at the club. This guy is awesome at the work he does, but the way he so openly carries himself with these constant scores of girls lined up for him to choose is beyond belief. Any of these girls that are with him in these photos, I feel sorry for, not only have they gone through a process of lining up and being selected, but none of their time with them actually seems fun for them. Most of them are talented young want to be models or aspiring models, who know that being seen with Leonardo may help their career, and thats why friends like Charlotte Dawson , their top model judge, mentor them and advise them hownto behave for such photos. In a way it’s good for them, but at the same time, I really doubt many of these girls actually his company or time spent wi him. We spent the night partying with Xzibit over the weekend, eminem the weekend before that, and even Xzibit was a hundred times more interesting than Leo, just purely because he is open and up for a good time, whereas our time spent with Leo, kind of makes you wonder if within ten years will he be a recluse, affraid to venture outside, he’s just so lonely. Of course I’m not leaving my real name here on this website as I still have work to do with Leo , and I do love playing poker with these guys as stakes are hardly ever this good in Sydney, but Leo needs to take note of his good mate Toby, as Toby has been a really sweet dude while over here in Sydney. For anyone ever visiting Sydney, make sure you visit Beach Hause in Kings Cross, it’s always worth a try to get into buy doubtful. Even myself and my cast mates from our Aussie tv show get turned away at times. That place and Justin Hemmes’s IVY bar pool bar and his level 6 penthouse bar, are the places to visit in Sydney. You will usually see whoever is in Sydney at that moment at these clubs. Xzibit was a blast. Eminem was cool, suprised how he chilled he was sitting down watching the game an hour before going on stage, but I guess he’s a pro at it. It’s been a great year being an actor in the australin industry this year as we have gotten to meet all the biggest of our profession at the night spots, and even the kardashian launch last month. I’m personally hanging out to party with P-Diddy next April 15th. One things for sure, if my cast don’t get an invite to a function with them, I will be at Beach Hause or Ivy bar or Trademark bar on the surrounding nights getting high with the mogul. Such a small place Sydney, it’s hard not to have a good time with the peop,e your cameras chase around in USA. I think over here seeing we don’t have paprazzi like the USA that we get to let our hair down more often and not worry about it ending on the newspaper.”

  215. 215
    @A Says:

    BS. Your full of s**t NO ONE Knows why it ended
    Leo could have called it a day the moment they came back form Europe if the pics bugged him that much
    Oh and its funny how according to you his camp leaked the info about him dancing with girls at the wedding considering his mom and close gal pal Karolina Kurkova was also in the dancing crew and his camp made sure to leak that info as well
    Its funny how people keep bringing up the Anna J pictures but forgot to mention the youtube video pf Leo BEGGING the papparzo not to use the film. Something he has never done before in all his carousing.
    Yeah sure, ‘They’ the dark forces that now have her dating Reynolds are all part of a conspiracy. Your using baseless rumors to pollute this funny thread show where you are at and how much Blake bugs you even though she;s not in Leos life
    Now go back to kissing the a*s of Eva Mendes in the Gosling forum and race baiting as you often do

  216. 216
    #215 Says:

    Ignore her she’s one of Leos gh*tt* birds.
    And that Sydney story has already been posted here and was also on Celeb**hy. #
    Epic Fail, A is A Tool

  217. 217
    @A Says:

    fan fiction

  218. 218
    A is a tool Says:

    Exactly s/he’s obsessed with promulgating this story and anyone with half a brain that can see it’s BS is according to him’her part of the payroll. Why does a Jack Dawson loon always have to ruin these threads
    Also funny considering s/he also said in post 69, she’s not a fan of Leo and Blake but is clearly obsessed with a relationship that ended a year ago and has to project her conspiracy and logic as fact.

  219. 219
    stale news Says:

    The Sydney story is already in Post 102. It was last December and I think he was dating Erin by then

  220. 220
    A is Stinkerbell Says:

    Acting like she knows intimate details of his life. Obsessively pumping him up and cutting him down in the same breath.

  221. 221
    While in Australia Says:

    Correct me is I’m wrong, but I believe has dated 3 different girlfriends while filming in Australia: Blake, Madalina and Erin, not to mention the numerous models (one of them admitted she went into his house). So within a period of 4 months the aging modelizer showed a nice stability. Now, during the filming of Django, he had Erin but he was also seen partying with models in Miami (while on a break) and NOLA.

  222. 222
    A is a tool Says:

    @A is Stinkerbell:
    Naah I don’t think it is.
    Tinkerbell has already posted here and does not seem that bothered.

  223. 223
    A is a tool Says:

    Unless of course we are dealing with multiple personalities!!!

  224. 224
    A Says:

    @#215: Wow, what’s with the racist comments? (I’m white) and I think it’s incredibly disgusting. I rarely post on this site and when I do I get attacked by Leo stans. No wonder people think you’re crazy.
    And Eva who? What are you guys even talking about? Get your posters right or don’t bother commenting at all, it only makes you look even crazier than you are.
    I thought the Australian actor post was interesting you lunatics. And Yes, Leo did dump Blake, just like he dumped the rest of them. Does the truth hurt or what?

  225. 225
    A Says:

    @A is a tool: Not the same person you idiot. Jared, please make it so you can have a permanent name on here.

  226. 226
    A Says:

    @A is a tool: Get a life. I’m serious. How much time do you spend on this site to know different user names? my god..

  227. 227
    Not sure what to say Says:

    Did you see this on youtube? It’s called Bar Refaheavy Naked
    Uploaded by axl1 on Jul 4, 2009 – Super model Bar Refaheavy caught naked. Notice the date – that is 3 years ago, when ___ was 24?


  228. 228
    Lori Says:

    You know it’s sad when the only honest man in Hollywood is Charlie Sheen.

  229. 229
    A is a tool Says:

    Leo stans? I though we were all on the ‘Lively’ payroll for not buying your idiotic but ‘factual’ narrative story. Insisting everyone here should take your incredibly disgusting slanderous opinion as fact because of course, you know Leo hang out with him and have full inside info on the logisitcs and dynamics of all his relationships suggest you might be the one to get a life as well as professional help.
    Your repeating “I know it as fact” does not mean we all here have to buy your BS, and you’re just p**sed cause you’ve been called on it.
    Now go back to kissing drunk coke head ,Eva Mendes b**ver.
    Damn this thread was actually informative and fun to read till now!

  230. 230
    They Are Pathetic Says:

    @A is a tool: Calm down dear, take an advil or something. No one, especially not an anonymous poster, should have that much power over you to ruin your “fun”. That’s kind of sad.

  231. 231
    @Lori Says:

    But maybe Leo is honest. He is honest enough that he does not want marriage and children but instead to bang as many hotties as he wants sans responsibilities. He does not have anywhere the rap sheet of Charlie Sheen and no kids to suffer from his antics!

  232. 232
    A is a tool Says:

    A, your schizophrenic posts on people you claim “you don’t care about ” have only proven you are every bit as crazy as whom you deride. Trust.

  233. 233
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    This is true, and if these women don’t like the game they can always pick another player. ;)

  234. 234
    A Says:

    @They Are Pathetic: Thank you! Yeah, I’m glad I have that much power of her to ruin all her fun lol but she’s starting to creep me out as do most stans who spend way too much time talking and fantasizing about their favorite stars and defending them to the point it gets seriously creepy.

  235. 235
    You Are Pathetic Says:

    Calm down, dear. You’re obsessed. Don’t give anyone the power to make you feel bad about it. Acting like you’re above it when you’re not only makes you look pathetic. No one believes you. You’re here reading nine pages in.

  236. 236
    A is a tool Says:

    Oh so it’s Gosling freaks now? LOL
    Poor A, leo stans, lively payroll, gosling freaks anyone who calls BS on your hateful diatribes. You obviously know the pattern of posts for all these people indicating you read the celeb posts here voraciously while evidently living a rich fulfiled life yourself.

  237. 237
    A is a tool Says:

    Oh shame 239 that you’re on the deranged liar’s side. But this is fun for me. Mwhamwha.

  238. 238
    You Are Pathetic Says:

    You protest too much. Digging up old posts. Talking like you know DiCaprio. Freaking out when you are called on it. You’re not fooling anyone. You’re obsessed. Admit it. Take you’re own advice and get a life.

  239. 239
    A Says:

    @A is a tool: Sweetie, this will be my last post to you and probably the last time I post on here because you are creeping me out.
    The only time I have defended Eva (as you can look up for yourself) is when posters have called her racist names (Cuban wh*re being one of them). And I’ve done that once or twice OoOoo what a crazy loon I am *sarcasm*.
    And this is the first time I have posted on a Leo thread. I posted the Australian encounter because I had just found it (because i’m not a crazy stalker and happened to come across it when I was reading something else).
    I mean this in the most sincere, positive, genuine way: You spend too much time on here. Seriously. I don’t even post here all that much and yet you know I have posted on an Eva thread twice!? One being a month or so ago. That takes a lot of dedication…energy you could have spent on something more productive but I digress.
    I wouldn’t call myself a Leo fan, I usually come here when I’m bored (duh) and decided to engage in this madness.
    You guys really are insane, what is this? 10 pages? I’ve read like the last few and you know way too much info about this man, really though, leave the man alone and get a man of your own. I mean that in the nicest way possible.
    Well, ta-ta, don’t let me ruin anymore of your fun ;)

  240. 240
    Jenn Jenn Says:

    I just realized something about Leo and think that it may have something to do with being part Latino (daddy is Italian, of course).

    Latino men have something called machismo, it is the ability to be manly, it’s acting like a man. Machismo is not in the sense of raising kids or being a good father, but it is the ability to strut like a man, i.e., a rooster.

    Men who have lots of machismo will will say to girlfriends or wives, it doesn’t matter that I cheated on you, that was only a one time thing, you’re permanent.

    It’s interesting that Leo’s mentor is Martin Scorsese, a man who has been married 5 times and has/had serious issues with fidelity. Scorsese (though short in stature) is full of machismo and definitely able to please the ladies, they want to be with him, just like Leo.


  241. 241
    @You Says:

    @A is a tool: To be fair, you’re the one who freaked out when “A” mentioned that Leo dumped Blake.

  242. 242
    A is a tool Says:

    I always throw out the Eva Mendes line cos Leo and Ryan G relationships get people rancid. But its great you took the bait dear. And anyone who comes in here after going to actively SEEK out and post old info on Leo and then say with a straight face ‘get a life’ is not worthy of game.

    @242 You’re clealry confused. I did not come in here ranting about what went down in Leo’s relationships and who/who dumped who. How is that proof that I know him? You better hand over that self-help book to your friend A.

  243. 243
    A is a tool Says:

    I guess it came off that way. Its just that couch rumor (which A utilised in her bogus narrative) and has been falsely ascribed to Lively when it was actually about Gretchen Moll got to me. Its the same thing when I see it repeated about Sienna Miller and Emma Watson.
    I have experience of that kind of malice but won’t derail the thread. So I’ll just leave it.

  244. 244
    Philly Says:

    Woooh, thread’s gone wild! @240 I though his dad was part Italian and part German. As his mum is full german does that not mean Leo has more teutonic than Latin blood? Then again he is a Scorpio so maybe that’s a null point.

  245. 245
    Lori Says:

    @Philly: @Jenn Jenn: OK this is what I was trying to say many posts back. He is a scorpio and acts like one and again Martin Scorsesse is a Scorp as well and they seem to get on very well and work well together. There are very few strong felmale roles in Martin’s movies and very few in either of their personal lives.

  246. 246
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    I am speaking culturally and how a man is raised, his father definitely defines himself as Italian and he is the male role model in Leo’s life. I’ve seen pictures of his father and he definitely looks like an Italian.

  247. 247
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    They do have many things in common, one of them being the Madonna/***** complex, either a woman is a complete virtuous being or a complete *****. Guess which one gets the wedding ring.

    The other thing that they have in common is an incredible devotion to the mother, who is seen as the Madonna/woman they are supposed to marry.

    This probably explains why every woman has to be given approval from mom before the relationship can go forward.

  248. 248
    @A is A Tool Says:

    @A is a tool:

    Doll, my words were for A and her friend. She wants to have it both ways. She’s reading 10 pages deep, digging up old posts, talking like she knows DiCaprio and friends and freaking out when called on it, but she acts like she’s above everyone. She huffs and puffs and says she’s leaving, but she always comes back peddling more of the same. Talk about obsessed.

  249. 249
    Lori Says:

    @Jenn Jenn: Gerard Butler….Another Scorpio that can’t keep it in his pants.

  250. 250
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    That’s true of many men of all astrological signs, but there are men who give off a vibe of manliness. For example – Benicio Del Torro, David Beckam, Adrien Brody and you can probably think of many others :)

    I think that a certain part of manliness comes from how a guy treats a woman and how he presents himself to a woman.

    What I find interesting about DiCaprio is that no matter how badly he treats women they just keep coming back, this is what I am speaking of when I say machismo.

  251. 251
    A is a tool Says:

    @@A is A Tool:
    Oh right lol. Thanks. And you’re 100% right. She’ll be back in another guise shortly from her ‘very fulfiled life’ to peddle her facts since she’s BFF with Leo, and get jerky when she’s called on it. (It just HAS to be a she)

  252. 252
    Philly Says:

    @Jenn Jenn:
    TBF. By all accounts he DOES know how to woo a woman. I’m guessing it would be hard not to be intoxicated by that stuff. And for some of his exes esp those who are not American, that lifestlye of top-drawer apple pie, private jets, first class cruises, stuff they wont get sans Leo must be hard to give up.

  253. 253
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    LOL, you are totally right on those accounts. I just get the image of him as a rooster priding over his hens. That’s how I see Leo, as a big rooster!!

    I seriously think that is the mentality that he has with women.

  254. 254
    Erin Fan Says:

    To tell you the truth I thought she had left him for good two months after she left NOLA at the end of March. But I guess he uses the same pattern with all his gfs. They break-up, they make-up, it looks intense for a few days, weeks, and then he goes to party with a bunch of models or his buddies. And then they go again. I find it pathetic and since Erin is a nice girl, she deserves a better treatment. Her only problem is that she is very very young and probably still too naive to perceive his game.

  255. 255
    Lori Says:

    @Jenn Jenn: as a total outsider, it appears that Leo picks women he can dominate. Either with age, celebrity, intellegence or celebrity. I think that’s why he sticks to the same type of woman whomever he dates.

  256. 256
    Jenn Jenn Says:

    @Erin Fan:

    I agree with you on most accounts, except the naivete. Leo’s record is pretty public, if you want to do the research on the exes, it’s not that hard.


  257. 257
    Lori Says:

    @Lori: oops…2 celebrity (s) there….I meant money for one of them, LOL

  258. 258
    Info Says:

    Just in case someone here is new, don’t let the ”You must be crazy, obsessed, don’t make sense” crap bug you. It’s just the reps trying to persuade certain povs away from the public eye, and trying to stack the cards for an outcome that Leo wants. To the worker bees: if you think the “thumbs” are useful to represent some kind of poll in your minds, you are naïve.
    Beware, a few of these bloggers write (in their own styles – sheesh) to support Leo and then in the next post they are slamming either Leo, Erin, or both. Can you guess who’s reps are behind a lot of this? EX……watch out for ???, HM, Eh, Elle, Also, HMMM, LOL, Tal, Tali, Cammie, Naomi, even Tinkerbell works both sides sometime. Sorry, Tink, but you do.

  259. 259
    Lori Says:

    @Jenn Jenn: I don’t know……23 is usually pretty naive whether she can use google or not!

  260. 260
    Record Says:

    @Erin Fan:

    What’s nice abour eh?stop ur silly jokes already

  261. 261
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    I totally agree with that, he seems to be a very domineering type of person, it’s one of his real turnoffs.

  262. 262
    Record Says:


    You forgot about her Bahamas trip. She is very fast with rich and famous people!

  263. 263
    Jenn Jenn Says:

    I find this picture so sexy for some reason, it just screams manliness to me!!!

  264. 264
    Record Says:

    @Erin Fan:

    Pure innocence, pure youth and naivete is a game for Leo the Mature.

  265. 265
    Record Says:

    special treatment for her…if only some kind of disgusting group sex for the camera?thar’s fit her mature profile

  266. 266
    Record Says:

    And even Leos profile too.

  267. 267
    Winston S. Churchill Says:

    “Churchill: “Madam, would you sleep with me for five million pounds?” Socialite: “My goodness, Mr. Churchill… Well, I suppose… we would have to discuss terms, of course… ”
    Churchill: “Would you sleep with me for five pounds?”
    Socialite: “Mr. Churchill, what kind of woman do you think I am?!” Churchill: “Madam, we’ve already established that. Now we are haggling about the price”

    Her price, Leo?

  268. 268
    mindless dating Says:

    @231 ( @Lori ): Honest? Maybe he is honest with his girlfriends but he is definitely not that honest in his interviews. Always giving you the impression that marriage is a possibility and he is open to it. Clooney is honest saying straight out that he tried marriage but it’s not for him. Honestly Leo tends to say what people want to hear. Or is it OK for PR?

  269. 269
    Lori Says:

    @mindless dating: oh….I didn’t post that….someone posted that in response to something I said about the only honest man in Hollywood being Charlie Sheen……he’s a womanizer and he OWNS it.

  270. 270
    mindless dating Says:

    @erin fan: I tend to agree what you said about Leo but it certainly sound like you are the naive one and not Erin. She knew very well who she started dating 6 months ago and I have the feeling nobody is forcing her in any ways to be with him! She is 23 and that’s not young for someone who started modeling at her age. Trust me, she knows the deal and she is up for it! It was mentioned in the last Leo&Erin thread that she just signed with a new firm that likes to promote models in gossip columns. I don’t know for sure if it’s true but it certainly looks like it! Or the rumor that she wanted a famous boyfriend and doing movies. Again I can’t be sure about this but it certainly looks like it!
    All I’m saying, please don’t make her an innocent little sheep and Leo the big bad wolf! They are BOTH in this! Two play this game and I bet Leo is not forcing her!

  271. 271
    GOSSIPGal Says:

    @mindless dating totally agree! And I checked she just signed with Brown Talent + PR. Since she signed with them, now she’s tweeting and doing blogs on her charity work, doing movies, and managed to get papped by agencies that are known for being called by publicists. She loves the press, and has been very vocal about wanting a long lasting model/mogul career. Dating Leo is just the stepping stone she needs since no one cared about her before.

  272. 272
    @266 Says:

    Gee she sure looks like a tramp on that picture. I watched that video of hers claiming not to go into any rush when dating a guy…. totally BS in her case. Talk about some hypocrite broad.

  273. 273
    GOSSIPGal Says:

    @272 total BS, that’s why she flew to Sydney to bang Leo and then follow him around everywhere. She didn’t even spend Hanukkah with her family because she was with Leo. That’s taking it slow.

  274. 274
    Patricia Says:

    @@178: So…?Sorry,what is your point?

  275. 275
    Re- lining up girls to chose Says:

    Hey guys.
    I love Leo. I guess that’s how I ended up here reading these comments. But I have to say.. I work in the field in Australia too and I saw it. :(
    I’m honestly sure he’s not a bad person. I’m sure he’s really cool, but he definitely had models line up for him so he could chose the prettiest to hang out with. It was awful :/
    Please don’t get angry at me for posting this. I’m just stating what I saw. The guy does seem to be a bit* (*lot) of a womanizer.
    But if we’d all lived the life he’s lived we might be behaving the same way too..who knows?

  276. 276
    @Re- lining up girls to chose Says:

    @Re- lining up girls to chose: I don’t condamn his behaviour, I just don’t understand why he wants us to believe he has a regular girl friend it’s ridiculous.

  277. 277
    Stupid leo Says:


    Who cares what she needs?Leo is very stupid or really naive if he thinks it is cool to help with promo for bubles, models, hypocrytes. He is just a fool, but not innocent fool.

  278. 278
    Philly Says:

    Oh wow, anymore inside info to tell????

    Leo is no different from the millions of married guys who have a regular public steady (wife) and girlfriends & mistresses galore. Its way more common than you think, not just in Hollywood but world over.

  279. 279
    @Re- lining up girls to chose Says:

    @Philly: I know it’s very common but I think it’s ridiculous, in particular when you have money and fame, enjoy your life and don’t be worried by people’s opinion

  280. 280
    mindless dating Says:

    I would say sad. That he is not even willing to give it a try to have a meaningful relationship. It’s not for everyone but he is not even trying even though he talks about it. And this is exactly the reason why he is up for photo ops. You can say a lot of things in interviews if you act differently in real life. These outings are ( supposed to be ) more convincing than his words. I think he wants the world to know he has a steady girlfriend and they are just fine. He wants to be taken seriously and the obvious modelizer image doesn’t help.

  281. 281
    @280 Says:

    Obviously, he is not interested in meaningful relationships. He is 37, he’s been acting the same, he’s been doing the same things with all his gfs, he’s been following the same pattern over and over. There was no one more relevant than the others. He likes the attention, he wants company when it suits him, when it pleases him. He won’t change, and he is happy like that. He doesn’t want to change. He has his family, his buddies, an available girlfriend, a challenging career. Everything is under control. The guy is happy.

  282. 282
    mindless dating Says:

    @281: Clearly he doesn’t want it so maybe he shouldn’t be a hypocrite who keeps talking about it when he has something to promote. Also I didn’t say he was any different from what you described. I just think it is sad that he won’t even try it. That was my point.

  283. 283
    Philly Says:

    Oh wow you called it another install of Leo Loves Erin.
    What’s this now 5 days in a row?!

  284. 284
    mindless dating Says:

    Oh, has anyone seen the NY Daily Bews article about ‘Leo being the one’ for Heatherton? How cute! She is doing everything she can not to mess it up! Isn’t she just adorable? And dumb if I may say? Good luck with your efforts, honey!

  285. 285
    mindless dating Says:

    @Philly: LEO loves Erin? Rather the other way around! I’m getting the feeling of last summer again! Every couple of days something is out there!

  286. 286
    @Lori @Philly Says:

    Aww the NY Daily News is also Blake and Ryan’s go to.
    Interestingly even the piece comments on how uncharacteristiaclly open he is being. He is often only open in Europe or on yachts, not the US. So its not only Lainey that sees something is off.
    Anyways Good Luck Erin & Leo and I mean it. No shade.

  287. 287
    Philly Says:

    I disagree on the last summer angle. Firstly as someone said Leo is often more relaxed when he is outside US borders, same as Sean Penn actually. In the US, especially New York he is low key. Funny the main thing we’ve seen him do with ALL his girlfriends in NY is always biking .
    Its humourous to me but some of you guys seem really offended, if its deja vu or whatever then stop looking. I agree #286 good luck to them. Great Gatsby and Django will remind people of why they actually like Leo rather then the few who project/attack on his choices or s*x life

  288. 288
    JFC Says:

    Aren’t you guys tired of repeating the same comments over and over again?? The Leo posts are seriously so freaking repetitive. If his dating life upsets you so much then why are you following him still? Just stop being a fan. And don’t tell me you’re not a fan, because you wouldn’t be reading this post right now if you weren’t a fan. There are plenty of male celebs for you guys to be fans of who don’t have “girl issues”. Tired of reading the same ****.

  289. 289
    @JFC Says:

    So don’t read the comments! There are other celebs whose threads you can read!

  290. 290
    Michael K Says:

    Funny article :

  291. 291
    leofan Says: Has leo ever dated a girl who didn’t think that he was the one ? I’ll believe when HE calls her the one !!

  292. 292
    JFC Says:

    @@JFC: lol are you seriously telling me, a leo fan, to stop reading comments in leo posts. The ones who should stop commenting are the ones who only post to complain about his love life. why the heck are you following his topics if you don’t like him?

  293. 293
    @JFC Says:

    Yeah, I`m seriously telling you to stop reading comments if they are so boring. Just like you are seriously telling Leo fans not to be fans and chose another celeb. You consider yourself better than the others.
    Why the heck are you reading comments here if you don`t like them? There are other board where you can follow his threads.

  294. 294
    JFC Says:

    @@JFC: then can you explain to me why you would consider yourself a fan? judging by most of the comments in this post, you guys all seem to find him disgusting.. so why are you still in this post? if you find him and his gfs disgusting then just ignore them.

  295. 295
    @JFC Says:

    I don`t find him disgusting at all and I don`t know where did you get that. I am his fan I love his movies. I have an opinion on his private life and I think being his fan doesn`t mean you have to love everything about him. He is human and nobody is perfect. His love life is pretty much the same so my opinion about his love life is pretty much the same.
    Explain to me if you don`t like comments here why do you keep reading them? If you don`t like them ignore them…

  296. 296
    LOL Says:


    At least the article is realistic (and hopefully also Erin) LOL.

    Erin Heatherton is working hard… Not ‘Leo’ or ‘They’.. just Erin.

  297. 297
    @LOL Says:

    She is indeed working hard to make it work. All these pictures and that article requires effort!
    IF the article is correct it’s just sad. Because it does sound like she ( not them ) is making the effort and that just won’t end will. She can push it for a while but it won’t work. It seems like it’s all about him and not at all about her! Instead of pleasing him she should just enjoy it until it runs it’s course! She needs a reality check!

  298. 298
    LOL Says:


    More sad that you seems the only one interested in pursuing the relationship just for publicity purposes, is that your onw PR team publish an article about it and make you look be even worse!

  299. 299
    @Michael K Says:

    Thanks for the article. I like how they qualify Erin as “his piece of the moment”….. Too funny, because this is exactly what she is, lol!

  300. 300
    Erin Bubley - Father's Day Says:

    Do you think Erin Bubley is working as hard to see, at least for only “one” day, her dad on Father’s Day?

  301. 301
    vagabond Says:

    lol gotta love gossip rags.Didn’t they say the same stuff with Blake.She read The Rules to bag Leo and to keep him at home she cooked for him.Now it’s Erin working hard to keep him by being low maintenance???And when they break up it will be because he wants to settle down and she don’t…or the

  302. 302
    #JFC Says:

    Don’t bother they hate him and they hate girlfriends (but claim to love Gisele cos she’s safely out of the picture) but can’t stay away from insulting him/her or the girls’ family. Leo dunncare, he’s happy.

  303. 303
    Lori Says:

    @vagabond: I guess the “low maintenance” comment is a dig at previous GF’s? Or is it to imply that she’s cool with him F’ing around on her?

  304. 304
    @300 Says:

    I don’t think so. She’s much too busy focusing on acting again like a puppy desperate for attention.

  305. 305
    .............................. Says:

    Seriously…this Borington is getting on my nerves!!! Annoying girl…Blahhhh,go away!!!

  306. 306
    Qué Says:

    Why did Erin change her last name from Bubley to Heatherton?

  307. 307
    @Lori Says:

    I think its standard Leo speak
    When he started dating Bar his sources said told US magazine, liked her cos she was so low maintenance. People saw that as a dig at high strung Gisele. Then again ‘low maintenance’ could be PR speak for ‘doormat’.

  308. 308
    Patricia Says:

    This is the REAL Leo and I doubt this has changed…

    He seems happier when He is single,partying and owes nothing to anyone,at least He is trying to live his life the way He really likes…stop faking happiness Leo,go live your life…

  309. 309
    @302 Says:

    Its not claiming he loved Gisele. It’s a fact and it’s about looking at photos that show you the obvious. Or not in Erin’s case. I bet Leo is happy having fun with his actual toy! That’s what he does until he gets bored!

  310. 310
    celticrose Says:

    @Philly: @Philly I suppose you are right that there are those woman who can be wooed that easily by all the superficial fluff he offers and he knows exactly where to find them. There will always be those young, naive model types who have never been exposed to the kind of lifestyle he can offer and will stick around as long as they are star-struck. Eventually though those girls will continue to grow and change, as many of us did in our 20s, and they will outgrow him. Then it’s on to the next one for him. There are plenty of sexy, intelligent woman out there of all ages who are not impressed by the superficial at all. Those who don’t believe me will just have to take my word for it :),
    I am still going with my gut instinct that says there is so much more to him than this womanizing reputation of his would lead people to believe. I hope I am proven right one day. I also think I am right that he is just sitting back LOVING the mystery surrounding his personal life.

  311. 311
    Patricia Says:

    Feeling sick and bored at the same time about these two…

  312. 312
    @Qué Says:

    She is probably ashamed of her real name…. or her family? BTW, I hope she is spending Father’s Day with her dad today. Correct me if I’m wrong but Leo is supposed to appreciate girls who are close to their families… at least he was. Unless he changed his values recently.

  313. 313
    @JFC Says:


    I can only speak for myself, but when Gisele and Leo were together, I LOVED THEM. By now, they would have settled down a little bit to raise children. I bet the press would have leaved them alone a bit more now too, except for the “mandatory” let’s see the new baby pic.There was also sincere, natural affection between the families. This is important. People will only bite their tongues to a certain point.

    I hope this thing with Erin is real. It’s nice to see him with someone a bit more carefree these days. I feel some of his exes may have been too “ambitious”? How is that for a euphemesm. You know, like do anything to “trap him”…?

  314. 314
    Jerk at 300 Says:

    @Erin Bubley – Father’s Day:

    At least she doesn’t need her daddy following her around for three weeks of travelling, because she might get lonely. Awwww….poor dear.

    Stop nagging on Erin.

  315. 315
    Jesse,Spain Says:


    Ashamed of her real name but not ashamed of her pics and desperate bitchy behaviour. Really great match for Leo.

  316. 316
    Patricia Says:

    @Jesse,Spain: Thisssssssssss!!! Ppl keep saying “Leo is using her” “HE should be ashamed of Himself ” and bla bla bla…well,I don’t see Leo pointing a gun at her head…

  317. 317
    tinkerbell Says:

    @leofan: it sounds like one of those if you have to work that hard to deny your own needs and feelings and cant make any demands on the guy, its not a real relationship, sorry honey, it wont work in the long run, even if you break you neck trying.

    Those relayshs where you “give him his space” etc dont work out in the long run….in a real relaysh you dont have to do that.

  318. 318
    tinkerbell Says:

    @leofan: she’s 23 and doesnt know better. she still has time to learn….it doesnt matter how cute you are honey–gisele is still #1 and she couldnt make him change either

    wish is was diff!

  319. 319
    Lori Says:

    @tinkerbell: I’m the same age as Leo, off by a couple of weeks. And can I tell you that “most” women his own age would never put up with his crap. Obviously I even I can see the perks of 23 year old boobs and a$$, but 23 will also put up with a meddling mother, pu$$y po$$e and a whole lot of stepping out. women his own age will not put up with the likes of that!

  320. 320
    tinkerbell Says:

    i have to say they both look pretty goddamn average there–he looks like he drives a cab and she maybe teaches second grade.

  321. 321
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Lori: I know, that’s the problem. 25+ women dont want to wait around. the young can and do…but when they get up there themselves forget it. He cant date anyone even late 20s or early 30s they want to be with someone they have a chance with, and they would be right.

    Better you date a dentist who wants to get married and is a nice guy than be dragged around by Leo. Ask Jerry Seinfeld’s ex, google susan mcnabb.

  322. 322
    Lori Says:

    @tinkerbell: He just looks dirty. She looks like a very cute school teacher, but he looks like he needs a bath!

  323. 323
    Charlize Says:


    If he had the opportunity to ride a bike with a 36-year-old Theron he would ride with a 36-year-old beautiful Charlize, not with 23-year-old ugly *****.

  324. 324
    Buckley and others Says:

    Leo, I feel pity for you.

  325. 325
    JFC Says:

    @Charlize: haha funny you would say that because leo’s good friends with charlize.. there’s even paparazzi vids of them hanging out in the 90s

  326. 326
    @vagabond Says:

    @vagabond: exactly, the difference is that nobody (read lainey, D listed and even some bellafreaks) believe the story. His PR needs to change.

  327. 327
    @Patricia Says:


    It put Erin in an awkward situation, because Bar is still following him around, and the rumours of a wedding between the two of them persist. For instance, during one of the Mexico trips, it was reported and commented on HERE how Leo was staying in a seperate hotel from Erin. One begs the question, “why”? Was a pseudo-ex at the other hotel?
    The point, all this was making his “official” girlffriend look bad in the press. I felt so humiliated for her. The girl hasn’t done anything publicly wrong to embarrass him, and her looks only make him look better! NOTHING has to happen to make the public go, “What? That doesn’t make sense. Wonder if they’re going to break up.” Things can be suggestive.

  328. 328
    -..- Says:

    @327: ??????? What are you talking about?????? Why did they stay in separate hotels? Because they were at separate locations!!!!! For the millionth time! One was working at one town and the other went to a party in another town! It`s pretty simple so why are you still talking about it?
    I don`t like Bar at all but it was cheap to mention her ( in a planted story ). I`m saying this because I think Gisele and Lively are way more `high maintenance` than Bar. Bar is like Erin. Follower. The other two has their mind of their own…
    And I`m sorry but I won`t even start with this wedding nonsense!!!!

  329. 329
    @328 Says:


    Without your post, there are 24 mentions of ___ on this thread. Three of yours and one of mine, that makes 27. You’re right, it’s cheap to mention her at all. She doesn’t have anything to do with Leo anymore. Hope she knows and remembers that… (grin) LOL.

  330. 330
    @247 Says:

    @Jenn Jenn:

    I read the comment someone made (in Cookie’s name) about Leo. It was worse than awful and on two sites. It’s clear that some peoiple have a gross disrespect for her that is completely unacceptable and vile.
    It’s clear from Leo’s interviews that his mom devoted her life to make sure her son was happy, safe, and following his passion.
    Families need to get along in a long committed relationship, because a person can only be asked to bite his/her tongue for so long. TheI hope Leo chooses a girl that brings that kind of family peace to the table from the beginning, because it’s hard to overlook things, after awhile.
    Respect for his mom, yes?

  331. 331
    -..- Says:

    LOL! You seriously counted how many times Bar was mentioned? Millionth time referred to this rumor about the Mexican trip and not to Bar. The answer is so obvious and some still don’t get it! Same country, different towns so how could they not stay in different hotels?

  332. 332
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    I know that his mother is an influence, but I wonder if she approves of his lifestyle. If you looked at the pictures of her biking with Leo and Erin she didn’t seem too happy, but that could of been a one day instance.

    I agree that the family has to be important, but there is a line between offering advice and totally controlling your child’s life. We’ve all heard the stories of the controlling mother in law that the wife can’t stand.

    As far as the madonna/wh*** complex, Leo will never find a person who is as good as his mother and there is no point in even trying. Leo needs to find someone who embodies his ideals and needs, and that person should be a welcome extension to the family.

    So far his ideals and needs are 20 – 25 y.o., blonde, model and vapid.

  333. 333
    @331 and 332 Says:


    You think I put in that much effort? Nooooo, the COMPUTER displays it.
    But we are not mentioning her, remember? Over and donzo :) Happy Husband Hunting.

    Jenn Jenn: About Irmelin, that is presumptuous as heck. I think you just have to show respect and keep LDC’s mom out of it. It would be the appropriate and classy thing to do. Don’t you think?

  334. 334
    Jenn Jenn Says:

    @@331 and 332:

    Read the comments that I wrote and the responses to those comments, I did not say anything derogatory about Irmelin.

    I believe that she is the mother of Leo and is therefore a part of his life in addition, she is the one that he says that he wishes to model himself after.

  335. 335
    @334 Says:

    @Jenn Jenn:

    controlling? that’s all I’ll say… I’m glad you respect LDC’s choice to model his own behaviour after the person he possibly admires most. From what I understand there is a sublime level of loyalty to one’s health and wellbeing in his family. It’s beautiful. Good values – good family.

  336. 336
    @332 Says:

    @Jenn Jenn:

    I think he will find her. I just hope he waits for it. There is nothing worse than waking up a week, a month, a year after you have completely committed your life to one person, and then to walk around the corner and – lightning hits for both people. It’s instant undeniable innate knowledge that your life’s one chance at true happiness (which affects the people around you) depends on making a hard choice. You don’t want to be in a situation where you wished you had the power of time travel. Just sayin’

  337. 337
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    That’s the premise of falling in love instantaneously, which I don’t believe in. I think that a person has to a person has to know someone for a long period so that accidental marriages don’t happen.

    Take Prince William and Kate, they lived together for a long time and learned each others habits before they decided to tie the knot. I think that their marriage has a much greater chance of success than that of Prince Charles and Diana.

  338. 338
    @337 Says:

    @Jenn Jenn:

    I believed that too. Still believe that. But, the lightening-bolt recognition does still happen to people. I woul;d hate that to happen to anyone, once they’ve committed. It becomes more than just a question of ethics; it impacts self identity. Seen it happen.Then hard decisions have to be made, and you have to hope everyone is going to be an adult about it.

  339. 339
    Geez Says:

    oh dear! It seems like one of the idiots from that lips8it alley has wormed her way into the BZ crowd and is now spreading the bs stories about leo and kate affair and the “secret love of his life – black women” only they believe as facts. hopefully no one will buy that leo obsessive loons fanatsy.

  340. 340
    Wolf of Wall Street Says:

    Variety says PanAm star Margot Robbie in talks for the female lead in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street

    Generic Australian blonde with thin resume of bad tv and movies. WTF Marty and Leo?

  341. 341
    Geez Says:

    @Wolf of Wall Street:
    C’mon give her a chance. I don’t know her work but being blonde makes her generic? I actually think its smarter to cast a relatively unknown, especially in a project like this.

  342. 342
    @Geez Says:

    Who cares who is posting on bellazon? Also this actress was on the TV show PanAm here in the US. It got cancelled after one season …. for a reason. She is a generic blonde (which is indeed irrelevant ) and she was less than impressive on that show. I expected someone with more experience and acting skills.

  343. 343
    Jesse Spain Says:


    If she looked more unique (she looks really generic) Leo would have lost. Anyway I dont see him as good Belfort too. At least she is more cute than Erin, lol

  344. 344
    @wolf of Wall Street Says:

    The girl is really cute and natural and unlike Leo’s real-life rumored gf, Erin Bubley, Margot is lively and full of energy. Take a look and listen to her in an interview

  345. 345
    Sasha Says:

    She reminds me of Michelle Williams.

  346. 346
    @344 Says:

    Too bad her energy and good looks ( she is indeed very pretty ) won’t make her a decent actress.

  347. 347
    @346 Says:

    I have the feeling you have to be near a decent actress if you are asked to audition for a Scorsese movie , don’t you think?

  348. 348
    @347 Says:

    Apparently not. Look! I have seen work from this girl and I based my opinion on that. She definitely has the looks for the role but I just can’t imagine her in a Scorsese movie!

  349. 349
    Nessa Says:

    If Margot gets the part, who here wants to bet Leo tries to hit that? She is gorgeous… And perfectly his type. Much prettier than his current public slam piece.

  350. 350
    ... Says:

    The Bellafreaks are so fake they keep posting there and saying a lot of good things about Leo dating blondes, and at the same time they post on Lipstick Alley …using the same gifs LOL

    Annoying and boring just like they beloved Borington!

  351. 351
    @339 and 346 Says:


    That’s just plain crazy talk, “mister”. My posts before yours make a hell of alot more sense than your emotional post. Deal with it. Coming face-to-face with one of your soul’s absolute true loves many times ruins relationships. It happened to my exboyfriend of 6 years. We took a number of breaks but were “crazy in love” and one day, that all changed. I’m glad it did…now. We’re all better off, and not even LEO could persuade me away from my current partner – :) like that would happen anyway lol. Erin seems just lovely. She makes him look good. I hope it works out. I hope he is smart enought not to make up AGAIN with ___. This kind of man, with his loving upbringing, might have to make a tough decision one day. I just don’t want him to question his own identity and character, like my ex did. My ex is a good man and deserves all the joy in the world. We can have a (partner-respectful) friendship now, without any weird latent feelings. It’s good! We were eachother’s best friends for awhile.LEO be SMART! You’re smart in everything else for heaven’s sake.


    I smell jealousy without validation. Give the woman a chance. She MUST be both very bright and talented to be hired by one of the Kings. She might surprise you! What…Leo can’t be friends with any women?
    Gawd, I hope he doesn’t read this stuff.

    Adore you, Leo, Irmelin, and Erin!! Even Tink :) She’s funny.

  352. 352
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@339 and 346: thanks…

  353. 353
    cute! Says:

    I just love it when tinkerbell starts having a conversation with herself and gives herself some support! Typical of tinkerbell!

  354. 354
    brazil wolf/fan of Brazil Says:,_Margot/gallery/PRN-086276/

    Looks cute on some pics like more funny and round version of Lindsay Lohan but of course she has nothing to do as Belfort’s wife. She sounds just comic and silly.I am not sure that Scorsese thinks she is ok. Leo loves cute plain janes, not scorsese.

  355. 355
    @354 Says:

    I personally think she is a very good looking girl but she is not a good actress. I have seen PanAm and she was less than impressive. I don`t care about her looks. She was just not good on the show. Definitely not Scrosese material. I will be surprised if she gets that role. I`m always happy to see a newcomer in Hollywood and it`s exciting to see a new face getting a big role. But I have seen her acting and it wasn`t good.

  356. 356
    brazil wolf/fan of Brazil Says:


    Firstly I saw her pics and thought she is pretty ,but she is pretty only on some pics. When she is talking you see only average face with silly big mouth.

  357. 357
    brazil wolf/fan of Brazil Says:

    Nadine doesn’t look like cute Pan Am stewardess and Leo doesn’t look like Belfort. My point, lol.

  358. 358
    some news Says:

    and I don’t think Jonah Hill look like his character

  359. 359
    brazil wolf/fan of Brazil Says:

    It seems to me that Wolf will look like a comedy with Leo as Belfort, Margot as Nadine etc.

  360. 360
    mindless dating Says:

    So what happened to the `lovebirds`? All of a sudden they are private?

  361. 361
    Nn Says:

    @brazil wolf/fan of Brazil:

    She does look like J.Pressly despite the fact that she is only 21.Maybe Scorsese can make her look normal as Nadine. But I am really not sure that nowadays Leo can look more interesting even with generic partner.

  362. 362
    Why? Says:

    @mindless dating:
    are you such a weirdo? When they are out and about you sneer, mock, screech ‘publicity’. When they are not to be seen you STILL complain and carp. Face it the truth is you’re just a bi tch

  363. 363
    mindless dating Says:

    Take it easy! I simply asked a question. Why are you so worked up? Relax!

  364. 364
    ... Says:

    @Why?: Hi Bellafreak…take a pill lol

  365. 365
    @362 Says:


    I agree with you on that. They won’t settle down until Leo consents to spend the rest of his life committed to _____. It’s like some PR campaign to somehow make her popular, so she can reconcile with LDC. That’s why you see so many thumbs down when comments don’t agree with ____ team. That’s why her team and “friends” are on this string and not solely on ____. Maybe they can’t find it? When you put in her last name, she is 4 down and led by Sarah Jessica. I love Sarah Jessica.
    ok – do your predictable worst.

  366. 366
    ... Says:

    @@362: Speaking for myself : you are def wrong,I hate BAR as much as I hate Blake and Erin…Gisele? Whatever….

  367. 367
    mindless dating Says:

    Oh, a completely obsessed and still untreated Bar freak! Bar is behind everything, she thumbs down everyone, Bar controls the universe! I wonder what would happen to their pathetic life without Bar! It would collapse because the meaning of #365′s life would be gone! I bet whenever she misses her connection at an airport that’s Bar’s fault as well.

  368. 368
    @366 Says:

    Dont even try to reason with her! She is completely obsessed with Bar. Bar brought some meaning to her life, something to focus on, something to do with her life!

  369. 369
    ... Says:

    @@366: LMAO

  370. 370
    pathetic Says:

    lol as suspected most here are deranged rejected Jack Dawsonites who hate and cuss at all his girlfriends. oh sorry “they all love gisele”. leo you don’t read this or give a ish but keep doing your thing . as they ma s** bate to your picture wishing to be one of the ‘hated girls’.

  371. 371
    @370 and others Says:


    Speak for yourself. To the other few posts before yours, I’m sorry to dissapoint anyone, but I am not obsessed with ____ or Leo. I like his girlfriend. Liked Blake and Gisele too.I just thought we weren’t bringing up ___ on here anymore.
    But it seems like a catch 22 when others are insulting Erin for no reason. Seminudes is a reason? Dark nipples? Are you kidding? Any international model, even the catalogue/naked/MAXIM girls, pose or videotape nudes.
    Stop bashing on Erin, and maybe you won’t hear about ____ anymore. In fact, this could actually be a REAL lovely LDC community. Sound good? Deal ev eryone? Keep it civil…

  372. 372
    @371 Says:

    Are you for real? You don`t have the decency to write down Bar`s name but you just won`t shut up about her! Sorry but how stupid is that? Not bringing up her name doesn`t mean a line… It means DON`T TALK ABOUT HER! How hard it is to understand? Bar, Bar, Bar… your obsession is tiring!

  373. 373
    So Says:

    …where is the lovebirds ????

  374. 374
    tinkerbell Says:

    @cute!: nope, 351 is a different person.

    As you might say, DEAL WITH IT.

  375. 375
    tinkerbell Says:

    @cute!: you may not like my point of view but I am not alone in it.

    DEAL WITH IT. and right now I’m pretty mellow about the whole thing. I’m redoing my software certifications as they are out of date and I’ taking a break.

    Know the difference between a SIMM and a DIMM? (its type of computer memory, I knew the difference but cant remember now)

  376. 376
    tinkerbell Says:

    this is hysterical, and uncanny…

  377. 377
    @372 Says:


    I get it. She is redundant. Don’t bring up her name anymore, even in defence or in angry agression on Leo’s string. Try to be nice to Erin.

  378. 378
    he's not the one Says:

    Han, these r not meant to be. he’ll be bored again soon.

  379. 379
    ??? Says:

    @brazil wolf/fan of Brazil: Sorry, beg to differ, Margot could easily be made up to look like Nadine!

  380. 380
    dolly Says:

    What should be Leo’s “next sighting pictures” with his piece of the moment? A ride to Disneyland? Or a grocery store sighting? According to the pattern he always follows with his blonde model gfs, a stop to one of these should be in a very near future.

  381. 381
    What Ted thinks Says:

    Ted Casablanca : Dear Ted:
    I couldn’t help but notice how often Leonardo Dicaprio and Erin Heatherton are photographed together these days and are so public suddenly. What’s up with that?

    Dear Life’s a Runway:
    What do you mean, C? They’ve never been an über-private twosome, and methinks the increased sightings just means they’re getting more serious. Pretty typical Leo behavior, and besides, is it really that hard to believe the dude just wants to parade his gorgeous GF around? We certainly don’t blame him for showing off his latest leggy blond model.

    Read more:

    And you what do you think ?

  382. 382
    vagabond Says:

    @What Ted thinks: Interesting that he said it was pretty typical behavior,for Leo.Because that’s what I’ve been thinking.I remember reading a dear Ted,not too long ago.He said something to the effect of just when you think Leo has settled down he hasn’t.I think that might be accurate.
    Off topic here,but it’s a shame about Johnny & Vanessa.I thought they might actually make it.

  383. 383
    Dear Ted Says:

    “getting more serious”…lol! So typical remarks about Leo and his models. He was supposed to get more serious with Blake a year ago, don’t we all remember?

  384. 384
    @vagabond-382 Says:

    About Johnny and Vanessa, it was just a question of time. There are no celebrities and I insist “NO” celebrity couples who resist very long.

  385. 385
    Huh? Says:

    @Dear Ted:
    What BS. Some of us remeber differently
    Ted spent most of the time denigrating Leo and Blake’s reationship according to him pics of them were not proof of their love unlike Leo & Erin but Blakes ‘machinations’ and most on JJ were kissing his ar se becasue he said what y’all wanted to hear. Now he says this and he is misinformed and repeating himself? lol. I believe Ted does not know diddly squat, but its funny how the Leo deranged stangirls rewrite histroy when it suits them,

  386. 386
    OMG Says:

    What getting more serious???? Where’s the “getting serious”??? A couple of pix riding a bike during the sunset? Or that has been 6 months and he’s still with her? That’s impressive but still doesn’t make me believe he will ever be serious with anyone.

    Just let me know when he stop dating with almost legal girls taken from the Victoria’s Secret catalog, stop parties every weekend, and stop acting like a ****** and selfish boyfriend with any of them. Is there when we will begin to taking him seriously.

  387. 387
    tinkerbell Says:

    @What Ted thinks: I think she is the most recent in a series, he had to spend time filming now he’s getting an extended booty call. No such thing as serious with Leo, Ted sometimes says something to provoke comments, interest. She might last longer than we thought but dont worry ladies it aint permanent.

  388. 388
    Huh? Says:

    LOL.LOL. Me thinks you may have a looong wait
    I honestly think NO-ONE should take Ted C seriously.
    And not only apply it when he says what you don’t want to hear.
    Most in the industry don’t

  389. 389
    Wolf News Says:

    Something great! Rob Reiner is in talks for a key role in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street. Leo and Rob in the same movie is great company shared! Hope it happens.

  390. 390
    Dear Ted Says:

    The “serious” factor and Ted’s comments:

    The Awful Truth – May 17, 2010
    Dear Ted:
    Leo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli make a beautiful couple. Recently, they are seen out together more often. How serious is it between them? Do you think he will marry her? What do his friends think of her?

    Dear Bachelor Status:
    Totally hot couple, and it’s definitely more serious than any of Leo’s other relayshes, but it’ll take quite the gal to lock Leo down—and Bar is definitely up for that challenge. As for Leo’s buds, what does any dude think of his pal’s superhot model GF? They definitely like having her around. My predix: no wedding.

    *****-back_leo_ready_pop_question/181097" rel="nofollow">*****-back_leo_ready_pop_question/181097

  391. 391
    LOL@390 Says:

    @Dear Ted:

    LOL Thanks for the good laugh.

  392. 392
    @#387 Says:

    She might indeed. Especially if there are a couple of 2-month breaks along the way like they had from end of March to end of May. Leo is a champion at “on-and-off” relationships.

  393. 393
    Beautiful Erin Says:

    From Bellazon (Strawberries):
    “Don’t know if you saw this yet on LDC’s girlfriend, but it looks like his philothropic love is catching on. Erin is quite articulate too. I have to admit, I read the whole thing through, it’s quite interesting. Gives you some insight into the person, and she wrote it herself. I’m impressed. Great choice, Leo!

    From the Chicago Sun Times:

    Up until I turned 16, I was just your average teenager living in Skokie. My life changed instantly when I was discovered by a model scout while on a campus tour of the University of Miami. One day I was playing on a high school basketball team and dreaming of going to college and becoming a doctor, and the next day I started a very different kind of education. Traveling the world as a model and Victoria’s Secret Angel has taught me a lot about myself and about the power of my choices. I’ve learned that no amount of success can fill the void of doing what truly makes you feel passionate. While my modeling success gave me a voice, I still felt a strange emptiness and was eager to find a greater sense of fulfillment.

    Luckily, since becoming an Angel in 2008, I’ve had the wonderful experience of working with photographer Russell James, who’s world-renowned for his photography and for his work as a philanthropist and founder of Nomad Two Worlds. Over the years, I’ve admired how Russell balanced his personal passions and his career, and he discovered that I was yearning to get involved in an important cause. In a series of fortuitous events, my work with Russell and Nomad Two Worlds led me to Hugh Evans, co-founder of the Global Poverty Project.

    Shortly after our introduction, Hugh started drawing graphs and explaining his mission to eradicate the world of extreme poverty and build awareness in the U.S. I had never heard someone speak so passionately and proactively about such a vast global issue. Unbelievably, 1.4 billion people on our planet live in extreme poverty, surviving on less than $1.50 a day. I was so captivated by Hugh’s passion to educate the public and give them tools to get involved and make a difference. In my heart I felt I found that missing link in my life, a way I could use my voice to make a difference in the world.

    And so I began a new chapter of my life with a sense of responsibility. I want to spread the word of the Global Poverty Project’s mission to end this poverty epidemic within a generation. I want to ignite the same passion in others as I have found in myself. I’m only 23, and while every day brings a new challenge, a new lesson and a new self-discovery, I now know that I’m on the right path. I know that I can make a difference in the world.

    Erin Heatherton donated her fee for writing this column to the Global Poverty Project”

    Nice girl, articulate, and is involved. Good choice for Leo.

  394. 394
    @388 Says:


    What does this post mean?

    “LOL.LOL. Me thinks you may have a looong wait
    I honestly think NO-ONE should take Ted C seriously.
    And not only apply it when he says what you don’t want to hear.
    Most in the industry don’t”

    A looooong wait for what? LOL??? Leo has a gf, named Erin.

  395. 395
    @390 Says:

    @Dear Ted:

    He makes the EX sound obsessed with Leo. Obsession is not love, it’s an addiction.

  396. 396
    @388 Says:

    I would like to know what this means to

    LOL.LOL. Me thinks you may have a looong wait


  397. 397
    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Says:

    The Bellafreaks again?


  398. 398
    @397 Says:


    Why are you against Bellazon people. Why and who do you need help from?

  399. 399
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@397: we are not against the BZ folks but its a super moderated “fan” site actually no truth or tea gets spilled. I am not allowed to mention the other site I like
    (ahem) but you know what it is.

    Bellazon is for fans. Jared is for STANS. and for those not easily fooled.

  400. 400
    leofan Says:

    @tinkerbell: I probably should spend time doing something better but I almost missed ur posts tink. I love it when u dish info about leo and other celebs except bar of course.

  401. 401
    I don't understand Says:

    I don’t understand his game, why his PR want us to believe it’s a serious relationship ? TC and others gossips laugh at him and at his behavior… If Dicaprio wants to be seriously taken and what his private life crosses in the background, he has to change behavior or at least tries to convince the gossip

  402. 402
    Elena Says:

    @Beautiful Erin: Oh wow, Dr. Bubley sounds too good for Leo. I think models can be really smart, really stupid and everything in between (beauty and brains really are two separate entities), but most people, including models, aren’t smart enough to become doctors (especially the models Leo seems to choose). And just from an editorial standpoint, the article she wrote sounds very pageant-girly to me. It’s how people talk when they consciously want to make a good impression (and awkwardly plug the brand they shill for), not when they’re speaking from a genuine, honest place. Also, am I the only one who finds it strange that suddenly she’s this great philanthropist, just like Blake was once she started dating Leo and wanted to nail him down?

  403. 403
    I don't understand Says:

    @Elena: I’m totally agree with you.
    Besides, I have a problem with this kind of article because often it is indicated that it is the artist, athlet, who wrote it only and it is often false thus I am always held to the live interviews to know if a person is smart and articulate.

  404. 404
    Tigerseye Says:

    Ive been involved with the global poverty project here is oz myself and have worked with mr evans. hes a great public speaker and its true he does ignite a sense of passion. the stats are real in that 1.4 billion people live below the poverty line and what she wrote is pretty much word for word noted on the flyers we hand out and what is expressed in the slide show. she is promoting a wonderful cause, but youre right elena, its very pagent like, where facts are expected to drive the urgency rather than understanding why these things occur. civil war, corruption in governments and the exploitation of globalization that refuses to acknowledge fair trade, just to name a few. it boils me a little that such a cause is rounded off to a glossy ‘i realised i can make a difference.’ WE erin, the initiative in how WE the global community can remedy such atrocities against humanity, such examples are not expressed in puff pieces like that. Although i do not want to villify her for the article, because it is exposure all the same, but its custom made to impress people. Talk about the issues, not just about how YOU care erin. Sorry my team worked really hard not to educate the audience about how each person is responsible for the choices of others, as much as their own through the promotion of conscientious consumption both ethically and environmentally. This article is in glib reference to the proactive agenda of the global poverty project. Thanks for the exposure, but most just think youre a sweet girl, they’ve already forgotten what you said, and seriously could it be more tailored to suit leo? ‘Hanging out and playing basketball?’ Sorry transparency like that is lame. Damn i really didnt want to rant, but she’s putting the cause out there…again EDUCATE ERIN! Better yet everyone here lend your voice and make your pledge only 67000 plus people have registered their support please sign up today for more info on events and learn what you can do to stamp out extreme poverty in our lifetime this was founded in my home town and we need more voices! Celebrities dont change the world…WE ALL DO

  405. 405
    Tigerseye Says:

    Sorry all i wrote not to educate the audience…i meant my team worked really hard TO educate the audience….my rant got too much to say with no spell check to filter….please support now, thank you love to all…even erin, as half baked as she is

  406. 406
    BS again Says:

    Oh another crazy Leo stan from the past
    When or where did Blake become a great philanthropist beacuse of Leo? Pls reference anything she started doing solely beacause of your god. Blake was involved in NY schools and politics before Leo, Gisele was focused on the Brazilian rainforests before Leo. But according to you bee yotches everyone does everything beacuse of Leo. They breathe and eat beacuse the man you worship has instructed them to. Gisele had nude pics as do Candice, Miranda. Lara Stone etc but only Jackie Dawsons focus on Erins’ and call her a wh ore.
    Pls let him marry Erin. I will laugh my ass at y’all single forever on the shelf peeps cuss at her and her family as it riccochets on you.

  407. 407
    leofan Says:

    @BS again: Elena is right. There were reports about Blake being concerned about endangered animals suddenly. And ever since her split with leo, have you heard of one report about her so called philanthropic side. And just because we criticize a gf of leo’s doesn’t mean we believe leo is above everything. So BS is what you’re talking.

  408. 408
    ??? Says:

    @BS again: hahaha, so true, but nobody wants to believe any of his girl friends had a life before they met the lovely Leo, too funny!!

  409. 409
    @tinkerbell Says:

    Whats with the obsession with the BZ girls.
    At least BZ relies on pictoral evidence from legit sources as opposed to ‘close pals of Leo’ who turn to blogs to reveal his ‘ true agony’ and say- despite him dating and cheatin with an array of blue eyed blondes – they are all ‘contracts’ and the love of his life is a black woman he has to hide like a concubine in NY lest HW shun him and destroys his career, with the gullible and utterly desperate believing it.. LOL. Most ofJJ with all its stans aren’t that stupid only tinkerbell, larson, elena and their ilk CLING to it. Keep that hope alive. LOL

  410. 410
    BS again Says:

    Where are these reports? Becasue she went to a zoo with him and in your psychotic rage that meant she was trying to further ingratiate herself into Leo’s world? You’re right I dont think she has seen any animal since they split., she has prob got rid of her dogs. And he’s been to the zoo with Erin I expect to hear you report/attack her for turning vegan
    @??? – IKR lol

  411. 411
    @407 Says:

    strange logic so because you have not heard of her philanthropic side, means she does not have one? I suspect its more since she and leo split deranged fangirls like you have stopped seeking out info to cuss and her harrass her with. just like this erin piece has been published here for you guys to mock, were Erin not connected with leo would you have glanced at it never mind posted it here to laugh at it?

  412. 412
    Elena Says:

    @BS again: Well I’d much rather be a Leo stan than an Erin stan (although if you actually do think I”m a Leo stan you obviously don’t remember me). And once Blake started dating Leo I remember her promoting the bill banning shark meat in California. I’m a big supporter of animal rights so I tend to take more interest in celebrities who fight for the cause, which is one of the reasons why I became a fan of Leo instead of just enjoying his films. And I can tell you that Blake never mentioned any animal rights activism before or after dating Leo. That’s not to say that her philanthropic pursuits aren’t admirable, but you can’t deny that Leo had a momentary effect on them. I think Leo is a great actor and I admire the fact that he’s done more for charitable causes than any other celebrity out there, but I think that he, like everyone, is far from perfect. And I never called Erin any derogatory names, but you’re dreaming if you don’t think she sees the benefit to being in this relationship. Sure, she’s probably into him, but I doubt she’d give him a second look if he was some Joe schmo (and to be fair, if she weren’t a model Leo would never give her a second look either). I get that you want the strapping Prince Leo to sweep fairy Princess Erin onto his white steed and watch them ride off into the sunset, but in this little world I live in called reality it just isn’t going to happen. Maybe it is twoo love, but from the outside it sure as hell looks like a mutually beneficial arrangement.

  413. 413
    @Elena Says:

    I dont recall Blake specifically promotong the shark ban in Cali although I do know most of the Gossip Girl cast were involved. But as I said y’all dont look at the hundreds of other names on the petition just on anyone you can connect to Leo and make it a maccivellean move to ‘lock him down’ and take him away from y’all. I don’t care wht happens btw him and Erin, I do however want them to last and last so leo stans like you can focus more on all she does, write on it and then demand without a hint of irony why is she getting more press, or focusing on xyz issues, more attention blah blah. As she clearly could neither walk nor talk till Leo came around.
    And anyone who says Leo does more for charitable work than any other celeb(?????????????) is a special one.

  414. 414
    Elena Says:

    @@Elena: I remember her promoting it on some talk show or something, it was minor news but it happened to stick out to me because I knew how vocal Leo was about it (although I doubt Machiavelli was on the reading list of any of his exes).
    And yeah, you know what, I do discuss the things that Erin says or does more than any other model on this planet, because I pay no attention to models. However, Erin is now on my radar because of Leo, ergo I know more about her than most models. I may be biased because I find many aspects of the modeling industry very distasteful, I don’t appreciate women being objectified in that way and I’m inherently wary of any woman who would be complicit in their own objectification. And I’m sorry, but anyone who can’t see the humor in a 20 year old model talking about how she was going to be a doctor then clearly you’re a stan. Grey’s Anatomy is a TV show, Erin seems to think it’s her life. And yeah, I can’t think of any celebrity who has done more for charitable causes (I don’t count politicians as celebrities, because their fame is basically accidental), so feel free to enlighten me on that one. And I know I’m special (my mom tells me all the time), but don’t worry, you’re a special little snowflake too!

  415. 415
    @Elena Says:

    Because you can’t think of anyother celebs does not make it so. I would venture to say there are several stars -TV & Movies that do more than Leo, but no point in enlightning you and thus derailing the thread, google and emitas is your friend, and its not a contest anyway all good deeds are praiseworthy.
    Erin stan? You seem to know more about Erin than me so I’d apply the term more to you honey. Reading that piece now, which I doubt she wrote herself may have been a business decision, maybe orders from VS, maybe the other angles wrote ish for their own local papers wtf knows. Because I don’t share your desire to relentlessly abuse – soory humor mock – his girlfriends does not make me a stan. I don’t doubt she is now on your radar as the ex was last summer and no doubt the next one will be, and the one after that.

  416. 416
    Elena Says:

    @@Elena: Well, you did a very good job of condescending to me while not explaining yourself at all. And when I mean charitable actions I don’t just mean donations, I mean the ripple effect of their activism. I mean really, I don’t remember environmentalism being a hot issue when I was younger, and now it’s one of the most high profile causes in the world. I can’t think of anyone besides Al Gore who has promoted that cause as much.
    And also, I’m not sure how I’m abusing Erin since I haven’t actually said anything about her that wasn’t true, and I don’t think you can abuse someone without actually interacting with them at some point. I highly doubt she’s trolling the JJ message boards, and you know it’s like that old adage “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Well, if insult someone on a message board and they aren’t around to read it, is it really an insult?
    P.S. Firstly, I admire your determination to take up arms and defend defenseless supermodels, but since I’m not actually insulting her in any way you’re sort of wasting your time. Secondly, if you’re going to talk to me like I’m a moron at least do me the courtesy of using spellcheck.

  417. 417
    mindless dating Says:

    Nice article but I doubt she wrote it herself. Leo is not into articulate and smart girls. I think she stepped up her PR efforts after she started dating Leo and that includes her being a philanthropist. It think this boring girl really wants to make it big and she sure works for it.
    I can`t believe I`m gonna say this but I agree with tinkerbell about bellazon. She nailed it when she said that that is a highly moderated site where different opinion is not tolerated. You don`t have to be a `stan` to disagree but it`s not allowed. If you follow that thread it comes up in comments how hard it is to disagree with them. I think that`s what frustrates people about bellazon. I personally think they are not very realistic ( at times ) and they idolize Leo just a little too much. This is not an attack on them this is just my opinion.

  418. 418
    @Elena Says:

    Sorry your highness its tough to type sitting in a moving car. Moron is as moron does, the popularity of the environmental cause been down to Leo from your insular world is subjective at best.
    I also admire your determination to worship Leo, its just as futile since I doubt he reads these boards as well. and apply all his relationships as been down to the manipulative whims of 20 stg year old girls where the innocent Leo does not know what he is doing or sc re wing lucky for him there are those like you to set him straight. Shame he’s unaware like you sya but using your ‘tree’ logic why then stan for him as he doesn’t care what you think either.
    Dont’ worry ‘m sure he’s proud of your future concern same time next yaer while he ba ngs the next model the worthlessness of her profession according your cancer curing self do not withstanding.

  419. 419
    .. Says:

    @@Elena: um you sound like a blake comments judging by your comments and how you popped up to defend her. They already broke up ages ago, so there’s no point in you posting here anymore. go away please.

  420. 420
    .. Says:

    blake stan*

  421. 421
    BS again Says:

    Considering Leo eats meat, wears several leather jackets and I’m sure owns leather footwear, (I know not of his shoe collection), his animal rights activism is on par with most people in everyday life including his girlfriends current and past. Paul McCartney he ain’t.

  422. 422
    Elena Says:

    @@Elena: LOL, “moron is as moron does”? What the hell does that even mean? And seriously, why are you wasting your time arguing on a JJ board with a lowly plebe like me instead of reading Kierkegaard or whatever it is you geniuses do.

  423. 423
    @Elena Says:

    Not to worry I’ve just put down my Alfano and picking up my spell checker y’know us geniuses. Sadly for you anyone can post on these boards
    Oh I was an Erin stan now I’m a Blake stan? Not a bz loon or on payroll. I’m obv failing here I guess me and ??? better divide our arguements better
    @BS again – I know right. I’m a carnivore but last year most of the class engaged in petitions to try to outlaw poaching, illegal trade of elephant tusks and yes the shark ban. I certainly won’t call myself an activist but we did it because, like most sentient humans, we are against animal cruelty.
    Looking back I realise like his girlfriends I was actually subliminally trying to please and ba ng Leo.

  424. 424
    Why?...... Says:

    do Leo posts always turn into a war zone? lmao

  425. 425
    Elena Says:

    @@Elena: You maybe should read things more carefully because I’m not the one who said you’re a Blake stan. Also, I don’t know if you noticed but you actually said that I was an Erin stan and that I was “relentlessly abusing” her. And really, this thread is supposed to be discussing Leo and the only person I see derailing it is you, so how about instead of sniping at me you examine the massive amounts of logic fail you keep writing or better yet, talk about Leo instead of his girlfriend of the week.

  426. 426
    @Elena Says:

    Considering you are now applying the martyr act of me sniping at you (I would say check yourself on that) the logic fail imo is all yours. And you’re right I should leave you to the more worthy purpose of bit ching and sni ping at his girlfriend of the week. God knows anyone who does not join in is derailing the thread according to you. Enjoy.

  427. 427
    Elena Says:

    @@Elena: Thanks!

  428. 428
    -> 399 Tink :) Says:


    That’s the Tink I (don’t) know and love! Having my morning coffee and avoiding the real news for a fun start to my day (sigh). Hey! Where is the website? Have you thought of branding yet? “TINK WINK” or “Tinkerbell’s Wand” with the name coming from the “light” of the wand? Tell me, tell me :) Kinda excited for you! I loved inspired people.

  429. 429
    @402 Says:


    Don’t have to be sarcastic. Of course it’s a bit on the PR side, she’s 23. Still learning the ropes and she hasn’t done or said anything stupid. But, as a writer, I say “well done” Miss Heather-Angel Bubbles.What a sublime career she has had so far.Now this wonderful philonthropic work. It will only get better, but I think she likes the idea of babies too?
    I think she is a real Angel.

  430. 430
    @403 Says:

    @I don’t understand:

    I know how this works for my clients from a PR standpoint. She writes the initial copy herself, and we come in and just do a little editting. They probably aren’t grammarians, but she doesn’t need to be – she has a good job! But, I think it really gives a look into her soul. She’s probably a really beautiful person – heart.

  431. 431
    @388 Says:


    This got buried, so I’m bringing it forward. Please answer. I would like to know too! See below

    (@388 @ 06/20/2012 at 11:55 pm

    I would like to know what this means to

    LOL.LOL. Me thinks you may have a looong wait


  432. 432
    @430 Says:

    Aha, a beautiful person who passes out notes to her PR person as the only form of communication at a charity event. A real philanthropist! The girl has jumped on the PR wagon big time!

  433. 433
    Erica Says:


    Look at her twitter, at the photos ,at the comments…”***** stole my look..’ and then suddenly we see Bill Gates Foundation. Probably she still doesn’t know that Bill is one of the most richest guy in the world and he can make all donations withour her PR on twitter.

  434. 434
    Disturbed Says:

    To Global Poverty Project PR Team and Erin Bubley the VS bubble.

  435. 435
    Disturbed Says:

    Stupidity combined with arrogance and a huge ego will get you a long way.

  436. 436
    @431 Says:


    I guess she meant we have to wait a long time for him ever for him to get involved seriously in a relationship. Maybe now is with Erin, as before was with Blake, with Bar, with Gisele. The fact that he has a “girlfriend” even though he’s 5 years with them, doesn’t mean or imply commitment of any kind for him. For HIM because we know some men especially at his age at least try it.

  437. 437
    Hahaha & OMG Says:


    Probably she just needs to be f***d, not learned.
    At least her photos proved it.
    It is a pity that she didn’t add her great pics to this really funny article!
    At least Bar has some kind of beauty, brains (sometimes) and self-critics (sometimes).
    Shame on you,Leo,anyways.

  438. 438
    @437 Says:

    LMAO. Yes all that draft dodging, sleeping with old rich Israeli men, posing like she’s giving Jersey Shore b-jobs and saying ‘celebrities have other needs’ shows brains and self awareness from the fat playboy model.
    Shame on Braf and her fans that after a year they STILL can’t leave Leo alone,

  439. 439
    lol Says:

    @@437: I agree. I don’t care for Erin but she is better than Bar lol at least she has a steady job. I don’t even understand why Bar has fans.. what are they fans of?

  440. 440
    Hahaha & OMG Says:

    Prostitution is always referred to as the World’s Oldest and steady Profession. ‘Modeling’ and ‘famewhoring’ is almost the same thing.

  441. 441
    @438&439 Says:

    None is better than the other. There is a certain way Leo likes them. Inside and out and trust me he didn`t depart from the good old comfort zone. Erin is different than Bar but at the end of the day these girls are picked for a reason and that makes them the same. You know, interchangeable.

  442. 442
    @441 Says:

    but then why bring the other up if not to make a negative correlation. them both being fair eyed blondes does not necessarily make them the same INSIDE, with similar tastes, music etc, no matter how much projection is made beacuse some hate leo’s choices.

  443. 443
    @Hahaha & OMG Says:

    Then yes Barf has a profession. She’s not a model but an excellent famewhore who prostituted herself with rich Israeli men to further her career and not serve her country. She surpasses Erin. Well done

  444. 444
    @441 Says:

    Except one is better than the other, because one is a draft dodger and posed in blackface. Erin is bland but at least she isn’t offensive like bar. I can’t wait until ppl stop bringing up bar in this post

  445. 445
    @444 Says:

    Exactly. Succinct and to the point
    Sadly as you can see from #437 and tons of other posts her fans can’t stop.

  446. 446
    @445 Says:

    Because the Bar obsessed weirdos like yourself can stop, right? LOL! She is a professional famewh*re and everything bad that happened to the world but look at the huge impact she has had on your life! You won`t shut up about her and you see a Bar-related conspiracy theory behind every comment!
    I stick to my opinion. Bar is far from perfection and I never said otherwise. Erin might not have a fake marriage and all those things but she was willing to run after him to Sydney and step up her PR game after becoming his official toy. They are all the same inside and out and that`s how Leo likes them. They are not identical of course but there is a certain way he likes them. If Erin is up for that I don`t believe she is any better than Bar. Miss Note Passing `Philanthropist`.
    I wonder how are they able to avoid the paparazzi these days.

  447. 447
    @446 Says:

    Sheesh. I was genuine in my response to #444 simple remarks, did not realise it would set off a time bomb on you to start calling me names. I guess my posts in 443 and 445 do make me an obsessed weirdo since you the emotional forum monitor know best.

  448. 448
    @447 Says:

    I referred to your comment #445. I’m simply tired of being considered a Bar fan because I’m not crazy about Erin. That’s what set off the time bomb. I’m also tired ( like you said ) that her name keeps coming up. But what really annoys me is this theory of her ‘camp’ posting here. So can you tell me why some suspect her behind comments here? Because to tell you the truth it’s really annoying!
    What I dont understand is that why can’t we just stop talking about her? I don’t have a better opinion about Bar than you do and that’s why I get pissed when I’m considered a fan. And I really dont get it why do we still have to read about her?
    As for Bar and Erin I do think they are more similar than you would think.

  449. 449
    @448 Says:


    Exactly – she’s redundant. Don’t bring her name up. Go to her thread lol.

  450. 450
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@Elena: About “contracts”— I dont think that any of them are straight business arrangements, but you can tell at least by the way they clam up when asked about him—even Gisele, that there was some kind of non-disclosure signed. And there are contract relationships and set-ups in HW–been going on since James Dean and Rock Hudson, particularly for closeted stars like Tab Hunter.

    I think he likes the girls, but once they sign a non-disclosure he feels safer with them and it becomes kind of a habit. He doesnt need publicity, but showing off some blonde trophy does help dispel the gay rumors that have been around him for years (that I dont believe, maybe bi-curious at one point and I could care less) and makes HIM look super desirable. I dont thiink it is cold blooded and pure business, but it is always tainted with that, especially for the girls who benefit.

    Look at Kanye and Kim…now there is a business alliance. She actually staged and ENTIRE MARRIAGE for publicity. You never know with these folks. There is ALWAYS a hint of business there. How do you think they got to where they are? Dont you think they want to STAY???

    Erin is his type and I doubt it is passionate love, its convenience and young pretty booty. Its not nice but there you go. She may have feelings but she’s also 23 and starstruck.

    Lisa Snowdon has apparently dropped tea that she a contract with Clooney and that it was one of the first….whether she was “hired” and got paid or whether she just signed a non-disclosure we’ll never know.

    They are not pure “contracts” but in some ways they might as well be. The thing with Blake I think was a palate cleanser to get rid of Bar for good…a “rebound” girl. But she also has her own little career and doesnt straight need him…

    agreed, EH has a job and she is not constantly on here braying about herself, which is a plus. BUT, having said that, I THINK SHE HAS BEEN HERE but I can’t prove it, but there have been some insider sounding posts here about her “E” necklace and so forth that sound like her or someone close. I CANT PROVE IT. But that is what my instinct tells me.

    And at least it hasnt been the level of obnoxiousness that Bar had. So kudos for her, she aint that bad or that great. I’m underwhelmed but not really offended.

  451. 451
    @450 Says:

    gisele has talked about him before. Several times actually. I remember she caused some ruckus in 2005 when she said leo should’ve won the oscar over jamie foxx. And there’s also this, from when they just started dating:
    anyways, I know the “contract” stuff sounds so much juicier but I think the reason why Bar and Erin don’t talk about him is because he doesn’t want them to. And that’s all it takes to shut them up. Leo is much higher up in the hollywood hierarchy than them and pissing him off would not do anything for their careers. Plus there have been many of leo’s random hookups who have talked about him (look at how magdalina milked her 5 secs of fame for all its worth)

  452. 452
    @#452 Says:

    … that is sure not a very flattering photo. Adrian is not very tall so having her picture next to him, she would have looked like her older sister… especially with that dress.

  453. 453
    No photo Says:

    You seriously think that`s the reason? Come on! Adrien is like Leo`s age so I doubt she would look like his older sister. She looks like a teenager. My guess she is a little too full of herself…

  454. 454
    @450 Says:


    Some common sense. Thank you, for that.That’s not sarc. You know, if I was in Leo’s shoes, I would make every guy I dated sign early on. Because, you’re right – he doesn’t really need PR. But, relationships can get pretty ugly at break up, and it’s easy to point the finger one way. What could he possibly do or say to the press in his own defence without looking like an *******. It’s a tricky situation. I bet you could ask Chris Humphries about that. lol…. I kinda like Kim and Kanye together. I get it, even if it’s for PR. They might actually make a decent couple!

  455. 455
    OMG LOL Says:

    OMG she sounds so full of herself in that interview. LOL. Gisele the top model with such a sweet, ‘respectful’ connection with Leo, and the haters (girls who can’t get him, guys who can’t be him) are the ones calling him conceited and arrgoant. Ha ha. Thanks for the laugh Gisele. True or not, he cheated on your ass too. Just like how she tells herself (and everyone else ) that Tom Brady is the best quarterback and hubby in the entire Universe. I can’t fault her for being loyal though, she seems super loyal.

    And Gisele rarely talked about Leo in US press, only in foreign press. Probably in her contract!!!! I remember an interview withRyan Seacrest where she wouldn’t admit dating Leo. Ryan shoved photos from a magazine of them two together and she snatched it from him. LOL Gisele.

  456. 456
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@450: they are not beards necessarily, nor PR stunts. he cares more about physical appearance than anything else. Boo on him. Especially when he looks like crap right now, out of shape and burnt. He still cleans up EXTREMELY well as in Django but riding his bike there he looks like Gallagher, the guy with the watermelons.

    What I am saying is its a mix of things. And probably yes, they dont want to piss him off, but a certain person would have used him within and inch of his life for publicity, but wasnt allowed to do so outrightly.

    Think its a combo. No they are not just contracts….but legal agreements do get signed so no one can say he is a four inch limp noodle, I think Gis said that at one time.

    Danish waitress in France said pale, pasty, out of shape and five minutes. To a newspaper. Ever since then he’s careful.

    There was a pap picture of him on a yacht last year, and his swimsuit was belled out and looked like he like a 16 inch erection. It was bought and removed from the website VERY quickly. It was just a silly thing, you know how wet trunk bell out sometimes? Gone in 24 hours.

    Non-disclosures protect him from all kinds of ish. Our friend in LA PR, iheartcomments, said they are very common in HW, and even if you are in the same room with him sometimes you have to sign paper.

    Also, supposedly John Claude Van Damme propositioned him a long time ago, and he got legal papers saying dont come withint 200 feet of me ever again, thank you. The boy is surrounded by lawyers, what can we say? I wouldnt want someone talking about me to the National Enquirer or selling my story to People. And you know they would. This is HW. You could milk two weeks with leo for like 20 years, even get a reality show.

  457. 457
    I don't understand Says:

    I don’t understand why these women accept to sign, I would refuse and I and leave by slamming the door, I have moral one, different from that of many persons and I find that to propose this type of arrangement is extremely offensive for these women, but apparently they have no self-respect.

  458. 458
    Elena Says:

    @I don’t understand: I can actually see why he would have non-disclosure agreements with the women he dates, but I agree, if it were me I’d be running for the door. It just seems really mad to be legally prohibited from talking about your boyfriend, it’s probably a bit more trouble than it’s worth to be honest.

  459. 459
    According to star magazine Says:

    Star magazine l Erin is the one

  460. 460
    @460 Says:

    It says she might be the one because she loves basketball. Like that`s what it takes for Leo to marry someone! LOL! Star magazine. It might as well be from National Enquirer…

  461. 461
    According to star magazine Says:

    @@460: I know but it’s funny

  462. 462
    @461 Says:

    It is. What else is funny is that Leo is a bachelor and it doesn`t seem like he is going to change that any time soon ( and certainly not with a model I think ) so why are there always marriage rumors shortly after he starts dating someone new? Marriage or getting serious?

  463. 463
    @458 Says:


    You have to think about Other People and the wide-reaching consequences of your own actions. Part of growing up is realizing you are like everyone else on the planet and try not to pizz people off.It does seem silly to me though too :)

    I think Leo has this down. Erin definitely has it down….. ummmmm

  464. 464
    @457 Says:

    @I don’t understand:

    Did you just try to say you have high moral standards? Well then, you probably didn’t move in with a man (30yrold) at the age of 16 to raise your career, yes? But if you did,you probably are NOT a moral guide for anyone.

  465. 465
    I don't understand Says:

    @@457: absolutely not, I don’t think I have high moral standards, my moral standards are just differents as the majority of the population, that’s all

  466. 466
    @456 Says:


    Agreed. 5 minutes? Holy shiz. iheartcomments, huh? I have a tonne of questions in general. It feels like these HW types are so out of touch with the kind of lives I know. Very fascinating. lol at Van DAMNN.

    Thanks for your time and post, Tink. It’s always amusing or informative.

  467. 467
    @465 Says:

    @I don’t understand:

    “Different” is an interesting word. Better or worse than the majority of the population? By bringing in the words “majority of the population”, it implies a value judgement, so what is it? Better or worse?

  468. 468
    I don't understand Says:

    ,@@465: I don’t want to talk about that for the people who know me I’m different that’s what they say, l say worse :)

  469. 469
    @#459 Says:

    Thanks for another hilarious piece from Star mag.

  470. 470
    @468 Says:

    @I don’t understand:

    You must be Leo’s obsessed ex. Such arrogance couldn’t be from anyone else around here.

    Google the term phrase – pathologically narcissistic. Now, check for a treatment. Apparently, there is alot you don’t understand.

  471. 471
    Miranda Says:

    I wonder if this guy is so bad in bed as all these ladies declare why they all look like **** when he leaves them. Ges once shaved her head after breaking up with him, I have a feeling that he got back to Bar because of her begging him to do so, particularly after her country accused her in cheating. I believe none of them, even Ges, got over him completely. Maybe he has some magic than even his failures in bed don’t matter? Or maybe it is just a revenge thing? Anyway, what man is going to do his best for one night stand? If I were a man I defenetly would not bother.

  472. 472
    LOL Says:

    Erin’s Pr team again sounding dumb as Erin itself.
    “Whenever he and Erin are together they are always doing something physical, like hiking in nearby canyons, riding their mountain bikes or playing ball together. ”… Looks like a couple of pals to me. One of Leo’s buddies.

  473. 473
    I don't understand Says:

    @@468: I’m sorry but no, I never meet him and it would never happened and I don’t have problem with him, his girlfriends (ex and future) but think what you want, I can’t do anything for that.

  474. 474
    Solange Says:

    I don’t know if his piece of the moment joined him South, but Leo is in Miami now. He watched the game last night.

  475. 475
    @474 Says:

    I don`t think she was there, she was in NY. I tried to post a link to a NY event where she showed up and refused to take photos with Entourage`s Adrien G. ( Leo`s friend )… Who knows why? The event was full of D-list people ( including her ) so why refuse to take photos. So I don`t think she was in Miami. How do you know Leo is there?

  476. 476
    @474 Says:

    Erin was shooting some VS thing the other day, she tweeted a photo from a beach. They do work in Miami and Doutzen was seen in Miami with her family so she could have been there with him before going back to NYC.

  477. 477
    Solange Says:

    Erin wasn’t working in Miami.

  478. 478
    @474 Says:

    Oh, I just saw a tweet from a beach but I wasn`t sure where it was… I know she was in NYC the past couple of days.
    Thanks, Solange.

  479. 479
    ny Says:

    I’m pretty sure leo is still in NY. Wolf starts filming there in august and he’s a producer so he has to be involved with the pre-production stuff too

  480. 480
    Solange Says:


    Yes, he has been in NY for the Wolf pre-production stuff…auditions, meetings and all the work required by what the producers usually work on. However, there were more than one tweet about him being in Florida.

  481. 481
    @Ny Says:

    Actually Leo is in LA. Was spotted watched the NBA game last night.

  482. 482
    Solange Says:

    @NY – Thanks. Hope that tweet is one legit:)

  483. 483
    @Solange Says:

    He left NY a little while ago. I wonder if they were auditioning actors for WWS in LA after NY.

  484. 484
    LOL Says:

    Incredible that he’s in the land of the paps and and they still haven’t taken a pix of him right? Where is Erin and the intimate and romantic bike rides when they are needed??? LOL

  485. 485
    Erin Bubley Says:

    I just looked at recent VS picture ads of Erin Bubley. And can I ask a question? Can she change her face expression from time to time and her posture when she poses? Seriously, take a look at her photos, I can not believe that girl who used to pose in the nude with her emaciated body is now promoting huge padded pushup bras with her body so exaggerately twisted, it is totally ridiculous. And how ’bout smiling to the cameras? She is everything except sexy. With her yellowish blonde hair and skinny legs, I don’t get VS.

  486. 486
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@456: read around about Van Damme. I had a big crush on him the 90s, dont know why, but he was rumored to be crazy about anal, male or female, was known to hire call girls/guys and is rumored to have the “Package”- HIV because of it. If you google it he looks way older than he is, he looks terrible.

    I shouldnt spread such nasty rumors, but he was a raging sex addict and married five times, also cocaine, and he was undiagnosed bipolar for a while but he takes his meds now. Holy cow! The thing about Leo was an ancient blind item.

    Recently on IMDB there was a question about who was most attractive in their prime….van damme or leo. You think it was the JCVD that posted that??? He came out on the side of VD. Ya never know who is doing what, but Ive heard celebs are VERY conscious of these sites and come and go all the time…

  487. 487
    dalio Says:

    @tinkerbell: So, you still pushing the gay stuff even you know it is not even close to be true. right? Every attractive male celebrity by default is either gay or Bi according to HATERS. lol I hope Bieber doesn’t take it seriously since he is young, he may be bother by it. But, for the rest of you commentators, i don’t understand how you keep imagine to hope it true or not. lol I just don’t get it. It is like arguing the sky color is green not blue. Some people think if you just keep repeating yourself, it become true. lol I just don’t get it. I know it fun for gossip but like science fiction move, i want it to be realistic so i can enjoy it. Instead, we have unrealistic discussion about hopping to be true over and over. I feel stupid even commenting about it. lol

  488. 488
    the 411 Says:

    a little embarrassing for @BarRefaeli@theirishayk I love u and I love ur BF. I just don’t like hair gel.. XX B @theirishayk@BarRefaeli being a hater is not a cute look. Learn to love. hahaaaaaa! priceless

  489. 489
    the 411 Says:

    Leo ‘s ex Kristen Zang Happy Birthday Kristen!

  490. 490
    @ tinkerbell Says:

    Out of all Leo’s gf s I think Kristen should have. been the wife not then but now she’s got her own business and seems like a really sweet down to earth person and funny how she’s still single with no children? She didt let the modeling make a moron out of her.. Leo and Erin together is just to funny to take seriously if Barf looked liked his little sister than Erin looks like his daughter lol! (Jailbait)

  491. 491
    @the 411 Says:

    I miss the time when Leo was dating Kristen. They dated from 1995 to 2000 (with a break-up period, of course… remember it’s Leo’s pattern). HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTEN! She is 38 today! What a lovely lady, not only does she have her own dog food business, but she looks after a dog shelter.
    Too bad, Leo is still after post-teenage girls. When will she grow up?

  492. 492
    ewww Says:

    did you all see the article claiming Leo wants to marry erin

  493. 493
    ewww Says:

  494. 494
    be happy Says:

    I can totally see Leo settling down with someone like Erin. His previous serious girlfriends were from different countries. A lot of times that cultural gap can be hard to close. Erin is an American girl and probably has more in common with him in that regard. She also grew up in the Midwest, and girls from the Midwest can be totally different from girls on either coast. I think she is smart and talented and just happens to also be a gorgeous woman. Leo is not unlike any other good looking guy out there who dates around and has fun and up to this point has not wanted to settle down. It happens all the time, The time comes when they meet someone and want something more and they get tired of playing the field. I think the comments on here are pretty sad. I’m happy for them and wish them the best.

  495. 495
    Eleni Says:

    Perusing these posts has made me feel sorry for Leo’s girlfriends, past, present and future. I could care less about his latest bra and panty model but obsessive irrational hatred stinks. Get some fresh air and clear your heads of your obsessive thoughts and tunnel vision. The world does not revolve around DiCaprio.

  496. 496
    Lobotomy Says:

    @be happy:

    You forgot to add her talented photos here.
    I am pretty sure their kids will be happy too.

  497. 497
    Dejavu Says:

    You are insane if you feel sorry for famous dumb ******* and his best friend leo.

  498. 498
    ewww Says:

    i’m not saying she’s ugly. my thing has always been that she is way too young for this man. he’s wordly, smart and nearing 40 years of age. She is a kid. He should ideally be with someone who is his equal. There is no challenge in Erin. Shes a kid.

  499. 499
    @be happy Says:

    1. He had 5 years long relationships with his foreign girlfriends. I guess that doesn`t matter. I bet the cultural difference was so shocking that it took him 5 years to realize that it won`t work.
    2. What`s wrong with dating someone from a different country? Yes, there is cultural difference and that`s not necessarily a bad thing. I bet that wasn`t the reason why it didn`t work. The reason is that Leo doesn`t want to settle down regardless of nationality. He has dated US women before and guess what? He is still single.
    @ewwww: I just love it how a well known modelizers / bachelor is always `ready to wed` after dating his next toy for only a couple of months. Where is the sense in that? Star ( zero credibility ) started a stupid story and even they didn`t claim that Leo is ready to wed. The next thing you know the story just keeps changing and you read `he is ready to wed`. I don`t think it`s a planted PR story because who would use Star for that? It`s plain nonsense from a source that equals National Enquirer.

  500. 500
    @498 Says:

    Exactly. Someone like Erin won`t change him. She seems ambitious ( quietly, not in a very obvious way but she is soaking it up ) and she is way too young for him.

  501. 501
    @be happy Says:

    He is still single ( I mean not married ).

  502. 502
    Dejavu Says:


    Disagree. She is too mature for little Leo. Looks like a ***** and thinks it’s cool. Disgusting.

  503. 503
    Dejavu Says:

    @@be happy:

    He is a single like all his things.

  504. 504
    Dejavu Says:

    Leo can’t grow up. Think he is insane.+ bitchy like his friends.

  505. 505
    @498 Says:

    He is not that worldly nor smart when it comes to relationships. He prefers lowbrow pursuits. That is why he hasn’t grown up. It’s his life. He can remain a child as long as he wants to.

  506. 506
    @be happy Says:

    To tell you the truth, I’m surprised the “wedding” news hasn’t come out before. Usually, this sort of rumor appears in the gossip columns after 4 to 5 months Leo’s been dating the same blonde.
    A couple of sightings on bikes, restaurants, Lakers games. What’s next? Grocery store sightings? Disneyland? No, a visit to a jewelry store where Leo is going to shop for an engagement ring…:) Wasn’t he spotted in Australia to find a piece of jewlery for Blake?

  507. 507
    @498 (post 500) Says:

    I believe Erin is smart and respectful. THERE is the difference. You can be ambitious with moral dignity and integrity with your relationships.

    She is not too young. It’s like splitting hairs with Bar, Blake, and Erin. They are all relatively the same age, with a great deal of experience that private citizens don’t have to deal with. This would mature them… that shows on Erin’s face during her pap photos. You can tell she is trying to be pleasant and polite but is, obviously, protective of Leo’s needs and uncomfortable with the intrusion.

  508. 508
    to 500 Says:

    I guess we all witnessed her quiet not obvious ambitious character. THe minute he asked her for a date, she left everything behind to follow him in Australia. She was the easiest catch he has ever had. He did not have to work very hard to pursue her. She is perhaps the youngest of all but surely the most available.

  509. 509
    Dejavu Says:

    @@498 (post 500):

    She is just not very dumb famewhore. She is the most disgusting VS model-hypocrite I ever seen in the VS catalogue. Bitchy face. Bitchy needs. Bitchy heart.

  510. 510
    @494 be happy Says:

    1.- His previous serious girlfriends were from different countries: Sure because Blake was from where??? and we saw that totally worked!
    2.-She also grew up in the Midwest, and girls from the Midwest can be totally different from girls on either coast: What? Girls from Midwest grew up with more values ​​than those of both coasts?? That’s why she takes pictures with guys grabbing her ass???
    3.- She is smart and talented: That is why she planned to attend college on a basketball scholarship… Maybe she’s good in sports and blowing kisses but honey that’s all. Besides everybody knows Leo never dates smart girls, and any smart girl would date a modelnizer like him.
    4.- Gorgeous woman: Pretty but there are thousands of models VS that are more beautiful and they didn’t need to date a celebrity to get noticed.
    5.-The time comes when they meet someone and want something more and they get tired of playing the field: Could happens but honestly you’ve really seen any change of attitude in him??? A different behavior on him with Erin compared to his other girlfriends?
    If you say yes now I feel sorry for you.

  511. 511
    tinkerbell Says:

    @dalio: No, what I was saying, if YOU READ ME RIGHT is I DONT THINK HE IS GAY, however there are rumors all over the internet about his being gay, having a long relationship with Lukas Haas, which I DONT BELIEVE.. But having a noticeable trophy dispels them…I dont think he was ever comfortable with that.

    Might be bi. If so, so WHAT?

  512. 512
    LOL Says:

    @Same old:

    No more than what you said of all his girlfriends. All are great, all are the most beautiful, the most intelligent, his soulmates, with all he’s going to married, until he leaves them, and you are forced to change their avatars.

  513. 513
    Dejavu Says:

    @Same old:

    they are not very smart, they are bitchy, they dont deserve any kind of special treatment but at least but at least they could be beautifiul, Leo. No brains- no dignity – no beauty – that’s too much of nothing for one girl.

  514. 514
    @507 Says:

    And what makes Erin so `smart and respectful`? What did she do that proves that she is smart? Or respectful? Moral dignity and integrity? She is a 23 years old up and coming underwear model who was `smart` enough to fall for a well known modelizer who trades in his girlfriends as soon as they turn 25. And she is up for it! She stepped up her game with a new agency promoting models in tabloids ( see last week ). Is that what makes her smart and respectful or what? You sound like you are talking about some saint or something. Why? The fact that she started dating Leo is already a letdown. I`m not saying Leo is repulsive and absolutely unloveable but he is a manchild, a womenizer and a lousy boyfriend with a reputation. Smart girls won`t fall for that!

  515. 515
    @515 Says:

    Totally agree.
    Moral dignity and integrity rhyme with Erin Bubley coming from Skokie..

  516. 516
    raven Says:

    Thank You Tigerseye for saying it like it is!!!

  517. 517
    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    this CAN’T be true


  518. 518
    tinkerbell Says:

    @be happy: those little crap websites are always marrying him off. Reason?

    It gets clicks because it would be big news if it happened, except it isnt, but those clicks put them in the search engines and bring ad revenue. His name means dollars. So dont have a cow. He also married the unmentionable like 16 times through their codependent yucky mess.

    No, I dont see him with Erin. Of course I am probably wrong but I see him with someone with actual talent,passion, and a brain. Then again when he’s 50 he’ll probably marry some asian girl to cook and clean for him. That’s a new trend among successful men, they get an Asian girl who is obedient so they do have to do any work… they think…I’ve seen it 4 times now…one actually bought his wife in Thailand…

  519. 519
    tinkerbell Says:

    btw, prometheus was good, a little slow….but Charlize is still beautiful and like Noomi Rapace—good actress. Very stylish and excellently produced….still a little slow and doesnt answer much about the aliens….

  520. 520
    Patricia Says:

    Why so shy Leo??? Where is Borington??? lol

  521. 521
    @510 Says:

    Haha. I don’t need your sympathy but thanks for the thought. I don’t think Blake was a serious girlfriend like the others. Looks like that has been categorized as a “summer fling.” And you read into comments that I didn’t make. I said Midwestern girls were different, I never said that they had more values or anything, that is just what you read into my comments. If he hangs out a lot in LA or NYC, then maybe it is refreshing for him to be with someone originally from the Midwest. As for the other comments, I am free to express my opinion and so are you. I think Erin is great and I’m a fan of Leo’s movies. I just think it can be ridiculous to read the comments of people who want to criticize every move these people make. Go see his movies when they come out and go to the mall and buy a push-up bra. If you don’t like their personal choices, what does it even matter? He’s an actor and she’s a model. I think they are both successful at what they do and good for them.

  522. 522
    Tigerseye Says:

    Thanks for the support raven and iheartcomments, i know youve visited too :) stay strong elena i know what you mean and its true, tink, these terrible rumors aren’t uncommon and it does most definately help dispel such dumbass reports to have articles fluff it up, but personally i think it emphasizes what they are trying to contradict. Celebrities sue people at the drop of a hat if someone prints something slanderous or something that may put a dent in their market, hmmm…hows this celebridiots, dont do stupid **** and be normal humans, that’ll be a much more cost effective pr campaign, try that for credibilty…duh! oh well, business is business. true, false who really cares. Crap cheesy stories like star,( ooh they’ve already started in on a close friend account reference…please) remind me of that horrid couch jumping moment tom cruise had on oprah, the whole world thought he was an absolute joke after that. Note to leo: Get off the carousel and surprise yourself with independence. If there is cynical pr games afoot, why not a year or so out of relationships? the jumping from one ‘true love’ to another cries publicity stunt and on a personal level makes him look kinda needy and really sad , i wouldnt want to date anyone that couldnt be happy in their own company, its so codependant, not manly at all. why not concentrate on publicity for the causes he promotes, instead of parading around beauties to get people talking, yes i see the irony in my statement, but its not very happy here, fans arent venting frustration when the celbrities involved would assume it to be a big love in, but we’re really tuning out…i still havent seen j edgar and not really fussed about gatsby, django however looks kike a real movie, love,tarantino…digressing… Greater good causes! Thats it, and i mean really do something, dont just say you do. why not set up events and get your hands dirty and bring attention to the success of campaigns, help endorse others achievements that better the community not just your own, shed some light on good people and what they have done , become the change you want to see in the world a la gandhi? And thats not just for leo and celebs, its everyone. If celebrities actually want to restore their integrity they could.leos Romantic interludes and tabloid depictions of a commited relationship are no evidence that he is mature and does not award him respect, it doesnt matter who the girl is, honestly. I think convention has him fooled a little, his own character reveals who he is, his staple diet of supermodels doesnt, even if he married a model or ‘normal’ girl, it still doesnt prove hes a solid guy whos got his life together, look at depp and vanessa. Why does the public believe marriage is a meassure of truth, why is monogamy a measure of integrity? An honest relationship would never be seen externally nor would have to be advertised. I do feel sorry for erin , but inly because i pity those who believe in this hype and she does and she loves it, alot do it aint just her, i work with girls who are into this lifestyle thinks its a symbol if prestige, i think its pimping out in my opinion.she reminds me of blake and her managers are just as calculated. Her team are invested whole heartedly, it actually has nothing to do with her as a person, its a job, same **** different shovel ( sorry for being so crude, but it is), i feel bad for her because she will only be identified by the man who escorts her around and the she product endorses, but thats her life like everyone in that business, she aint a victim. Damn i broke my vow not to gossip again… Wow this really will never end will it?,not just with leo, its hollywood in whole isnt it? Is he no different than those he hangs with? Hope so… shake off the glitter, be fearless leo…thats all i have left to say im so sick of celebrity pretence. Goodnight and goodluck.

  523. 523
    Tigerseye Says:

    Case in point…watch sellebrity and see just how this culture sucks us in…im out!

  524. 524
    Elena Says:

    @tinkerbell: LOL yeah, in tabloid fantasy world Leo has been ready to get married about as many times as Jennifer Aniston has been pregnant. Obviously tabloid world is pretty far away from reality.

  525. 525
    @Tigerseye Says:

    Your atypical posts of pretending to be above it all with a higher calling message is always one thing. However your regular bitchy asides especially against his girlfriends past and present show you are just a leo fan girls no better than those you denigrate

  526. 526
    ewww Says:

    Forget which post it was but yes shes too young for him. You really dont start to figure yourself out until your 30. Its true. Your early 20s are about exploring the world and new experiences, especially for her since shes really now becoming more familiar in “celebrity world”. Leo says jump and Erin at this point will ask “how high?”

  527. 527
    @524 Says:


    Posting on Blake’s forum too, eh?

  528. 528
    Elena Says:

    @@524: No actually I’m not. It must be someone else with the same name.

  529. 529
    @527 Says:

    And if she does so what? Is it against the law to post on more than one thread, eh?

  530. 530
    Wow! Says:

    Wow! Heavily moderated right now. Same with Bellazon. Where are Leo, and his girlfriend Erin, right now? Are they they together enoyinging the weather in New York? Or is Leo and Bar together looking at water issues and global warming with the warming of glaciers? Did he already propose? Why do I get the feeling that the wedding it at Christmas 2012 or summer 2013???

  531. 531
    @530 Says:

    Yeah — like she would travel some place where there is ice on her own. Looks like a Leo project? Interesting.

  532. 532
    frederique Says:

    what is the brand of the leonardo navy blue track jacket?

    thank for reply.

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