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Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Biking Twosome!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Biking Twosome!

Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend Erin Heatherton enjoy a romantic bicycle ride together on Thursday (June 14) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor and Erin, 23, watched the sunset while they rode their bikes along the Manhattan waterfront.

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Earlier in the week, Leo and Erin got cozy while having lunch together at Cuban Italian restaurant Candela Candela.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer for Leo‘s upcoming film Django Unchained!

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton riding their bikes in New York…

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532 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Biking Twosome!”

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  1. 76
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    I hear what you’re saying, it just seems that he’s trying to project one image in his professional life and projects something totally different in his personal life. It’s hard to take the man seriously anymore.

    Does he really believe what he says about the environment or is he just talking out of his a$$ for endorsements? I mean if he does all these sleazy things and hangs out with really sleazy people, what does that say about him, that he has no morals?

    I understand that these women make themselves available to him and it is their choice, but if you’re at a buffet, do you have to eat like a pig?

  2. 77
    Sunshine Says:

    I don’t get this couple. Leo just doesn’t want to be alone so he has this bland girl following him around like a puppy. But the good news is Bletherton’s boobs look bigger, maybe she finally got those horrendous t**s fixed!

  3. 78
    Sunshine Says:

    I agree Lainey is annoying, but she doesn’t seem to buy this BS either, she totally seems to think Leo is doing this on purpose.

  4. 79
    also Says:

    @jean: I don`t know about Lainey`s idea of his exes and stuff like that. But her note that how come there`s not a towel wrapped around his head to hide from the photographers? I`m not a big fan of Lainey but there are things she nails from time to time. She said that Leo doesn`t find women interesting. He finds them attractive and that`s it. I couldn`t agree more.

    @Nika: If she is not dumb as you say she will enjoy it while it`s fun then she takes off like the others. Dating Leo means you are either dumb to fall for a well known modelizer or you are not dumb, you don`t care since it helps your career and you have fun at the same time until he gets bored. Which one do you think she is?

    @fame: Again I haven`t noticed that there aren`t people around them. Like in the restaurant. Or watching the game last night. There was a tweet about him at some place that was `closed off for him to watch the Heat/Thunder game`.

  5. 80
    darro Says:

    @Jenn Jenn: You made my point what women thinks about men. lol What sleazy has to do with him dating sexy young girl? lol
    If you older women, i understand your frustration. But, the majority of men including me will second that of your opinion.

  6. 81
    jean Says:

    @Jenn Jenn: I think he is passionate about the environment. He started advocating the “go green” thing far before it became popular to do. I also think he’s very serious about work and his career.

    as for women.. that’s where I kind of agree with lainey. I don’t think he cares that much about having a steady relationship. He probably doesn’t seek women who he could be friends with because he already has the “posse” with him. So in his mind, the only reason he needs a woman is for sex.

  7. 82
    jean Says:

    “But her note that how come there`s not a towel wrapped around his head to hide from the photographers?”

    Leo is private but he’s not an idiot to risk his safety by riding with something covering his face. like I said, there are tons of paparazzi pics of him riding bikes and he does not try to hide in any of those pics.

  8. 83
    jean Says:

    @Sunshine: but the only reason lainey thinks these are staged is because she thinks leo is doing it for blake lol if the blake and leo thing never happened, then should would never make that assumption. Have you read any of her recent leo posts? she is always trying to bring up blake in them. She is obsessed with Blake.

  9. 84
    claudi Says:

    popsugar “Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton Have Biking, Acting, and Philanthropy in Common”

    totally completely absolutely positively showmancing their little hearts out.

  10. 85
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    Total agreement here, but there will be a time when he will no longer be the “it” beautiful person ala Don Johnson in the 80′s, and when the looks are gone then what do you do?

    I notice that his looks are kind of disappearing due to the cigarettes and booze, and there will come a time when he is not the coolest/prettiest one in the room and is just the old btich at the club.

    If he doesn’t watch it, he really will be like his idol Michael Jackson.

    I see what you are saying in regards to the environmentalism though.

  11. 86
    Huh? Says:

    @Jenn Jenn:
    I did not know Michael Jackson was his idol?
    And could people leave Leo’s exes out of this I thought it was only the BZ crew that did that . They love his current and railroad his exes till Erin becomes the ex shortly, and they can turn on her.

  12. 87
    Leonardo DiCaprio(Brazil) Says:


    Think it is sexy while she is dating me?

  13. 88
    las Says:

    @Sunshine: Lainey is very upset that he broke up her favorite gossip girl. Since their split, she is still trying to convince her audience blake is the one who did the dumping not the other way around. She is still mad about it because Leo and Blake were her favorite item. Do you all remember when she was describing how hot they look together and Leo will finally settle with her favorite girl, well that did not happen. since then, she has going after him to avoid how wrong she were. lol Blake made an effort to visit him by crossing two ocean all the way to Australia just for 2 days in the weekend. And he didn’t even get out his trailer to visit her anywhere. Do you really think she did the dumping really? May she did because of that. LOL I think this guy don’t even care if the world end tomorrow. He has always given the vibe of middle finger. My kind of guy.

  14. 89
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    Michael Jackson was a huge idol for him, in interviews he talks about break-dancing and wanting to be just like Mike. There’s also a pic out there with him, Kevin Connolly and Michael Jackson when he was in his teens/early twenties.

    I don’t care about his exes and or his currents, I’m just noting what I see.

  15. 90
    Leonardo DiCaprio(Brazil) Says:

    I am tired of these cheap butts,cheap PR with eh,but I really have no talent to do something else.

  16. 91
    darro Says:

    @Leonardo DiCaprio(Brazil): She looks hot in that pic. But i have seen it before. I know how he feels now. Damn it, i want to be him for one day.

  17. 92
    Louise Says:

    How about an age appropriate girlfriend. She will be rockin’ at 40 and he will be saggin’.

  18. 93
    Leonardo DiCaprio(Brazil) Says:


    I think she is too available, totally unnatractive and dirty, it has nothing to do with sexy girl in my mind.

  19. 94
    jean Says:

    @Jenn Jenn: lol I don’t even know how you managed to compare leo dicaprio with don freaking johnson. Even if his career does begin to stall in the future.. he will never become as irrelevant as don johnson lol Leo has ridiculously good connections in hollywood. He is friends with all the top directors and producers. He’s a movie producer himself. He will probably get less work when he gets older but he’ll never be out of work.

  20. 95
    @jean Says:

    Oh, come on! It wasn`t literal! Simply referring to the fact that most of the time Leo tries to hide from the paparazzi.

  21. 96
    jean Says:

    @las: I agree. She badly wants Blake and Leo to get back together again. They were her favorite gossip item. It’s kind of funny how she thinks Leo is suddenly playing the PR game, whereas when the blake thing happened and everyone was suspicious of the pics of them, lainey kept trying to convince people that Leo went along with it because he fell in love. lol yeah right. leo has never been in love. If he didn’t regret breaking up with gisele freaking bundchen then he is definitely not crying in his movie trailer of Blake Lively

  22. 97
    Insider Says:

    @Leonardo DiCaprio(Brazil):

    Leo, agree with you. Sharon looks really sexy.This cheap one is blah.

  23. 98
    Jenn Jenn Says:


    Maybe bad comparison, but what I meant is that you can have all the money in the world, (Michael Jackson) and things can dry up for you because you get tired, old and boring.

    Leo continues to do the same drama role over and over and over again, just as Michael Jackson continued to do the same old song and dance. Michael never progressed as a human being and stayed in the same mindset as when he was 20, even though he was 50 and styles and music had changed.

    Leo seems the same way, that he is stuck in his twenties and can’t get over the fact that he is getting older. The same is true for many stars and it is tragic and embarrassing to watch when it happens.

    Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Demi Moore, Heather Locklear and countless others who just don’t know how to age gracefully and with class.

  24. 99
    spanishlover Says:

    i still believe he has a soulmate….its the romantic in me!!!

  25. 100
    jean Says:

    @Jenn Jenn: eh hollywood is much more f-cked up than you think. Leo is probably one of the more stable ones. He is immature about his love life but he is way too career driven and business savvy to go on some michael jackson decline. I’d actually worry for Christian Bale to be honest. That guy is going to have a mel gibson esque meltdown one day. The public doesn’t care about womanizing. Jack Nicholson pretty much lived the same life as Leo’s and he is still deeply respected in the industry.

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