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Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Biking Twosome!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Biking Twosome!

Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend Erin Heatherton enjoy a romantic bicycle ride together on Thursday (June 14) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor and Erin, 23, watched the sunset while they rode their bikes along the Manhattan waterfront.

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Earlier in the week, Leo and Erin got cozy while having lunch together at Cuban Italian restaurant Candela Candela.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer for Leo‘s upcoming film Django Unchained!

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton riding their bikes in New York…

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  • vagabond

    lol gotta love gossip rags.Didn’t they say the same stuff with Blake.She read The Rules to bag Leo and to keep him at home she cooked for him.Now it’s Erin working hard to keep him by being low maintenance???And when they break up it will be because he wants to settle down and she don’t…or the

  • #JFC

    Don’t bother they hate him and they hate girlfriends (but claim to love Gisele cos she’s safely out of the picture) but can’t stay away from insulting him/her or the girls’ family. Leo dunncare, he’s happy.

  • Lori

    @vagabond: I guess the “low maintenance” comment is a dig at previous GF’s? Or is it to imply that she’s cool with him F’ing around on her?

  • @300

    I don’t think so. She’s much too busy focusing on acting again like a puppy desperate for attention.

  • …………………………

    Seriously…this Borington is getting on my nerves!!! Annoying girl…Blahhhh,go away!!!

  • Qué

    Why did Erin change her last name from Bubley to Heatherton?

  • @Lori

    I think its standard Leo speak
    When he started dating Bar his sources said told US magazine, liked her cos she was so low maintenance. People saw that as a dig at high strung Gisele. Then again ‘low maintenance’ could be PR speak for ‘doormat’.

  • Patricia

    This is the REAL Leo and I doubt this has changed…

    He seems happier when He is single,partying and owes nothing to anyone,at least He is trying to live his life the way He really likes…stop faking happiness Leo,go live your life…

  • @302

    Its not claiming he loved Gisele. It’s a fact and it’s about looking at photos that show you the obvious. Or not in Erin’s case. I bet Leo is happy having fun with his actual toy! That’s what he does until he gets bored!

  • http://acelticrose celticrose

    @Philly: @Philly I suppose you are right that there are those woman who can be wooed that easily by all the superficial fluff he offers and he knows exactly where to find them. There will always be those young, naive model types who have never been exposed to the kind of lifestyle he can offer and will stick around as long as they are star-struck. Eventually though those girls will continue to grow and change, as many of us did in our 20s, and they will outgrow him. Then it’s on to the next one for him. There are plenty of sexy, intelligent woman out there of all ages who are not impressed by the superficial at all. Those who don’t believe me will just have to take my word for it :),
    I am still going with my gut instinct that says there is so much more to him than this womanizing reputation of his would lead people to believe. I hope I am proven right one day. I also think I am right that he is just sitting back LOVING the mystery surrounding his personal life.

  • Patricia

    Feeling sick and bored at the same time about these two…

  • @Qué

    She is probably ashamed of her real name…. or her family? BTW, I hope she is spending Father’s Day with her dad today. Correct me if I’m wrong but Leo is supposed to appreciate girls who are close to their families… at least he was. Unless he changed his values recently.

  • @JFC


    I can only speak for myself, but when Gisele and Leo were together, I LOVED THEM. By now, they would have settled down a little bit to raise children. I bet the press would have leaved them alone a bit more now too, except for the “mandatory” let’s see the new baby pic.There was also sincere, natural affection between the families. This is important. People will only bite their tongues to a certain point.

    I hope this thing with Erin is real. It’s nice to see him with someone a bit more carefree these days. I feel some of his exes may have been too “ambitious”? How is that for a euphemesm. You know, like do anything to “trap him”…?

  • Jerk at 300

    @Erin Bubley – Father’s Day:

    At least she doesn’t need her daddy following her around for three weeks of travelling, because she might get lonely. Awwww….poor dear.

    Stop nagging on Erin.

  • Jesse,Spain


    Ashamed of her real name but not ashamed of her pics and desperate bitchy behaviour. Really great match for Leo.

  • Patricia

    @Jesse,Spain: Thisssssssssss!!! Ppl keep saying “Leo is using her” “HE should be ashamed of Himself ” and bla bla bla…well,I don’t see Leo pointing a gun at her head…

  • tinkerbell

    @leofan: it sounds like one of those if you have to work that hard to deny your own needs and feelings and cant make any demands on the guy, its not a real relationship, sorry honey, it wont work in the long run, even if you break you neck trying.

    Those relayshs where you “give him his space” etc dont work out in the long run….in a real relaysh you dont have to do that.

  • tinkerbell

    @leofan: she’s 23 and doesnt know better. she still has time to learn….it doesnt matter how cute you are honey–gisele is still #1 and she couldnt make him change either

    wish is was diff!

  • Lori

    @tinkerbell: I’m the same age as Leo, off by a couple of weeks. And can I tell you that “most” women his own age would never put up with his crap. Obviously I even I can see the perks of 23 year old boobs and a$$, but 23 will also put up with a meddling mother, pu$$y po$$e and a whole lot of stepping out. women his own age will not put up with the likes of that!

  • tinkerbell

    i have to say they both look pretty goddamn average there–he looks like he drives a cab and she maybe teaches second grade.

  • tinkerbell

    @Lori: I know, that’s the problem. 25+ women dont want to wait around. the young can and do…but when they get up there themselves forget it. He cant date anyone even late 20s or early 30s they want to be with someone they have a chance with, and they would be right.

    Better you date a dentist who wants to get married and is a nice guy than be dragged around by Leo. Ask Jerry Seinfeld’s ex, google susan mcnabb.

  • Lori

    @tinkerbell: He just looks dirty. She looks like a very cute school teacher, but he looks like he needs a bath!

  • Charlize


    If he had the opportunity to ride a bike with a 36-year-old Theron he would ride with a 36-year-old beautiful Charlize, not with 23-year-old ugly bitch.

  • Buckley and others

    Leo, I feel pity for you.

  • JFC

    @Charlize: haha funny you would say that because leo’s good friends with charlize.. there’s even paparazzi vids of them hanging out in the 90s

  • @vagabond

    @vagabond: exactly, the difference is that nobody (read lainey, D listed and even some bellafreaks) believe the story. His PR needs to change.

  • @Patricia


    It put Erin in an awkward situation, because Bar is still following him around, and the rumours of a wedding between the two of them persist. For instance, during one of the Mexico trips, it was reported and commented on HERE how Leo was staying in a seperate hotel from Erin. One begs the question, “why”? Was a pseudo-ex at the other hotel?
    The point, all this was making his “official” girlffriend look bad in the press. I felt so humiliated for her. The girl hasn’t done anything publicly wrong to embarrass him, and her looks only make him look better! NOTHING has to happen to make the public go, “What? That doesn’t make sense. Wonder if they’re going to break up.” Things can be suggestive.

  • -..-

    @327: ??????? What are you talking about?????? Why did they stay in separate hotels? Because they were at separate locations!!!!! For the millionth time! One was working at one town and the other went to a party in another town! It`s pretty simple so why are you still talking about it?
    I don`t like Bar at all but it was cheap to mention her ( in a planted story ). I`m saying this because I think Gisele and Lively are way more `high maintenance` than Bar. Bar is like Erin. Follower. The other two has their mind of their own…
    And I`m sorry but I won`t even start with this wedding nonsense!!!!

  • @328


    Without your post, there are 24 mentions of ___ on this thread. Three of yours and one of mine, that makes 27. You’re right, it’s cheap to mention her at all. She doesn’t have anything to do with Leo anymore. Hope she knows and remembers that… (grin) LOL.

  • @247

    @Jenn Jenn:

    I read the comment someone made (in Cookie’s name) about Leo. It was worse than awful and on two sites. It’s clear that some peoiple have a gross disrespect for her that is completely unacceptable and vile.
    It’s clear from Leo’s interviews that his mom devoted her life to make sure her son was happy, safe, and following his passion.
    Families need to get along in a long committed relationship, because a person can only be asked to bite his/her tongue for so long. TheI hope Leo chooses a girl that brings that kind of family peace to the table from the beginning, because it’s hard to overlook things, after awhile.
    Respect for his mom, yes?

  • -..-

    LOL! You seriously counted how many times Bar was mentioned? Millionth time referred to this rumor about the Mexican trip and not to Bar. The answer is so obvious and some still don’t get it! Same country, different towns so how could they not stay in different hotels?

  • Jenn Jenn


    I know that his mother is an influence, but I wonder if she approves of his lifestyle. If you looked at the pictures of her biking with Leo and Erin she didn’t seem too happy, but that could of been a one day instance.

    I agree that the family has to be important, but there is a line between offering advice and totally controlling your child’s life. We’ve all heard the stories of the controlling mother in law that the wife can’t stand.

    As far as the madonna/wh*** complex, Leo will never find a person who is as good as his mother and there is no point in even trying. Leo needs to find someone who embodies his ideals and needs, and that person should be a welcome extension to the family.

    So far his ideals and needs are 20 – 25 y.o., blonde, model and vapid.

  • @331 and 332


    You think I put in that much effort? Nooooo, the COMPUTER displays it.
    But we are not mentioning her, remember? Over and donzo :) Happy Husband Hunting.

    Jenn Jenn: About Irmelin, that is presumptuous as heck. I think you just have to show respect and keep LDC’s mom out of it. It would be the appropriate and classy thing to do. Don’t you think?

  • Jenn Jenn

    @@331 and 332:

    Read the comments that I wrote and the responses to those comments, I did not say anything derogatory about Irmelin.

    I believe that she is the mother of Leo and is therefore a part of his life in addition, she is the one that he says that he wishes to model himself after.

  • @334

    @Jenn Jenn:

    controlling? that’s all I’ll say… I’m glad you respect LDC’s choice to model his own behaviour after the person he possibly admires most. From what I understand there is a sublime level of loyalty to one’s health and wellbeing in his family. It’s beautiful. Good values – good family.

  • @332

    @Jenn Jenn:

    I think he will find her. I just hope he waits for it. There is nothing worse than waking up a week, a month, a year after you have completely committed your life to one person, and then to walk around the corner and – lightning hits for both people. It’s instant undeniable innate knowledge that your life’s one chance at true happiness (which affects the people around you) depends on making a hard choice. You don’t want to be in a situation where you wished you had the power of time travel. Just sayin’

  • Jenn Jenn


    That’s the premise of falling in love instantaneously, which I don’t believe in. I think that a person has to a person has to know someone for a long period so that accidental marriages don’t happen.

    Take Prince William and Kate, they lived together for a long time and learned each others habits before they decided to tie the knot. I think that their marriage has a much greater chance of success than that of Prince Charles and Diana.

  • @337

    @Jenn Jenn:

    I believed that too. Still believe that. But, the lightening-bolt recognition does still happen to people. I woul;d hate that to happen to anyone, once they’ve committed. It becomes more than just a question of ethics; it impacts self identity. Seen it happen.Then hard decisions have to be made, and you have to hope everyone is going to be an adult about it.

  • Geez

    oh dear! It seems like one of the idiots from that lips8it alley has wormed her way into the BZ crowd and is now spreading the bs stories about leo and kate affair and the “secret love of his life – black women” only they believe as facts. hopefully no one will buy that leo obsessive loons fanatsy.

  • Wolf of Wall Street

    Variety says PanAm star Margot Robbie in talks for the female lead in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street

    Generic Australian blonde with thin resume of bad tv and movies. WTF Marty and Leo?

  • Geez

    @Wolf of Wall Street:
    C’mon give her a chance. I don’t know her work but being blonde makes her generic? I actually think its smarter to cast a relatively unknown, especially in a project like this.

  • @Geez

    Who cares who is posting on bellazon? Also this actress was on the TV show PanAm here in the US. It got cancelled after one season …. for a reason. She is a generic blonde (which is indeed irrelevant ) and she was less than impressive on that show. I expected someone with more experience and acting skills.

  • Jesse Spain


    If she looked more unique (she looks really generic) Leo would have lost. Anyway I dont see him as good Belfort too. At least she is more cute than Erin, lol

  • @wolf of Wall Street

    The girl is really cute and natural and unlike Leo’s real-life rumored gf, Erin Bubley, Margot is lively and full of energy. Take a look and listen to her in an interview

  • Sasha

    She reminds me of Michelle Williams.

  • @344

    Too bad her energy and good looks ( she is indeed very pretty ) won’t make her a decent actress.

  • @346

    I have the feeling you have to be near a decent actress if you are asked to audition for a Scorsese movie , don’t you think?

  • @347

    Apparently not. Look! I have seen work from this girl and I based my opinion on that. She definitely has the looks for the role but I just can’t imagine her in a Scorsese movie!

  • Nessa

    If Margot gets the part, who here wants to bet Leo tries to hit that? She is gorgeous… And perfectly his type. Much prettier than his current public slam piece.

  • The Bellafreaks are so fake they keep posting there and saying a lot of good things about Leo dating blondes, and at the same time they post on Lipstick Alley …using the same gifs LOL

    Annoying and boring just like they beloved Borington!