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Eva Mendes: Von's Supermarket Stop

Eva Mendes: Von's Supermarket Stop

Eva Mendes rocks some shades while exiting Von’s supermarket on Friday (June 15) in Los Angeles.

The day before, the 38-year-old actress was spotted picking up some items from Diamond Foam & Fabric.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Eva Mendes

Eva can next be seen on the silver screen with her real-life boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, in The Place Beyond the Pines.

The drama follows the story of a motorcycle stunt rider who considers committing a crime in order to provide for his wife and child.

10+ pictures inside of Eva Mendes leaving the supermarket…

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  • Stelena

    i want a post about Ryan not Eva..

  • Brice

    Cuban Tranny alert. She’s running errands as usual.

  • scarlett

    Supermarket today, gas station the other day, how will Starbucks survive now?

  • Soph

    Why can’t the paps take a photo of her smiling? I never saw a candid photo with her looking slightly happy or nice:/

  • EllisJohnnie

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  • Maggie


    Ah, I don’t know…maybe she doesn’t like the paps sticking a camera up her ass every time she leaves her house!

  • myopinion

    @Maggie: Oh she likes it. She’s probably the one who calls them.

  • marley

    Daily photo op from the ever so attention seeking Miss Mendes.

  • Maggie


    Yea, she looks like she’s really loving it. NOT!!!

  • lily

    @Stelena: I agree. I want less of Eva and more of Ryan please!

  • andie

    I see her poor dog is wearing a shock collar. Tsk tsk Eva! That’s not cool.

  • Missy

    @andie: In the Daily Mail cover of this, they show pics of the dog running off and out of the car park and some old people have to help her wrangle him in the car!! Why the hell would you have that vicious attack dog running loose, that cruel shock collar obviously doesn’t work.
    she probably thought it would make a cool photo op, or maybe she’s just trying to mix it up a bit with the Starbucks pics

  • Helen

    @Brice: Why you mention Cuba. Youre problem is with Eva cos she is dating Ryan not with Cuba

  • hanna

    She looks GORGE! perfect trim body and healthy skin!

  • dina

    Who cares about Eva. I want to see more of gorgeous Ryan.

  • JB

    I miss the old indie Ryan. Before he played the hollywood game and dated C list talentless famewh*res.

  • Nadia

    @Brice: Racist a*shole

  • blaine

    God she’s so desperate for attention these days. It’s getting quite annoying. She’s shameless. Sometimes less is definitely more. She should taken lessons from Ryan.

  • ken

    Latina Cindy Crawford!! wow!

  • Waiting

    For the day she doesn’t wear heels lol..I wonder if she even wears them at home and to bed…

  • jess

    @andie: They should ban the use of those things. They are barbaric. And she wants to have kids? I feel sorry for those future kids :(

  • amy

    shes drop dead gorgeous and agree looks just like the younger cindy crawford

  • maddy

    Why is Ryan with a woman who electrically shocks her dog as a means of training? He must know about it, and has done nothing. I’m disappointed.

  • ren

    Why is that dog off it’s leash? And don’t even get me started on the shock collar. As an animal lover, I am disgusted.

  • jeff

    @Missy: I agree. Shame on you Eva. I will not watch any of her movies in the future. There is never an excuse for irresponsibility and cruelty when it comes to training and handling your dog.

  • hannah

    @jeff: Shame on both of them, frankly.
    They are both assh*les if they allow this.

  • marguerite

    No, no she’s NOT a younger Cindy Crawford, (and Eva stop posting under other names) she’s a complete and utter famewhore that calls the paps everytime she leaves the house! This is ridiculous. I am EMBARRASSED for Ryan Gosling- maybe he’s in on this and maybe he isn’t, but this “woman”, (I have my doubts) calls the paps and gets herself inserted into the tabs, EVERY day! It’s horrifyingly shameful. EVA! We know you read this stuff! You need to stop. You look idiotic. Do you have any actual, you know, acting jobs? Or is your new job, pap-famewhore?

  • HG

    @marguerite: I subscribe. This completely pathetic and embarrassing for Ryan, the one who has a very good acting career to care about. I doubt he is enjoying it, since the last pictures of him taken by paparazzi, for Marie Claire, show him really pissed off sticking his tongue to them.

  • OMG

    She’s papped 24/7 because she’s dating golden boy Gosling. That’s probably why she always looks annoyed. They are in her face 24/7.

  • don’tbesonaive

    @OMG: That’s because she calls them! When are people going to realize this? It’s obvious as day. Paps don’t just hang out at fabric stores and gas stations. She’s attention hungry and sponging off of Ryan’s popularity. I hope he is embarrassed.

  • don’tbesonaive

    Also, why aren’t the paps pursuing Ryan? There aren’t pics of him every single day. Isn’t he the one they most want a picture of? He avoids them just fine. She welcomes the paps, even though she pretends to be annoyed, I know she wants this, plain and simple.

  • dove

    @marguerite: I agree. How embarrassing for him. And if he isn’t embarrassed, he should be.

  • nomi

    I used to be a fan of her. But after seeing how she handles her dog, I am deeply disturbed and disappointed. She should be ashamed. I also will not be seeing any more of her movies, or buying any products she endorses.

  • OMG

    @don’tbesonaive: Why would she look so annoyed if she is the one that calls them? Please use some common sense please, or some semblance of common sense from your little brain.

  • HG

    @OMG: … because she is an actress and because she knows that if she does not look annoying it would be too obvious? Just guessing.

  • Kikicohen

    @jess: Animal cruelty 101: shock collars and not using leashes in areas wear dogs could be hit by cars. This Z lister is a bonafide idiot.

  • Kikicohen

    Hey, I have a great idea: let’s all put a shock collar on her!!! We could make her smile once and a while- !!

  • Kikicohen

    @OMG: She’s darn lucky to get the attention. If it weren’t for her brother, um, boyfriend, no one would bother

  • wow

    @Kikicohen: You sound like moron that needs to get laid. LOL……

  • kit

    @wow: And you are sticking up for this jerk? Someone who is cruel to animals? Shame on you too. Has nothing to do with Ryan, it has to do with her awful behavior and repeated use of this torture device on the dog.

  • andie

    @Kikicohen: I agree. She should know better than to do that. Is she really that stupid? People like that shouldn’t have dogs, or kids.

  • terri

    I’m not a Ryan Gosling fan, so I don’t give a crap she’s dating him. But I do give a crap about her being abusive to animals. There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.

  • Happy Jacky

    Does she have a deal with Starbucks and all the shops she is pappd in front of? Not really a good idea of promotion when you want to be respected as an actress. Hmmmm

  • Yeah happy couple
  • mike gearz


    ur just jealous ur a fat ugly whore

  • yep

    Eva is a gorgeous woman! I love the fact that she has her own style!

  • germany

    I like these two together, more than JB and JT. I have watched some interviews with her and she is very funny-not like Biel.

  • Tessa

    @germany: Your comparison makes no sense. Gosling is a much better actor than JT. And, though I do not like JT and I have not seen many movies with Jessica Biel, I think she is much more beautiful and classy than Mendes. She is friendly in the interviews and dresses well. Besides, she does charity work, something I doubt Mendes would do. She even climbed to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro to raise awareness of the global water crisis and she is great at snowboarding. Biel seems much more interesting.

  • dottie

    @Tessa: I think Mendes does some charity work too, but it’s more about getting recognition then actually caring about other people. Mendes is a very cold and unfriendly person.
    I saw her in person, and I wouldn’t dare approach her. I’m confused Ryan continues to date her. Maybe he’s a jerk too?

  • sal

    @dottie: He is if he knows she uses a shock collar and doesn’t do anything to stop it.