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Olivia Munn: 'Make Gay Marriage Legal'

Olivia Munn: 'Make Gay Marriage Legal'

Olivia Munn shows her support at PETA’s Stand Up for Animals Benefit held at the Comedy Store on Wednesday (June 13) in Hollywood.

The 31-year-old actress has been a longtime supporter of PETA – she posed naked for some ad campaign pics earlier this year!

Olivia is also a big supporter of marriage equality. “Make Gay Marriage legal. Reason #1: Because it’s 2012 and we’re already soooooo behind on this issue. Kthxbye!” Olivia recently tweeted.

Last week, Olivia was spotted going for a jog in Battery Park City in her bright orange Reebok “Zigtech Shark” sneakers.

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Credit: David Livingston, Jerritt Clark; Photos: Getty
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  • San Francisco

    She’s half Chinese I think.

  • ColinG

    God bless her, I love her even more now! The Rainbow is coming…are you ready?

  • Yoanna

    Why not gays have as much right to be miserable as all other married couples.

  • Tam

    As if she really cares..oh well.

  • somali girl

    If gays want marriage then go ahead. Do they want to be married in churches? Why not in their LGBT community?

  • EllisJohnnie

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  • magnoliafun

    hot legs

  • Gh

    Is it a new trend nowadays for celebrities to support a same sex marriage? I don’t think they actually care. The majority of them aren’t even married and have been in long relationships and yet haven’t even engaged. The majority of them always declare that they don’t need to sign any documents to be with their partners and marriage isn’t important for them. And now all of a sudden they all support the same sex marriage.? What else these people will do in order to get attention and good image from the public? This is actually ridiculous!

  • Higgs

    Only the ignorant or old oppose marriage equality. It’s important to be on the right side of history since no one can stop the equality train! Those opposing sound stupid now, imagine how stupid they will seem looking back 10 years from now.

  • Pricilla

    Really Olivia? and what do you think of bearding for gay actors??
    Anything to get yourself some publicity……jeez, what a hypocrite!

  • tsquared


    “Experts” indicate that 50-75 percent of Hollywood is gay. Obviously most of these actors care more about what people think about their image than they do about coming out. So why wouldn’t they support gay marriage. They all know and love actors that are gay, many have ‘acted’ as beards for gay friends, and finally gays should have the right to marry-why are you so against it?

  • really….


    Im supposing 32 other states that passed legistlation are on the wrong side of history? Please keep your bigotry to yourself not everyone agree’s with homosexual marriage for good reason….besides the fact its perverse. Not PC to say that and i’ll get thumbs down but I don’t F@#$^ care….what some moron online that would suck up to stalin thinks…..

  • Gh

    @tsquared: It is none of your business. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

  • Helen

    Most these celebrities use the gays rights as part of thier PR,just to get support and more publicity,many wont agree with me but it is true.arrow my red but it is true

  • EllisJohnnie

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  • awalker

    Gawd she is so smart and perfect. Only Olivia Munn is brave enough to stand up for gay marriage, now watch all the lesser celebrities like Lady Gaga or that whore Meagan Fox try to copy her and jump on the bandwagon. You’re such a trendsetter Olivia! This makes me want to stalk you even more, perhaps I’ll finally find out where you live and start camping out in front of your house..mmmm..yessss….

  • yep

    @Higgs: I find it sad that people consider others ignorant or stupid when some one doesn’t agree with them. America is a melting pot with many different cultures, religion and ALL should be respected. I don’t think different of a person having a different view and fact I learn and I am enlightened about their views or beliefs however I still have the ability to form my belief system and standards and don’t have to take on another persons belief to become intelligent (according to your definition). Maybe, I would be more acceptable or in the in crowd however that isn’t important to me as being true to my Lord and to show His love to all people as I am not anyones judge.


    wow she seems smart

  • rg

    @Helen: only in this sad world it gives them support…

  • ha ha

    yup, just for PR, this ugly ho needs to disappear…….

  • Gossipgirl

    Tell that to George Clooney! Hollywood needs to stop yakking and bearding and preaching to the rest of us and come out of the closet!

  • Freida

    @San Francisco: She looks it too. EW!

  • LOL

    Another part of her PR checklist crossed out. She is the brunette Kate Bosworth only with more brains, she is PR savvy and knows how to work up the publicity slowly to try and look less obvious. Her publicist is a genius but she doesnt need one. She is going to slowly amp it up more and more, like she has been and now she is her idiot bf “Yoda” Kinnaman to use.

    Just google her and you will see the dirt, even the way she really acts when out with friends and ex fu&k buddies. She is another Kate Bos, it all gets swept under but she is still a fake brat underneath it. Give her credit for being able to play women too, unlike Kate Bos. She is a social media PR genius. She will be knocked up next

  • Who is she kidding

    She will say she supports anything to get a photo op and fill column space. It is always about her. Cheap and nasty like her man but fake fake fake fake.

  • Munny!!!

    “I AM RICH AND MY CAREER WILL GO ON!! I CAME FROM A WELL TO DO FAMILY!!! YOUR ALL FU$$IN NOBODIES!!! I AM RICH!!! WHAT ARE YOU LOSERS?” Quote Olivia fame wh*re aka Liv Munny who likes to keep it real by being false and hiding her true colors under PR and publicity games.

  • Munny

    She uses her bestie to shut people up who talk honest trash about her too

  • dkhr

    sick of celebs talking about Gay marriage! there are much bigger issues in this world, and thats all that care about??!!??? how selfish and superficial!

  • Janet

    She would support and attend the opening of a prostitutes legs if it would get her photo op or good publicity. I should apologize since she reads up on herself and her bf, like she did with him before they hooked up probably to check he would get work or be worth being seen with.

  • twitteriffic

    She is teaching her new toy about publicity and using twitter to make you look less of the sh$t you are. He is now there too rololololol these nobodies are so funny. Wonder if she still wants the scruffy rapper wannabe after robocrap bombs.

  • askarsworth part deux

    publicity couple part deux

  • not fair

    She gets all the crap thrown at her when her new man is a bigger dirtbag. Who cares she uses publicity or twitter and fakes it, everyone in the industry does. She is just one of the desparate ones willing to use her body and date someone to try enhance fame but women have done that for aeons. Its Hollywood baby!

  • pro gay

    Im progay rights as a gay woman but over publicity seeking celebs using us to further theyre agendas. I dont understand why a photo of this fame hungry woman out running is relevant to our cause. It is about her cause to get attention and not ours or mine.

  • doubledstandards

    fans were flaming skeletor bonesworth during the askars season but when it comes to liv publicity genius munny who is worse there is no comment? is that because she isnt thin and pretty? doubled standards.

  • Joel kinnaman fan

    Ha Olivia munn and dirtbag Alexander skarsgard should hook up there both fame@whores and talentless. And alexander likes his women easy to bed with no effort he sleeps around.

    Leave Joel kinnaman alone.