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Katy Perry's 'Wide Awake' Video - Watch Now!

Katy Perry's 'Wide Awake' Video - Watch Now!

Check out the video premiere for Katy Perry‘s latest song “Wide Awake”!

The 27-year-old singer’s newest hit is the second song off of the re-release of her third studio album Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection.

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“Couldn’t wait until tomorrow, so I’ll be showing you ‪#WIDEAWAKE‬ TODAY” Katy tweeted earlier in the day to get her fans pumped up!

“I just wanted to tell a story about myself going through this journey, maybe sometimes trying to get out of the maze. There’s good parts, there’s bad parts” Katy told MTV about the song.

FYI: Katy is wearing A Peace Treaty “Aujela” earrings.

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  • Beth

    It must take so many tries to make one of her recordings because of the fact she can’t sing. She’s so lucky she has boobs, a pretty face and radio’s love.


    INCREDIBLE VIDEO! as are all of KP’s vids! the message in this one is SOOO self inspiring! I’m so proud of her and her journey! I want a video like this!

    my new single/music video ‘FROZEN’ debuts here –

    please take a moment to support independent unsigned artists!


    OH I forgot to say my new single/video debuts WEDNESDAY (6.20) here –

  • why?

    This is a conceptual hot mess. Must be nice to have a ton of money to throw all of her recycled ideas into a video. Katy Perry doesn’t have an original thought in her mind.

  • soka

    Her voice is terrible and this is it for her. Her next album will tank and she’ll have the short career she was destined to have. 2 albums and gone. She’s the Paula Abdul of our generation. Brit is a couple years older ,same generation and she’s on to her 8th album. Katy makes me sad because she feels she has to make every track a hit and it hasn’t worked the last two times the way it WAS working a year ago. Very sad.

  • soka

    @why?: TRUE! Her last 3 videos have been TERRIBLE! It’s getting sad now.

  • sasha

    Love it!

  • soka

    @Beth: She’s pretty much over now. Her last 3 singles have been played alot but they’ve not caught fire. probably because they’re horrible. These videos are so so so bad!! Poor Katy!

  • aine

    freaky video, i like the fact the little kid is her, but the rams heads…MEGA ILLUMINATI RIGHT THERE ;/ i dunno is she trying to show she was kinda trapped or something when she was/is part of the illuminati?

  • soka

    @sasha: no you don’t.

  • doodle

    Beautiful Katy Perry has done it again :D

  • aine

    Are you deaf or blind…or BOTH


  • whatever


    Um, Katy has no grammys and since Billboard doesn’t count her re-release as part of her old album, she hasn’t broken MJ’s record.

    Maybe you should get your facts right!

  • melb

    her voice is like nails on a chalkboard

  • gio

    stupid and disgusting as always!!

  • TimE

    Reading some of the comments, I can see why she keeps things simple!

    For those of you who didn’t get it, the video is about her wishing she could go back and tell a younger version of herself about the maze of problems she will face in the future, wishing she could avoid being fooled by “The Prince” and false promises, and be more careful of publicity and media overexposure. Those “rams heads” aren’t Illuminati, they are minotaurs, traditional maze monsters whose job is to try and keep you from escaping.

    Over all, full of mythology and fairy tale references of poisoned prizes and things not being what they appear as we try and navigate our way through life, and a reminder that sometimes innocence protects us even as we try to protect it.

    Her voice is pitch perfect, (with electronic help, I’m sure, but still…) so if it sounds out of tune, you should check your speakers and audio settings!

  • solecito

    It seems like every song I hear on radio stations nowadays has an egregious use of auto-tune on the vocals. Auto-tune is garbage. There are so many talented musicians and singers being disgraced by the untalented singers being auto-tuned and computer generated music, but I’ve accepted the fact that music has been dead for years.

  • Ralph

    @soka: Excuse me. It you clearly have Katy Perry confused with Lady Gaga who has been turning out one flop after another while KP turns out #1′s. Everything Katy releases is top 10 at a minimum. So you and the other gaga trolls leaving comments here can go screw yourselves.

  • Charlie

    For those of you out there that detest everything that Katy Perry does, why do you bother to watch or listen to any of her videos? Go back to the egg-head musicans that have perfect pitch and creative rock songs that only the elite non-mainstream individual could appreciate. Isn’t that who you are?

    As for me, I appreciate the introspection of this video and the song that accompanies it. She has shared her heart and her vision. She is not a perfect singer, so what? What more can she give? You know you would be hard-pressed to do any better yourself.

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    What a picture! A real gothic guard in some old castle. “I just wanted to tell a story about myself….yahooooooooooo

  • janewhite123

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  • Elisa

    i like the concep of the video and she looks really pretty

  • Ciara

    The video is amazing! Not only does it look amazing with such magical visuals and symbolism, but it tells a really personal story about her career and life since becoming successful. :)

    VIDEO PREMIERE: Watch Katy Perry’s NEW Video For “Wide Awake” HERE:

  • DD

    This video is soo good!! Just like the song!!

  • :P

    I don’t get why haters watch the video or even make comments in it!! They even take the time to open the link and write the comment! They must secretly like Katy haha

  • Delphine

    She sucks. Trying to pretend she’s Florence from Florence and the Machine now? Yuck. No talent, no Grammy’s, only a tied record that her team cheated to get for her. Go away, tacky girl.

  • heyitsme

    you guys obviously don’t understand her music and just because of the things you see on her video makes an illuminati? get your facts straight before you say something

  • Lottie

    Kids these days…She didn’t break MJ’s record. She tied it by discounting her songs and doing remixes with other singers. She can’t sing, can’t sell albums, can’t do big-grossing tours, and she’s unbelievably overrated and overexposed. I used to have mixed feelings about her; now I just hate her.

  • Joe

    The song sucks because it wasnt a dr Luke song to begin with. Supposedly she pissed him off and he won’t work with her anymore. I wouldn’t believe this post either so go wiki dr Luke and see his discography. 7 of her hits were because of him.

  • marcus

    An almost 28 year old woman selling trash to 13 year old kids.Kind of hard to progress beyond that when everyone knows you can’t sing eh Katy.You’re a fraud,a simpleton,and can’t open your mouth without sounding like a complete bafoon.

  • YOU

    this is so sad, she’s actually not a bad singer. her music and auto tune made her seems like one of the worst singer out there

  • Sam

    WHATEVER haters.. get a life and stop bitching around. Katy is SO much better than you.. Deal with it.

  • AnaTheGreat

    she can’t sing at allllllllll….what ppl like in her music??? really no music no lyrics,no vocie…just a shit

  • Audrina Nicole Styles

    This video is OBVIOUSLY about her struggle about getting out of the Illuminati, and how she is “wide awake” and realizes the fame and money isn’t all what is seemed in the beginning ( she sings ” how did i read the stars so wrong”…) The rams, the little girl (Kathryn is Katy’s real name), the butterfly, the start of the video where she is filming California Gurls, the maze, the dude at the end of the video who breaks the promise, …. whoever does not see the real illuminatic meaning of the video is clearly blind. And for those who are saying that the video is about her heartbreak with Russell…you guys ar—– you know what, i give up, screw you! This song by Katy Perry is one of the most amazing, meaningful, songs she has made yet, and trust me, her career is not ending anytime soon! “God knows i’ve tried, seeing the bright side” …such a powerful line…

  • Audrina Nicole Styles

    ohhh… and @BrandonHilton , no one here could give two shits about your new “single” . Why don’t you close your fingers from typing and preach your song release date to people who actually care?

  • Lexaaa

    I agree with Audrina ^^

    & to all of the people who are claiming that Katy can’t sing, how did she even get a record deal with one of the biggest labels out there if she ” can’t sing” ? I HIGHLY DOUBT that record labels/producers just sign people randomly and spend millions of dollars on people who have shitty voices. And have you seen her singing live? If you haven’t you should go check it out, she actually has a pretty sick voice :) !

  • Krystle Tugadi

    I definitely connect with this song. I think it speaks volumes to so many folks out there, and it’s nice to see her more vulnerable side in this tune.

    Hope y’all can check out my broken down acoustic version of it.

    -Krystle Tugadi, Singer/Songwriter
    @krystletugadi – TWITTER

  • Cutterlife1100

    Question why would watch it if u don’t like Katty perry .I don’t understand ur pro ally just jelous of her talent

  • Howard

    Not crazy about the song, but the video is wonderful. I think Ms Perry will have a long, successful career. She’s very talented!

  • LyricsRme1

    I liked the video and the song.

  • http://yahoo brandy

    i love katy perry videos