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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Parisian Pair!

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Parisian Pair!

Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Kanye West head out for a fancy evening at Ferdi on Sunday night (June 17) in Paris, France.

Earlier in the day, the 31-year-old reality television star and Kanye, 35, were spotted sightseeing in the City of Light.

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While out and about, Kim and Kanye have been riding around in a tricked out Lamborghini!

“Lamborghini Merci… Excuse my French when I’m in France…I’m just sayin’” Kim tweeted about their ride, along with a pic of the car.

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kim kardashian kanye west fancy night out 01
kim kardashian kanye west fancy night out 02
kim kardashian kanye west fancy night out 03
kim kardashian kanye west fancy night out 04
kim kardashian kanye west fancy night out 05

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  • rikki

    hate to admit it but kim looks good here. lol. annoying couple tho!!

  • anna

    Ahora a todos les dio por vacacionar en Paris?

  • Billie

    fame hoooos

  • Becca

    I have to admit the part of Just Jared i loved the most was their rare use of kardashian stories…
    but there have been so many lately!!!

  • Lori

    Married women aren’t supposed to have boyfriends! just saying!

  • CrabbyPatty

    Those leather (or are they PVC?) must smell RANK. She wears those things ALL THE TIME. I thought she was a millionaire. Can’t she afford some new pants?

    Besides being overworked by her, they look like burnt sausage casings. Eww.

  • amy

    So freakin messed up. She did a porn, dude literally pi-ssed and sh-it on her and look. Now she’s a millionaire, who took her family for the ride. Oh yeah, if she puts anymore filler in her lips. They will EXPLODE.

  • Maggie

    She says that she’s grown up alot since her marriage to kris Hump. With Kanye West? Really??

  • Becca

    @Maggie: her and her whole family are beyond delusional!!!

  • let them live

    They look happy, good for them

  • genevieve


    They’re separated tho, she filed for divorce over 6 months age…both of them should be able to move on if wanted

  • Lori

    @genevieve: I respectfully disagree

  • CC

    Quite honestly, I think Kanye and Kim are perfect together.. She finally stepped it up with the “once you go Black you never go back”. That phrase may not apply to Kim or her sister Khloe since they’ve always dated/or married black men. Well, from her meager beginnings with Ray J (or the ex-husband), Nick cannon, Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries (soon- to-be ex-husband) to Kanye west. She’s come a long way. Although Reggie Bush is not as rich as Kanye, I thinks he’s hotter looking..
    Mama kris must be Happy!!!

  • Melissa B

    @amy: Why do people say that? I’ve seen the tape and never saw him go to the bathroom on her.

  • amy

    @Melissa B: He did pi-ss on her.

  • Lena

    What a lame and pathetic couple!! Why is she wearing a mask? She always paints her face thickly, night and day. She should respectively coordinated with cloths/male-up in consideration of the season and other factors such as time, place and opportunity. KIM HAS NO CLASS, CHEESY!!!!!

  • Aubrey


    He did not Pee nor did he defecate on her….I’m not proud to say that I watched the tape, but I did, and no such thing ever happened…I don’t understand why that keeps going around

  • Chris

    They are still in Paris? Yuck!! Get out of here immediately! Paris is not a place where unwanted things are dumped!

  • toni

    kim is desperate to be seen as an a-lister but she will be seen as a z-lister and a wh*re for ever. how miserable..

  • doodle

    Wish he did piss on her!

  • amy

    @Aubrey: Umm yeah he DID. Let me guess, you’re either a Kardashian or a crazy fan of the family. You guys always try to do damage control.

  • janewhite123

    Well. I am a 35 years old CEO, ri;ch and strong but still sin;gle … now I am see;king a good woman who can give me a real love, so I joined BillionaireFriends.COMit’s the first and best club for wealthy people and their adm;irers. Well, you don’t have to be rich ,but you can meet one there.

  • Nicole

    So funny that the haters are the first to run to the post. Kim had a great message for you last night. She does not give a f*ck what you say.

  • Irena

    Kardashians are The United of Shame.

  • The Emperor’s New Clothes

    @Nicole: She ALWAYS tries to affect genteel ignorance but it ALWAYS end in failure. Everyone can see through her heart. She ALWAYS cares a lot about her reputation, so she says something or other to absurd excuses herself every time. She can’t hide her silly self-conscious. I heard the cloak staff laughed at her behind her back. Poor….

  • lafamepoma

    he’s got more talent than her, he’s got Grammys, she doesn’t have anything, just sayin’ he should look for person more talented

  • germany

    After promoting his upcoming album , this pr relationship will ends.

  • Mary

    omg @all the negative comments… are all so jealous!! pathetic….who gives a crap about these two…..havent ye anything else to be doing with yer time? so jealous

  • Kelly

    Say what? Why must we feel jealous of her? You have a delusion that she is under constant observation by others. I do not want to be called a classless porn star behind my back.

  • brenda

    Hate them they are both Wh@res.

  • brenda

    Not that it matters, but has she ever dated a white guy.

  • Mary

    @kelly……why did u bother saying that to me…..u must be jealous….pathetic

  • Marie

    Even with all his money, fame and creative “genius” Kayne is no prize in the m-a-n dept. He might be well endowed in the wallet and elsewhere to keep Kim’s limited attention span, but all I ever see in him is someone with a lot of serious underlying emotional issues who is always on the verge of a total mental meltdown (and he’s already shown that such behavior is not foreign to him in a public arena).

    Kim is what she is and knows how to “move the merchandise” but in my opinion Kayne isn’t her real target in this her latest relationship debacle. Oh no. The big fish here is Kayne’s bff and Beyonce’s man…yep…Jay-Z. He’s the REAL big fish in the pond over them all and would be the catch of the decade over all the other chocolate Kim’s sampled through the years. So his wife is a bigger celebrity than Ms. Kardashian could ever hope to become for hard work and talent. Kim’s claim to fame is between her hips and knees and, is currently obvious, has Kayne whipped to the max over her well-honed skills. Kim isn’t totally stupid. LOL She knows that the only way she would ever get close to THAT inner circle is to ensnare the small fry (Kayne) to get a chance at the true prize (Jay). Start out becoming Bey’s bff (with any luck) and then slide on in for the kill. The only problem? Bey isn’t stupid and is only going to allow so much (if at all) Kim on her time or dime. Jay isn’t stupid either. He could have some of Kim if he wanted to but this is business and Bey’s “business” beats Kim’s by a mile in every way. Last but not least there is Kayne “whipped” West. LOL If I were Kim I’d be real careful because I sense OJ tendencies in this guy. I wonder what he’d do to her if she tried to “play” him like she did Kris Humphries? All we can do is stay tuned because I have a feeling we are going to get a real reality show the likes of which even Kris Kardashian couldn’t even think to pimp out to the masses.

  • Aubrey


    No, nothing of the sort. I’m impartial…just stating facts

  • Janessa

    They look so happy!