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Nicole Kidman: Happy Father's Day!

Nicole Kidman: Happy Father's Day!

Nicole Kidman poses with her dad, Dr. Antony David Kidman, in this pic posted on her Facebook page.

“Happy Father’s Day Dad! xx,” the 44-year-old Aussie actress wrote on her timeline over the weekend.

Earlier this month, Nicole joined fellow actress and U.N. Goodwill Ambassador Mira Sorvino to reaffirm their commitment to ending violence against women.

“What has inspired me time and again is how they set their goals to overcome the trauma and help others. My message today is your support counts. Let survivors of violence know that they can count on you,” Nicole shared.

Check out her video message below and for more info on the agency’s work, visit

Nicole Kidman – United Nations Video
Just Jared on Facebook
Photos: Facebook
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  • Helen

    Wow she is a copy of her father. The resemblance between them is scary

  • Kary

    Beautiful pic, they are very similar

  • katy

    Gorgeous Nicole

  • somali girl

    Wow her dad looks it could be her husband. Lol she looks closer to his age. Ahahaha.

  • Gloria

    I think she looks just like her Dad! Great photo. It’s an older photo because I’ve seen more recent photos of him and he looks older. Nicole is so attractive.

  • sorella

    Considering how many tweaks she has done to her face to look younger, it’s incredible that she looks about the SAME age as her Dad here!!!!

  • Moh123

    Lovely Lady, I love her

  • taco

    wtf are saying? think…it’s free

  • Alaia

    She’d look even more like him if she hadn’t done something to her lips.

  • mae

    I see haters are working hard here. so sweet.

  • Louise

    Beautiful message; thank you Nicole for caring about others.

  • julie

    I guess they saw it from the finale of “The Voice” Australia that Keith acknowledged his wife (his baby girl) and kids for their support or else he can not do it. Eat your heart out haters:):):)

  • tsquared

    I see the cult of Xenu has rallied their syncophants to do thumbs down on anything positive about Nicole–the pattern is as regular as clockwork. Nicole experiences success in a movie and her personal life (and of course Tommy fell big time w/ Rock of Ages) and they are out neg’ing her on every site!

  • MaddenAlfred

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  • my

    Love Nicole!

  • babygirl

    I don’t think that’s her real facebook page. It’s got the same profile pic as that imposter twitter account.

  • J

    OMG! Her father is so gorgeous, so is her mom I’ve seen pictures of her. Nicole is one lucky girl. Congratulations on taking part on such nobel endeavor.

  • duster

    You may be right about that being an imposter account. Father’s day in Australia isn’t the same time as the US. Why would she post that now?

  • Colleen

    They look like a happily married couple.

  • wakeupNsee

    Tommy girls movie only made 14.4 m over the weekend after the real total was added up. Hahaha. so, zenu is taking it out on Nic. It was expected to make a minimum of 27m. Suri will be put to work again to help out the old guys image. Poor kid.


    Funny how she wants to be the spokesperson for abused women. She doesn’t realize how really close to home that is!

  • MsLiz

    That’s a rather odd remark.
    I have a problem with Nic’s taking on every movie offered. She wanted those two little girls so badly, but is constantly on location and dragging them from place to place. This year they’ve been in Australia, Scotland and maybe Cannes. She’s probably thinking it’s an ‘experience’ for them, but they need a home life and it’s about time she gave them some thought. She came out with a statement in Australia recently that her family and monogamous marriage was all that was important to her. Sometimes actions seem louder than words.

  • peg

    ‘Nicole experiences success in a movie and her personal life (and of course Tommy fell big time w/ Rock of Ages) and they are out neg’ing her on every site!’

    @tsquared, creepy cult, isn’t it?

  • judge

    MsLiz – You can still be a wonderful mother and take your kids on site with you! What does that have to do with anything ? We all parent in different ways and it’s not right to judge others , that’s Gods job!

  • Bella 1st


  • Clover

    Thanks for caring Nicole. Hope every women would get behind this cause !

    Sad that little minds can’t see the light of day because of hatred.

    Every women should care about this pitiful problem.

  • Voice of the young

    My 15 year old wrote this on her tumblr yesterday. You middle age haters should take note. Even young people find you pointless and pathetic.

    “what satisfaction do people get out of ~cyber-bullying~ though?

    like i genuinely do not understand

    like do you close your laptop and get in bed at night and just think to yourself “damn i really roasted that stranger on the internet. ha ha i got him good. i really accomplished something today”

  • http://Comcast Marj

    NICOLE and KEITH, what a beautiful life you have–two talented, beautiful people.

  • @Voice of the Young

    You have a very bright 15 year old. Good job on raising her/him to be a compassionate person. I don’t know what these haters THINK they’ve accomplished at the end of the day but I KNOW what they’ve actually accomplished – NOTHING. Love this pic of Nic and her handsome dad.

  • Thea

    There’s a lot of $cientoBot Slaves here……. using a computer at either Gold Base in Hemet or SeaOrg in Clearwater !

    Watch out, Nicole!!!!Be safe and have a happy birthday!!!!

  • Matt Hooker

    Boycott Nicole Kidman

    Don’t see her films! Don’t vote her any awards!

    Nicole Kidman used me for publicity to help revive her sagging career and to publicize “Moulin Rouge”, “The Others” and all her future films. Don’t let her get away with it! BOYCOTT ALL NICOLE KIDMAN FILMS!
    She flirted with me in person at Borders bookstore in Santa Monica, California on March 4, 2001, and expressed interest in reading my screenplay The Activist to see if she wanted to take one of the two female leads and co-star in it with me. She asked me to send it to her CAA agent Rick Nicita. She wanted me to follow her out of the bookstore, but she was with her parents and I was busy so I declined.

    About 10 days after I delivered the script and a personal note to her agent, I phoned to see if there was a response, and neither her agent nor her manager would take my calls. 2 weeks later I received the screenplay and my opened note back in the mail with a form letter stating they don’t accept unsolicited material. The fasteners had been removed from the script, probably to photocopy it.

    After Nicole did a few more things to let me know she was interested in me, I asked to take her and her kids out for ice cream one Sunday evening, but could only leave a mesage with a woman I thought was a housekeeper, and I brought her flowers and left a message asking her to the ballet a week later, again speaking with the same housekeeper – or so I thought, since when I asked “Is Nicole home?” the voice said “No” both times. It turns out that it was Nicole both times, yet I didn’t know it. After I left the flowers the second time I called on her, she had a security guard follow me, and he tried to arrest me, and assualted me, so I called the police to report the assault. This is a man named Larry Allison, who lied and perjured himself in court in order to help Nicole obtain her publicity and harm me. I assured the police that I would never attempt contact with Nicole or call on her at home again. I got the message that she wasn’t interested all right – even though she never had the decency to tell me so, and AFTER she had flirted with me in the past, and led me on.

    At the time (April 2001) Kidman’s career was sagging, and she needed publicity for upcoming make-or-break films for her career (and salary), and she needed public sympathy in her divorce proceedings with Tom Cruise. I didn’t realize until I was beseiged by the international media on May 8th and 9th – and thereafter for a long time – that I was to be her vehicle to gain this publicity and sympathy she needed. It was on May 8th and 9th, that I received hundreds of calls from people claiming to represent media all over the world who asked me about Nicole and a restraining order! I thought they were prank calls at first, but there were too many of them and I finally saw reports that she had actually filed and obtained a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against me – accusing me of stalking her, threatening to commit acts of violence against her and her kids, and that she feared for the life and saftey of herself and her children. I was shocked! This was the first I had heard about this. I have never been accused of any wrongdoing whatsoever, and I have never done anything illegal or wrong at all in my life. I have always been a perfect gentleman where women are concerned.

    I never had notice of the May 7th hearing at which she received the restraining order against me. You can bet your life that I would have been in court to defend my name, character and reputation had I known about the hearing. Kidman received a lot of publicity for “Moulin Rouge” which had its international opening on May 9th at the Cannes film festival. Thus receiving a restraining order against a “stalker” who “threatened to commit acts of violence against her and her children” on May 7th was perfectly timed to give her maximum publicity for the Cannes opening of “Moulin Rouge”. “Moulin Rouge” is about a penniless poet who falls in love with a famous music-hall celebrity. I was penniless at the time of the charges, and in March I wrote Nicole a poem which received a lot of publicity on the Internet.

    I also knew that there was a custody battle involved in the divorce proceedings, so this “threat” also served to help her gain the maximum in the divorce proceedings. It wasn’t until I saw the advertisements for “The Others” that I understood why she included the kids in the maliciously lies she defamed me with. “The Others” is about a young mother who fears for the life and safety of her two children. “The Others” opened soon after “Moulin Rouge” and did close to $100 Million in business, thanks to the lies Kidman and others told about me.

    When I was finally served with the court papers, I was shocked to see the lies that Kidman told (an attorney actually signed the declaration – Nicole cunningly not willing to actually perjure herself – she also didn’t testify at the trial, once again being careful not to get in real trouble with the law by “only” lying and not perjuring herself under oath.) She had a private investigator Richard DiSabatino lie and state that he had given me notice of the hearing.

    The hearing on the restraining order and injunction was set for May 23rd, yet the U.S. opening of “Moulin Rouge” wasn’t until June 1st. Sure enough, on May 23rd, an attorney asked for and received a continuance until May 30th, which was 2 days before the U.S. opening of the film, perfect timing once again for maximum publicity. I objected to the continuance, even citing the exact statute which demanded a dissolution of the restraining order if the party wasn’t ready to proceed, but Republican Judge John Reid, continued it anyways – violating the law. He also refused to hear my motion to dissolve the restraining order, which should have been granted.

    On May 30th, FOX (a big Republican-owned entity and the producer of “Moulin Rouge”) News cameras were allowed in the court room – against my objections, and another Republican Judge, Alan Haber, restricted my oral testimony, and violated the law in granting a 3 year Permanent Injunction against me. FOX is owned by News Corp., which is controlled by Rupert Murdoch, who was an Australian (like Kidman is) before he became an American probably so he could get around U.S. restrictions on concentrations of Media holdings by foreigners. I lost a job, then another, had my social life and dating life reduced to zero, all to make Kidman, FOX and other producers, agents and managers lots of money! This whole thing is disgusting. Of course I am appealing the erronious decision and judgment against me, and by March or April 2002, I will have it reversed on Appeal, however the damage to me has been done, and nothing can ever erase that. I will be filing suit against Kidman, FOX, agents, managers, producers, distributors, and others, but my good name, my reputation, perhaps even my political career have suffered terribly and horribly. It’s clear to see from my positions on this web site, that I am no Republican, and am a true independant who is fiscally sound, honest, smart and environmentally aware and concerned. I offer real solutions to our country’s, and the world’s, problems.

    This entire thing was a set-up from the beginning. I believe that Kidman & Co. stalked me, chose me as her expendable victim to gain her and her films publicity and public sympathy, and used me horribly to her own profit. I expect to take all of those profits and much more away from her and her accomplices in the crimes and wrongs perpetrated against me; however even still they will never be able to give me back what I had before May 7, 2001 – a spotless personal and professional reputation and character. I am even working to have the statute modified so that this kind of thing would be much less likely to occur in the future.

    Don’t let Nicole Kidman and FOX and Co. get away with it, people.

  • rudd

    @Matt Hooker: Nice try stalker. Get back on your meds.

  • Lon

    Gees JJ you seem to get every wacko who is off their meds daily!

    You should send the wackos packing

    Do you pay someone to monitor?

  • somali girl

    What’s a middle aged. Is 20 considered one. Umm no. Most of us can’t stand her, its that simple.

  • duff

    @somali girl: You are about as “somali” as Ronald McDonald. Go back to e, troll.

  • somali girl

    I am Somalia and proud of it. Try again maybe

  • somali girl

    Oops I meant Somali