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Derek Theler Photo Shoot - Exclusive!

Derek Theler Photo Shoot - Exclusive!

Derek Theler shows off a shirtless sexy look in this exclusive new photo shoot for held on Saturday (June 2) at a private residence in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 6’5″ actor next stars in Baby Daddy, a hilarious new comedy premiering Wednesday, June 20 at 8:30pm ET/PT on ABC Family. The show follows Ben (Jean Luc-Bilodeau), a young man in his early 20′s living the life of a bachelor as a bartender in New York City with his buddy Tucker (Tahj Mowry) and his brother, a professional hockey player, Danny (Theler). Their lives turn upside down when they come home one day to find a baby girl left on his doorstep by an ex-girlfriend!

Click inside to read‘s interview and photo shoot with Derek Theler

Derek Theler Interview – Exclusive

JJ: Where were you when you found out you booked Baby Daddy?

DT: I was in a Jack in the Box! I got a call from the executive producer and I ended up calling my parents first. I actually found out around my birthday at the end of October!

JJ: Tell us about your character on the show.

DT: My character’s name is Danny. He’s the baby daddy’s brother. It’s fun because he’s twice the size of both of other guys he lives with in their Manhattan apartment. He played professional hockey for the Rangers and he’s there to help raise the baby, Emma. The thing about his character is that he’s always the last one to get all the jokes. He’s kind of the slow guy in the bunch for sure. (laughs)

JJ: Do you have hockey experience yourself?

DT: Not much actually. I can do alright with the stick handling, but I’ve never been a good ice skater. I got to do my own stunts for a couple episodes. We actually filmed at Madison Square Garden where the Rangers play. It was actually a set of MSG, we didn’t actually get all there way out in New York. It’s always fun when we do scenes out on the ice, though.

JJ: What’s your favorite moment you’ve shot so far?

DT: That would probably be one of them when we did the arena set-up. I got into a hockey fight – that was probably my favorite moment so far that we’ve had. In an episode I recently did Tahj, who plays Tucker, I actually got to hoist him into an air conditioning vent.

JJ: What’s your favorite off-screen moment?

DT: We have so many jokes running around. We think we’re hilarious. (laughs) Jean-Luc, who plays my brother on the show, he will impersonate set people and the crew. He’ll be like, “Hey guys check this out, who am I?” Then we’ll have to guess. It’s hilarious.

JJ: If you had to describe each cast member with one word what would it be? Let’s start with Chelsea [Kane].

DT: Sweetheart.

JJ: Tahj

DT: Little.

JJ: Melissa [Peterman].

DT: Hilarious.

JJ: Jean-Luc [Bilodeau].

DT: Canadian.

JJ: Is there anything you must have on set?

DT: Our director has us all hooked on theses Trader Joe’s chocolate covered almonds with salt on them. They’re just delicious, so we always seem to have them on set.

JJ: What’s it like shooting in front of a live audience?

DT: It’s great. It brings a whole other aspect to the show, because we work on it all week and then once we get the live audience there, they start laughing at our jokes and it bring another energy to it. Our jokes haven’t really been hitting all week, because there’s no one to hear them, so we have to pause between them all and it’s totally different.

JJ: Is there something that your character’s gone through this season that will get viewers excited?

DT: One of the biggest things that he’s going through is that he’s in love with Riley, Chelsea Kane’s character. It’s funny to watch him go through the stages of being in love, trying to figure it out, and how he’s trying to figure out how he’s going to talk to her about it. There are all kinds of climaxes near the end of the season.

JJ: How did you get into acting?

DT: I was born in Alaska and I spent most of my time in Colorado growing up. I always kind of had a pipe dream of wanting to come out to L.A. and seeing what I could do as an actor. I loved watching action movies. It was so cool and interesting to me. I went to school at Colorado State and got my degree in pre-medicine. Then while I was in school there I took a trip to L.A. and kind of got a feel for it to see what it was all about. Then I realized I didn’t want to regret the rest of my life not coming out here and giving it a real shot, so as soon as I got back form that one vacation I decided I was going to start saving up and try to prepare myself for the big move and that was a couple of years ago.

JJ: Who’s your favorite actor?

DT: I love Liam Neeson. He’s one of my favorites. He’s fantastic. Taken‘s one f my favorite movies and right now Micheael Fassbender and Tom Hardy are killing it. I like everything they’re in as well.

JJ: Your favorite superhero?

DT: I haven’t seen all the superhero movies. That’s something I’d love to be a part of someday. Right now it’s gotta be Batman. He’s got be my favorite from growing up. I’m so excited for the new Batman movie.

JJ: Do you have any fun summer plans?

DT: Not really, but I mean I live in a house with my four best friends in the valley, with a pool, so we pretty much BBQ every night and have pool parties all the time so it’s fun.

JJ: What’s your favorite kind of music?

DT: I love classic rock. I was pretty much raised on it. You know, ACDC and the Rolling Stones. I’m also into alternative rock, like college rock stuff.

JJ: Favorite TV shows?

DT: I love The Walking Dead. It’s probably my favorite, if not Game of Thrones. Those two are my favorite shows for sure. Also, I like True Blood.

JJ: What was your first modeling gig?

DT: I don’t know. I did a quick print job in Denver for a new magazine.

JJ: What was your first acting gig?

DT: It was a commercial. I did a Coke Zero commercial right when I got here, the week I moved out here.

JJ: Where do you see yourself in five years?

DT: I want to be a superhero! I want to be doing these summer blockbuster movies, so you know The Avengers sequel or third one or something they’re doing another Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. There are so many movies coming out that are right up my alley that I want to do. That’s really the way I see it going.

JJ: Are there any people in your demographic you’d like to co-star with?

DT: The Hemsworth brothers (Chris and Liam) are really killing it. We kind of have the same look, so we probably wouldn’t be put together, but I have a lot of respect for them and what they’re doing. It’s kind of what I want.

JJ: Any last words about Baby Daddy?

DT: I think more people who usually turn to the network can really relate to the show because it has a lot of guy humor in it and usually their demographic isn’t guys lately. There’s three guys in it who don’t even know how to take care of themselves, who are trying to take care of a baby. There’s sex, alcohol and a lot of good times and I think that people should really give it a shot.

JJ: What kind of humor do you usually go for? What kind of comedies do you watch?

DT: I like that show Workaholics. Our show reminds me of it a little bit, just a little less vulgar. But you know, I went to college, I’m still young. I enjoy a good sex or beer joke or seeing people getting drunk is fun to watch, you know?

JJ: Thanks so much for the interview!

DT: Thank you!


Picture #1 & #3
American Apparel jacket
American Apparel t-shirt
DL1961 jeans

Picture #2
Hackett London leather jacket
DL1961 jeans
American Apparel shirt

Picture #4
American Apparel denim shirt
Hudson jeans
Ties for Charity tie

Producer: Jared Eng (@JaredEng)
Model: Derek Theler (@DerekTheler)
Creative Director/Photographer: Christian Rios (@Christian_Rios)
Makeup: Grace Phillips (@grace_phillips)
Hair: Melissa Adelaide (@MelissaAdelaide)

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Photos: Christian Rios
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  • Guy

    Dude is really hot and pic look good, too… and 6’5″ actor, very seldom you hear about a hot 6’5″ actor… I LIKE.

  • DavidZ

    Hm, I think he think he’s hotter than he really is. Star in the Avengers? Same look as Chris Hemsworth? Dream big I guess..

  • kris

    Arrogant and he is a minor actor on a ABC Family sitcom?!?! Really?!?!

    He wants to be a superhero? I hate arrogant actors.

  • emm

    @kris: How is he arrogant? I read this as him being ambitious, nowhere does he say “I’m the best and most handsome guy so give me the best roles!” …. That being said.. holy crap he is good looking! And he has good taste in actors, Liam Neeson is the MAN!!

  • frisbee

    Nice pecs, toots, but shave ‘em or leave ‘em for chest hair. Also, the gelled up superman hair? Should be bed hair for you. And crack more smiles. Other than that, massively hot bod, A+ all around.

  • Klara

    He is really gorgeous. Hope that he get bigger roles in the future, so we get to see more of him… =)

  • Tony

    Can any1 tell me what brand is his denim shirt?? I rly like it

  • Ally

    This guys isn’t arrogant, he looks like a super hero to me! I like him!

  • Lucy

    @kris: Did you read this interview?! He is modest and knows where he wants to go.

  • Melinda

    I really do hope to see him as a super hero. he has the looks for it and with a goal i think he might actually make it. I really hope so :^