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Eva Mendes Springs Into Summer

Eva Mendes Springs Into Summer

Eva Mendes holds on to the last day of spring as she picks up a bouquet of flowers on Tuesday (June 19) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 38-year-old actress wore a cute floral print dress and carried Ralph Lauren Collection‘s cartridge bag as she ran errands and headed to the car.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Eva Mendes.

As for her boyfriend, Ryan Gosling has been all the buzz on the internet. A video of when he was a child recently surfaced showing him singing and dancing during a church talent show.

10+ pictures inside of Eva Mendes picking up a bouquet of flowers…

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  • Damon

    ok i know JJ her boyfriend is Ryan Gosling…

  • liz

    LOL always with the mentioning of ryan… makes sense though. he’s a hardworking actor and she’s.. just there.

  • Lori

    Does she pay you guys or what? She’s on here once a day!

  • estee

    same glasses, same shoes, same ugly face. sorry.

  • hap

    Let the hate on her begin…

  • blaine

    Pretty dress, but I’m not a fan of the lady wearing it.

  • amy

    I wish she didn’t use a shock collar on her dog.

  • Okay

    She may know about the comments on her terrible outfits because that dress is an improvement. But with the same awful glasses and shoes and above all the same bad attitude and dog with a shock collar, no opinion about her will improve.

  • Nika

    she helped her career a lot by dating Ryan but for some reason I see her with some older, wealthy man by her side. These two just don’t go together.

  • may

    @Nika: I agree. I see her with some wealthy business man type. Not a quirky, eccentric but successful indie actor.

  • bonnie

    @liz: I can’t really hate on her anymore. I just feel kind of sorry for her. She will never be in the same league as Ryan, acting-wise. So to get people’s attention, she has to use his name and book photo ops with the paps most days. And she has no work lined up either.

  • Elsa

    @Nika: I agree. She seems like the type to go the Salma Hayek or Catherine Zeta-Jones route and marry an older, wealthy guy. I guess that’s why this relationship with Ryan seems to puzzle most people.

  • thighmegatampon

    @Elsa: don’t forget salma Hayek dated ed Norton for a long time before she settled with her French guy. Most likely Eva will settle down with an older guy too.

  • Happy Jacky

    @bonnie: Yeah she seems really desperate. Lessons for girls – Don’t rely only on your sex appeal, makes you look cheap and it’s not a good foundation for a legit career!

  • Louanne

    @Happy Jacky: That’s a pretty good advice! Besides, sex appeal per se is tiresome and works much better when combined with a bright brain, good character and a joyful mind.

  • susan

    @bonnie: She has no acting jobs lined up, but somehow I don’t think it’s because she’s picky. But she does make lots of money from commercials and from her home decor line probably. Maybe she should just concentrate on that, instead of being at Ryan’s beck and call? Women need to do their own thing and make their own way. They shouldn’t just drop everything to rely on a man.

  • dottie

    Eva Mendes seems like the anti-feminist woman. Relying on her sex appeal and doing everything for the guy. She makes it so easy for him, he probably doesn’t even have to put any effort into the relationship. She’s getting his coffee everyday, running his errands, cooking for him, etc. Didn’t she say she couldn’t cook before? I reckon she learned just for him.

  • Nika

    I just hope she doesn’t get pregnant since it’s kinda her time and trap Ryan into something…

  • lol love it

    I hope they get married and have babies soon, just so I can see Ryan’s fangirls explode in anger and jealousy. lol

  • Jenna

    Oooh, love the dress! Eva’s classy and naturally sexy. Wow…

  • Paul

    Ryan can do so much better.

  • yep

    Eva looks pretty!

  • Happy Jacky

    Can’t she at least call the paps to take pictures of her reading a book on a park bench or something, maybe dressed normal for once. God, woman you are SO getting boring!

  • marguerite

    It’s not a matter of being a “fangirl” of Ryan Gosling. I’m just embarrassed for him- this girlfriend of his is a joke! She has the paps on speed dial and her PR person gets her into all the tabs everyday doing absolutely NOTHING. She must get up, do full hair and make up, gets her starbucks andd/or some other random errand and then she goes home and waits for it to get posted online. It’s bizarre- even that Courtney Stodden isn’t this obvious. AND- there’s no way this broad is still 38; I think she’s more like 43-45, but regardless she’s been claiming to be 38 for about 3 years now.

  • Bama Belle

    I see that all of the trolls are out in full force this morning. It might be refreshing to work on making YOURSELVES better people instead of finding fault with this woman who is just trying to live her life and mind her own business.

  • Ted

    She was hot in “The Other Guys.”

  • Helen

    @Okay: I think most actors and actresses PR teams read these comments .

  • jesse

    I just wish she would stop sponging off Ryan’s good image and successful career. His talent has nothing to do with her. It’s embarrassing for him to be in the tabloids every week. And it’s not because he’s more famous now. It’s because Eva wants attention and to constantly have her name attached to Ryan’s.

  • ROB


  • mike gearz

    You guys can hate on her all you want. Fact of the matter is your boyfriends/husbands would give you up in a heart beat for 5 minutes with her. You ‘soccer moms’ are funny, sitting behind a keyboarding bad mouthing someone that is sexier and more successful than you are.

  • Paul

    She has an ugly masculine face which doesn’t bode well for Ryan.

  • JB

    @ROB: @mike gearz: Ok Eva. Stop posting under different names. It’s pathetic. And physical looks are not the be all and end all. Men only want you for your appearance. What’s inside is as ugly as heck. The fact that you abuse your dog is unforgivable.

  • ollie

    She just seems like such a mean spirited person. She didn’t thank Ellen for the gifts when she was on her show, she has a terrible reputation for being rude to common folk, she gets defensive in interviews when completely relevant questions are being asked, and she shocks her dog as a method of training, That’s lazy and completely cruel. if you are so lazy that you can’t train your dog properly and humanely, it shows what kind of person you really are. I don’t care how beautiful she is, it’s not an excuse to get away with her behavior. Just my 2 cents.

  • andie

    If Ryan must date co stars, I don’t understand why he didn’t go for Rose Byrne instead. She’s much more in his league.

  • Xp 10

    @ mike gearz. With her big nose, short neck, short, big legs and big teeth – really?

  • mike gearz

    @Xp 10:

    put a picture of yourself up lets see how u look. I can understand Ollie’s point of view, but calling her ugly is ridiculous.

  • L

    @mike gearz: I agree. There are rumors she is not the friendliest person but calling her ugly is ridiculous. I understand why men find her hot, though, I find Eva Mandes pretty and hot but in a quite heavy way. I’d say that Eva Green, yes, is stunning. I even find Rooney Mara more interesting physically, though less hot. Beauty is a relative concept and men and women might appreciate female beauty differently.

  • kurt

    @L: Beauty is very subjective.
    I personally don’t find Eva very attractive. She is too “in your face” vulgar sexy. I prefer a woman like Marion Cotillard. Modest and sweet, but classy. This is coming from a straight male.

  • misty

    I say beauty is only skin deep. What a person has on their inside to what keeps a person interesting. And Eva’s inside doesn’t really seem all that great, judging by her reputation.

  • L

    @kurt: Of course! How could I forget Marion? Marion Cottilard is not only absolutely beautiful and lovely, but she can also be breathtaking on screen. And, she can be seen in Paris, one of the capitals of fashion, walking in simple jeans, t-shirt and flat shoes.

  • Xp 10

    @ mike gearz. I didn’t call her ugly, some of her physical features are a bit unfortunate. She is a try-hard sex thing, thats all she got, for some males that’s all they want.

  • ROB

    @JB: I’m Rob..posting under my name only. Eva’s hot.

  • shane

    I don’t think Eva is hot. There are much hotter women around than her.
    She is starting to look old. I think she’s actually 41, not 38. And she chain smokes. Not healthy, and causes those ugly lines around the mouth.

  • surfer dude

    @lol love it: I admit this would be hiliarious.

  • surfer dude

    @kurt: No offense but you don’t sound straight. Either that or you are a fangirl posting as a male..just sayin!

  • kurt

    @surfer dude: No, I am not! Not everyone finds Eva attractive, idiot! So I must be gay? What a stupid, asinine thing to say. You must be 12 years old.

  • dina

    Wow! Eva must have the best PR team on the planet. I never stop hearing about this b*tch, and she’s not even that famous for being talented or anything.

  • surfer dude

    @kurt: Nope I’m 25 and definately not gay!

  • surfer dude

    @dina: Wow lady, did someone p*ss in your cereal? You sound like a real sweetheart.

  • surfer dude

    @kurt: Still think you are a fangirl and a poser!!