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Johnny Depp Splits from Vanessa Paradis

Johnny Depp Splits from Vanessa Paradis

Johnny Depp and his longtime partner, Vanessa Paradis, are calling it quits.

The 49-year-old actor and Vanessa, 39, “have amicably separated,” his rep tells

“Please respect their privacy and, more importantly, the privacy of their children,” adds the statement.

Johnny and Vanessa began dating in 1998. They have a daughter, Lily, 13, and son Jack, 10, together.

Earlier this year, the French actress responded to rumors of a breakup, telling a TV panelist that they were “all false.”

The split was first reported by Entertainment Tonight.

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  • hmm

    I guess that Johnny’s ego destroyed their marriage. That, or she got tired of the smell.

  • XYZ

    At last the fake marriage is over… VANESSA was like death to him, from all points of view… Just look at her…

  • nonono

    i hate this one!!shit news!they belong together!!!i can not believe!!!


    No:( This is really sad…

  • Lori

    He’s been b-anging his publist Robin Baum for a while now…..its not an Actress that ruined his relationship. Its been going on for a while.

  • Sad

    This is sad news for them and their two children. What is even sadder are the comments people are making against him and her. Unless you personally know them, then keep your comments to yourself and show a little respect.

  • drey

    heart breaking news :(

  • Oh, Oh could it be???
  • That’s It!!

    Packing my bags and moving to LA…I’m coming Johnny!!!

  • Lori

    @Oh, Oh could it be???: Nope…..not a bad angle

  • Amy

    He is NOT with his publicist. He is with Amber Heard and has been since Rum Diary. They were together for her birthday, his birthday, he is even helping her with her new house. They have met previous times as well. It is no secret that those two are together.

  • Lori

    Well then he’s been spreading it around coz he’s been at it with the publist too

  • Sean

    Every woman in America just opened their legs

  • Helen

    And George&stacey still together !!!!

  • Carlos

    But amber heard is lesbian …. Don’t remembre her come out

  • Poppy

    It’s sad that they broke up, poor kids…but I’ve been secretly rooting for Winona and Johnny to get back together for the past 14 years…so…maybe this wish will come true after all?

  • Kilem

    Sad, but I am not surprised that she finally kicked him out.

  • Julienne

    I don’ believe in marriage anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Samm


  • Jan

    It’s really sad how no celebrity relationships last.. I hope they remain good friends if only for the sake of their children. On the other hand, Captain Jack Sparrow is back on the market! Call me maybe. Haha.

    And since everyone seems to be piping in with who JD should be with next I always thought him and Helena Bonham Carter would make a great couple! But HBC is in a committed relationship with Tim Burton who’s good friends with JD so that’ll never happen.. I just think they’d be kinda cute together.

  • A

    So that explains his odd and midlife crisis like behavior these past few years. That’s so sad for their kids :(

  • Jasmine

    This makes me so sad! I loved them together :(

  • Noni

    This is so sad, but I wish them the best, I hope they find people they are happy with and keep having a healthy relationship for their kids.

    Hopefully now he can co-star in a new film with Winona, they are fantastic in Edward Scissorhands and it’ll be nice to see them as friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tatou

    @Poppy: I want a Johnny and Winona get together tooooooooooooooooo! Love the two of them so MUCH!

  • ChelseaM.

    Ugh, no way, not me! Johnny always looks like he needs to be dusted off and smells bad. Just ewww.

  • gryke1

    I never liked her and thought she was homely. I couldn’t see them as a couple because they looked so wierd together.

  • Dee

    WHY GOD WHY?????!!!!!!!!!!!!! :’(

  • Jenna

    That’s just sad! Out of all the Hollywood couples I really thought they would make it. They’ve always seemed to be so in love with each other, like they actually found their soulmate. Hope they find happiness and stay friends for their kids’ sake!!

  • Micky

    He has been publically cheating on her with Amber Heard for months. And as for saying that “they weren’t married” – that makes no difference whatsoever. Vanessa and the children are the victims of yet another pathetic cheater.

  • scallywag

    And this is what we have all done, hope and lived through the couple a fairy tale romance that so many of us applauded and wanted to believe in when finally like a blockbuster that failed to materialize the dream had suddenly come to be. Now the question is did Johnny actually have an affair…?

  • Jane

    Johnny once said he only truly fell inlove with a woman when he was 30, and that’s the age he was when he started his relationship with Kate Moss. They were together for 4 years and seemed really happy. They decided to have a kind of ‘break’ for her to sort her love of Charlie out, and in that break he bedded Vanessa Paradis and she got pregnant within 2 months, leaving Kate Moss totally devastated, so much so that she had to be taken to the Priory for 6 months. I really do think that if Vanessa hadn’t got so conveniently pregnant, her relationship with Johnny would have fizzled out and he would have gone back to Kate. Google kate and johnny and you will see how much chemistry they had, there’s also videos of them together. Too bad she’s married to Jamie Hince now. It seemed to me that Johnny was ALWAYS more enamoured with the kids than with Vanessa, and it is no surprise that now that the kids are older, he’s left her. I feel sorry for Kate Moss, more than anyone. The way Vanessa tried to ‘trap’ Johnny and keep him from Kate really sucked imo. Vanessa had been living with her boyfriend one year boyfriend Stanisla Mehrer by the way when she dumped him for Johnny (who she had been pursuing for YEARS) so she too is a massive cheat and manipulator. What goes around, comes around Vanessa!!!! I hope the rumours of Johnny and Amber are true, just for Vanessa to see how it feels for a change.

  • mrskutcher

    i think the problem was that they moved back to los angeles….when he was living with his family between france and his island no break up rumours came up….and as soon they were in la all these rumours came….but thats life even if you love somebody you change or somehow want other things then your partner…its sad but i hope everything is ok for there children!!

  • AGA

    So,the rumors WERE true,why all the outright lies from Johnny and his reps.He was caught out with another woman-Amber Heard.
    Vanassa will be better off as she prefers a quiet life in France. They will not stay single for long!
    Keep it good for the kids—which i think they will.

  • uh

    why is this a surprise? wasn’t it kind of obvious when (months ago) he had a separate birthday for his son and didn’t invite his ‘girlfriend/wife’?? — especially when he moved back to L.A and was caught getting sh*t faced at every bar. either way its sad but also gives me hope that one day i’ll marry jack sparrow.

  • sam

    @Micky: surprisingly i heard about this 2 (abt the cheating). or maybe they weren’t together at the time? dunno but people love him so they’d forgive him for cheating.. tiger wood style and all

  • Dasha


  • Chace

    Excellent! Excellent! My feelings exactly
    Kate Moss laughs

  • eve

    No :( They were the ones making me believe in everlasting love, that conquers everything. I thought they were perfect for each other. So sad!

  • rollie


    I agree the best thing for her is to pack up her children and move to France. The last thing they need is to be exposed to their father’s sleazy behavior.

  • scarlett

    Not surprised this is a typical, textbook Hollywood ending. I though he was sleeping with his publicist.

  • Salli


    Now I hope you guys all remember this when is comes to Brangelina!

  • rollie


    Why are you dragging Brad and Angelina into this? They have nothing to do with this story.

  • ?life?

    Sorry to read about it. We don’t really know what’s in their marriage.
    I believe their kids will be taken care of.
    Depp had good things to say about Jolie after they did the “Tourist” movie. I like him for that.

  • ugh

    oh lord the brangelinas are about.. those ‘people’ scare me. hide yo kids hide yo wife

  • charles


  • chantal
  • uhm

    @charles: yes and jake g, tom cruise, john travolta etc etc etc etc are straight

  • http://none blondie


    It is the same old story:

    Daddy has to go now
    and make a bunch of money.

    I will be back soon.
    Lots of love!!!


    Daddy returns.
    There was no marriage seperation at all.
    It was just business. The job. The seperation of space
    and not a break up at all.

    IMO, Depp loves this woman
    and his family….more than ANYTHING,
    and he will be with them until the end of time.

    (Thank you very much.)

  • Lori

    Amber Heard is a Lesbian. You really think the great Johnny Depp could change that? Come on ppl ~ She’s gay.

  • Yakasuri

    Oh come on…someone needs to get them back togheter :P