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Johnny Depp Splits from Vanessa Paradis

Johnny Depp Splits from Vanessa Paradis

Johnny Depp and his longtime partner, Vanessa Paradis, are calling it quits.

The 49-year-old actor and Vanessa, 39, “have amicably separated,” his rep tells

“Please respect their privacy and, more importantly, the privacy of their children,” adds the statement.

Johnny and Vanessa began dating in 1998. They have a daughter, Lily, 13, and son Jack, 10, together.

Earlier this year, the French actress responded to rumors of a breakup, telling a TV panelist that they were “all false.”

The split was first reported by Entertainment Tonight.

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123 Responses to “Johnny Depp Splits from Vanessa Paradis”

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  1. 101
    mimi Says:

    so they were together for 14 years and had kids and not once in that time did he think to make that commitment to her and marry her???!!!! hmmmmm commitment phobe anyone???? he obviously wasnt sure about the relationship if he never thought to marry and did she!!! i saw this coming years ago! not at all surprised

  2. 102
    lafamepoma Says:

    nooooo,they fit very much, i hope they get back together soon, i have never expected that they could split, get back together soon, my wish

  3. 103
    angie slept with johnny Says:

    angelina jolie the top hollywood homewrecker, america town pump has destroyed another marriage, when will this hoe ever stop

  4. 104
    bghbhf Says:

    are he and Kate moss doing cokie again?

  5. 105
    ana m. Says:

    @mimi: do you honestly believe that without a party and a ring people aren’t able to commit to each other? Sometimes two people who aren’t married can have a longer healthier relationship then two people who are. It’s incredibly naive of you to think that marriage is some sort of magic commitment potion! They were 14 years together and throughout those years both of them have publicly demonstrated their love for each other… their relationship is over but that doesn’t diminish what they had together, and the fact that they weren’t married doesn’t say anything about their level of commitment… they have two kids and were together for over a decade, those are the facts.

  6. 106
    OMG Says:

    @angie slept with johnny:

    Geezus, Brad. Find that leash from those S&M photos and keep around her neck!

  7. 107
    La Femme Jolie Says:

    Before that book came out, I know that Depp and DiCaprio were the two on her list of actors she wanted to work with. Leo is next? ouch…but what the hell. She is the most beautiful woman in the world.

  8. 108

    This makes me very sad.

  9. 109
    @109 Says:


    Who do you mean? do you mean the post at 108 is a we nch?

  10. 110
    rollie Says:

    @<a href="/2012/06/19/johnny-depp-splits-from-vanessa-paradis/comment-page-5/

    How exactly would you know this? Were you hiding under the bed when they were doing it? Are you some kind of perv? Enquiring minds need to know.

  11. 111
    Ginger Says:

    Yeah, we’ve heard about it a couple of months ago but I guess they were announcing it this time. Well, Johnny can call me. Only if it’s for dinner. I’ll be fine and ready for it. hahaha

  12. 112
    Sepra Says:

    Not surprised. They have been apart for years. I do think both are liars as they didnt want to admit it and call the public stupid. I think one is gay and the other is a druggie. Lets see what the dog drags in next. Might be a Manson or an Alice.

  13. 113
    Tessa Says:

    @ana m.: @ana m.: I subscribe. Marriage isn’t necessary anymore and it is not a proof of love at all.

  14. 114
    brenda Says:

    I’m so sorry for this news…I can’t believe it,they love each other and they have 2 beautiful kids..but what can we do?.this is their business and I hope they can work it out someday…I gonna always support him forever,I love you so much Johnny and I wish you the best ever..God bless you and your family too.I only hope he could find a good woman now…not a ***** or an idiot,a woman to take care of him.

  15. 115
    brenda Says:

    In other hand…@104,@108 and you really think that? you all think that angie is the only woman in the world?..come on! There are MANY problems in a marriage..and there are many beautiful gilrs too, angelina has nothing to do with this, and Johnny rejected her in that movie..he is NOT interested in her..when you all gonna understand it?

  16. 116
    Rachel Says:

    That’s very sad..But it was reported months ago..
    They looked amazing together!
    It sucks that relationships in Hollywood don’t seem to work :(

  17. 117
    karojen Says:

    I can’t beleive all of the speculations. The poor man. The article says he flies to LA several times a week. Duh, I assume that is where his kids are, with a full staff and nanny. any man who will admit to playing Barbies all day is a great dad. So there is one rumor blown down.

    Eva Green said in an interview that she would have to fly home and tell her boyfriend the latest rumors. So there is that rumor.

    Maybe he is really just friends with Heard. Maybe she listens well and is empathetic. I’m sure that no matter whose “fault” the break up is, I’m sure it is painful for both Depp and VP.

    I read a quote that he was “Bored to Tears” with Vanessa. How hateful. How needless. why do people write this stuff? How would they know? He’s nothing if not private. I can’t see him being close friends with people who would run to some wanna be gossip columnist.

    I’m sure that Depp will date women, he did before VP [some of the most beautiful in the world]. I think it’s so natural coming out of a 14 year relationship to want to go out with different people, to hear different stories and to be a different person around them. What’s the problem?? They weren’t married so it’s not adultery.

    So if he buys Heard a horse so she can ride trails with him. A horse. You can buy a decent horse for $700. Big deal? One gossip idot said, “When is the last time he bought VP a horse?” Well he gave VP One HUNDRED Million dollars. And maybe that was their problem, maybe he couldn’t ride desert trails and have deep talks with her anymore. People change and grow apart.

    I just wish that gossip mongers and readers would “Allow” him to be himself and to have some privacy and stop making up stuff. I believe it when I see a video of it coming out of his mouth and not before. Even photos can be doctored.

  18. 118
    Methinks... Heh! Says:

    They never married for a reason. And Vanessa transformed from beauty into snaggle-tooth. Depp is at the age where he is likely re-examining his life. Looking at the witch by his side when he’s playing alongside healthy, vibrant Jolie and Heard? It was bound to happen. Men DO like shiny. Even if they complain about your makeup, if that’s how you were at the start, keep doing it. Johnny looks like a drug addict, but men seem to believe it’s okay for them, and women have let them get away with it for far too long.

  19. 119
    Keyshia Says:

    The comment that Vanessa gave for their divorce sounded so sad.. and the comment from Depp made me really annoyed…

  20. 120
    Ray Says:

    Oh no, they were such an amazing couple!!!! So sorry! I thought Depp and Paradis had been the strongest couple in Hollywiid. Bummer….

  21. 121
    brenda Says:

    @Karojen…I agree with you,the press want make Johnny looks like a bad person..AND HE IS NOT! HE LOVED VANESSA AND HE DIDN’T WANT IT OVER!Leave him alone!

  22. 122
    Cleo Says:

    Oh seriously, this is NOT OFFICIAL! Vanessa said in a magazine that those rumors are a lot of harm to her children and family.

    This is bullshit.
    It’s just something to make people read the newspapers. They are still together.

  23. 123
    Linda Says:

    I knew it was over a long time ago! I mean she didn’t even accompany him to the Oscars when he was nominated for an academy award for the Tourist! I guess it was true that Vanessa was against Johnny doing that film because she was jealous of Angelina Jolie. Not saying that they hooked up, but obviosly Vanessa was not supporting Johnny way back then. She hasn’t been with him at ANY of his Film premiers, so it all paints the picture. I think it is really sad the way Johnny is behaiving now. I mean yuck!!! Boning 20 something year olds and drinking and embarracing himself and his kids with this whole stupid mid life crisis. Oh well we all know how this story goes…same old thing. I just thought mabey Johnny Depp was above it but apparantly NOT!

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