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Kate Walsh & Lucy Liu: Critics' Choice TV Awards 2012

Kate Walsh & Lucy Liu: Critics' Choice TV Awards 2012

Kate Walsh, Lucy Liu, and Olivia Munn arrive at the 2012 Critics’ Choice Television Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Monday (June 18) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 44-year-old actress, who recently announced she’s leaving Private Practice, paired a yellow beaded Jenny Packham dress with a Jimmy Choo clutch.

Lucy, 43, picked up the Best Guest Performer in a Drama Series Award for her role in Southland. She wore an Atelier Versace gown with Neil Lane jewelry and a Roger Vivier bag.

Olivia, 31, meanwhile, hit the stage with her The Newsroom cast mate Thomas Sadoski to present one of the evening’s awards.

She wore a Missoni dress, with Irene Neuwirth jewels and a Christian Louboutin clutch.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Walsh, Lucy Liu, and Olivia Munn at the 2012 Critics’ Choice Television Awards

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Credit: Frederick M. Brown, Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Kate Walsh, Lucy Liu, Olivia Munn, Thomas Sadoski

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  • fb

    Walsh hates the unborn.

  • billybob

    how does olivia munn get work ? google olivia munn / george loomis

  • lexy hates bilson

    Everyone looks lovely – especially Kate!

  • Brittany

    Kate looks fabulous!

  • jamie

    I love Kate’s dress. She looks gorgeous. Thanks JJ.

  • Lilli

    Walsh is rocking that yellow dress with her sun-kissed skin! So excited to see what’s she gonna do after Private Practice!

  • tara

    Oh my god, I love Lucy Liu’s dress!

  • danica

    omg, kate is so perfect… i love her… big kiss from her biggest fan from Serbia :)…

  • S.

    Walsh! Thanks JJ.

  • Nina

    Why is Olivia Munn there? Still fighting to try and make herself relevant I presume. She is worse than the Kate Bosworths and Tara Reeds of the world, but gets less flack as she is PR savvy. Was her new puppet there or was he at home learning how to use social networks to make himself look the opposite to what he actually is too? He would be learning from the best. She looks stupid and out of place, stupid frumpy nobody in an ugly dress .

  • Kristina

    Lucy Liu is stunning and has never used her parentage or ethnicity to try get further in the industry, neither has she had to sell herself or use sleeping with menfolk to try to get a foot up. Walsh is a great actress too. Munnster I have no comment on except desperate .

  • Joy



  • $$$$

    Liv Munny is there and presenting? Money talks or that other thing people do to get further on in their ‘career’.

  • Super Cute 16

    Kate Walsh and the Munn woman who look bad in google have yuck dresses. Lucy Lui has the perfect dress it is so pretty and elegant. Lucy Lui is beautiful and an inspiration to all of us of asian decent.

  • work it

    OMunn publicity tactics building I see

  • Jepps

    @Super Cute 16:

    Thats cuz she a real asian not like Munnster. Munnsters the fattest asian I ever saw and not got hot face but would hit it anyway cuz she a dirty girl. True story.


    I am shocked Lucy is older than the other two, too. Especially Olivia? I haven’t seen her act before but have seen the dirt on her and surprised she is really so young. Lucy really does outshine the others and looks so young, whatever she is doing works and she should pass tips to Olivia?

  • wtf

    Lui is how old?!!!!!!!!??????? SHARE THE SERCET LUI!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • We love lucy

    We love Lucy!!!!

  • want that dress

    i want lucy luis dress its omggg

  • teresa

    I agree that Lucy is the prettiest woman there and looks so much younger than the others. She has been lucky with her genes or regime.

  • tina

    Walsh look is so different!!! Hot!!!

  • gregorys girl


    They always need a pitiful desperate d-lister. She should be at a sleazy mag event instead with the other famehos.

  • grow up

    Leave off Munn. Fine she isn’t the prettiest I agree and most likely gets her work and won hot chick mag poll for other reasons besides beauty. Yes it is known that she gets called butterface and most men admit it is about her boobs and her reputation for being or seeming dirty which is sad or they dont know why she gets featured, won sexiest woman or gets hype as she isnt a victorias secret model type, but I am sure she doesnt give a crap as I know I wouldnt), she also isn’t talented fine, but so what if she gets work, sleeps with men for agendas or goes to parties? There are lots of Olivia Munns around and just as desperate for the fame or attention. She is smart with how she is working it and it is all about projecting an image to be likeable and make her look cleaner, also the publicity machine will amp up piece by piece but she is just like many women only she knows how to try and do it right. She likely isnt going to get far and hasnt done, although your hate will make her smile I am sure or serve its purpose as it keeps her relevant no matter what is said and no such thing as bad publicity when you can manipulate twitter or facebook etc nowdays. Fans of her new bf hating her doesnt matter as his hits and attention gets her hits and attention too. These women deserve empathy more than anything and a little more respect than they get for being so smart and still being able to be seen somehow and having fun doing it.
    Your just all unhappy she gets with all these famous or successful men no matter whether it is a one night thing or relationship and I will guess your all Joel K fans who are annoyed that she is slowly getting more attention and being photographed more since she has been with him. Get over it. It is his type of woman he chose and googling the stories on both they both are trashy, so let them get on with it and if she does happen to be using him its not going to hurt either of them or you. Get a man of your own.

  • yuila

    Walsh is wearing an intrend dress its so summery and modern, and Lui looks like a beautiful princess. I love the red carpet to see what they all wear.

  • Laura

    Munn makes an expensive Missoni dress look cheap. Walshes face looks too tight but Lucy Lui nails it, she looks 100% wow.

  • Jake

    Kate darling your dress is hot but your shoes are not!

  • Petra

    Lucy is the most beautiful woman in the world and so classy with it.

  • who what!!!!!

    Wowzers Kate W looks different!!! Foxy!!!!! Lucy looks like an asian princess, so dreamy and a beauty.

  • Irene

    Liu wins hands down.

  • Faddie

    Lucy Liu is so likeable as she is beautiful and talented but also classy. She turns up as if she made no effort but always looks like perfection too.

  • Haters

    So what if Munn is a famwh$re or not, her new man is a jerk that is fact. Only ones who see him through rose tinted glasses are his 4 dumb fans over at yuku and his 2 dumb fans at the purse forum. I hope she takes him for a ride and gets her moneys worth.

  • Dee

    Kate Walsh looks fantastic!

  • mia

    luv kate. i don’t know the other people but they look great

  • is this the OM page?

    Who gives a s$£t about Olivia Munn business and if she is desperate for fame, fake, ugly, trampy or what ever. Her new man looks like he is the one using her even more and will take it as far as he needs. She is just the token trashy woman who built contacts exetera; no matter how and he can use them too. He has to be like her if he is with her as in fake and fame desperate but smart at hiding it for the target audience they need to keep them relevant. Almost everyone does it so get off your high horses. The dress is ugly and she needs to stick with the makeup artist or what she did to her face for that premiere last night as agree she looks like an ageing frumpy housewife with no taste the rest of the time.

    Lucy Lui is gorgeous. Kate looks botoxed or some thing.

  • Joel kinnaman fan

    Ha Olivia munn and dirtbag Alexander skarsgard should hook up there both fame@whores and talentless. And alexander likes his women easy to bed with no effort he sleeps around.
    Leave Joel kinnaman alone.

  • Newsroom premiere

    Olivia and Joel at news room after party, there should be a JJ post soon on these two twats

  • lol

    I thought this was Munn at the after party at first rolol. Similarities.
    Liv is using Joel and Joel is using Liv. Perfect match and with both being nobodies it is funny to watch when and if they pop up. They both stand out and look like jokes. I love it bcoz it looks like a desperate for fame and to be HW slow mo carcrash.

  • lucy

    Munn looked good for once at the prem but still ageing and career never going anywhere serious. She is there for one reason and everyone knows it isnt talent: so she is a jk everyone placates and glorified extra for older men. The bf accessory looked fugly like a homeless addict. They stand out a mile for the zlister couple hook up. People said he is the nice guy and she puts on a good front better than Kate Bosworth did with Joel’s “friend” : but he reads like an arrogant, faker to me who knew to take a different route than his “friend” took with fans and image after seeing it backfire for him. She will treat him good knowing she isnt getting younger and if she needs a wedding and kids, an up and comer like him will be perfect. If he ends up producing or directing then added bonus. Joel is playing a game and they will be eating up reading the comments about them: with him loving the negative ones about Liv. It is all boosting his ego and part of his getto image.

  • Ewwww

    Lucy Loo is the most perfect creature and going to be in the new sherlock holmes series with angelina jolies ex hubby. Cant wait!!!

  • Missoni?

    New hook up is getting her better jewellery and clothes but they still look cheap on her. For a girl who made a big deal about how rich she was and a star with a big career that would go on when people would be poor and kissing her ass one day begging her to notice them,, she has not done well. She is lucky to have her photo taken and has no taste either,, that is boyfriend not just clothes.

  • Kareen

    I am with the majority in that I do not know who OM is and don’t care to after searching her then seeing her so-called work. Reading her twitter she is like any other woman and nothing unique, her crass image whilst trying to compensate for it with her pleasantries or humor shines through. KW do not care for but she is a good actress in Private Practice. LL went under the radar in Oz after Ally, Kill Bill etc but I was a fan and happy to see her return as she has a beauty and classiness. LL looks like a goddess and that helps too.

  • lost in translation

    @Newsroom premiere:

    Who is he? Is he supposed to be someone I should know? He looks like he sneaked in via a back door or a sewer next to it.

  • Why?

    Can you leave the couple rubbish out of this!!! Your just helping them get the publicity and reaction they will want anyways!!!! Noone cares about them or your comments, they are not relevant or your silliness so keep them out the comments and stick to what we are here for in the red carpet dressing.

    Lucy looks swell!! She is the cutest!!!!!! I didnt recognise Walsh but dont like her dress and Munns is even worse which is a shame. Her cosmetic use and dress was better for the newsroom red carpet. plus she looked fraction younger and slimmer in face. Lucy wins hands down each time and steals the thunder.

  • Ugh

    @lost in translation:

    A Swedish actor joel kinnaman new to hollyweird boyfriend of slutty munn he is in the tv series the killing (detective holder) I think ?