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Mary-Kate Olsen & Olivier Sarkozy: Dinner with His Daughter!

Mary-Kate Olsen & Olivier Sarkozy: Dinner with His Daughter!

Mary-Kate Olsen and boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy walk in NYC’s West Village on Thursday (June 14).

The couple grabbed dinner together with his young daughter from his previous marriage to author Charlotte Bernard.

Mary-Kate and Olivier – a banker who is the half-brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy – were first spotted together at a New York Knicks game in April. They also reportedly time in the Hamptons over the Memorial Day weekend.

Also pictured inside: MK and twin sis Ashley leaving Sant Ambroeus restaurant on Monday (June 18) in New York City.

10+ pictures inside of Mary-Kate and Ashley leaving lunch in NYC…

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mary kate and ashley olsen out to lunch 01
mary kate and ashley olsen out to lunch 02
mary kate and ashley olsen out to lunch 03
mary kate and ashley olsen out to lunch 04
mary kate and ashley olsen out to lunch 05
mary kate and ashley olsen out to lunch 06
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# 1

Jesus christ woman don’t smoke around the kid!!!

# 2

now that is freaky- she is so short and creepy

# 3

Looks creepy. Lika a dad out with his daughter and her friend.

# 4

She looks so frail and depressed…you’d never think she was a gazillionaire

# 5

WTF?! This picture looks so off!! Old dude with his two daughters and one of them smoking

# 6
mlllllllllllle @ 06/19/2012 at 4:20 pm

Oh God, I’m gonna trow up.
Does she only know how racist, fake and full of themselves are the Sarkozy ?
Racist people who ruined the country. Typical of a Sarkozy, showing around a famous girlfriend…hugh, I’m disgusted !

# 7

that is one creeeepy picture

# 8
mlllllllllllle @ 06/19/2012 at 4:21 pm

Oh God, I’m gonna throw up.
Does she only knows how racist, fake and full of themselves are the Sarkozy ?
Racist people who ruined the country. Typical of a Sarkozy, showing around a famous girlfriend…hugh, I’m disgusted !

# 9

this is sooo odd

patricia s. @ 06/19/2012 at 4:23 pm

They both look like his daughters-his real daughter is slightly taller than Mary Kate…Mary Kate is trying to appear older by smoking a cigarette….This man is a perv….

cinderella @ 06/19/2012 at 4:24 pm

She is so weird and this is kind of gross

it’s just creepy and disgusting!

What? Those pictures aren’t showing a man and his daughters? Wow..that’s odd.

Yikes! Tres bizarre.

WRONG in so many levels.

I think the Olsen twins are a perfect example of how money doesn’t make you happy…

See all you greedy people, see?

They have to be one of the weirdest couples. The girls who are short like her and are dating to the tall guys actually look ridiculous together. Man, these Olsen sisters are so weird and kinda eccentric. They were cute when in their childhood.

She’s just uneducated

All that money to look like that…..

A daddy spending some bonding time with his TWO DAUGHTERS!
Ohh I mean, with MK smoking a cancer sick and his daughter…

All that money and she hasnt had a serious bf probably in years. With all the opportunities and the parties she goes to!!

She looks like a kid with a cigarette. How weird.

I’m not surprised….I’ve heard some messed up things about the Olsen twins. There was a blind about them getting their little sister (elizabeth) hooked on coke so much she had to get a nose job. And looking at her nose, before and after, yeah you can tell.

When I first looked at the picture I thought Mary Kate was one of his daughters.Seriously. She is as tall as his real life daughter. How tall/short is Mary Kate Olsen anyhow?

I just barfed…. is she even legally allowed to date someone the age of her dad?

TinkerBell @ 06/19/2012 at 4:59 pm

@LisaT: i just looked it up and it said 157cm damn shes a shorty i was wondering the same thing haha


This picture just made me laugh…like seriously? I wonder what her conversations with the kid sounds like.

@TinkerBell according to she’s 152 cm

CreepyOlsens @ 06/19/2012 at 5:10 pm

Oh my God. So at first it looked like they were both daughters of the guy, but then at a second look, you see that she looks like some sort of homeless bum, with a cigarette, who decided to go along with him and his daughter. She is creepy, and seems extremely unemotional. Both of those twins do. They look like they could kill someone and not feel a thing.

she is actually 4’10″, maybe 4’11″


Lol, what’s with all the hate? I agree that they’re a bit of an odd couple, with the age difference, but saying it looks like he’s out with his two daughters is just mean. She can’t help that she’s tiny! They all look pretty happy, it’s not that often we see MK smiling like that. If they’re all having a nice time, then isn’t that a good thing??

Her height ranges from 4’11 to 5’1. Most sources say she’s around that tall.

well there were some rumours about MK being involved in Heath Ledger´s death

omg these pics scare me…and he is ugliest dude ever

this is quite disturbing, the state of him looks like a gangster :L
it must be so awkward for his daughter

Its creepy because she looks younger than the daughter, not just because she’s short.

OMG. Creepy. They look like playmates.

lafamepoma @ 06/19/2012 at 6:17 pm

for a moment i thought who are they? a father with their daughters, seriously these twins have any disese with their heigth? i mean it’s not normal that they are so short, her sister is taller, maybe it’s a problem of growth

My Eyes. JJ what is wrong with you. Yesterday pictures of Edouche kissing Meann Rymes’ herpes infested mouth & now this. Hello nightmares again.

so cool! I LOVE them!

Just wait till Michael K gets a hold of that picture…

What is wrong with her – smoking- and then smoking around the child. What a frickin’ idiot to be smoking in this day and age.

I’ve always wondered why those girls never smiled in pictures until I actually saw a picture where Mary Kate was smiling. I get it. Not their best feature.

What difference does it make that she is smoking? Not the end of the world, although I have to agree with everyone that this pic does look like he has two daughters. I guess, whatever makes em happy. She seems the type to get bored with a 20 something boy.

CrabbyPatty @ 06/19/2012 at 8:08 pm


OMG WTF. thats just disturbing.

Um…MK looks like his teenage daughter in that picture…Wow :o

she might look young and i don’t condone the smoking in front of the child- but she’s like 26 or something so she’s not a child people

Olsen twins are fugly, not sure why the are even celebrities in the first place, and those celeb so call designers are a joke. Insulting to real designers, seriously.

Yes, this is creepy looking…

Why is Sarkozy supposedly racist? Unless you think racist means not allowing Hijab and damn “charia” laws.

Not only does this picture look super creepy it also makes MK look like a total d o u c h e. I mean she’s out with her dad, I mean her boyfriend and his daughter and instead of paying attention to them she’s smoking and talking on the phone! I mean seriously that is so rude!

Oh and I actually have to disagree with most of you it doesn’t really look like a dad and his two daughters to me.. When I first saw the picture, before having read the title, I actually thought it was a man with his daughter and a creepy, homeless hobo walking in front of them..

LOL! that is all I can say…….

@abc: ehm, so what? What about the age difference between them? She could still be his daughter.

Awful… it truly looks like a dad and his two daughters… plus her attitude with the smoking and the cel phone totally ignoring the people with her just confirms my idea that these olsen twins must be unbelievably annoying, bi***y and full of crap.

LOL at this pathetic photo


These pictures concern me for so many different reasons. Olivier Sarkozy is one pathetic individual.

urbigfatass @ 06/20/2012 at 12:26 am

i doubt she would even be with him if he was not loaded with money like he is… sad

OMG, she smokes right in that kid’s face! What kind of father allowed some of his random chicks do that?

there must be something about these Olsen, anorexic midgets since they dated like everyone in Hollywood and beyond…

I’ve always thought Ashley was better

the olsen twins used to be so cute, but now they look creepy and weird, and they dress really ugly..


This pretty much sums it all up!
His girlfriend has the exact same body type as his little daughter so it seems.
It’s very disturbing to say the least!

When you don’t know what you talking, please keep to yourself. Sarkozy is far from racist, France has done so much for people from native african and north african. They are just using french social system, but they never do respect anything about french culture. And now, french are in the crisis,
France nation can’t afford anymore to help the world misery. In the moment you have to say stop, you can’t allow yourself to let people came to your country and living below poverty line as they have chance to have a better life in they own country by working hard.

OMG she SMOKES!!! How disgusting. Probably be dead before she’s 60, then what good will her money be!

Wow, these pics are disturbing on so many levels…

she obviously has “Daddy issues”

I find all the Trollsens disturbing looking, even the talented Elizabeth, who looked way better before she butchered her nose.

Looks like he as 2 daughters

what a class act..

@urbigfatass: The Olsen twins have an estimated worth of around 100 million-wouldn’t be surprised if she has more money than he does.

The first pic is just beyond weird looking.

Gossipgirl @ 06/20/2012 at 2:33 pm

Totally gross!!! What the hell is wrong with her??

so mean! what’s your problem with short girls guys??? I know many of them and they never had trouble with their height. It’s just silly.
However, I admit this pic looks kinda creepy


I’m petite (maybe shorter than her). And I love the fact that , petite women & tall men look amazing togheter. But not those 2, it looks odd.

wtf is she doing smoking around his father??? oh wait..


Yeahh if she only knew how racist the Sarkozy’s are!!!! Aggg this picture makes me sickkk!! Homeless loser Feat. Perv Feat. Poor kid!!!

Girls who are short cant date a tall man??? c’mon please!!!

This is just sick…

omg this is sick indeed!! she looks like his daughter seriously. does she have some daddy issues or something? who would want to date a guy who looks like your dad/uncle?! plus, as some of you said, the sarkozys are racist ppl and certainly not philanthropic. he doesn’t even look charismatic to me, dunno, weirdest thing ever.

Finally what I like about the above picture is the way Mary Kate skulks in her anti establishment black retinue whilst of course dating a very pro establishment hedge fund capitalist (yes the oxymoron of that is making me cream sideways). But at least to Olivier’s credit his suit is quite crisp and proper ( I bet fine silk bixches) and I don’t see any poop stains on his shoes. Not yet anyway.

It looks like they are both his daughters…..creepy….

First of all people who are saying that the Sarkozy family is racist, where is this coming from? Are you even French to say that? I mean do you actually know anything about the French President? It’s not the subject but why would you judge Olivier Sarkozy just because he is related to the former president? Do you actually know their family personally? I don’t think so…

It does look creepy though because Ashley is as short as Olivier’s daughter and her look is kind of weird too! Definitely not classy! :/

@LisaT: She’s around 5’1″


Don’t smoke around the kid? She’s European, almost EVERYONE smokes in Europe…

When I think back to the old days of So Little Time and compare those two girls to ones I see in the picture I find it hard to believe they’re the same people. They used to look so healthy, stylish, funny and just lovely. What the hell happened??? It’s just sad.


exactly what I was thinking..

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