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Watch 10-Year-Old Ryan Gosling Sing & Dance!

Watch 10-Year-Old Ryan Gosling Sing & Dance!

You must check out this video of a young Ryan Gosling showing off his singing chops – and best dance moves!

The recently uploaded YouTube clip features a then 10-year-old Ryan hitting the stage with his sister Mandi at a Mormon talent show.

Ryan belts out a cover of Michael Bolton‘s “When a Man Loves a Woman” before busting some serious moves to C+C Music Factory‘s “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” in a coordinated dance routine with Mandi.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of a young Ryan Gosling’s talent show performance?

Ryan Gosling – Talent Show
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  • ColinG

    Who cares :3

  • drey

    omg, this is so freaking cute
    he really can sing & dance !! and act, of course
    that guy is perrrrrrfect

  • bonnie

    How does a 10 year old boy know how to dance suggestively like that?
    It’s odd.

  • lol

    This is hilarious!

  • Stelena


  • Louanne

    The boy already knew how adorable he could be. He has the same facial expressions. The licking lips tic is really cute.

  • Louanne

    @bonnie: I started imitating my favourite dancers and musicians much before 10. Kids love that.

  • Chiara

    Closet case in the making

  • solecito

    Cute back then and cute now. Too bad he has such low standards in women.

  • Barbie Kate

    Small eyes was already ugly with ten years :)

  • CollinsAlissa

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  • marley

    @solecito: I agree. The man has sh*t taste in women. He even doesn’t mind if they are abusive to animals. I don’t know about you, but that would be a definite deal breaker for me.

  • CollinsAlissa

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  • mari

    Watch Katy Perry’s NEW Video For “Wide Awake” HERE:

  • yoe

    just don’t see the appeal..I like them tall, dark and handsome..such as Keanu Reeves :) Yummmm

  • naomi

    @marley: Agreed. Anyone who lets their “attack dog” off the leash in public, and uses those terrible shock collars should not be allowed to have the dog at all!

  • Chiara

    @Barbie Kate: Small eyes? More like big head.

  • Black-Dahlia

    @bonnie: … AND he’s a mormon.

  • nicole

    @Black-Dahlia: he is? lollllll now he’s even less attractive to me :)

  • dina

    Aren’t mormons super conservative? Like no touching until you are married and all that stuff? I don’t think Ryan stayed a mormon for long. He’s always had quite the reputation as a ladies man, pre- Eva.
    I don’t know what the h*ll he’s doing with Eva though.

  • andie

    @marley: Anyone who is cruel to animals is not ok in my book. Shame on Eva for doing that, and shame on Ryan for just sitting back and letting it happen. I thought Ryan was a dog lover?

  • Laurel

    Ryan’s not a Mormon now, but his mother and sister still are.

  • Damon he looks hot here

  • farrah

    If mormons value modesty, I have a hard time believing Ryan’s mom loves Eva. Has she seen her photoshoots?

  • joey

    This is way too sexual for someone his age. I wonder if he was abused?
    Sorry, but that’s what comes to my mind.

  • suze

    How come they spend most of the time filming Ryan and barely any time filming his sister? She looked like the better dancer.

  • Joana

    @bonnie: Elvis…!

  • Juniper

    He had the moves then and he has them now, he is very talented.

  • Elsa

    Videos like this are why the internet was created. This is absolutely priceless!

  • Seriously

    I’m beginning to think that maybe she took her dog out off it’s lead and shock collar on full display so people would start directing their negative comments towards Ryan instead of her. She’s said herself that she’s very calculated, so it wouldn’t surprise me. I can’t imagine that he supports it, but she seems the type that feels she needs to put it on her dog no matter what anyone says. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if she hides it from him either, knowing he’s not going to read her interviews or look at the most recent pics she’s set up for herself. As a former addict I’m sure she’s very good at hiding things

  • bonnie

    @Joana: I think you might be right :)

  • carly

    @Seriously: I agree. I don’t trust Eva one bit. She’s been calculated this while time. And Ryan seems oblivious. I hope he wakes up soon.

  • hahaaaa

    This just confirms my suspicions that Ryan is gay. I know all you crazy tweens who are obsessed with Ryan will hate me but I don’t care. He’s definitely gay.

  • Anna

    Xander Jones has that face

  • Anne

    @hahaaaa: Oh please! Give me a break! If a kid likes to dance and imitate Elvis Presley dance moves and becomes a gentle-mannered man, so he may be gay? These stereotypes of how men and women should behave in order to fit the standard masculinity and femininity box dictated by society are so silly and archaic. This guy is talented and I couldn’t care less if he was, but I have male friends who look more gay than Ryan and are not, and I also have many gay friends who don’t think he is gay.

  • JG

    He could be bi. Watch that unscripted interview with him and the director from Drive. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife.

  • lily

    @carly: He hasn’t woken up for the last 9 months. I doubt he’d wake up for the next 9. I think she’s around for a while, unfortunately. She seems very manipulative.

  • Anne

    @JG: I saw it, but I didn’t perceive any sexual tension but male complicity.

  • Xp 10

    Did he himself leak that video? No showmance PR with Eva this time?

  • Happy Jacky


    I rather say Gosling seems dumb for hanging around with someone like Mendes that long.

  • xander

    I’ve come to the conclusion they are both jerks. He would have ended it with her a long time ago if he had a problem with how she is. I am no crazy fangirl, and I have seen her in person. She’s a b*tch, and also seems to be an animal abuser too. Sadly, what does that say about him?

  • Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig

    What is so appealing about this long chin narcist. What a HAM

  • ashhey


    of course he was..

  • Mark

    Are u kidding me commentators Eva Mendes is super hot! Ryan is 100% Cool. Even with women taste!!!!!! Haters go AND Fxxx and eat Fry PLEASE! Leave the sexy for cool people like us!

  • Nat

    I wonder if he can still do that choreography.

  • L

    @Nat: Sure, Ellen DeGeneres will ask him to do that choreography the next time he goes to her show.

  • AnaTheGreat

    he dances really great!! but hell what;s wrong with those trousers?

  • Marj

    Just WOW :-)

  • http://damarismontoyaa Dom

    No that is the misconception a Mormons! we have our own freedom of choice. yes we have standards but its up to us on how we want to act, what we want to do and more. I mean if you knew me I am not super conservative at all and I am Mormon. hahahaha :) And Ryan GOsling is a HOTTIE! Wooo…