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Angelina Jolie: 'Maleficent' Set in England!

Angelina Jolie: 'Maleficent' Set in England!

Angelina Jolie gets into character on the set of her latest movie, Maleficent, on Wednesday (June 20) in England.

The 37-year-old actress wore the title character’s famous horns and bloody red lipstick – just like in the film’s official first look.

The day before, Angelina enjoyed some downtime with her kids, stopping by the Early Learning Centre in Camberley.

“She was unbelievably nice as were the children and bodyguards,” an employee told E! Online. “The bodyguards said no to photos as it was [Angelina's] day off and she had the kids with her, but she was beyond lovely and polite,”

“They kids were carrying thin, large children’s books,” a witness added. “[Angelina] had a couple of thicker hardbacks in her hand. Nothing crazy! They weren’t [spoiled] with books; they had one each, which was nice to see.”

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  • Richard P

    OMG I love it

    Angie I love you

  • lovejolie

    I don’t care what the trolls said. We love Angie and the group of us can’t wait to see her latest movie. She’s so beautiful even when she wear that horn. Love, love, love, love Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.


    Mitch Hampton ‏@MitchellHampton


  • hopeso

    She is magnificent!!!


  • naturegirl

    Finally, PICTURES of her on the set.FINALLY!!!!!!!!! I hate t hat i have to wait until next year for the final project but it’s worth the wait.

  • sydisstuckinthepast

    jared doesn’t post a birthday thread, now posts too many angie threads?

    it’s too late to play nice jared, jmho

  • Jaye

    Hey Fans!

    CesarPortugal @ 06/20/2012 at 2:27 pm
    I agree with you. I think this is only the beginning of her transformation. I believe the makeup artist said she would be unrecognizable. I’m looking forward to this film to see what they can do with the actual story..

  • by a glasses

    She is ugly

  • LOLing

    Yup! She stole Jen’s man and that made me love her even more, because frankly, i cannot stand Jen and whats left of her fans..

  • lylian

    @annon: @TWEET:
    Ahhhh! So Brad knew this chap Muhammad Hussain when he was a just part of the security personnel.
    Good for Muhammad Hussain for going on to study and getting his law degree and passing his professional exams. One of the things I’m always grateful for in Australia (and the UK) before they started introducing university fees to students was how many people from humble backgrounds did get a break and get educated thanks to the fact that education was low cost for the student and you didn’t come out saddled with student loans. (I understand the pros and cons of both but just saying from a student’s perspective, what a blessing!)
    Well, I have to say, Brad, Angelina and Jenho have this in common. They all make friends with people who work with them – no matter what their level. Angelina’s good friends with the lady who is her stunt double – for example.
    And Jenho? You JP fans ask? Not Jenho – y’all saying. She’s a snob.
    But I beg of you JP fans to be fair to Jenho. After all, she happily fvucked the grip boy, the camera boy, the gofer, the Tom, the Dick, the Hairy …
    (sorry guys, couldn’t resist the dig!!)

  • lylian

    Errrr, LOGIC FAILURE, logic failure
    JP fans posts hate filled posts about Jenho on a JP thread.
    The loser posts hate filled posts about
    the JP’s on a JP thread.
    The equivalent logic would be:
    JP fans posts hate filled posts about
    Jenho on a Jenho thread.
    See the difference?

  • Brown-EyedGirl

    Finally ! She has a role that lets her natural look show.

    I hope more people see this movie than her last one. That was so sad how her fans humiliated her.

  • Loon Hunter


    He made you a Loon. Obviously He does.

  • Loon Hunter

    “It was a pleasure working on this scene with Ms Jolie. She hired myself and two other dwarves on this production to hide in her cape and inject her with heroin every 30 minutes. It smelled like heaven in there.”

    Holy Moses, that was funny enough to copy and paste and give it new life. Funny crap resurrected.

  • Mustard Gas

    Someone stepped in a cow pat. P.U.!!!

  • Magic 8 Ball

    Magic 8 Ball says:

    Outlook not so good

  • joliesvein


    yeah, an ugly witch! muahahaha

  • Ako si Gladys

    @Young at heart:
    Thanks a lot!!! Glad to meet you too even it’s just here in the web!!! :-)

  • neer…ys-maleficent/

    Angelina Jolie nails the look of Disney’s Maleficent

    June 19, 2012 By Earnest Cavalli

    Yup, that’s pretty much exactly what Maleficent looks like. Good job Disney.

    You’ve seen Sleeping Beauty, right? Of course you have. Every kid born in the last half-century has seen that film at least once, and more often than not, dozens of times. Remember the evil fairy in that movie? The one who puts Princess Aurora — we’re as stunned as you are to find out that “Sleeping Beauty” isn’t the woman’s actual name — to sleep, thus giving the film its key plot point and a descriptive title? The one who turns into a totally awesome dragon that is, despite everything we know about totally awesome dragons, slain by the effete Prince Charming? That’s Maleficent.

    And that picture above? That’s Angelina Jolie in costume as Maleficent for Disney’s upcoming film of the same name. Have a look at this Google Image Search for pictures of the original cartoon character; Jolie’s look is pretty spot on, no?

    As for the movie itself, Deadline describes the plot thusly:
    The live-action film explores the origins of the evil fairy Maleficent and what led her to curse Princess Aurora in the animated Disney classic Sleeping Beauty.

    So, like Wicked, except with Sleeping Beauty instead of The Wizard Of Oz. The villains in these child-centric morality fables are always way more interesting than the largely two-dimensional hero characters, so a film focusing on the evil, cruel, domineering Maleficent promises to be far more nuanced and engaging than Sleeping Beauty (at least for adult audiences who can grasp character subtleties and aren’t in it purely to see adorable animals sing songs).

    Unfortunately, Maleficent is scheduled to reach the silver screen on March 14, 2014, so expect this image of Jolie in costume to be the first salvo in a long, torturous promotional campaign. Granted, we very much like what we see here, but as we mentioned in this morning’s piece on the final Dark Knight Rises trailer, we’re growing tired of having to anticipate a flick for years before we actually get to see the thing. We understand that production companies need time to properly promote a film to the general public, but teasing us with something this intriguing this far out just seems like cruel punishment. We’ve got the attention span of a gnat, and the patience of children: We want our movies right now, and if we don’t get them we’re going to throw a tantrum like you wouldn’t believe.

  • neer…e-day/?from=PH

    by Perez Hilton

    Angelina Jolie Donates $100,000 On World Refugee Day

    Daaaaamn, Angelina Jolie!

    You’re making everyone else look bad! But you’re doing something amazing, so we’ll let it slide… ha!

    Angie donated $100,000 on World Refugee Day 2012!!

    Here’s what she said, eloquently:

    “Unfortunately, the world is producing displaced people faster than it is producing solutions to displacement. And the solutions are not exclusively humanitarian – they are also political. The international community should rededicate itself to preventing conflict, addressing it when it erupts, and solving it more quickly. For that is the only way to create durable solutions for the refugees whose strength inspires us on this World Refugee Day.”

    She is SO focused on helping others — we love it.

    Here is her whole message:

    “UNHCR believes even 1 person forced to flee is too many. And it’s true. Every individual refugee matters. Each has their own story. Each has suffered and survived more than I could ever bear. And yet, they rise up to live another day.

    We risk forgetting the individual when we speak in numbers, but the numbers tell an important story. In the past year 4.3 million people have become displaced. There are still 2.7 million refugees from Afghanistan. 12 million people are stateless. And for the fifth consecutive year the number of forcibly displaced people worldwide exceeded 42 million.

    Sadly, a person who becomes a refugee is likely to remain one for many years – often stuck in a camp or living precariously in the city of a developing nation. 70 per cent of refugees under UNHCR’s protection have been in this situation for more than five years. Their safety and well-being depend on the continued generosity of those countries who have kept their borders open to refugees, and on the vital efforts to deliver humanitarian assistance wherever and whenever it is necessary.

    Unfortunately, the world is producing displaced people faster than it is producing solutions to displacement. And the solutions are not exclusively humanitarian – they are also political. The international community should rededicate itself to preventing conflict, addressing it when it erupts, and solving it more quickly, for that is the only way to create durable solutions for the refugees whose strength inspires us on this World Refugee Day.”

    So precise, and so to the point!

    More people with her kind of means need to step up like this.

    The world needs it!

    world appreciates you, Angelina

  • jilly

    She finally gets the courage to show her true face, let’s be nice! Evil
    B-I-T-C-H is all she is, just took her mask off.

  • yolly

    So excited to see Maleficent. Looking good.

  • yolly

    This will be a very exciting movie.God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

  • yolly

    Angie is the best.A well rounded actress of all time.

  • ughhhhh

    Trolls everywhere.

  • pandora

    Angie can transform into any role she wants to. A great, talented actress. But we can’t say the same for a certain D-list. She couldn’t pull this of to save her life.

  • dido
  • lurking 2


    then don’t go to see the movie.

    Never get why people who don’t like and actor love to spot off about them in a negative way. Angie will have loads of people that want to see her in this role. Fine that you don’t. What has Angie done to make you hate her. She must have done something personal to you or a family member. That is what usually makes someone hate someone. But someone you don’t know.. that is a bit strange.

  • One Go

    Cant wait to see this movie

  • Fred

    Uh oh. The product of bestiality? She walks among her people looking for her papa?

  • Serious

    One word~DESPERATE!!!!!!!!

  • itsme

    the horns fit the ugly homewreckin baby buyin hoe good

  • swami

    nice dress by my favorite heroine angelina jolie

  • razzie

    gag…no one has any original ideas anymore. after wicked, this is just sloppy seconds