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Hayden Christensen: Smooth Operator

Hayden Christensen: Smooth Operator

Hayden Christensen stops by Robek’s Juice and picks up two smoothies on a warm Tuesday (June 19) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 31-year-old Canadian actor, who kept a low profile by wearing a dark cap, also stopped by a convenience store before dropping by the drink store.

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Over the weekend, Hayden was spotted out with his girlfriend, Rachel Bilson, running errands at their local Home Depot store as they chose paint together.

On Monday, Rachel was spotted enjoying lunch with family while in Burbank.

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  • aberfitch

    Very poor poor Hackden. His shelf life is going to be over before he pulls himself out of this another bad career choices – ^stage photo-ops^.

  • lexy hates bilson

    He should be over at Josh Schwartz’s house with Rachel painting his house and maintaining his lawn!!

  • phat-ruley

    No wonder if he’s now zero in actings gigs as he’s such a bad actor. When he cries or gets emotional in the movies, I burst into laughter!!!

  • tennille

    He was tagged as supposed to be next big thing due to his attachment to SW. But not anymore or more likely stated, never, ever happened. Only real talent and/plus w/ the right attitude stands the test of time.


    err, jared where they not getting a limo to take them back to cananda? i guess the media whoring did not work?

  • just me

    Rachel has left she is not there. He is alone. If Jared would say that! Don’t have to keep mentioning her. He is alone there. Jared you lied like the other site did claiming he was with her. Try to be honest sometimes. He can see other people than her. There is no painting or anything going on at her house now. Rachel went with him at home depot for attention. And they didn’t go back for anymore paint at all the next day. She was with her sisters. He don’t stay with her anyway. Why print lies about them? Hayden is officially single and Rachel is too. You all don’t know why he there anyway. Jared you copy what other people say. No one has asked him about it anyway. Just going on Rachel word and her Rep’s. All this a story made up to make hayden look good. He need to get something to do. So there sites can stop making up stories for him and Rachel. Why you didn’t show her leaving?

  • beast

    Headline should be sick operator

  • R U sure

    Oh! He’s a smooth operator alright. HeyIi hear hunter is in town too

  • R U sure

    Oh He is a smooth operator alright, hey I hear Hunter is in town too.

  • Rita

    LOL @ just me!

    On another gossip site the above photos are there, with the explantion that Hayden and Rachel have pillows, were picked up in a limosine, and Hayden stopped by the liquor store above to pick up cigarettes while on the way to LAX to catch a plane. They stopped at the juice store on the way to the airport, too. Why would Hayden buy two drinks if he was by himself, lol? He is wearing the same clothes he was at the liquour store, and the photos show Rachel getting into the limo. There was a twitter sighting of them last night on a plane to Europe. True, it may not be accurate, but it makes alot of sense if they flew out of LAX a few hours before the twitter sighting of them on a plane to “Europe”. Check it out if you are interested on twitter, I am not going to search for the tweet. I wonder where they are going, and if photos will show up of them wherever they went?

  • R U sure

    Hi Hayden the basketball is now in David’s court and just in case you might want to go to the Four Seasons. LOL

  • FosterRhoda

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  • just me

    @Rita: Don’t care about twitter they tell lies too. No one pick up no one with two pizzas and smooties going to an airport. He has family there too. The only person went to Europe was rachel for a job. Why would he follow her there anyway? No cares about that but you and theses sites to make Rachel look good. Its wouldn’t look good if they was apart would it Hayden have not been his own person since he came to la. Rachel use this for attention and you know this. These sites tell and twitter. Both don’t tell the truth all the time. Just because rachel won’t say anything about what she does. Rachel lies about everything she does and these stories prove that. Hayden can’t step out the door unless her name it mention with hers. And that’s wrong.Jared has used it everytime rachel or hayden go anywhere. Jared didn’t say she was with him. And hayden can get people to take him around la if he wants too.All these sites do is tell lies for her. Twitter too. Just make things look good. No one says nothing about what hayden do anymore. No pictures are hayden at airport or anywhere but where he at in la. You don’t know either just what see on twiitter. Its only her going ok. So stop specuating what’s going on. He could be being his brother something to eat than her.Rachel just love for people specuate about what going on with. The painting job didn’t work nor the Home depot story to.. This had been lies about them since he came there.why can’t rachel just tell the truth about things. It would make things easier for her.If he got pick up he don’t stay with her at all there. He is a man and he need to be treated like one. Jared need to stop throwing rachel name in people faces all the thing. He don’t need that done. its only for her anyway.He never said nothing about rachel being his girlfriend she did Only to keep her in the media. And she will come as always unn.oticed as all. hayden always have other people to take him to airport and around la.

  • kris

    let me get this straight, the only reason why he’s getting photographed is because he’s dating rachel. nobody cares about this unknow actor. the magazine doesn’t pay the photographers for his pics.

  • Jamie


    I care. I don’t post a lot but I come here for the pics of Hayden. He’s sweet and I think he’s really cool and gorgeous.

  • Stephanie

    I care too. I always love seeing new Hayden pictures.

  • Stephanie

    If Hayden picked those drinks and smokes up to take on the way to the airport, and is in the limo with Rachel, why does he have keys in his hand? Is he DRIVING the limo? Hmm?

  • crapshack

    Did Crapchel got some shy moment ‘now’ coz she’s been paparrazi-seeing for more than 3 consecutive days?! So she coaxed her favorite errand boy to get some drinks.
    And would the errand boy denied her request?! Well naaah… not this time when Crapchel is the lone breadwinner even if its for some cheapy budget gigs.

  • jaeger

    I bet his fansite/s (if there still existing/remaining) now nearly or beyond a 100 pages of photo-ops alone and it just keeps going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going……

  • Rita

    @ Stephanie & just me

    I read the other gossip site, and it says that Hayden bought the cigarettes “before their trip”, so I interpreted that as on the way to the airport. I don’t see any keys in Hayden’s hand in these photos, but you are probably right. He bought cigs before they left, and got 2 drinks, it does not really matter when. The other gossip site is the one that had the article about them going to the airport in a limo. The twitter sighting was last night after they left LAX. If they really left LA, we will stop seeing photos of them in LA now. There were no photos of them while in Canada, other than Rachel and the ice cream social pics. There have been no photos of them at airports together since last Christmas when Hayden picked up Rachel at the Toronto airport, and they have flown all over the place since then. They have been living together in Canada and LA most of the time for months now. After 5 years, their relationship is not just for publicity, because being together has not made either of their careers take off. And there is no pizza in these photos, just 2 drinks @just me, lol.

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    HUH?! Their careers never took off simply becoz they’re both talentless and got a charisma of a moldy bread… and not becoz of whether they are or not for real or whatever hype they’ve created into it. – those doesn’t “not” matter at all… ever… in the mainstream HW. And if at least it is even a bit, their JUNKper movie sequel would have happened years ago already.

  • tracey


    “those doesn’t “not” matter at all”

    Oh, and you’re an expert on mainstream HW? You are definitely not a writer.

  • tennille

    Their last movie projects though indy ones wre even bombed. So yah they’re were not movie stars – tabloid stars would be aptly stated.

  • a fan

    Star Power has nothing to do with movie success, that, i have read somewhere….

  • tennille

    Actually … they DONT have stable acting careers & star power – and thats a fact.

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    Obviously that some ‘minor’ spelling/grammar usage &/or typographical error is much easier to get notified… than the posted comment w/ a whole awful *truth*.