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Vanessa Hudgens: Meeting with Mom Gina

Vanessa Hudgens: Meeting with Mom Gina

Vanessa Hudgens is lovely in lace as she arrives for a meeting on Wednesday (June 20) in Century City, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress was all smiles while she held mom Gina‘s hand and headed inside.

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The day before, Vanessa stopped by her yoga class, then went on a hike in the Hollywood Hills with gal pal Laura New.

Last week, the brunette beauty was also spotted showing off her new purple locks as she and younger sister Stella went shopping.

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and her mom heading into a business meeting together…

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Credit: RAAK, Spot; Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • kami

    she’s at the caa agency. hope that means a new project. with her we never know till she’s off filming.

  • Effy

    I use to LOVE Vanessa until JustJared posted pictures of her daily. There is a limit, Jared.

  • Haters Suck!

    Rumor is she’s doing an animated movie next.
    That’s a dumb reason to stop liking someone. Regardless what people think she can’t controll it. Me, I love seeing Vanessa.

  • kimmy

    Gorge! finally she wears something less hippy..

  • Effy

    @Haters Suck!: If you love seeing Vanessa so much there are such things called “fansites.” This isn’t one.

  • Nicole

    @Haters Suck!
    I’ve heard that as well, but have you heard any rumors as to what the movie might be about?
    I love her outfit and her hair is definitely growing on me.

  • Haters Suck!

    I don’t like going to places that make me register for stuff I don’t really want. That’s why this is one of the few places I comment, its free, they don’t sende e-mails, and I don’t have to register for anything. It’s still a dumb reason to hate someone. You don’t like it there’s this thing called the scroll bar I suggest you use it. When I see a person I don’t like that’s what I do or go to a different site and do something else.

  • vuuhhh

    She comes off like a huge attention w h o * re but she looks really beautiful here.

  • Haters Suck!

    No clue, just heard it was an animation that’s it.

  • Ella

    She’s seriously becomeing the most overexposed celebrety ever…

  • Rob

    I don’t care how many times she in on JJ. She is beautiful and always upbeat and happy. Love ya V.

  • keka

    @Ella: LOL FAR FROM IT. She just gets a lot of exposure on justjared – how about the kardashians? every single place you turn your damn head they’re promoting something or tweeting something

  • tina

    I don’t think this is for the animated thing because both Ashleys are invovle in that. Hopefully it’s something new. Love her, and enjoy seeing her here.

  • lil

    ahhh her mom is sooo cute and she lost weight! Go mom!

  • kami


    i agree. i thought the animated thing was a video some guy was doing just for fun. why do ppl think it’s a real movie that’s gonna be in theaters? where is there info on that?

  • sara
  • mark

    Codependent. Either with mom, boyfriend, girl. This is a meeting thats work. WHats with the mom? Dont say oh I think thats sweet that shes close to her mom. Close is fine. You dont bring your mom to work. The more I see of her the less I like.

  • maria

    @sara: Thanks for the pics, sara. She looks gorgeous in both sets of pics!!

    Love this outfit on Vanessa! White always brings out her gorgeous skin, and she and her mom are priceless! They both have such beautiful spirit and a positive outlook on life. You can’t be ever be depressed around people like them! They love life and the people they share it with.

  • maria

    @mark: Are you serious? You’re being critical of a healthy mother-daughter relationship in Hollywood?? Where starlets sleep around, do coke, and act so skanky?? And you think this girl, with a steady boyfriend, and a wonderful family, is not likeable?? Man, you need your head examined.

  • kelly martineau

    Its about time she has a meeting to go to. Nessa needs to start working again. Her mom is cute. And she looks good there.

  • MoreThanWords

    @Effy: If you don’t like it, then why are you telling JJ? Piss off and make your own site dumb a$$
    @Ella like it or lump it, she’s famous and your not
    @mark what’s your beef with V being close with her mum? Were you not loved as a child? Were you not breast feed? What a stupid comment from an even more half witted poster.

  • Nicole

    Unless you know for sure you shouldn’t assume things. For one we don’t know what role her mother might play in her professional career. I don’t see a problem with her taking her mom with her since we don’t know what the “meeting” consisted of, there could be several possibilities.
    @kelly martineau
    I don’t get what your issue is with her and how she spends her time or her money; but truth be told it’s not any of yours or our business.

  • Andrea

    she looks beautiful

  • mykamicks

    Love the lace tops. I love to see her when she’s with her mom. Why should I clamor? what’s to clamor about??lol! time is always precious for both of them. epitome of a good realtionship between her & mom Gina.

    She is incomparable than the Kardashians. She dont need to make some noise just to be noticed by every one else.

    Work, Rest, workout, shopping , salon , play, family & friends bonding… its just a routine.. wHAT’S NEW WITH THAT? Im so excited again to hear for the upcoming project.

    Its not her fault if JJ or JJR wants to post about her everyday. She couldnt control those paps around her. That’s the hype of being a celebrity.

  • My 2 Cents

    Vanessa looks especially beautiful . I hope she is in talks about something new. That would be awesome.

  • The Good Dexter

    @kelly martineau: She works a lot. From your comment it seems you have no idea of that.

  • Elina

    Nice outfit !!

  • jaspisgirl

    wanna have the top!!!! but seriously this is to much.every day wow no one can be that interesting .-)

  • YIKES!!!

    She will look just like mom is a few yeras and that is not a good thing.

  • Anonymous

    Is va Gina laughing so hard because she lost weight? lol When has Vanessa looked bad? I can’t remember it anymore. She is gorgeous (lol)

  • BOJI

    Like her top and Gina looks good too. Here’s hoping she’s got something in the works before the year end.
    @mark, not YOU again. Just can’t stay away from Vanessa’s thread can you?!

  • yets

    Looking Good V and Gina just wow.

  • cate

    @mark: Good, then take a hike. You sound like a jerk.

  • Daly City

    Her mother is the typical dumpy, wide faced, short Filipino woman 100% and her daughter has inherited her pudgy gene.

  • MoreThanWords

    @YIKES!!!: A) stupid comment B) stupid poster@Daly City:

  • MoreThanWords

    @Daly City: What planet do you hail from????? Clearly you were an unloved unwanted child. Are your parents siblings you rednecked cameltoe slurping rug munching halfwit?!

  • downhill

    @MoreThanWords: I’m not a stupid poster. You sound ridiculous!

  • MoreThanWords

    @downhill: Hey dikwad, next time you comment, how about you change your reference??? Your reply does little to credit yourself as a legitimate poster, and evidently magnifies your stupidity. You changed your handle but replied to your previous comment. Handy tip #1 STAY IN SCHOOL

  • downhill

    @MoreThanWords: So where do you take your previous references from?? your imagination right? stop judging somebody you dont even know. I am talking about her looks. I dont know her personally but from what Ive seen she doesnt come off as a very intelligent person posing nude.

  • lei

    somebody here still can move on from the past.
    v is so pretty by the way.

  • BOJI

    @Downhill, do your research before you spout your mouth off . ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ ever heard of the saying? You must be one of those who scan the sites for pics of nude celebrities to oggle at .
    @ DalyCity, I can only shake my head at the garbage you spew. What demon drives you? Sad, truly sad.

  • MoreThanWords

    @downhill: Are you really so DENCE to not comprehend what I’m saying? Moron….in lamen terms….just for you….ref: YOUR NAME CHANGE. YOU’VE HAVE JUST POSTED USING TWO….I repeat TWO names. You possess the intelligence of ray faeces and your response is a contradiction to your opening statement. You’re such a tool.

  • likevanessa

    I love how she is wearing right now, she is normal girl but very pretty, I hope she can meet Efron again any moment to see if they still have any connection, I think they have not crossing their lives again since they attended some event for their best friend. I like to see her every day photos, I like it so much!! she is beautiful person, I hope the best for Vanessa.

  • Xo

    She looks gorgeous.@mark: Haters will literally find anything to talk crap about. Sounds like you need a hug or something of you really think being close to her mom is a reason not to like her. @Effy: That’s sad honestly. This is really the only site where she gets posted this much. It’s not her fault.

  • Paul

    She is only cute because she is half white otherwise she would be as ugly as her Frankensteinia mother.

  • mark

    Her mom looked just like her when she was her age.

  • Haters Suck!

    Jared how can you allow constant racist comments to be made on your site. Paul and mike go back and live with the rest of the apes you jackasses clearly you are not fully evolved humans yet.

  • MoreThanWords

    @Haters Suck!: Paul and Mark suffer from footna$$ disease, and clearly lack all forms of decency. They just repeat the same rubbish.

  • Cate

    @Paul: Hey Paul or as you like to be called “Mark” isn’t it time for you meds? You are a loser.

  • Danielle

    Totally agree!!